Linking To And Searching Through A MS Access Database Using VB?

Nov 22, 2009

I want to connect to a database Ive created using Microsoft Access 2007. Im using Visual Basic 2005. I also want to be able to perform basic tasks such as searching.

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Error When Linking To An Access Table From One Database To Another

May 17, 2011

I'm trying to link a datatable from one access db to another access db but i get this error:

Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another.[code]...

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Linking Access Database File Into VB Form

Oct 22, 2011

I have already linked the file into the form, but can't figure out the code to write for buttons to beable to view the first record in the database in the file that i linked. I need to make buttons to find the first record, last record, previous and next record. Then I also need to code buttons to add, change, and delete records.

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IDE - Calendar Programming And Database Linking - VB 2008 / Access 2003

Jul 21, 2009

The Calendar control (the Month Calendar) control in VB 2008. I am creating an attendance timesheet and I want the Calendar to color each date differently like e.g An employee Paul is selected from a list.

On the calendar I select the month. (The dates are not supposed to be selectable). Then lets say it is June. He is late on the 1st and the Second, so those days are supposed to be colored red (the whole block). Let's also say he is absent on the fourth and so I want that date to be coloured black. How do I do this? I tried finding a query and my friend told me that this functionality is not available in the current control and that I was best off making my own control (???).

I have tried selecting specific dates and bolding them (there is a function that allows this) but I am stumped trying to find two different ways to differentiate colours. Second:- How do I link a calendar with an Access Database?

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Linking A Data Source (Access 2007 Database) To A VB 2008 Project

Feb 1, 2011

After trawling around the net for a good few days, i decided to post something here.

Basically, i've got a problem linking a data source (Access 2007 database) to a VB 2008 project.

I've broken it down to having a problem dragging a table onto my form, when it generates the nav bar, it says "0 of {0}", and the table is empty (despite the actual database containing values)

However, this happens only at home, at college it works totally fine. The only difference that's obvious is that i'm using Windows 7 at home, and Windows XP at college.

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VS 2008 Linking Access Database To A List Of Labels With Link Integration?

May 4, 2011

I am working on a project that requires us to create a bracket type tournament and I am now stuck. I linked my access database to my project, and have 32 labels (lbl1-lbl32) and I cannot figure out how to integrate the labels to read from my database. It can be random or not, I just cannot get the labels to display the names of the fighters.

After the labels are integrated, the next coloum of the bracket has a link that opens a new window with each of the fighters match results, does the link have to include anything particular to display the attributes from the database?

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Searching An Access Database?

May 30, 2011

I tried looking up Threads that would search through an access database, but I keep running into this:


502 Bad Gateway

The server returned an invalid or incomplete response.Is there any threads that would help me? For example, in my program if I wanted to search for a certain customer I would enter their info in text box and it would search through my Access database. I have all ready added the data source and even added a section where they could add in somebody to the database. But I can't seem to get the search part down?

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Searching In An Access Database

Sep 14, 2010

I want to ask you a question about searching in access database I have an employee list and this list is consists of ID numbers and name. For ex:


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Searching Within An Access Database?

Jul 14, 2011

I haven't programmed in over a year and I am trying to get this to work. I have a sample database containing 4 columns (First_Name, Last_Name, Emp_Num, and Image). I wanting to type my search criteria in a textbox and search the access database by first and last names. nce the record is found I am wanting to display the name and image for that person. I have already linked my database to my project


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Searching Data In An Access Database?

Apr 28, 2011

I know how to search for one specific number from a single line in an access database using a query, but now I have to search through a whole database and display each instance. Ex) I search the number "1" in column "1" of the database and it has "2" instances. So now I have to take the corresponding data in the rows next to it in order to display them in the label.

search: "1", both results are ID = "1"

dates amount
10/13/2009 $43.00
12/25/2009 $86.00

I know how to put the results for "1" line of a database into the .item field, but im confused on how to search multiple lines of a database and store multiple items. Heres what I have so far...

Private Sub btnShowPay_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnShowPay.Click
Dim targetid As String


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Searching For A Record From An Access Database?

