Convert Twips To Pixels With Program 2008?

Dec 19, 2009

How to convert twips to pixels with VisualBasic 2008?There is a windows application writen by vb6 and it has a main form 1000 twips high and it is in the top position. There is an another form writen by vb 2008 and i would like to fit under the vb6 form.[code]...


Analog Clock Second Hand , X1 X2 Y1 Y2 Twips, And Pixels, Movement?

Nov 20, 2009

Analog Clock Second Hand , X1 X2 Y1 Y2 Twips, and Pixels, Movement

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Analog Clock Second Hand X1 X2 Y1 Y2 Twips And Pixels - Movement

Dec 21, 2010

Well I got the line to move from the top, in a kinda of a circle, clockwise.


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Forms :: Changing Measurement Units Of Form To From Pixels To Twips

Jan 19, 2010

Is there any way so that i can set the measurement unit of a form from Pixels to Twips?

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Pixel Counter - Count The Black Pixels The Grey Pixels The More Grey Pixels

Jul 27, 2009

I'm trying to make a -what i thought would be simple app.My intention was to build program that:1) i'd provide a grayscale image2) the program would count the black pixels the grey pixels the more grey pixels etc. (the hue) and the white3) would make the percentage sum of all pixels, that is: 300.000 black pixels (rgb 0 0 0) etc. given that 0 is the black, 100 the white. e.g a simple grayscale image is 55.2 white

This was my way and i don't think that is useful:

First of a button to convert the image to greyscale:

 Dim bm as new Bitmap(source.Width,source.Height)

 Dim x

 Dim y


Secondly, -and that's the stupid way- i did -or better i wanted to do- this: i put the code to dynamically create labels, each label having the colour of a pixel as background colour and as text the colour converted to rgb

The third step which i intended to do (i couldn't get pas two) was to sum up the labels etc.

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Convert Pixels To Cm/inch Or Cm/inch To Pixels?

Feb 28, 2009

i have a problem with the Size in VB.Net I think the Control Size in VB.Net Is Pixels so I want to enter this size cm/inch

I want To Convert Pixels to cm/inch or cm/inch to Pixels

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[2008] Get Certain Pixels From Screen

Feb 14, 2009

i made this class to get certain pixels from screen:


Now i have lets say and array of pixels Example: Pixel 1 position X:100 Y:200 Red: 200 Green: 30 Blue: 40 Now i need to search all the sreen to find that pixel witout knowing its position. I need to have an output of number of results found and their position tnx.

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VS 2008 : Analyzing Pixels From Screen?

May 12, 2009

i need to programm an application which reads the pixels from screen and then manage to read the word. The problem is the white text always changes colour slightly so when i use getpixel the value(as long) is always changing although it is always regonisably white.convert them into black and white or is there any range of values which describe the white color?

Note: This is not for violation of any rules especially because its a game programmed with java.

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VS 2008 Pixels Of Coordinates From A Picturebox?

May 15, 2012

How do I find the color of a pixel at a certain coordinate of an image in a picturebox?

I found a bunch of tutorials but they are irrelevant and do not work for vb 2008 express.

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VS 2008 Scanning Of All Pixels Of An Image

Dec 16, 2009

I come straight to the point without going too far. I need to scan all the pixels of a generic image and for each pixel derive the RGB components. I started with the following function that performs its task very good and returns 3 array (R, G, B) with the different values, but unfortunately is too slow.


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VS 2008 Size Of A4 Paper In Pixels?

Apr 3, 2009

I need to know the size of A4 paper in pixels, does anyone know this, I want to be able to print at 100,100 on a piece of paper, and it be in the exact same position as in my form.

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VS 2008 How To Convert This Program To 2008 (18F2550)

Nov 25, 2011

How to convert this vb 6 codes to vb 2008 or 2010, this program is IO 18F2550, please find attached file.

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VS 2008 Count The Number Of Say Black Pixels In Picturebox?

Jul 12, 2010

is there anyway i could count the number of say Black pixels in my picturebox say i have a picture in it that has 1 black pxiel i would like to to but that to a string so i could put it in a textbox or a msgbox like this

so in RGB black would be 0-0-0 but how would i have it scan the pixtuebox and count how many pixels show up with the rgb color 0-0-0

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VS 2008 How To Get Frame Timer Interval By Movement Step Of Pixels

Aug 8, 2009

I have been making an online role playing-game in VB2008 and inside the gameloop for the client there is some code that "smoothes" out the movement (instead of it being choppy from tile to tile.) It works pretty well but I'm having problems figuring out a math formula to get a good frame timer interval to set how fast the frames change based on how many pixels they can move per loop.Testing stuff out I found that 250ms is an ideal frame timer interval for 1.0 pixel movement per loop. If I were to double the movement step of pixels by 2 lets say (2.0 pixel step per loop) I found that the frame timer interval should be around 125ms. How can I get the frame timer interval by the movement step of pixels? In cases where the movement step can anything between 0.1 to 4.0 pixels.

