Forms :: Auto-Detect BarCode Scan Entry OR Manual Entry - Cash Register?

Sep 8, 2009

i am pulling together a cash register that will allow both bar code product entry and manual key entry.imagine if you have a tin of beans in front of you, in a small corner shop they would probably type "47" and then hit "Produce". Fairly straight forward as I have the button Produce to act upon my code and update my salestrans.mdb but,if you scan the bar code I want the same form to handle both 'real' actions, (i assume that keyboard emulation barcode scanner includes "ENTER" after providing 13 digits)....

Q. in perhaps a long winded way i want to know how to kick off an event based on the "ENTER" key being activiated by the barcode scanner)?i do not want to have to hit any buttons if i am scanning bar codes.


Data-bound Dropdownlist That Permits Manual Entry Also?

Aug 16, 2011

I am not a .net programmer but I can write bits and pieces that I need, however, I have been having trouble working out the best way to achieve something for a website I'm altering.I basically need to have a drop down list which is bound to a certain SQL call (already in place) but I also need the ability to manually type into the drop down list for items that do not exist. These items do not need to be entered into the SQL (I can handle the additional data separately) but I cannot find a way to type inside a drop down list while it is bound to a datasource.Some entries in the datasource (SQL table) are used for one thing, but then a text string needs to be entered for optional entries which do not exist within this SQL table.

Does anyone know how I can achieve this or maybe another similar control can be used that offers this kind of functionality?**Update to be more clear:I need this at runtime. For instance, I do not need this to be within code I actually need the control to accept user input when someone is on the webpate.Imagine a shopping list and all the items are within the drop down list then the user wants to add another item to the shopping list so they just type it into the drop down box and submit the page and its value will be used instead of an existing item.

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Scan Answer Sheet Of Entry Test And How Can Get Filled Circle And Character

Oct 22, 2010

Scan answer  sheet of entry test and how i can get filled circle and charater

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Code For Ignoring The Case Of An Entry While Checking To See If The Entry Is Correct Or Not?

Nov 4, 2011

What is the code for ignoring the case of an entry while checking to see if the entry is correct or not... (i.e. in a flashcard program... given definition, asks for the name) I don't want the case of a character to affect whether the answer is correct or not.

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Cash Register Program With Separate Forms For The Items And The Display Form?

Jan 15, 2011

I have this cash register program with separate forms for the items and the display form. The code works untill you press the button 2x. It says 5.5 + 5.5 = 11.5??? Can you fix this code?

CashReg.ListBox1.Items.Add("Item 1")
Dim cash As String
cash = (5.5)[code]....

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Communications :: Differentiating Bar Code Entry To Keyboard Entry?

Jul 10, 2009

I am trying to make a program with a bar code reader for the first time. I am programming with VB 2005. I want to differentiate a bar code entry to keyboard entry. My questions:

1. Does bar code reader generate a keydown (or keypress) event for each of the digits of the entry? For example, if the barcode read: 1234567890, does that mean that there will be 10 keydown (or keypress) events for that single barcode that was read?

2. I have read from the posts that the best way to differentiating keyboard vs bar code input is to analyse the time between keystroke (for less than certain number of milliseconds).

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The Combo Box Style 1 Has Both The Drop Down Option But Also A Manual Entry Option

Jan 26, 2010

the combo box style 1 has both the drop down option but also a manual entry option. I need to know how to code it so that when you manually enter data, it takes that data and places it in a text message "The shipping charges for "data" is $15" displaying in a text box. Shouldn't be hard but have developed a mind block.

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Differentiating Bar Code Entry To Keyboard Entry?

Jul 11, 2009

I am trying to make a program with a bar code reader for the first time. I want to differentiate a bar code entry to keyboard entry. My questions: 1. Does bar code reader generate a keydown (or keypress) event for each of the digits of the entry? For example, if the barcode read: 1234567890, does that mean that there will be 10 keydown (or keypress) events for that single barcode that was read?

2. I have read from the posts that the best way to differentiating keyboard vs bar code input is to analyse the time between keystroke (for less than certain number of milliseconds).

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Auto-Complete Text Box Based On Previous Entry

Mar 27, 2010

Auto-Complete text box based on previous entry

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Serial Port Barcode Scanner Delegate Sub Firing Twice Per Barcode Scan?

