.net 2.0 Threading File Locking

Oct 3, 2010

I'm using vb.net 2005, I've got the following code running a thread to download a file. However, the process fails sometimes when trying to read the local copy of the file. I think I may need to unlock the local file somehow but I'm not sure how to do this.[code]


Threading And Object Locking

Mar 22, 2011

I have a problem in a multi-threaded application where I'm getting deadlocked waiting for an object to beocme available.


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Locking Any File In PC From Others Access

Jun 22, 2010

How could I lock any file in my PC from others access? I am trying to lock some my video, picture, Excel and Word file in my PC by using Visual Basic. I am using Visual Studio 2008 to develop this application but I am unable to do this job. It'll be something like security utility application. Actually without me, some other people also using my computer and I am trying to lock their access in my personal file. And I wish to know the tools which I can use for this job. I am just a Beginner on this development field.

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Writing To XML Log - File Locking?

Oct 15, 2009

Simple question. I have a log of actions that is in XML. When some action occures, the XML log is updated. I am using:Dim xmlData asXElement = XElement.Load( "DataLog.xml" )

to load the existing data. I then create a new XElement (NewData) and use:xmlData.AddFirst( NewData )Which puts the latest item at the beginning of the log. And finally, I write it out using:xmlData.Save( "DataLog.xml" )Ok, that all works fine. But there is no testing to see if anyone has(or is) updating the file ("DataLog.xml") during the process. This may result in lost data.Is there an accepted way to implement some sort of file locking structure that can be used to prevent this potential loss?

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Writing To XML With File Locking

Nov 2, 2009

I have some code based on some previous posts that just won't work right.The code all runs without error.

-' strErrorLog holds a valid file name with full path
-' xmlNewError holds a valid xElement value

Using holdFile As New IO.FileStream(strErrorLog, IO.FileMode.OpenOrCreate, IO.FileAccess.ReadWrite, IO.FileShare.None)[code]When I step through the code, everything works.There is no error on the xmlError.Save call.However, the actual file is NOT updated.If I remove the "Using" commands and change the save to "xmlError. Save(strErrorLog)", then it writes just fine..It's got to be something really simple, but it's frustrating that I don't get an error message.But it does unlock the file..

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IDE :: XML Documentation And Intellisense File Locking?

May 20, 2009

I'm currently having issues with the following scenario:

1.I will build several DLLs with "Generate XML Documentation" set.

2. The DLL and XML files are copied onto another server (the build drop).

3. The copy will fail as the XML files are being locked by other users referencing these DLLs from their open Visual Studio projects.

Note that this also occurs on a local computer; open up two Visual Studios and use reference paths to reference the Binary folders. You'll find that the refrencing instance of Visual Studio will lock up the XML files causing the first Visual Studio to have problems compiling.

1. Is this a bug in Visual Studio 2008? Why is it holding exclusive locks on these files from the other computers? Is there a fix for this?

2. Is there a way to "package" the XML file into the DLL? I've noticed a lot of other .NET DLLs in the world that include all of their comments INSIDE of the DLL. No XML files necessary. (unless they're not .NET dll's).We're doing a lot of framework development here and it's imperative to include the XML documentation... unfortunately we've had to disable it to allow new builds to trickle through.

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VS 2008 Read The Log File Without Locking It?

Feb 5, 2010

I'm writing a log parser which is reading a log created by a game. This log can be written to many times a second. My problem is that my program is preventing the writing of the log at times. Is there anyway I can read the log file without locking it?

Sub readLog()
If readyToRead Then
If FileInUse(fileName) Then Return
readyToRead = False


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VS 2005 How To Prevent An Excel File From Locking

Jun 25, 2009

I have developed an application which requires reading data from Excel file and performing some calculation. However for some reason the Excel file is always locked at the end of the computation after I close the application.

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Load List Method Locking Text File

Jun 14, 2010

[code]I load a text file to a list box and if I try to modify or save over that same text file I get an access violation error. How can I load a text file and release all permissions/holds on that file?

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Using FreeFile And OpenFile Functions To Find File-locking User Name Over Network?

Mar 16, 2012

using FreeFile and OpenFile functions to find file-locking user name over network

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Mircosoft Office Document Imagaing File Locking Visual Basic 2005?

