Listview Listitems Not Drawing Their Backcolors?

Nov 22, 2005

I have filled my listview with items, most of which have different backcolors, now this worked fine with .Net 1.1 with VS 2003 but now I have "upgraded" to VS 2005 and .Net 2.0 they are no longer being drawn with there backcolor at run time (both in debug and release)...However, I have a function that will export any listview into excel and this keeps the column widths, row colours and row fonts all in tact, and low and behold the colours are correct in excel, so why are the colours not being draw on the control?
Oh, and I have just noticed.... Literally while writing this post, if I resize the window (which forces the listview to change its column widths to stay looking correct) in a "vertical" direction it draws the colours on and off..... this is a very strange bug, it also draws the colurs if I min the window and open it again.......So I recap... when I load up the listview the colours are not drawn, if I resize the window so that the control grows in height the colours flash on and off, and if I min the window and open it again the colours are there...


VB2010 Listview: Change Backcolors?

Oct 24, 2010

How can I access a Listview's subitem, (to change backcolor, text ,etc)I know the item & subitem index's...

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Loop Through A Listview Control, Storing The Listitems And All Of The Subitems?

Feb 22, 2009

I am trying to loop through a listview control, storing the listitems and all of the subitems.

Dim SurgProcedures(frmaddforms.lvSurgProcedures.items.count) as String
Dim frm As frmAddForms
With frm


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Show A Button With Two BackColors?

Aug 25, 2011

I want to give my button two backColor,

through a simple code,

Just like a button having half BackColor in RED and another half in GREEN

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VS 2008 - Drawing ListView Using E.Graphics

Sep 13, 2009

I have been looking through the code bank and i cant find anything that is helping me with my problem what i have is a print button that when clicked it goes to my print preview page, then i can print the file. i have got all the other controls on my page to display correctly using this example

e.Graphics.DrawString(sType, New Font("Arial", 10, FontStyle.Underline), Brushes.Black, 110, 650)

but how can i get my ListView header and content to preview on the page as well. my listView has 5 columns and i am using the PrintDocument control.

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Owner Drawing Listview In Tile Mode?

Oct 4, 2011

I am trying to owner drawing a list view in Tile View Mode. I am creating Items and add them in the ListView_DrawItem Event, but ListView_DrawSubItem is not firing.

I have been searching internet regarding this issue but I could not found anything relevant, the only thing I found was to call the DrawSubItem method.

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Interface And Graphics :: Drawing Dynamic Connection Between Two Listview Controls?

Jul 4, 2010

I am need to drag drop listboxes with connection line in If the listbox move then connection line should also move. I have attached picture as wel

View 1 Replies View Related - Keep Selected ListItem From Ignoring Other ListItems?

Aug 16, 2011

When I run code the below, the If statement never resolves to 'True'. It always shows 'Assm' as the SelectedItem, even if I check all the checkboxes. So how do I allow 'Assm' to be checked by default AND have the code-behind see that the other checkboxes are checked?

<asp:CheckBoxList ID="qualityChecks" runat="server" RepeatDirection="Horizontal" TabIndex="8">
<asp:ListItem Text="Assm" Selected="True"></asp:ListItem>
<asp:ListItem Text="Qual"></asp:ListItem>


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Have A Combobox With Auto-complete To Listitems?

Jan 25, 2011

i have a combobox with autocomplete to listitems it works very fine if i wrote the first letter it suggests a list of items that starts with this letter. i need to make it work if i write any part of the word not only the first letter?

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VS 2005 Way To Allow Values Not In Combobox ListItems

May 19, 2011

I have a DGV bound to a bindingsource with a column that uses a DataGridViewCombobox, that has a DataTable for it's datasource. This all worked fine at first.But I removed a row from the DataTable that the DGV combobox uses as its datasource. Now when I try to load the form that contain the DGV, I get an error "DataGridViewComboboxCell value is not valid" for each row that contains the value I removed from the DataTable.It seems the value of the column must be a member of the combobox Listitems. Is there a way to allow values not in the combobox ListItems. I don't want the combobox listitems to be locked in for the life of the application.

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Wpf Nested Databinding For Listboxes And Listitems?

