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.net - Programmatically Close A ComboBox Drop Down?

In a Windows Form application (VB.NET) I have a combo box and under certain conditions, when the user opens the DropDown list, I want to display a warning message.All of this works well: In the DropDown event, I check the conditions and if required I display the warning message.The problem is that when the user clicks on Yes on the warning message, I move to another tab on the main form and the drop down list still shows even though I've moved away from the tab containing the combo box.I've searched quite a bit and tried to set DroppedDown to False, call OnDropDownClosed, etc but nothing worked.It seems that when I try to close the drop down list from within the DropDown event, it doesn't work.

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VS 2005 ComboBox Drop Up Instead Of Drop Down
ComboBox drop up instead of drop down..i want to defualt for a particular drop down box to work this way how can i do it.

Posted: May 9th, 2011

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.net - Close BalloonTip Programmatically?
I have a Tray icon in my application. I am showing the balloon tip for 20 seconds, when I am loading something in the background. But, if the background load gets completed early, say in 10 seconds, I would like to hide the balloon tip. Currently the only way to hide the balloon tip is to click the close icon in the balloon tip.


Posted: Mar 15 11 at 16:22

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Way To Close A Display Programmatically?
Visual Studio 2003 Windows Application.I have†a Form that shows a .chm Help File when F1 is 'clicked'.The Help Display can be closed in the normal(?) way by clicking its Close Button.However, I would also like to be able to close the Help Display when, for example, the Form is 'Reset'.Is there some way to close a Help Display programmatically

Posted: March 07, 2009

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Programmatically Add A Drop Down List In With Specific Pre-selected Item?
I've worked out how to create a DropDownList using the following code: <select id="salesPersonDropList" runat="server"></select> In my .aspx page, then my code behind loops through database output running:

Dim newListItem As ListItem
newListItem = New ListItem("Title", "Value")
salesPersonDropList.Items.Add(newListItem )

What I can't figure out is how to programatically set which of the List Items created is the one to be pre-selected in the rendered DropDownList, ie, how to create what I'd write in HTML as:


Posted: Nov 30 11 at 20:03

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.net - Programmatically Close A TFS Work Item
I am attempting to import items from a legacy issue tracking system stored in an Excel sheet into Team Foundation Server. I loop through the rows of the Excel file successfully, and I can create new work items, but they are always in the Proposed state. If I attempt to change the state to Closed, then call the Validate method for the work item, I receive a validation error on the State property - InvalidListValue{4}.

Dim MyProj As Project = store.Projects("MyProject")
Dim WIT As WorkItemType = MyProj.WorkItemTypes("Task")
Dim WorkItem As WorkItem = WIT.NewWorkItem()


this is a CMMI task that I am trying to create and close. I wonder if I'm trying to skip over certain activities required by CMMI

Posted: May 17 10 at 16:49

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Close A Window Programmatically In Program?
How can I close a window of external application programmatically in just want to close the current window without closing the whole process.

Posted: Oct 24 11 at 10:00

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Close Forms Created Programmatically?
In my program it detects if there is more than one monitor connected. It then creates a form on each monitor screen and you just click on the screen that you want the program to run on.

Here's where I'm having a problem. Everything works great, but when I load my MAIN form how would I call those programmatically created forms? I can't just do frmYou.close.

Here's the code I use to create the forms.

Public myScreen As New Point
Public ScreenReady As Boolean = False
Public sX As Integer'holds screen x width
Public sY As Integer'holds screen y height


Posted:  21 February 2009

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Close Locked Files That Are Dropped On A Drop Box?
I have a PictureBox control (in Form3) that is used is used as a drop box where the user can drag and drop one or more image files at a time.† When the user imports files, the form (Form3) will close itself.Meanwhile,the application stores file data in Form1.ListView1.The following is the code that I use for PictureBox's DragDrop event.

Dim s As Array = e.Data.GetData(DataFormats.FileDrop)
For i = 0 To s.Length - 1[code]....

Onion is a recent refuge from Mac OS X and hates Mac App Store. System: Windows 7 x64

Posted: February 09, 2012

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Combobox - Drop Down In .NET?
I have a small requirement and that is: There are two combo boxes on a form and for populating the employee names and roles. I am populating the combo boxes as follows: I have created a class called "DbConnect" and in that there are 02 functions as:

Public Function getEmployees() As DataTable
Dim employeeDS As New DataSet
Dim employeeDA As New SqlDataAdapter("prc_emp_list", conn)
employeeDA.Fill(employeeDS, "employees")


The data is getting populated into the combo boxes correctly and my requirement is that when I select and employee from the first combo, his corresponding role should get selected in the second combo.

Posted: Sep 11 10 at 5:31

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Combobox Showing Its 'drop Down'
when i call my Form2.Show() i need to make a combobox in Form2 show its "drop down". in other words i do not wish for the user to have to press the combobox before it shows its "drop down" and would like to do it this possible?

