Office Automation :: Copy Data From One Workbook To Another ?

Sep 3, 2009

I'm trying to copy data from one workbook to another. The program first grab this data that comes in from a data collector and puts it in a excel spread sheet. It then closes its link to excel. I'm trying to grab that data out of the first spreadsheet and put it into a workbook thats set up like a template that will crunch the numbers. I'm currently dim-ing a varible called "grabber" as an Excel.range and setting it equal to the range of my raw data. Can I then say grabber.copy(Destination:=oWS.cells("A1")). I've been beating my head against a wall on this one.


Office Automation :: Copy Multiple Sheets To Another Workbook?

Sep 20, 2011

I have 2 sheets in a workbook that have links on them. I need to copy both sheets into this new workbook at the same time to update the links and not have sheets looking for the original workbook (it just temporary and deleted after the copy). I thought I had it, but I cannot figure out how to deal with the array that is needed (I copied the code from macro builder in excel)..

oExcel.Application.Windows("EP Labor Calculator.xlsm").Activate()
oExcel.Application.Sheets(Array("Rates", "Labor Calc")).Select()
oExcel.Application.Sheets(Array("Labor Calc", "Rates")).Copy(Before:=oExcel.Application.Workbooks("SAP Test.xlsx").Sheets(5))

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Office Automation :: Check If Workbook Is Open?

Jul 26, 2010

how I might check to see if a specific Excel Workbook (call it Test.xlsx) is open?I have a routine that calls a subroutine. Sometimes at the time of the call Test.xlsx is open, sometimes not. So when the subroutine runs, I need it to check first to see if Test.xlsx is open. If it isn't then the subroutine should open it and perform the subroutine's purpose operations. If it is open, it should not try to "re-open" it or worse open a copy of it; it should simply perform the subroutine's purpose operations.

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Office Automation :: Excel 2003 Workbook Project

Oct 6, 2010

I have a seemingly simple question I can't seem to figure out. I have an old VBA application that connects to a database using OLEDB, grabs data, and populates an excel sheet using Excel.QueryTable after the user clicks a button. I'm trying to port this rather large program to VB.NET. I've created a few projects in my solution, one of which being an ExcelWorkBook. I want this workbook to load each time users launch the program and be blank until they click a button which will populate the data.


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Office Automation :: How To Reference Open Workbook [VS 2008]

Aug 11, 2010

Edit by Moderator: [URL]...I know this thread is extremely old but it applies to my situation.Using Visual Studio 2008, VB, I get an error in this code:

Dim strWorkbkName As String
Dim strWorkshtName As String
Dim XlApp As Object
Set XlApp = GetObject(, "Excel.application")


not reply to threads which have been inactive for more than one month and please start your own threads to ask your own questions. Since you question is about VB.Net, I have moved your thread from the Office VBA forum to the .Net Office Automation forum.

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Office Automation :: Code Hangs When An Excel File Is Opened To A Excel Workbook Object?

Aug 3, 2009

I use the following code snippet

Dim exlapp As New Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application
Dim xlWorkBook_new As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Workbook
Dim strOriginal As String
strOriginal = Server.MapPath(Request.ApplicationPath & "/Attachments/") & "abc.xls"
xlWorkBook_new = exlapp.Workbooks.Open(strOriginal)

The code hangs in the last line. It works fine in the development environment. i deployed in windows server 2000 ,where I get this issue. the browser goes half way and throws the below exception after some time


I have set the identity impersonate to true in web config. This should be mostly an access rights issue.I have even provided access rights for the "everyone " user in the excel file and as well for the interop component. Please post ur valuable comments.

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Office Automation - App.config Copy To An Other Project

Mar 1, 2010

We are using VB 2008. Because we want to make an service of an project we need also the settings of that project. We copy the app.config from the project to the service project but if we are starting the service project we don't see the original settings.

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Office Automation :: Copy Worksheet To Another While Preserving The Original Format

Dec 8, 2009

I am using Visual Studio Professional 2008. I am writing a program in Visual Basic 2008 that copies the Used Range from one worksheet to another worksheet, I am able to achieve this by the following code segment:


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Office Automation :: Last Row That Contains Data?

Jul 28, 2010

How do I get in VB2005 the last row in a open excel sheet that contains data

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Office Automation :: Excel Automation - Cannot Use Office PIAs

Feb 14, 2009

It appears that when one creates an instance of Excel, using CreateObject, (Late binding), the suggested Excel closing function (with GC.collect etc) does not work. I have tried several suggestions, and the only one that works is process.kill method. Do you see any problem in using this? BTW: the reason we are using late binding is that we cannot use Office PIAs....not sure which version of Office would be installed on the client site. We work with O2003, but the client might still be at 2000 or 2002.