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VS 2008 Get The Program To Convert One Video And Then After The Conversion Code Is Completed To Move To The Next One?

Feb 18, 2012

I am creating a bulk media converter. In order to do this I need to go through each line in a list box one after the other and run the conversion function. I am trying to use the following:

For Each item In listVideos.Items
conversion code

However this makes the program want to convert all videos at the same time... is there anyway to get the program to convert one video and then after the conversion code is completed to move to the next one?Should also be noted that I am using FFMPEG for this project.

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VS 2008 Get Color Of Pixels Of .bmp File Coded And Saved On A Printable Grid?

Feb 24, 2010

I am learning VB 2008 Express Edition to solve the following issue: how do I put the color of each pixel in a table, allocate a code (from 1 to 256 in the case of a 256 colors picture) to each different colors and print these codes at the right place on a grid? A few years ago, I had a basic knowledge of VB6 but VB6 being not compatible with Windows 7, I had to install a new version, VB 2008 Express edition, version that I don't know at all!


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Convert Old GW-BASIC Program To A Command Line Program With Arguments?

Mar 1, 2012

This is going to be a lot to ask, but I'd like to convert my old GW-BASIC program to a command line program with arguments. I'd like it to operate as follows:

elapse [drive:][path]filename This is my old code.

10 OPEN "G:Calc.txt" FOR INPUT AS #1
20 WHILE NOT EOF(1): INPUT #1, A$, B$
30 IF MID$(A$,3,1)=":" THEN C$="DOUBLE DIGIT":GOTO 50
40 IF MID$(A$,2,1)=":" THEN C$="SINGLE DIGIT":GOTO 120


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Convert Access Program To A SQL / Program?

Apr 19, 2010

I have a few questions reguarding converting a Access program to a sql/ program. I know these are vague questions, so feel free to give vague answers.

NOTES: I have a solid unstranding of SQL and i have little Access experience, but i would be working with the individual who created the access program. I also don't have alot of experience in converting on program from one language to another. Most of my experience is in new programing.

[Q1] Is their a general rule of thumb when converting/recodeing on how long it should take? i.e. if this project would take me 40 hours to write my self from scratch it would take me 30 hours to recode into another language?

[Q2] What type of problems do i need to look out for when working on projects of this nature and being inexperinced?

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Convert Single Instance Program To Network "Multi-Seat" Program

Apr 26, 2012

I have developed some programs for processing and issue-coding electronic documents. I am teaching myself how to work with SQL Server because I want these programs to work with electronic documents imported into SQL Server as opposed to messing around in a folder stuck on the desktop, for example. From there I want to expand on the program so that it is a network enabled program.


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Pixels In Cm Or Mm?

Oct 16, 2009

i`m trying to find in cm or mm the area of a frame (capture image).The picturebox has dimensions height:456 and width:553 PIXELS.So the total number of pixels are 456 x 553 = 252,168

If i compare image 1 with image 2 i can locate and draw a rectangle around that area of pixels that are different.i can get the width and the height of this rectangle in PIXELS.e.g Height:49 Width:33 PIXELS

How can i covert these into cm or mm. What i need to know for the conversion?

I know dpi: dots per inch but what`s the value for my rectangle?

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Convert A Program From VB 6.0?

Feb 22, 2012

I notice you can't use textbox control array in .net. Wondering how to workaround this code.

Private Sub cmdNew_Click()
Dim row As Integer, col As Integer
For col = 1 To maxCol
For row = 1 To maxRow
txtCell(Indx(row, col)).Text = ""


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Convert A Program From VB6 To DOT NET?

Mar 7, 2012

I'm trying to convert a program from VB6 to DOT NET. In my original program I have a menu array which was simple to create.I simply named each menu element the same name and assigned each a different Index property.In DOT NET, there is no Index property and trying to create a second menu item with the same name generates an error. I have been unable to find any info that helps me transfer the functionality to DOT NET.