Aug 2, 2010

I am using Richard L. Grier's Enhanced Serial Port dll to read input from a serial port barcode scanner I notice that the datareceived event fires only once per barcode scan, but the delegate sub fires twice per barcode scan. Once for 1st half of Barcode , 2nd for 2nd part of barcode This makes it hard to capture the full barcode so it can be passed to routines in my 2008 windows application In Richard's example 'Test Enhanced Port' program he sends it to a textbox using .selectedtext and it works fine Richards Delegate code ......................

Public Delegate Sub DisplayData(ByVal Buffer As String)
'This delegate routine marshals receive data from the receive thread context DataReceived to the Windows Form STAThread context
Private Shared Sub Display(ByVal Buffer As String)


I am trying to set a variable to the full barcode to pass to routines, instead of writing to a textbox but am not having any success

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Make A Program That Will Use A Barcode Scanner Well Ofcourse To Scan A Barcode

Nov 27, 2009

I am a student and I am about to make a program that will use a barcode scanner well ofcourse to scan a barcode. My problem is i don't know what library to use and what certain things i need to do so that when i am going to scan a barcode it'll be something like show it on a textbox and pull something from the database. i've actually research some. i've seen mscomm1 (not so sure about that) and POS for .net (haven't fully understood its use) were those will help me develop my program?i have a metrologic ms9520 Voyager barcode scanner. and i am going to create a program for it in vb2005.

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Data Entry Forms From Scanned PDF Documents?

May 24, 2010

I am developing a data entry s/w for entering data from Scanned PDF Documents,

how to show pdf document side by side to form to easily enter data

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Handling Multiple Data Entry Forms Which Can Conflict With One Another?

Aug 6, 2009

How do you handle the screnario wherein multiple data entry forms are open and modifying one could potentially affect the record being modified in other forms?

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Create A Simple Cash Register?

Nov 21, 2011

My assignment this week is to create a simple cash register. The kicker here is that I have to have an input box pop up to accept the data. I know I need to use a Do Loop here, but I' not sure what the proper condition should be. Hitting cancel on the input box or inputting nothing ought to terminate the loop.

Private Sub btnCheckout_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnCheckout.Click
Static decPrice As Decimal
Static intCount As Integer
Static decSub As Decimal


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Cash Register Program - Opening Drawer?

Feb 9, 2010

I'm trying to convert an ancient cash register program to .net. Conquered everything else, but I can't pop open the cash register. Its connected to COM1, you are supposed to send a "trigger" text down COM1 that will cause the register to open.

Here is the .net code.
MsgBox("Opening Drawer")
Dim port As System.IO.Ports.SerialPort
port = New System.IO.Ports.SerialPort("Com1")
port.PortName = "COM1"
port.BaudRate = 9600
[Code] .....

I get msgboxes "Signal Sent", "Done Pop Drawer". It just won't pop. It's an MS-Cash Drawer (EP125KC). Definitely connected to COM1, definitely has power. Chr(65) is the old code used to pop drawer and it works:
Open drawerComPort For Output Access Write As #1
Print #1, Chr$(65); "A";
Close #1
The above code worked successfully. The root problem was caused by a reversed power cord (negative was on the wrong side).

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Make A Cash Register Program That Uses An Inputbox?

May 7, 2012

I need to make a cash register program that uses an inputbox.

The outcome should be like this example[code]...

It should open a input box asking for the amount of each purchase and loop until all purchases have been entered

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Math / Change Return For A Cash Register

Feb 6, 2011

Im getting mathematical errors. the part that I'm having problems with is, first, it doesn't add the tax to total the correct way. It adds it correctly if I put a dollar(1.00) but when I type one hundred dollars (100.00) it doesn't add the tax correctly. I am trying to compute and display the tax on the new subtotal. Second, it is not adding the correct change to the label in dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and cents. Third my arithmatic is not adding correctly when it has to do with the change due back. . Finally, forth I am also trying to do the following:

* add the total for this item to the order sub total and display the new subtotal.

* I have 2 clear buttons, one clears item, the other clears order the clear order button shoule clear out the change due and bordered label and have the subtotal reset to $0.00. The clear item should just clear out the quantity, unit price, and item total textbox.

* When the user has entered the amount of money tendered by the customer and click calc order button, the program should use the amount tendered and the current order total to compute and display the change due to the customer.

