Add Lines In RichTextBox?

Aug 6, 2009

How to make RichTexBox when open a file to show the lines .To be like Notepad++ when open a file shows lines: Image:

Like .txt file thise sentences:


How are you?

I'm Ok, Thanks for asking.

and when i start the program and open the file in richtextbox to show the lines of sentences . Like thise:

1. Hello!

2. How are you?

3. I'm ok, Thanks for asking.

How to be done? Because i'm using search button that show the word on what line is it.. so i need the lines people to know what line to search


Add Values Richtextbox Lines

Mar 4, 2010

Can somebody give me a hint how to multiply each line in a richtextbox with a value?The richtextbox will have ex. 1000 lines with numbers, and I want to multiply all these lines with with a number.

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Number Lines In A RichTextBox?

Aug 20, 2010

I am working on a Programming notepad in, How would i add Line Numbers into a RichTextBox? An Example would be like in Notepade ++. Would i need to make a Class for it? I already have a class witch makes a richtextbox that when you type a word like "echo" it will change the color. Can i edit this to make the numbers? [code]

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Richtextbox Highlight Every Ten Lines?

Aug 23, 2011

I have a richtextbox, and I want to highlight the lines in groups of ten, alternating colours every ten lines.
I know I need to use:

Dim lineindex As Integer = Me.RichTextBox1.GetLineFromCharIndex(index)
Dim first As Integer = Me.RichTextBox1.GetFirstCharIndexFromLine(lineindex)
Me.RichTextBox1.Select(first, xxxx)
Me.RichTextBox1.SelectionBackColor = Color.Red

However I'm not sure what to put in Select to get it to select the whole line, and I'm not sure how to get it to change colour every ten lines (to yellow)

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Compare Offset Lines Richtextbox?

Mar 4, 2010

How can I get the sum from richtextbox, starting at line -1 ? But the first line should compare with line1.This code adds a constant to all lines and passes the sum to another textbox.

Dim num1 As Single
Dim sum As Single
Dim Constant As Single = Val(txtLowerTol.Text[code]....

So a third textbox should sum with one line "offset".

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Delete The Spaces And Lines And @ From RichTextBox?

May 5, 2012

I want Split @ and " " and Chr(13) From RichTextBox? How do I delete the spaces and lines and @ From RichTextBox?

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Highlight Single Lines In A RichTextBox?

Aug 20, 2008

i am making a lua editor that highlights reserved words and so.However I stuck in a highlighting part.I've made the reserver-words highlighting function but I got no idea how to make it highlight comment lines.

Could someone please help me? I want a function to search through the richtextbox and find lines that start with "--" and highlight them with green color.

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RichTextBox On Click Select The Lines?

Jun 20, 2012

when I click on rtb how do I assign clicked line (text of that line) to a variable 'x' and a line below to a variable 'y'? I have so far this

SendKeys.Send("{DOWN}") 'Move cursor to next line
SendKeys.Send("{HOME}+{END}") 'Select the line

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Save The Richtextbox Lines Into A Listbox?

Oct 6, 2011

I have a Richtextbox.Text in my project and I need to save all text lines into a ListBox.Text .

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Switching Values In A Richtextbox Lines?

Dec 14, 2009

I have a richtextbox, with random values in each line:

and so on.

This textbox stores the values in a jagged array after lostfocus. What i am trying to do, is for the user to have the ability to 'switch' values in each line if he wishes to do so. Each switched element becomes the first, and the first goes where the old value was. So it's basically a 'swap'. For example:Line1: a1,a2,a3 --> user highlights "a3", right clicks and a contextmenustrip appears with the option 'switch', once he clicks a3 goes where a1 was and a1 goes to a3. So the new Line1 would be: a3,a2,a1. After that if he switches a2, new Line1 would be: a2,a3,a1 Once the switch is done in the array, redisplaying the data in the RTB is not a prob.

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VS 2008 Multiple Lines In RichTextBox?

Aug 26, 2009

How would I make it so that if someone presses a button, the richtextbox will have more then 1 line of text

RichTextBox1.Text = "Something like this, but 2+ lines"

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Delete Lines In Richtextbox That Fall Under The Condition?

Sep 11, 2010

Using this [URL] to retrieve both address and place name at the same time ("//span[@class='listingTitle']|//div[@class='address']/text()[normalize-space(.)]"), I can get a list of placenames and addresses like this in a richtextbox:

jh ryder machinery limited
convenience storage ltd 3344 rideau
rd, gloucester, on, k1g3n4
kitchen interiors 146 colonnade rd,
nepean, on, k2e7y1

The first line is bad, it doesnt have an address. Line 2 and 4 are good, they have addresses. So what I could do is:Check each line,if the following line doesnt contain "numbers + ON" then delete line. This will leave me with PlaceNames followed by addresses, which I will then split every other line into a new textbox, (so I have one textbox with placenames, and another with addresses).