Jul 25, 2011

I'm new to WPF and databinding. I need to bind expander header to a List(Of Names) and expander content to a List(Of Services). I'm even more confused after reading MS tutorials on databindings (how and where to use staticResource, Path, etc.)


How do I bind header textblock to the person name and the inner listbox item to their services ?

View 1 Replies View Related - Dynamically Created DropDownList Loses ListItems On Postback

Mar 8, 2009

I have a page that contains some dynamically created controls (TextBox and DropDownList). When a postback occurs, the TextBoxes keep their values, but the DropDownLists lose their ListItems. This is quite confusing, since the page level DropDownList also keeps its ListItems.

<%@ Page Language="VB"%>
<script runat="server">
Protected Sub Page_Init(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)


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Drawing Pixels With Me.creategraphics In System.drawing (yay)?

Jun 3, 2012

draw individual pixels, without resorting to drawing a line and setting it's length to 1.  Is there an actual ability to draw a pixel that is just 1 pixel big? 

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Drawing On Picturebox Vs Drawing On Form?

Feb 18, 2012

I need some code to draw a resizable, draggable rectangular cursor (or selection box) on a picturebox. I found some excellent code (albeit rather old) that does just that, but on a form rather than a picturebox. I have tried converting the code - basically moving things to the picturebox events (Paint, MouseDown, MouseMove etc). It nearly works but leaves a trail behind it when you move or resize the cursor. In other words, the selection rectangle is not being erased before being drawn in the new position.

Is there some fundamental difference between drawing graphics on a form and drawing on a picturebox that would cause this behaviour? Something like, when you invalidate a form and cause a redraw it erases what you did last? If not, then I just need to dig a bit further and work out how the cursor is being erased from the previous position.

Here's the original code that works fine on a form:

Private DragRect As New RectangleF(20, 20, 100, 80)
Private Adornments(7) As RectangleF
Private MouseInRect As Boolean = False


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Click Button To Insert Drawing, Click Drawing To Get Option To Delete - VB Versus Access

Jun 21, 2010

Say I have 3 Buttons, labelled: Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3. When I click on any button I want a drawing of that unit to appear on screen at a pre-specified starting point. Thereafter when I press any other one of the buttons the unit drawings appear alongside each other in a line. So I could end up with:


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Error: Operator '=' Is Not Defined For Types 'System.Drawing.Image' And 'System.Drawing.Bitmap'

Aug 17, 2009

With this line...

If PictureBox1.Image = My.Resources._2star Then

I get this error: Operator '=' is not defined for types 'System.Drawing.Image' and 'System.Drawing.Bitmap'.Is there another way to say = with images?

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Convert An Object Form System.Drawing.Graphics To System.Drawing.Image?

May 23, 2009

Is it possible to convert an object form System.Drawing.Graphics to System.Drawing.Image?

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Error Value Of Type System.Drawing.Image Cannot Be Converted To System.Drawing.Icon

Jan 21, 2010

Here is my favicon code

Dim oURL As Uri = New Uri(e.Uri.AbsoluteUri)
Dim favicon As Image
If oURL.HostNameType = UriHostNameType.Dns Then


The error is Value of type System.Drawing.Image cannot be converted to System.Drawing.Icon Is it even possible to make the favicon be the icon of the form?

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Value Of Type 'System.Drawing.Image' Cannot Be Converted To 'System.Drawing.Printing

Apr 3, 2009

im using an MDI parent form and MDI Child. how can i print the image that's inside a picture box that's inside the Child from a button that's on the Parent?when i try to use print preview or print dialog, i can't get it to recognize that the document is the picure inside the picture box. i've looked up this error message:Value of type 'System.Drawing.Image' cannot be converted to 'System.Drawing.Printing.PrintDocument'.[code]

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'System.Drawing.Image' Converted To 'System.Drawing.Icon&#

Apr 9, 2012

I am making a web browser using geckofx. I have put the favicon in a picture box but I have changed my mind and now I want it as the form's icon. The code for the favicon is:[code...]

The favicon works fine in the picture box but i think it will look better as an icon. If i change the line Me.PictureBox1.Image = favicon to Form1.icon = favicon I get the error Value of type 'System.Drawing.Image' cannot be converted to 'System.Drawing.Icon'. How can I get this to work?