Posted: June 23, 2010

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How To Blockage To Drop Down Of Combobox
I†want create a DateTimePicker Component and Using a combobox†for type date in it, with†... I created a form Likes Calendar in V.S.Net and added to this project, I want if you†click on combobox not open drop down list, open form.†but opening both.I don't know how to blokage it.

Posted: August 09, 2009

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How To Drop Laybout Combobox
how to drop this laybout combobox in ?

Posted: Aug 12th, 2010

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Select The Value Of Combobox Programmatically?
i am trying to select the value of combobox programatically.. like my application has a form in that they can edit some field.. one of them can have only few values and they cant be edited.. i am populating them in combo box (dropdownlist type) and later ,

Dim cs As String = reader.Item("Category").ToString
ComboBox1.SelectedText = cs

reader is data reader.. when user click id, it loads all values in all text boxes.. then string cs gets value of that record but fails to select it.. in Main UI the Combo box is blank.. when i click drop down item all values are coming(that are defined previously, but i want only 1 values to be displayed that is associated with that id and its present in that drop down)..

Posted: Jul 11th, 2009

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Drag & Drop Files To ComboBox?
1. Although I have enabled AllowDrop property of ComboBox it does not allow me to drag and drop files into ComboBox. Why?

2. Then should I process incoming files in the _DragDrop event, yes?

3. How can I get the Files.Count to get the number of dropped files?

Posted: 10-06-2008

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Drop Down Combobox, A List Of Options Are Available?
Is using Public Property the best way to achieve the following.From a drop down combobox, a list of options are available. Each option in the combobox has a number of public properties that need to be associated with it.When a option is selected, the user will then have two buttons that each call a different†sub, the appropriate options are passed to the sub.Each option will always have the same properties required to be passed.So I'm looking at something like this.

Public Class Parameters
Public Property server As String
Public Property replica As String
Public Propery path As String
End Class


Posted: March 12, 2012

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Forms :: Drop-down List Combobox?
I have created a drop-down list box that holds 8 numbers representing a month span (3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 25 months). In order to prevent users from typing just anything into the text box above the combo box, I changed it to a drop-down listbox. The other requirement that I was hoping to implement was for the user to be able to type a number, after which the selection would jump to the appropriate item (i.e. the user types in '1', and the selection jumps to 12). This partially works. It will jump to 12, for example, but immediately after the user types the '1', the Selected Index event changes. The user cannot scroll down or up after typing in a number.

Posted: 03-23-2010

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Showing Drop Down List In ComboBox
How can i set the tool combobox when i write any thing the drop down list goes down and data begins to appear?as Google when you want to search for something it begins to suggest words for you. is it a special tool?

Posted: June 07, 2010

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VS 2008 : Open A Drop-down Combobox?
I have a drop-down combobox. Is there any action that drop it down on runtime? I'd like to drop it down for the user, instead of asking him to press the "down" arrow.

Posted: Nov 18th, 2009

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Windows - ToolTip While Drop Down ComboBox
I have created a combo box in my project which takes a certain amount of numbers from a file. This Combo drops down the list of the numbers each of represents something. That something I want to be displayed in a tooltip when the mouse hovers on the combo box. Until now everything has gone fine. What I want now is to see the tooltip when the mouse rolls over the list of the dop down combo. How can I do that? Until now the internet didn't give me something to work on it. Is there some one to assist me on that?

Posted: Nov 12 10 at 19:28

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.NET Programmatically Generating Combobox In Datagridview?
For my application i'm trying to generate a datagridview with a comboboxcolumn in it. This combobox I wanna fill with some data from a table in my database.I've figured out how to add items to the combobox but I can't assign a value to it. The combobox is suposed to fill with product name items, and the value should be the weight of the product, so later on i can calculate the total weight.But now it's just displaying the product name, and the value is also the product name.

Dim palletds As New DataSet
Dim palletsql As String
Dim i As Integer
palletsql = "Select * from pallets"


Posted: 2010

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Adding ControlChars To ComboBox Programmatically?
Is there a way to loop through each constant in the ControlChars module programatically?† I want to add each of the enumerated control characters to a combobox control.

Posted: August 21, 2009

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Increase Height Of Combobox Drop Down List?
The issue I'm having is I have 3 items in my combobox however when I maximize my window the items do not enlarge and are the same size(or relative) to what they were prior to maximizing, hence overlapping. Is there a way? I've ony known how to increase width.

Posted: 03 April 2012

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Select A ComboBox Item Which Is A Drop Down List
i seem to have a problem when i try to select a ComboBox item which is a drop down list. The ComboBox contains a list of various items where the user can select from a list, the type of query he/she would like to perform on an Access Database. Two of the items in the Drop Down List are "Employee Sales Between Specified Weeks" and the other item is "Employee Sales Between Specified Months" (without quotation). Now in my VB code, i have a really long If/ElseIf Statement which includes all the options the user can select. Additionally, if the user has selected a week query, he/she must select a From Week, a To Week and a Year (for example week 3 to week 5 year 2009). From Week is another combobox (1-53 weeks) and To Week is also another ComboBox (1-53).When the user selects a month query, he/she should select a† From Month from a ComboBox (1-12) and a To Month from another ComboBox (1-12) and the year from the same Combobox (e.g 2009).