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Office Automation :: Populate Access Data Table To Data Grid?

Nov 11, 2010

The control comes up blank??Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.OleDb Public Class Form1


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Office Automation :: Exporting Data To Excel

Feb 16, 2010

I've made an application, that allows to export some data to an exisiting excel-file. Everything works fine on my system, but not on other OS where Visual Studio is not installed. The xls file is simply not being edited at all.[code]

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Office Automation :: Creating A Graph Using Spreadsheet Data

Oct 1, 2009

i am doing A-level computing and for my project i need to be able to create a graph in a VB form using data imported from a spreadsheet at a given destination. I'm struggling to find any tutorials or posts that fit

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Office Automation :: Data Transfer From Datagrid To Excel?

Jul 8, 2009

I have the following code which works fine. However, I want to change one format when I export it to excel ..

Colum 3 is Sort Code and have the format 00-00-00, I want to change it to 000000 i.e., remove the dashes.

When exported to excel I use a formalue (Substitute(A1, "-", "") and this removes the dashes. But what I want to do is remove the dashes before exporting to excel... see the code below for datagrid - excel export, highlighted is where I think the one line code should be...

Private Sub ExporttoExcel()
'verifying the datagridview having data or not
If ((DgvQuarCommit.Columns.Count = 0) Or (DgvQuarCommit.Rows.Count = 0)) Then


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Office Automation :: Export Data From Datagrid To Excel?

Mar 1, 2010

I am working with and this code below works fine. However, when I review the data exported to excel I have a problem with one particular field i.e., sort code,( Columns (2) ) Sort code in the database it is in the format 00-00-00. Therefore if it is 12-11-09 or 11-01-66, a look alike of a valid date it is displayed as 12/11/2009 and 11/01/1966 in excel after the export. Excel thinks its a date which is incorrect. I expect it to show 12-11-09 and 11-01-66.

Private Sub ExporttoExcel()
'verfying the datagridview having data or not
If ((DgvQuarCommit.Columns.Count = 0) Or


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Office Automation :: Fill An Excel File With Some Data?

Dec 13, 2011

In my app I need to fill an excel file with some data. On change of customer the data needs to be on another worksheet, sheet renamed and so on.

The workbook now has 19 sheets (wSheet.Add(,,16), the first worksheet gets renamed to custno. and the sheets gets filled.

But whatever I try, I can't get onto the other worksheets.

All I Googled seem to raise errors; following code is part of a nested 'If'

Dim excel As New Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application
Dim wBook As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Workbook
Dim wSheet As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet
If w < 1 Then


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Office Automation :: Publish Cell Data To VB Using COM Interop

Apr 30, 2009

I have been trying to find a way to link VB .Net and excel in real-time. Using the COM and IRTDServer I have been able to send data from VB .Net to excel live (basic RTD server client), but I have not been able to find a way for the client to then publish back to the server real time, i.e. a cell that is changing based on a number of variable to be published back to the server and out to other clients real time.

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Office Automation :: Transfer Data From Textboxes To Excel

Mar 24, 2010

i want to transfer data from my textboxes to excel but in the same sheet because the data that i have is more than 50 lines and i want to put it little by little in the same sheet instead later to make some calculations in excel.i have code that is working but each time i click it creats a new book a new sheet i dont want that i want to add data in the the same sheet.

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Office Automation :: Transferring Data From Excel To Access?

Jun 28, 2010

I have written a VBA code in EXCEL that updates my tables in Access. The code is fully functionnal when I am entering new data but I don't know how to make it work when a data (primary key) already exists and that I need this data for another table. I would like to find a code in this format (DAO) :

If value exists in table Then
Return the value.code (not the value but the code related to this value)

here is what I have tried but does not work:


Function Find_Last_EngineCode() As Integer
Dim cn_engine As ADODB.Connection, rs_engine As ADODB.Recordset, feuille As Worksheet, plage As Range, last_record As Integer
Set feuille = Application.ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("To_Access")


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Office Automation :: Progressbar To Import Data From Text File?

Dec 5, 2011

have a code with a progressbar to import data from text file. My problem is after first loop, a progressbar gets error.

Sub import_mgf()
Progressbar.Show vbModeless
Progressbar.Caption = "Process status"


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Office Automation :: Automatic Deployment Of Excel Automation Addin?

Jan 25, 2011

I have written an automation addin in Excel with C# (addin.dll). To use the addin, I need to 1. register it using "regasm /codebase c:...addin.dll"2. select in ExcelOptionsAddInsExcel AddinsAutomation the respective addin from the list

I would like to automatize 1) and 2), so that the user just needs to run an exe-file in order to use the addin. 1) should be no problem, but how can one automatize 2)?