Feb 16, 2007

My program splits a mulitpage tiff file (batch of purchase orders from Sage MMS)into separate files by doing OCR and using the MODI functions.My code has three main loops. 1st loop goes through each of the pages and splits the tiff into separate tiff files based on order number and stores them in a directory. for each order i also create an array of information by doing OCR from the tiff ie. order number, customer etc etc. 2nd loop goes through the array. for each order number in the array checks to see if there is another tiff file existing in another directory. This could be a separate sheet which needs to be attached to the main purchase order and comes from a document scanner in another office.If there is an additional file i merge that tiff file with the current tiff file. 3rd loop goes through the array once more and uses the microsoft faxcomexlib to faxed the files using my server 2003 fax serverthe 3 loops work perfect and very fast and i can send the faxes no problem.

I also add all the array information into an access database so historical purposes.My problem:In the first loop i need to check that the fax has not already been sent. (users can reprint orders so need to be careful that fax isnt sent more than once) I do this by getting the order number and querying the database. If the order does not exist then i can proceed else i prompt the user to refax yes or no.i have put the database connection and sql in a function which returns true or false. however when i add the function to my main loops i get a file lock on the current order. If i remove the function my code works perfect.

Dim conn As New OdbcConnection(constr)
Dim cmdselect As New OdbcCommand
' Get status from current job


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Download File Using Multi-threading?

Dec 18, 2010

Download file using Multithreading

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Multi-threading Bad File Name Or Number

Apr 18, 2012

I'm using VB2008 express under Windows XP.I have a complex program that processes digital maps. To speed things up I have started to use multiple threads.The program logs diagnostic information as it runs - a file is opened when the program starts, records are written (Printline) to it as required and it is closed when the program ends. All this worked fine until I introduced multiple threads.For the main program it still works fine - but if I try to print to the log file from the code in a started thread there is an IO exception "Bad file name or number". The number (1) is shown by the debugger and is correct.Does this mean that a file cannot be accessed by different threads without being opened and closed for each thread?

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ADO.NET And SQL Locking?

Sep 23, 2010

I am in the process of writing an application that requires a single transaction updating several tables. The front end has a header record and several detail records. I do not maintain any type of lock on the original read. The read is performed by calling a stored procedure in an existing database to pass back the data.

When I update the data each detail record is updated individually. Is there away I can update all of the records within a single transaction? The update will be performed via a stored procedure that is stored on the server.I cannot store the code in the application as other applications will need to use the same server side code.I can handle updating a single record my issue come about when I've updated 5 records and the 6th fails, how do I rollback the 1st 5 records.

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.net - Locking A Control From Another Thread In VB

Mar 18, 2011

I am developing a parser application to build a call tree from DDL files that have been extracted from a database. The idea is to take a large number of these DDL files and determine exactly what calls what. To do this I am using a .NET TreeView. The final output I am working toward is something like this:



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C# - Application Suddenly Locking Up

Jan 10, 2012

i have this application, that creates various custom AppDomains, each app domain executes a assembly and its dependencies, like a plugin, a separated assembly, that manipulates database, own resources, etc.

the application runs fine for a while, but suddenly, it locks up... the process does NOT die, it just freezes, i ran a remote debugger on top of it, on the thread window i can see EVERY thread, they are with the status "running" (not "thaw") but, in the same place, not executing. i can pause and run the debug, and it remains in the same place. there are NO locks, synlocks, monitors, on the code and the code for loading the appdomains is very simple, no big deal on it. like i said, its working, but after a while, it locks up. Any ideas on this environment?

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Locking - Block .exe To Launch?

Feb 17, 2012

does someone have an example code for how to prevent .exe files to be started?

Something like this might work:

For Each OSKInstance As Process In Process.GetProcessesByName("OSK").ToArray

But that might be resource intense as a while loop is running all the time. Is there a smarter way to lock an .exe?

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Locking Out Keyboard In Textbox

Dec 8, 2009

I am in the process of writing a pos for the first time for a friend for his new restaurant. I am need to allow users to input floating numbers only. How do lock out the keyboard?


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SQL Transaction Locking Whole Tables?

Mar 7, 2012

I am trying to use a transaction for the duration that the dialog is open and then commit the changes once the dialog has been ok�d or rollback'd if canceled by the user.My problem is when I use the transaction it is locking the whole of the tables that I�m using to update and insert new records too.I update the record in the first (current) table and insert a new record into the second (history) table. Obviously this is causing me problems as I only want the transaction to lock the specific records i'm updating and not allow a new insert record with my PK associated to my that I�m updating, not lock the whole of the 2 tables.This is my code[code]....