Posted: February 28, 2011

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VS 2005 - Limiting The Combobox Drop Down List
My combobox dropdownlist contains 60 to 65 items. So i want to show 5 items in the dropdownlist of my combobox and add a vertical scroll bar in it so that the user can scroll it and see the items. How to add a vertical scroll bar in the combobox dropdown list? I want to add this vertical scroll bar only when the dropdown list contains more than 5 items.

Posted: Sep 18th, 2009

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VS 2008 Databound Combobox Auto-drop Down?
I have an application working great that has a data-bound combo box.My question is When the user types in box the results are not shown unles I manually click the drop down arrow.

Posted: Feb 24th, 2010

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Set Datagridview Combobox Cell Value Programmatically From Database
I have a datagrid with first coloumn as combobox and second one as textbox. The combobox had datasource with displaymember and valuemember. The problem is when i try to retrieve value from database and put it into the grid i get exception


Posted: 21 May 2010

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ComboBox Problem - Combo Box Won't Drop Down After Cancelling Validation?
I've found some unexpected behaviour in my ComboBox, which I'm hoping someone can help me with. If focus is lost by pressing the†Return key on a form which has AcceptButton set, then after handling the Validating event and cancelling the validation,the ComboBox will not drop down any more. When you click on the drop-down arrow, the list drops down momentarilly then goes away again To reproduce this, create a new VB.NET Windows Forms application. Drop a Combo Box and a Button onto the default form, then add the following code:[code]....

Run this application, click on the Combo Box, enter some random text (e.g. "asdf"), then press Return. After this, click on the drop-down arrow on the Combo Box.I'm using Visual Basic 2010 Express on Windows 7 Home Premium.

Posted: February 24, 2012

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DataGridView Combobox Drop Down Item Select Query
I have set the combo box dropdown style to dropdown, the auto complete mode to suggest append and the auto complete source to list items.† This works fine IF I choose the required item using the mouse.† If I type the full item name into the combo box, it is displayed but not selected for use.† Is it possible to use a key such as TAB or Return to select the item in the combo box's display area after the drop down window has closed?

Posted: 6/14/2012

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Multi-select Drop Down/combobox With Check Boxes?
In VB.Net 2010, is there any way to do multi-select in a drop-down/combobox, preferably with check boxes in the drop down?† I've seen various discussions on the 'net about this but no such beast appears to exist within the tool.?

Posted: November 25, 2011

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VS 2010 : Combobox Double Records In Drop Down Menu At Each Changes?
with this code I have cascading comboboxes that pull push results in a DataGridView; but each time I change selection in a combobox, it doubles results in the cascading combobox?!

Imports System.Data
Imports System.Data.OleDb
Imports System.Windows.Forms


Posted: Dec 11th, 2011

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Combobox Index Change On Form Close?
I have a combo boxthat holds a list of values that are a custom object and when a value is selected a few text boxes are loaded with data.† I use the SelectedIndexChanged Event.† Works wonderfully.I noticed that this even is also called when a user clicks the 'x' to close the form.† I just wanted to understand the logic behind that.† I get that the technically index is changing since the cbobox value is being set to nothing, but to me that just seems a little inefficient.†

Posted: December 16, 2010

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VS 2010 Datagridview - Change The Text Of The Combobox Programmatically After The Items Have Been Filled
Im Using a datagridview to display items in an invoice. when the user enters the data in, they use a DGVcombobox to select which particular item they want. what i want to know is. can i change the text of the combobox programatically after the items have been filled

Edit The DGV in question has 2 predefined columns one is a comboboxcell and the other is a text box cell im trying to fill it using


Posted: Aug 12th, 2011

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VS 2008 Save Combobox Selection On Close/load?
i had this working and i foudn the info on this forum, but i cant for the life of me renemebr how to do it, and searching for the thread all i can find is this:


Which is not it, the method i used only involved a few clicks per item to set up and it made it so what ever selection was chosen in a combobox for example was saved, and then that selection was loaded on the apps next run, i know i had to do something in the application setting/databinding area of the properties.

Posted: Mar 19th, 2010

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VS 2010 Combobox Auto-complete Dropdown Won't Close

The auto complete dropdown will NOT close, no matter what I do. When I load the form, the dropdown is down with all the options displayed. I can type anything, and the options will narrow down, until an option is selected, then all the options reappear in the list. If I select an option, hit tab, enter, any key or mouse click, the list still doesn't close. If I change the DropDownStyle to DropDown or DropDownList, it works fine.

Posted: Mar 4th, 2011

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