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Convert System.Drawing.Graphics To System.Drawing.Image

Jan 20, 2010

I have a System.Drawing.Graphics g, which draw something in a PictureBox. Now I want to export this pGraphics to a new System.DrawingImage pImage (or  Bitmap). But how?

Dim pImage As Bitmap
Dim g As Graphics
g = Graphics.FromImage(b)


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Convert System.Drawing.Graphics To System.Drawing.Image?

Mar 10, 2010

I have two graphics I'm trying to superimpose into one, then display in a DataGridViewImage cell...The Value property of a DataGridViewImage is an Image type.

Dim Image1 As System.Drawing.Image = imgl_Imagelist1.Images(0)
Dim Image2 As New Bitmap(imgl_ImageList2.Images(0))
Dim DualGraphic As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(Image1)


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Format Listview : Head Of Listview Textalign = Center And Item Of Listview Textalign = Right?

Mar 12, 2009

i want to format listview head of listview textalign = center and item of listview textalign = right

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VS 2010 Listview Add And Select - Populate A Listview And Leave Selected Records That Are True

Apr 19, 2012

I want to populate a listview and leave selected records that are true

I have a DB record which is ID int, desc varchar, selected boolean.

I have tried the code below

LVProducts is a Listview and DS is a dataset


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Listview In Child Form - Listview Will Not Access With My Add Button Control In FrmCreateUserType

Jul 29, 2010

I have 3 forms, one frmMain - main form, second is frmUserType- childform, and the last frmCreateUserType. In the main form I have a menu item to open my frmUserType, In this form I have a button to open another form which is my frmCreateUserType, In this form I have a button to add records then update the listview in frmUserType. The problem is the listview will not access with my add button control in frmCreateUserType. I tried not to used mdiparent declaration for my frmMain and frmUserType as children and it works, so meaning that the problem is showing my frmUserType as childform?I am using 2008

Code to open my second form (frmUserType)


Code for my add button to update the listview in frmUserType


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DoDragDrop List View Item Reordering - User Can Drag Media Tracks From One Listview To Another Listview

Feb 12, 2010

I have a media browser program I am building. I am trying to use drag/drop so a user can drag media tracks from one listview to another listview and then use the second list view as a playlist in windows media player com object. Reading at MSDN I have found out that there is no built in support for item re-ordering with the listview control. I have listview1 working correctly but when I try to reorder items in listview2, the dragged item ends up at the end of the list. So basically I need to get the item insertion index corrected. I have tried more than 10 times to get this code right.

Here is my code which includes a form with two listview's.

Public Class Form1

Private Sub ListView_ItemDrag(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As _
System.Windows.Forms.ItemDragEventArgs) Handles ListView1.ItemDrag, _


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Columns Of Listview Can Be Resized Automatically Based On Information In Listview?

Feb 15, 2009

I would like to know if it is possible if the columns of the listview can be resized automatically based on the information in the listview?

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Copying Multiple Selected Rows In A Listview And Putting It To Another Listview?

Feb 22, 2012

I have two listview in a separate form, basically what i want to do is whenever I select a row in my first listview the items in that selected row will be copied in my second listview which is empty.

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ListView Rowheight Varies - Using ListView Control, With SmallIcons Style ?

Mar 15, 2012

I'm using ListView control, with SmallIcons style in VB.NET. Icons are loaded fine, but when I start to scroll ListView down or up from scrollbar (clicking from arrows), rowheight drops to about half from normal in next 20-30 rows below/above upper/bottom row (depends from the scrolling position). After 1-2 seconds, ListView is "refreshed" and scrolling continues normally. When focus in on the ListView and I'm moving up/down with arrow keys or PageUp/PageDown, everything is normal. Any suggestions, what is happening? SmallIcons size is 16 * 16. Is it compulsory to set "Blank icon" with SmallIcon size to all rows, when adding them or what? Wasn't like that in VB6, how is it in VB.NET?

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VS 2008 - How To Access Listview Data - Program That Contains A (listview) Control

Sep 22, 2009

I have a vb-2008 program that contains a (listview) control.