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Forms :: Insert Multiple Lines Into Richtextbox?

Mar 27, 2010

I'm working on a program that inputs a text box text into a RichTextBox via a button click. But when I click a button, it over writes the text that is already in the RichTextBox. How can I prevent this?

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How To Hard Code Multiple Lines In A Richtextbox

May 18, 2010

I am attempting to hard code a richtextbox that has multiline characters upon the Load_Event. However, whenever I use the "&controlchars.newline _ " I get a syntax error and end of statement expected error.


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Random Lines Fom Text File Into Richtextbox?

Jan 31, 2010

basically ive tried a few different methods which i have come accross by searching but none seem to work.

code so far after removing everything that didnt work is as follows

Public Class Form1
Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
End Sub
End Class

im makng a spelling test type application so that each word is on a different line and that are displayed in a random sequency.

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VS 2008 - How To Highlight Multiple Lines In RichTextBox

Jul 14, 2009

How to highlight multi lines in Rich Textbox and know which lines are highlighted?

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VS 2008 RichTextBox - Determine Lines Have Changed?

Apr 23, 2011

I am working on a way to determine if the lines of a RichTextBox have changed.I currently use this

Dim newhash As Integer = Me.Text.GetHashCode
If newhash <> Me._prevhash Then
Me._prevhash = newhash
Me._lines = MyBase.Lines


But this method has a bad issue: The text property takes a while to "load up" plus getting its hash code adds to it. This code runs every time the Lines are needed (it is a property). So this

For i As Integer = 0 To Lines.Count - 1
Dim line As String = Lines(i)

Takes ages to complete, because for every line it checks if the lines have changed.I am trying to evade using MyBase.Lines too much, since that REALLY takes ages to load.

- I can not use the modified property since it is unreliable (set to true if only a text color changes)

- Can't use the RTF since it changes without the text changing (coloring) and the hash code is slow as well.

- Can't use the TextChanged event, since it is sent after the SelectionChanged event (for some reason)

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Writing Multiple Lines To Richtextbox With Link Label

Apr 11, 2011

And just a FYI, I've spent about an hour looking this up... and I just can't seem to get it to work the way I wan't to. My application is simple, I have a "batch file editor". It has a richtextbox, a couple buttons for Open/Save/Test which are working fine.All I'm wanting to do is...


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Word Wrapping - Cannot Select Last Line Of Richtextbox (when A Line Is Wrapped It Becomes Two Lines)

Jul 5, 2009

The following code selects a line ina richtextbox. It works OK expect from one problem:

When a line is biger than the size of the richtextbox, it wraps it. This create a big problem as I can not select the last line of the richtextbox (when a line is wrapped it becomes two lines). When I set wordwrap to off it works just fine 

Private Sub RichTextBox1_MouseMove(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles RichTextBox1.MouseMove



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2008 Count Lines In Textbox With Multiple Lines Using Label To Display The Numbers?

Sep 3, 2009

how to count the lines in textbox1.text (with multiplelines). I don't need to count each character. I only need to count each line from top to bottom in textbox1.text (multiplelines) and I will use Label1 to display the numbers.



Obviously this is 5 lines and that's what I need to count.

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Get A Bunch Of Lines From A Text File (they Will Be Filenames Eventually) Which Are Split By New Lines And Puts Each One Into An Array?

Jun 22, 2010

I have written a simple script to get a bunch of lines from a text file (they will be filenames eventually) which are split by new lines and puts each one into an array..

Dim ary() As String
Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
If My.Computer.FileSystem.FileExists("C:MenuFiles.txt") Then


The only thing I can do for now is either use the substring function to remove the first character from all array values after 0 but I don't like that because it's messy and what if the split "works" as I want it to one one of the lines and knocks of the first character when I don't want it to.

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Way To Search A Richtextbox Textfile That Will Highlight All Word Finds And Then Send Them To Another Richtextbox?

Aug 26, 2010

I have a richtextbox with a large file inside....I want to be able to search for "Fornication" within the text (KJV Bible) and have every instance of that word to pop up into another richtextbox along with the scripture it is in.

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Create A Richtextbox On Formload Then Drag And Drop On Richtextbox?