Jun 11, 2011

Am working on a movie rental system in VB.NET, but there's a problem. I want a situation whereby the user will have the privilege to search for desired records by typing a search string, then hitting the search button. The results should be shown on a datagridview. Here's my code:

Private Sub btnSearch_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnSearch.Click
Dim MovieName As String


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Searching MS Access Database Using Combobox ?

Mar 21, 2011

Im new to db access and Im not quite familiar to searching. How can I search all my field and will show the nearest match for the keyword and will be shown under the combobox the nearest results that it can find in my db. Like searching search engines like Google that you can find their suggestions under the combobox ?

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DB/Reporting :: Searching Across Access Database Fields?

Mar 30, 2010

I use the following code in to search across several Access database fields, which works well, is there a way to find out WHICH field had the search data in?

Public Function Incomming_Number(ByVal strNum As String) As String
Dim oConnect As New OleDbConnection
Dim sql As OleDbCommand


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Linking Combo Box Control To Access?

Mar 19, 2010

I am teaching myself VB, and when I first managed to do what the post title says, I ended up with a combo box filled with values from the column of a table in a linked db. But later when I updated the VB Form and tried linking the database on this revision of the project,and then added the details to the combo box where to read the values and run the form, nothing displays in combo box. Here is what I did:In the IDE of VB, I went to "Add New Data Sources" -> Database -> New Connection -> Browse -> (selected filename of db) -> Next -> Select "yes" (put in current project) -> Next (save connection name) -> tick boxes for tables in database to connectThen in combo box control properties i set the Data Source (Other Data Sources -> Project Data Sources -> (dataset name) -> Table Name

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Linking Individual Fields Between Two Tables In An Access DB?

May 12, 2010

Im not too sure if this is the correct place for this question, but I couldn't find anywhere else..Heres what i want to do. I have two tables in an Access DB. TableA and TableB. Each Table has only one column called Picture, and that column is filled with the names of pictures (picture1, picture2, picture3, etc)

Thing is, that The pictures in TableA have equivalent pictures in TableB. They are not named the same, but the pictures themselves are the same i.e.: TableA Picture1 = TableB Picture3, TableA Picture2 = TableB Picture5.

What i Would like to create is a form that has two datagrids, or Listboxes populated with the data from each table. One for TableA, One for TableB. When the User selects a picture from one of these controls, The other control must show which picture the selected one corresponds to (if i select TableA Picture1, TableB Picture3 becomes selected showing that they match)

I think that most of the work will be at the actual DB, somehow linking each and every field, maybe a one to one link between fields/cells in the DB, then in VB calling that one record that was clicked on, seeing what relation it has to the other table,


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Linking 2 Database In 1?

Aug 12, 2009

I got 3 tables in database namely A,B,C. how am i going to link the column a in A and column b in B to table C so that table C can have both my data a and b?

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Linking To A Database?

Feb 3, 2010

I'm creating a system (for a project) that is based on a vet.I want to create a combo box that has a list of different animals (e.g. Dog or Cat etc.)and when an animal is selected,a group box, with loads of checkboxes inside appears. Then the user can tick a check box (a vaccine to be given to the animal) and the record is saved to a database.I have hard coded this to work, but I want a more sophisticated code set, that links to SQL so that when a new vaccine is to be added, I would only need to add it in a table, in the database. I don't know where to start for this could any one give me a nudge in the right direction?

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Linking Access 2007 To Visual Studio 2008?

Jul 14, 2010

I have created some tables in 2007 and would like to use visual basic to create an interface for a database. I would like to add, edit, and view my records and maybe create reports.

Does anyone know of any online tutorials which would help me to do this or could anyone offer any guidance.

I look forward to any replies.

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Linking A Listbox To Database?

Apr 26, 2010

I have a database (sql server) where i store activity information example (activityid,id,summary,signs etc.) I can successfully save this information to the database. what I also want to achieve is to add this information to a listbox so that it can be displayed in the corresponding textboxes at runtime for an encounterid.

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Linking Pictures To A DataBase?