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Office Automation :: Excel 2003 Automation With VB 2005 Express?

Apr 20, 2010

Ok basically what I need to do is the following:Read FirstExcelDoc (attached)For every row in that: Retrieve data from sql server db based on info in the Orange columns of FirstExcelDoc Let's say I retrieved data elements A, B, C, D, and E from sql server. Then I need to enter those same data elements A, B, and C in another excel spreadsheet (which has formulas etc) After inputing A, B, and C in that spreadsheet, read a couple of calculated fields and compare those results to data elements D and E retrieved originally from SQL Server DB. Finally, output the results in the Blue columns of the FirstExcelDoc spreadsheet for that row.Loop through and do the same thing for row 2 of the FirstExcelDoc and keep on until you see "END TEST" in the FirstExcelDoc.

I'm looking for a method of doing this efficiently. I have read several articles over the past few days as well as those from Mike R. but just need some direction to get started on this.To start of I'm looking for whether to read the entire FirstExcelDoc spreadsheet or just read the info for first policy number(2nd row) and process it and write out the blue column info for that row and then loop through and come back and read the second policy number (3rd row) etc... Please attach a code snippet for either way of reading the data.

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Office Automation :: Orphan Excel Process Started Via Automation

Jun 17, 2009

I'm using excel via interop in application.Sometimes users kill application that created excel instance and that results in excel instance sitting in memory without any chance of disposing it.First I tried to tackle this using ROT(running object table) looks like not all instances of excel are registered there.Than I tried to somehow mark excel process after it is started via interop.[code]This works as long as excel is visible but in my case excel window is invisible.All I need is to somehow mark process that started via automation with the parent PID, so that later I can kill it if parent does not exist.

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Office Automation :: PPT Automation = Multi-threading And RPC Server Unavailable

Apr 16, 2010

I have successfully automated a PowerPoint Metrics presentation with VB.Net. However, since there were many complicated calculations, it took quite some time to make the 120+ slide presentation - so I recently tried to revamp the application to be multi-threaded.


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Office Automation :: Word2007 Automation Without Word12 Object Library

Jan 21, 2012

I've got VS2008 and Office2010, but I don't have Office2007. Therefore, I have the Word14 Object Library but not the Word12 Object Library. Will the code that I create for Office2010 automation also work where clients only have Office2007 or will they have to upgrade their office suites?

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Office Automation :: Multi-threaded Real-time Data Handling In Excel With COM

Jun 22, 2010

I have an Excel based algo-trading app that needs to take in lots of real-time data, and make trading decisions based on the calculations driven by the data. It is not one of those "read-only" stock ticker kinda spreadsheets.I created a COM object with VB.NET that runs in its own thread space which collects data from a socket, and when the data is read it raises an Event with data attached. In Excel VBA, the event handler parses the data, puts them to the right places on the spreadsheet to feed calculations (so far it sounds like a stock ticker app), and then, based on the results of the various calculations it does something.The problem is that when the user starts to click around the spreadsheet while there is large amount of data coming, the event handler's cell updating breaks apart. If the app is left alone without user action, it stands well. My frustration comes from not understanding what happens to the main thread when a user clicks around. Either the event handler blocks the user action, or the user action blocks the event handler (under which case I will put in some queuing facility). But I just don't see how user action can break the code (like causing VBA to stop executing)

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Office Automation :: Excel Automation - Call Rejected

Dec 17, 2010

I have been pulling my hair out trying to fix this.


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Office Automation :: Excel Automation Causing: Rpc_e_serverfault

Jun 1, 2010

We have a vb program which is run on our server by scheduled task every day. The program opens about 30 excel files, refreshes the data connections, pivot tables and then saves the document in another location.

This may run fine for a couple days but sooner or later the process starts crashing, usually with this error: RPC_E_SERVERFAULT.

My question is, Is it expected that continually opening/closing/refreshing workbooks will inevitably cause the Excel object to crash at some point.

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Office Automation :: MultiThreading In MS Office 2007 (Excel, Outlook, Etc)?

Mar 28, 2011

i was wondering if someone could give me the final explanation on what i might be doing wrong here.I spent a lot of time reading around the net and the forum about how to add Threading capabilities to a VB project.

Nos, i've got .NET 4 installed, and i've added the system.tsr and mscorlib.dll files as reference in, say, Excel 2007 (see screenshot).However, when i try to make a thread with anything as basic as "Dim Thread1 As System.Threading.Thread", i get a user-defined type not found error.Indeed, when i use the object browser to see what's in the System file, theres nothing remotely linked to any Threading, and in the mscorlib file, nothing under "Threading" either, just a few Thread related functions, but nothing defining a data type

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Office Automation :: Uninstall Office Shared Addin Programatically?