* the change due should be displayed in currency format in the readonly label, and should be displayed in terms of the number of dollars and coins due in the bordered label. [code]

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Subtraction - Program That Sims A Cash Register ?

Feb 17, 2009

I am writing a program that sims a cash register. Everything works fine except VB will not compute subtraction. If I put a replace - with + everything works. What could be the cause of this?

Here is part of the

'Convert input into number
isConverted = Double.TryParse(owedTextBox.Text, NumberStyles.Currency, NumberFormatInfo.CurrentInfo, owed)


***********If owed is 10 and paid is 5, it returns 0, but if I change the - to either a + or *, it returns the expected value

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Develop Cash Register Features In Visual Basic 2010

Jan 27, 2012

how to develop a cash register app. in visual basic 2010.

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Reate A Socket Class In Project To Send Data To Ecr (electronic Cash Register)?

Jan 9, 2012

I am trying to create a socket class in my project to send data to ecr (electronic cash register).Ecr comes with software that listens for commands on port 3535. Command are in forms of XML Files. It has only one catch, I must close the connection on socket, so the ecr would know when to process the command and respond. Since I only send one command at a time,I need the simplest solution I can get.

How it works:I create the socket and connect it to I start 


Then I send the command with


 And I do a 


so I can get response from ECR.And in 8 of 10 times it works just fine. The problem is this few times it doesn't work.At that time I cant receive anything because it reports that the client is not connected in ReceiveCallback but it still manages to send the data to ECR just fine. The bill comes out on the ECR, but I get no answer about what happened.

I call the class like this:

Dim dre As New HCPSocket
Result2 = dre.Otkucaj(Command1, "")
dre = Nothing
End the class looks like this:

Imports System
Imports System.Net
Imports System.Net.Sockets


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Setup An Application To Scan A Barcode?

Oct 27, 2009

I need to setup an application to scan a barcode from a packing slip and the associated fulfillment items on a windows CE 5.0 device and update the inventory on the server. I'm using VB.NET. However, what is the best way to interact with the database? Integration Services, ADO.NET, RDA... etc... it's a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what I should use to interact with the database. It's currently an Access database, but I imagine I'm probably going to need to migrate it to SQL Server or SQL Server Express.

I'd also need to print the packing slip to a network printer from the device. Is there any way to do this?

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Send The Scan From A Barcode Scanner To Specific App?

Jun 9, 2011

I have a program that reads a barcode scanner to populate a field of a database, I should say that that specific program is a standard application and I can't modify it.

The issue I am having is that the computer must have the focus on that program and in the capture screen for the barcode scanner to function properly. I would like for the PC to be able to do other things and at the moment the barcode is used it directed the scan to the proper window. The window for the program may be oppened but not necesarily have the focus.

I know how to catch the input from the scanner, but what can I do to send the data to the other program?

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Allow Only One Entry Per Day?

Feb 1, 2010

I am using sql for this, I would like to know How I can allow only one entry (in the database) per day for each user ID

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Set Up A DSN Entry On Fly?

Mar 12, 2012

Public Declare Auto Function SQLConfigDataSource Lib "ODBCCP32.DLL" _(ByVal hwndParent As Integer, ByVal fRequest As Integer, ByVal lpszDriver As String, ByVal lpszAttributes As String) As Integer[code]...

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Add An Entry To A Database?

Jun 21, 2010

I'm doing a project where I need to have people register by entering a username and password. When they click register I want them to be added to the database, but I'm having trouble doing this. Can anyone help? This is my first time using VB.[code]...

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Oct 13, 2011

I have an XML below like this and I want to add in another entry to it:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

I have the above xml but I want to add Vouch002 after Vouch001:


I have the code below which checks if an input is a duplicate and update accordingly, if not I want to create a new Vouch002 entry

'Create XmlWriterSettings
Dim settings As XmlWriterSettings = New XmlWriterSettings()
settings.Indent = True


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Duplicate Entry Ƈ' For Key 1?

Jun 21, 2010

I Use visual Basic 8.0 and Mysql 5.0 I have two exactly the same Tables:

RecordID , Integer = primary key auto_increment NOT NULL
Articlenr , Integer
Articlename, Char(20)


I want to add all the records from table1 to table2. I want to do this 10 times if I execute the following statement: INSERT into Table2 SELECT * FROM Table1 ; Everything works perfectly. The two records are added to table2 But if I execute the stament a second time get the following message: Duplicate entry '1' for key 1 I now i must do something with "duplicate key update" in the Insert statement.