View = details
AllowColumnReorder = true

Lets say the table has 3 columns (a,b,c) and 1 row of data.

a b c
1 2 3

I want the user to be able to re-arrange the columns (by dragging the column headers) before printing the contents of the table.

c a b
3 1 2

Statements like:

.. ListViewX.Columns(2).Text
.. ListViewX.Columns.Item(2).Text
.. ListViewX.Items(0).SubItems(2).ToString

Give the column-name (c) and cell-contents (3) of the origional table .. not the (3rd) column (b) of the re-arranged table.

How can i get the column-name and cell-contents of the (3rd) column of the re-arranged table?

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VS 2008 ListView Index - Find Out What Item Has Been Selected In A ListView?

Mar 21, 2010

Do I really have to go through all this just to find out what item has been selected in a ListView?


Isn't there something fundamental like this? Is absolutely everything in VB.NET buried beneath a colossal heap of bureaucracy?

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VS 2008 Use Current Listview To Generate MsAccess Data In 2nd Listview?

Mar 20, 2010

i am developing a point of sales system. currently i have my product code scanned and displayed in a listview. lets say that i have 5 product codes displayed in my first listview. By clicking on a button, how can i use these codes to call upon the details (prices, product name, etc.) of the corresponding codes and display in another listview?

i am using Visual Basic 2008 and MsAccess as my database. who have the idea on solving my question. (As my last thread has not been answered at all..

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Make The Listview Sort The Listview Items By Column?

Jun 22, 2010

im trying to make the listview sort the listview items by column (whichever column was clicked, sort the list based on that column)

in vb6 it was done by:
Private Sub ListView1_ColumnClick(ByVal ColumnHeader As MSComctlLib.ColumnHeader)
Static olditem&
With ListView1


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Use Current Listview To Generate MsAccess Data In 2nd Listview

Mar 20, 2010

i am developing a point of sales system. currently i have my product code scanned and displayed in a listview. lets say that i have 5 product codes displayed in my first listview.

By clicking on a button, how can i use these codes to call upon the details (prices, product name, etc.) of the corresponding codes and display in another listview?

i am using Visual Basic 2008 and MsAccess as my database.

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VS 2008 ListView Instead Of CheckedListBox - Add The Size Of File In Listview

Jan 18, 2012

I want ListView instead of CheckedListBox files in checkedListBox is being updated via ListBox1 How can I add the size of file too in listview


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Data From Listview To Be Loaded To Another Listview But Different Forms?

Apr 21, 2009

I am having a problem regarding to pass all the data on the listview from one form to another and add another columns. The purpose of my columns is that I want to put text from there because I am sending a mail but I want to get the status of my message if it failed or send and write it at every end of the rows.

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How To Populate The Listview It Populates All Of The Listview Items

Mar 13, 2012

I have the code below and when I try to populate the listview it populates all of the listview items but only the first subitem. No clue what I've got wrong.[code...]

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Loading Contents Of Listview To Another Listview Which Is On A Different Form?

Feb 22, 2011

I have one form which calculates something and displays it into the listview but then when Print button is clicked another form will appear which has a differently layout but same information. And on that print form there is another listview, how I would load the contents from the first listview to the printout lsitview which is on a different form.

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Search In ListView And Populate The ListView Table?

Mar 11, 2012

Here's my code and It's now working. I put that in "txtSearch.text"

If lvList.View = View.Details AndAlso lvList.Items.Count > 0 Then
Dim lvItem As ListViewItem = lvList.FindItemWithText(txtSearch.Text, True, 0)


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VS 2005 Display The Listview Subitem In The Listview?

Aug 27, 2009

I am trying to display the listview subitem in the Listview .Actual Problem Dispaly:I have to dispaly the three values :

BARcode CheckoutFlag TAGUID
L00657 Loo657 E00010003E

But ,I am getting the wrong display:

BARcode CheckoutFlag TAGUID
E00010003E Loo657 E00010003E

I am unable to print the barcode value.where ever Ia m able to display the Little value.The main two functions are below.
Private Sub rfLoadtoList(ByVal iBarcode As String, ByVal iTitle As String, ByVal ImgIndex As Integer, ByVal bgColor As Color, ByVal frColor As Color, ByVal cFlag As Boolean)
Dim Srnumber As Integer


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