Feb 15, 2011

I've developed shared addin for Microsoft Word. I distribute this addin with my application and using Inno setup for installation. The Inno setup installs my application and then runs "myAddin.msi" file in order to install addin.

how to uninstall this addin programatically?

Right now, in order to uninstall addin, the user has to to it manually through control panel.

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Office Automation :: Create An Excel Document With A Series Of Columns That Contain Data To Import Into VB 2008

May 31, 2010

Ok, what I would like to be able to do seems simple enough. I would like to be able to create an Excel document with a series of columns that contain data to import into Visual Basic 2008


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Office Automation :: Reading Excel Using OLEDB - Wrong Data Type For Column Returned?

Jul 1, 2009

I am trying to read some data from an Excel 8.0 worksheet using OLEDB thusly:(Warning - contains curly braces)

DbProviderFactory factory = DbProviderFactories.GetFactory("System.Data.OleDb");
using (DbConnection connection = factory.CreateConnection())


The problem is that for some columns it sets the data type to be Double even though the spreadsheet column format is "Text" and teh column contains non-numeric data. Then when it gets to that cell it returns DBNull instead of the text value.

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Office Automation :: Display Office Documents To Form?

Jul 25, 2010

how do i use the webbrowser to display the word or excel docs. just like the pdf viewer... i tried the webrowser1.navigate but it didnot work, if it does its opening a new window, im using office 2010..

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Office Automation :: How To Display Office Documents To Form

Nov 27, 2011

How do I use the webbrowser to display the word or excel docs. just like the pdf viewer. I tried the webrowser1.navigate but it didnot work, if it does its opening a new window, I am using office 2010.

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Office Automation :: Office Add-in For Word 2010 64bit?

Dec 21, 2010

I've made Add-in for Word 2007 in VS2005.It worked well with Word 2007 and now it works well with Word 2010 32 bit.However it doesn't work with Word 2010 64 bit. The installation is successful, but the ribbon button doesn't show up.

Do you have any experience with add-ins for Office 64 bit?

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Office Automation :: .net Automation Excel App Not Closing

Sep 25, 2009

I'm having an issue where my excel.exe process doesn't close until I close my .net application. I'd like to avoid using Process.Kill() if at all possible.


Private Sub WriteRowsToXls(ByVal rows As DataRowCollection, ByVal xlsPath As String, ByVal showStatus As Boolean, Optional ByVal AddTotals As Boolean = True)
Dim xlsApp As New Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application


This method references a couple of other methods I use for repeated formatting tasks, I'll include those methods below. (I added the FinalReleaseComObject into the other methods after reading Mike's thread but the issue persists)

Private Sub SetRangeValidation(ByVal rng As Range)
With rng.Validation


Method SetRangeAllBorders does about the same as these other methods but my post is too long to add it. The only other things not shown in these code snippets are a few string variable that are defined in the class, studentWS, studentsWSPW, paymentsWS and paymentsWSPW My App creates an instance of the class, loads some data, runs the method above, and then sets the class to nothing. I'm using .NET 3.5 automating Excel 10

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Office Automation :: Automation Addin Requirements

Aug 13, 2011

I wrote a simple Automation Addin using VB.NET and .NET 4 and want to distribute it's dll to a

computer with xp sp2 and Office 2007 (Excel 2007) without I install .net on that computer, is it


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Office Automation :: Automation Of Word2010 With VB2008?

Oct 20, 2011

This might seem a ridiculous question but I just want to make 100% sure before I start committing any funds to software purchases. Can I use VB2008to develop automation routines to control Office2010 applications or must I absolutely use VB2010 to do so?I ask this because I installed an Office 2010 pro on my station which already has VB2008 and I do not have any Word14 reference in the COM section of the list of references...

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Office Automation :: Automating Office Under A Different Username From .net

Sep 8, 2011

I have used VB.NET and Microsoft Offices Interop to create an application that will run on a server and will print files for different users.My problem is that I need to find a way to impersonate different users so that when MS Word opens and prints, the resulting print job is recorded under that user. I found this link that lets you run .net code as a different user - unfortunately it doesn't work with this code. The username recorded is still the user that is logged on the server.Code Removed by moderator. Any ideas how I can make the Office app I'm automating run under a different user to the .net program that is calling it?

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Office Automation :: Shared Add-in For Microsoft Office

Oct 21, 2011

I would like to create Shared add-in that works with Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point. I've found nice article that provides step by step instruction for creating shared add-in for Word: [URL] I've followed instructions and it worked. However, I am looking for a way to create one add-in that works with Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point, not only Word. I didn't find any reference on the WEB.

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