Can someone help with my struggle to make the leap to DOT NET?I'm also trying to convert use of the MSHFlexGrid in VB6 to the DataGridView tool in DOT NET and this is driving my to distraction. I've figured out some things already with lots of web searches but selecting a column to sort and sorting it still eludes me.

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Convert A VB6 Program To .Net?

Oct 30, 2009

hat this VB6 statement does? 

BK(1) = IB(1) B0
And W1

what the back slash means.  I am trying to convert a VB6 pgm to VB.Net.

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Convert C To Program?

Jun 25, 2009

I have this code that gets the hostname,IP and MAC address of computers under a certain domain name. but it is in C#. i am required to run the code under[code]...

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Convert C# To Program?

Apr 21, 2011

I've been trying to convert a little code snippet from C# to VB, but it s too hard for me.The problem is that it�s using Delegate and event handling[code]...

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Convert Pdf In To Xml Using Program?

Mar 20, 2008

How to convert pdf in to xml using

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Convert Program To C#?

Aug 26, 2009

I tried the code below to convert it to c#. But i am getting many errors when i use it.Like error related to || and && symbols using in c# version.[code]...

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Convert SQL To Program?

Jan 20, 2009

Can anyone can convert this SQL script in to a visual basic source code?..I know how can i do that in executing a stored procedure without parameter.But I have a hard time doing it with stored procedure with parameter.[code]....

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Convert To Program From C#?

Jan 16, 2012

[code]...Convert To program From C#?

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Convert VB6 To Program?

Oct 6, 2009

Am converting a VB6 project to VB.Net and need help with "AS ANY" type declaration in a function declaration.

Example:Declare Function BtrCall Lib "wbtrv32.dll" Alias "BTRCALL" (ByVal op%, ByVal PB$, db As Any) as integer

I know As Any is invalid in VB.Net

Most of the calls to this function will pass a String for the 3rd parameter however, there are two instances in my code where a User Defined Type /Structure is passed rather than string value.

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Addressing Pixels In A Bmp?

May 25, 2010

I would like to believe that this code will display a horizontal line halfway across the PictureBox pbxData.  In fact, what it does is create the BitMap and then blow up with a memory violation when trying to copy the BitMap into the PictureBox.  The code that alters the array is commented out because I don't know how to address the elements of the array.

how to make this into useful code?

Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices
Public Class Form1
Private b1 As Bitmap


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How To Get Pixels Of Image

Nov 11, 2011

How can we get the pixels of an image in a fast way?

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Complicated To Convert Program From VB 6 To .Net?

Nov 15, 2010

I have a program I made in VB 6 which has probably hundreds of thousands of lines of code.

Is it complicated to convert it to VB.Net or is it not worth it?

My main problem is that VB 6 doesn't work in Win 7 so I need to use the XP emulator each time I make an update.

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Convert 6 Project To Program?

Jun 3, 2012

I'm new to visual basic.

1) Why when I load vb6 files in vb2010 it shows many errors?

2)Hold on tight please here it goes: Removed by Moderator since the question violates our AUP

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Convert A Program For VB6 To VB2008?

Sep 4, 2009

I am trying to convert a program for VB6 to VB2008. In VB6 I have the code below to load a database field into a variable.

The database = Local MS Access MyDatabase has a table in it called CoInfo which has a field CustID that I need to put in a variable gCustID.

This code works greatin VB6 but I can't for the life of me figure out how to accomplish this in the Visual Basic 2008.

Dim adoCon As New ADODB.Connection
Dim adoRec As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim MyPath


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Convert Bitmap To RGB In Program?

Feb 18, 2012

I have managed to take a screenshot of my computing using VB and I have stored it as a bitmap. I want to convert this bitmap (quickly!) to an array of rgb values.[code]...

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Convert C# Anonymous To Program?

Mar 26, 2011

Convert this below code to I have no idea to convert from anonymous method to I'm currently using VS2010.[code]...

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Convert C# Code To Program?

Dec 14, 2009

It can be compiled successfully in C#[code]...

Is it the language difference between c# and

How can i covert this C# Code to VB.NET Code?

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Convert C# Format To Program?

Apr 19, 2010

I don't know what this developer is doing.

name = String.Format(MyStringBuilder + "");

If I convert this to VB I get the message "operator + is not defined for types system.text.stringbuilder and string".

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Convert C++ Code To Program?

Apr 21, 2009

"Here's the code from kaymaf's first post. I used a website to convert it from C# to VB.Net. If you can't get it to work, post again and we'll try something different."[code]...

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