Jun 28, 2011

I'm currently having a problem dragging and dropping my label1.text to a richtextboxt which isn't created on design time...well im currently found a solution but i think it is only for a temporary solution because i use a drag and drop i drag it to a textbox then it willl transfer the data to the richtextbox....through the use of the textbox... here is the code ive come through..[code]...

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Read Lines From Txt File After Every 7 Lines .net?

Mar 17, 2012

below are a few lines from my text file(10929 lines)I need to read each line and insert into MS Access. each line is a column in my table and the record changes on every 8th line or to be more specific(on every 8th line you will see a number [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.....] this is where another record starts,


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Get Text From Richtextbox In A Form To Another Inside A Richtextbox?

Jul 25, 2011

I am creating a text editor like notepad. Well its an advance type because it is a tabbed notepad type. It saves html files.

I only created tabcontrol on the design time named TabControl1. the tabpages and the richtextbox are created on the form load and when adding tabs. [code]...

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Set Text To A Richtextbox In Form To Another Inside A Richtextbox?

Jul 26, 2011

I have 2 forms. The 1 is named frmMain. inside of it is a Richtextbox named RTB.

The other form is named frmInsert. Inside of it is a Richtextbox named rtbtext.[code]..

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.net - Graphics.drawString - Draw String In Multiple Lines And Know How Many Lines Given String Will Take

Aug 26, 2011

I want to draw string in multiple lines and and I want to know how many lines given string will take. I am using following method.


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Read Lines In A File - Split The Lines And Spit The Result To Another File?

Aug 3, 2009

I am trying to make a script to spit command lines to a bat file to compress a bunch of files singly and then delete the original ones. I am sure that is easy to most of you, but I living a ____ trying to do this. A have a file list like this one belo, which was created with a command -- Dir /b /s /a-D N: > filelist.txt


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Read Lines In A File, Split The Lines And Spit The Result To Another File?

Oct 20, 2009

read lines in a file, split the lines and spit the result to another file

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Read Lines From Text File 1 And Delete Those Lines From Text File 2?

Sep 15, 2009

I have a text file containing lines of data (File 1).  I need to delete all the lines in another text file (File 2), which are found in file 1.So I could read file 2 line by line.  And then once the line has been read, read file 1 line by line to search for a match.  But that's going to be painfully slow.Or I could read file 2 into memory.  And then read file 1 line by line and REPLACE the lines in file 2 with nothing, therefore deleting them.  File 2 could be 100 mb, so I'm not sure about reading it all into memory.

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Add New Line Between Two Lines

Jul 8, 2009


I want to add some text beside the text which contain "T" I have the same value below the line DETECT,ON but i just want to add text to the lines between FMAT,2 and DETECT,ON. Can i use indexOf methode to get the lines between FMAT,2 and DETECT,ON

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Convert These Lines From C# To VB?

Sep 2, 2009

I'm wondering how this can be converted to VB.NET.


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Dim And Set The Variable In 2 Lines In .net?

Dec 30, 2009

i have this line:

Dim strings_extreme = input.Split(","c).Distinct().OrderBy(Function(s) s)

i need to Dim it in one line, and set it a value on another line how do i do that?would it just be Dim strings_extreme() ? and then strings_extreme = input.split.... ?

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Get Angle Of Two Lines?

Apr 21, 2010

Once again my math fails me, as I can't remember how to do this.

If I have two Lines, line1 and line2, and they both have the same X1 and Y1 properties, but different X2 and Y2 properties, how can I get the angle that is created between these lines.[code]...

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Get Text From Specified Lines?

Jun 7, 2011

This is my GUI[url]...

So the line which should contain, it should appear on other textbox.

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How To Run Command Lines

Nov 9, 2009

I have been trying to figure out how to run command lines through my VB form, such as:


Just random things, and I can't figure it out. Can someone explain to me how it works?

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Label Over Two Lines?

Feb 10, 2010

I have a label where i want to write a paragraph about something. how can I make it roll over onto a new line? and not be on a one huge line?

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Loop Through Lines In Txt

May 27, 2009

I want to loop through lines in txt file and i want to assign each line for value of textboxs example :


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Make Vb To Have Lines?

Aug 5, 2009

How to make Textbox1 to have lines:Demo:Like notepad++ have lines..

Open .txt file

1. Hi
2. How are you
3. I'm Ok

1,2,3 are the lines that is autoshowing how much have text if text have 20 words to have 1,2,3,4,5....20 how it will be done?

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Read All Lines In Txt?

Mar 15, 2009

I add .txt file into my resource.and i need to read all the can i do that

i know that if i need to read all lines from a .txt file i write System.IO.File.ReadAllLines

but i can't do this to my resource file

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