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VS 2010 Locking A Control?

Mar 12, 2011

In Visual Basic 6, locking a control would prevent the user from selecting a control without greying it out like disabling it would. Is there a way of doing this in Visual Basic 2010?

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.net - Locking - Extent And Modes Of Failure

Jan 9, 2012

I've stress tested the code below and it seems to work fine - what are the dangers of not locking in the simple case where there is a single thread writing and a separate thread reading a simple variable? Have a class that has a public property...


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.net - Selecting Only The Filled Controls And Locking Them?

Jan 13, 2012

This is the situation when there is a shift change and one record is started by one person and finished by another. What one has written another can't change but must finished a record. So u must lock only the combo boxes and text boxes that are filled. This code lockes all the combo boxes and text boxes and 2 check boxes (NEZAVRSENE_INTERVENCIJE and IZMENA_RASKRSNICE) by clicking on a NEZAVRSENE_INTERVENCIJE check box. Lets say I have combo boxes 1 2 and 3 and text boxes 1 2 and 3 and I have to lock only the ones that are filled. How do I code that another check box lockes just the filled controls?


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Locking A ToolStripContainer Panel To Only Allow For One Row Of Toolstrips

Sep 9, 2009

Title says it all. I want the ToolStrips to remain on one row, and for the user to be able to rearrange on that row but not create additional rows. I tried using SetBounds on the LocationChanged event, if the user attempted to change the Y position it just sprung right back. However, this created some visual bugs, such as the mouse always jumping back to the location and the ToolStrips jumping around randomly (while dragging one, the other would hop around randomly on the bar...)

I also tried setting the MaximumSize of the toolstripcontainer panel, but it allowed the creation of a new row anyway (in which the toolstrips were hidden.) EDIT: Its been a few months, still no answers...is this even possible?

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Locking Application To HWID And SmartAssembly?

Nov 27, 2010

1) How do I lock my application to user's HWID?I want it to work this way: when a certain user opens my app, it automatically scans for his hardware ID and lock the application to it so noone other than the user can use the app.

2) I'm planning to use SmartAssembly trial version to obfuscate my code, will this affect my application in any way? Like, crashing?

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Locking Column To Resize Horizontal

Aug 12, 2011

I have created program that contain listview and it's have many column, I want user can't resize column until horizontal Scroll appear... I want user only can resize same size as listview.

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Locking Individual Records In Access Through VB

Nov 16, 2010

I'm a bit of a newbie to using VB in Access, I have a database in which multiple people need to work specific problems which are separated into records from a form. What I want to have happen is that everytime a person changes the cboStatusName combo box to "Done", it will populate the current time into the DateCompleted field, and then it will lock both of these. Below is the code I'm trying to use through an event.


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Program Locking When Performing Some Tasks

Feb 3, 2011

I have a program that has the option to create a restore point. My problem is that when you click on it to do so, the program just locks up until it's finished creating the restore point. I have put a separate form on the program and it has a Marquee Progress Bar Control which I downloaded, so the idea is.

User clicks "Create Restore Point"

Marquee Progress Bar goes on and on while the restore point is created
Restore point is done

The thing is, when you click create restore point, the form shows and the program just locks up, onces the restore point is created the form hides again. Could this problem be solved with a Background worker? To be honest I'm not completely sure what it does, I mucked around with the controls but can't seem to find anything useful.

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Program Locking When Performing Some Tasks?

Nov 23, 2011

I have a program that has the option to create a restore point...My problem is that when you click on it to do so, the program just locks up until it's finished creating the restore point.

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VS 2008 Locking A Remote Workstation?

Sep 30, 2009

how can i lock a remote workstation?

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VS 2008 Locking The Tab Page Of A Tab Control?

Apr 16, 2012

Is it possible to lock the tab page of a Tab control ? There are cases where a specific page should be shown and the user should not acctdentally change the tab page . I know I could set as False the property Enabled of the Tab control , but that would ... well actually would disable the page , which I don't want to ...

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VS 2010 Locking Usercontrol Focus

Dec 28, 2011

I'm trying to create a grid usercontrol.This means that when i press "UP" it goes to the cell above (...so on for all directions) tab goes to the right and enter goes down.Now all these keys (excluding enter) change control focus so i've got a problem using them.How can i lock focus on the control so that these keys won't change it and so that i can use these keys for other things?