Aug 1, 2010

How do I go about linking a picture to a database? I'm using VB 2008 Express and SQL Express.I want the user to click a button when editing a recipe; the button click will then open some kind of dialog where the path to a picture will be selected. Then a button on the dialog will be clicked by the user and the picture will be saved to a folder in My Documents called "My Recipes" at the same time the recipe will be renamed using the Title and ID of the record being edited ending up with a name like "Nick's Milktart 237.png" (preferably with a space between "Milktart" and "237"). Also at the same time a link to the database must be created to a field called "Picture".I have never tried linking pictures before, I understand the app. will respond much faster this way as to imbedding the picture into the database.

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DataSet Linking Database To Listbox

Jun 5, 2011

Having found the following post on datareaders Topic Posted On DaniWeb i have managed to successfully create a datareader in a class that updates a listbox on the calling form with entries retrieved from a SQL server database.I was wondering if it is possible to achieve the same thing using a dataset?My ultimate aim is to read a SQL table / view of information (ie customers), add this into a list box so that when i click on a specifc line in the list box i can then use that selected entry to do something further (ie click a line and then an edit button to edit that records details)[code]

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DB/Reporting :: Linking Signature Database To VB?

Jun 29, 2010

i having trouble in linking a database which contains name ,address, etc and most importantly the signature for each individual to vb.i know that microsoft access is used in linking those database to vb, but couldnt get the signature part to be done.

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VS 2008 Friend Has A Linking To A Database?

Oct 14, 2009

A friend at work is trying to write a piece of database software for an HND project and when adding his database file, he gets the below error message. I'm too much of a greenhorn to know what it means, can anyone make sense of it?

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Store Datagridview Items To The Database Without Linking Any Other Boxes?

Nov 15, 2011

i had created a form with datagrid view , in that a table is linked with MS Access database , i need the coding steps in

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Searching Data In MS Access Using VB?

Oct 5, 2010

my search function is functional however, it does not behave as what i intended it to be. I have a Text box call Text1 and I have a button called cmdSearch. when i click the cmdSearch, the text in Text will search it in my MS access file here is my code:

Private Sub cmdSearch_Click()
RS.Open "SELECT * FROM productTB where Pname like '%" & Text1 & "%'", Con


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VS 2008 - Searching All Files (Access Denied)

Jun 6, 2009

Here is my
Module FileCheck
Public BW_AntiCorrupt As New Threading.Thread(AddressOf AntiCorrupt)
Dim THardDrive As String = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.Desktop)
Dim HardDrive As String = THardDrive.Substring(0, THardDrive.IndexOf("") + 1) 'C:
Public ContinueSearch As Boolean = True
[Code] .....

I am having a problem. The IO.Directory.GetFiles code is resulting in error do to the fact that it is trying to access the Temp folder in the Windows folder on drive C:. Apparently that folder is restricted... When the code encounters that folder the code stops retrieving files. Is there a way around this? Is there somewhere i can give my program administrator access? If not then am i able to skip the files in that location?

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Handling Unauthorized-access Exceptions When Searching Folders

May 18, 2010

If any directory within a set being searched by the [URL] or [URL] methods contains a junction point, the entire method fails and returns zero results on my tests under VB 2008. I would like to make the call more robust: to return the folders or files not blocked by access restrictions and to note the folders which were blocked. Do those methods offer a means to do this, or is a recursive folder-by-folder call necessary?

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Program Searcher / Access Is Denied Searching Some Folders

Oct 3, 2010

My current project is to search the computer for exe files, I managed to do that easily with a for...each statement. It ran well, but it came to a adminstrator folder, then it said "Access Denied".I understand that you cant access these folders, but i was wondering how to exclude certain directories that the user can't access, like UAC or something.[code]

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Searching And Displaying Data From A Sequential Access File?

May 27, 2009

Im working on a program that will display a price when an item number is entered in the search box. I have the information in a text file for the program to find it but am unable. I have successfully made it so the items show up in a list box and will show the price when clicked on, but cant get the other one to work.

Here is my code for searching from a search box:

Option Explicit On
Option Strict On
Public Class TryonServices


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Searching For Data In Access Then Showing Output With VB 2008

Jul 1, 2009

Searching for data in Access then showing output with VB 2008

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