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IP Address Entry Box?

Mar 4, 2010

I've produced an IP Entry box with similarities to the one Windows uses when setting addresses.It seems to work (I say seems),th the setting of text.I have code that checks the entry of text so this seems fine, but when text is being set through code, it allows anything and i'm unsure on how to make it only allow numbers and numbers between 0 and 255.

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Set Entry Point In Dll

Mar 25, 2009

i know it might be impossible to achieve (as i've been reading from another articles) but does anyone know how to set a dll entry point in project? I have created a dll and trying to call that dll from cobol (unmanaged code). in Cobol, i can only use the entry point statement to call dll (cannot add reference to it). as consequence, i'm getting "called program not found" (or in VB error is equal to "can't find dll entry point")

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Test Whether An Entry Is Available?

Jun 16, 2011

In my program I need to test whether an entry is available I ue the following code:

 If Not (westTF(Me.K) < 0) Then
If westTF(Me.K) Then
Exit Sub
End If
End If

This does not function,  but when I remove the outer IF it is OK. ( I need to test otherwise an error is generated when West is exhausted).

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To Generate New Key For Each Entry

Feb 15, 2012

This is my Project for company i want to generate code for each individual slip so that i get one field as unique field for that i want to use date & slip no to generate unique key. i have attached screen shot my project in this date 21/12/2011 & slip no is 12 now i want to generate unique number as 21121112 (i.e 21/12/2011 as 211211 & slip no is 12 appended at the end)if u have code then attach with your solution

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.net Update Database Entry?

Feb 14, 2011

I am trying to update a few entries in a access database through VB.NET. With the code I used below could anyone help me out and show me where I made a mistake because it is creating new database entries instead of updating them.


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After Entry Jump To Next Control

Jun 28, 2011

I have a form with textboxes for entering data. One of the textboxes is for entering a value that is always one character. How can I make the cursor automatically jump to the next control when a character has been entered? I'm thinking the key press and release event and then set focus but is there a better way?

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Attach A Pdf File To A Entry?

Sep 7, 2010

im currently working on a project for a warranty company. I need to be able to attach pdf files using a browse button that will save them to the file, so that later if the contract is reviewed we can pull of the scan of the contract without say having

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Block Double Entry

Dec 6, 2011

this is the event table that records all the status(IN/OUT):


So am making a sign in-out program using and mysql. i was wondering if theres a code i can put in somewhere that will be like if a user opens the application he/she must signin before they can signout and if they open the application and they've already signed in, they cant signin again they must signout before they can sign out again.


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Create A Data Entry Wpf?

Nov 14, 2009

I am trying to create a data entry wpf form and I am getting the following error when trying to create a window1 loaded event: "table name table adapter is not a member of file data connection set table adapter.table adapter manager" I understand the error message and checked all my names but to no avail. Below is my class statement and window 1 loaded event:Private data connection as new data connection setprivate tatable as new data connection set table adapter.table name table adapterprivate tamanager as new data connection set table adapter.table adapter managerprivate view as collectionvie

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Creating DSN Entry At Runtime?

Aug 9, 2010

How can you add a system DSN with its security credentials programmatically at runtime from VB.NET? Keeping key in ODBC.INI is done, but when creating ODBC, it asks for Authentication Type (SQL or Network Login).How can we set that option at runtime?

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Data Entry And Calculation?

Oct 9, 2010

I have a program to make for a class i am in and i am stuck on this one part, its a form application where you have to enter the first and last name of five students along with their final grade then you click a submit button after each one and i need it so that after all five buttons are clicked it activates the summarize button and i can't figure out how to do that and another thing when you hit the summarize button it has to compare the grade against the value of a text box containing the pass threshold to amount how many passed or failed.

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Datestamp A Note Entry?

Jul 31, 2009

I have an application which has a label, set to multiline. This area of the app is for notes and comments. One of the database tables behind the app is specifically for thenotes/comments table.I want to set it so that when someone puts in a new entry, the date is auto-inserted so we can see when they did it.

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Delete An Entry From An Array?

Apr 30, 2009

I am using Visual Basic 2008, and I am making a simple meeting planner program. The data stored for each day is stored into an array with three fields:



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