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Capture Screen Without Locking The Mouse Pointer?

Aug 1, 2010

Any one know an alternative way to draw the screen to a bitmap without using the copy screen function.Trying to avoid locking up the mouse pointer.

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How To Make A Simple Folder Locking Program

Jul 27, 2009

how to make a simple folder locking program and sorry don't have any code for it.

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Incorporate Licence Key And Locking System To Program

Jan 19, 2012

I'm interested in making a licence key system to incorporate into my programs. I understand the general idea of checking a database for used keys, but I don't know how I can implement a system into my programs.

I had an idea of creating a custom algorithm, creating a file which contains the licence key, which is encoded with the new algorithm. So people can't just guess the licence because they can't understand what the algorithm (like a custom hash) means. On the contrary, would it be possible to somehow set a licence key variable in my program when it is built or installed somehow? Because I don't understand how it would be possible to work out what key the user needs etc...

After writing that last sentence, I realised that when somebody pays for some software or registers, their username and email is put into a database, and then when they want to register the software, they have to fill in their username, email, and then licence key. Then the key will be filled in in the database. Would that work?

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Interface And Graphics :: Locking The Child Frame?

Aug 21, 2008

I have an application containing parent and child frame. Child frame is accessed by parents. I want to limit moving of childs frame only in parent frame.

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Locking Columns In DataGridView While Scrolling Horizontally

Jul 6, 2009

Any way to "lock" columns in a data grid view so that when scrolling horizontally, the column will stay in view. Similar to the Freeze Panes functionality in Excel. I am using VB.net 2005 express.

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Locking Multiple Sections Of Code With Same Lock?

May 30, 2011

I have 3 web methods in a WCF, called 'DeleteGroup', 'AddGroup', 'ModifyGroup'.Each method has its own code. I want to place a lock on code within each method, so that only one method executes at a time. For example, if 'DeleteMethod' is being executed then no request for 'AddGroup' or 'ModifyGroup' can be executed. So may be I could use something like what is below, but not very sure ? Also, where in the WCF would I declare the locker object, and would it be private, public or static (i.e. shared)?

SyncLock locker
--Delete Method Body
End SyncLock


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Locking Tables In A Backend Access Database?

Dec 14, 2011

My problem is that I need to use a access database as a backend for my visual basic.net program.

The database will be accessed by a maximum of 10 users but I want to lock tables when a user is updating a record.

I am unable to use the SQL server at the company due to it storing sensitive information.

I have some basic knowledge of ado.net

I have read many articles but I can't find any articles that say how to lock a access .mdb file using Visual basic.net

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Non-locking Sleep/waitfor/delay Function For ASP.NET?

Apr 27, 2011

I am writing an ASP.NET class that interfaces with an external application. The flow of the transaction between the web server and this application is as follows:My object writes a file to a directory.The outside application detects this file and processes it. This can take between 1-5 seconds.The outside application writes a response file to the same directory.My object detects the response file and parses the results.The 1-5 seconds it can take for the external application to process my file is my problem. The most straightforward way to wait for the file seems to be something like this:

Do While Not File.Exists(f)

Of course, Thread.Sleep() completely locks up the rest of my website until the outside application processes the file. Clearly, this is not a workable solution.How can I effectively "wait" for my file to be processed without locking up the rest of my website?

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Registering A Generated DLL Assembly Programmatically Without Locking DLL

Nov 8, 2011

I've got a simple VB.Net 4 WinForms application that does basic code generation. The code generation creates a DLL assembly perfectly fine, but each time the DLL is generated it needs to be registered programmatically with the GAC. The reason it must be registered is that it is a COM object that when deployed gets called via CreateObject from a VB6 application. Eww, I know.All of this works fine: the DLL generation, registering programmatically and using the generated DLL from the VB6 application.The problem is that my application that does the code generation can only generate the DLL once before the DLL is locked out by the process with no way to unlock it without stopping the EXE and starting it up again. This obviously prevents the user of the code generation tool from making a change and recompiling the DLL without restarting the application.[code]

I've tried throwing the assembly definition into a different AppDomain as I've seen in a number of articles on the web, but none of the implementations that I've come up with has worked. In fact, nearly all of them ended up with the generated assembly then being defined in BOTH of the AppDomains. I've also tried doing a ReflectionOnly assembly load but in order to the the register functions the assembly must be loaded in active mode not reflection mode.[code]

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