Reusing And Cleaning Up User.config Files?

Nov 11, 2010

Not sure if this has been asked before (couldn't find an answer), but is there a way to reuse a user.config file from a previous version of the application? For example a user.config file is stored in:

C:UsersJohnnyAppDataLocalCompanyApplicationName.exe_Url_wxcnyrmstqy3oj1qwckdjq3gjqkq4fel1.0.0.0user.config After a new version is installed it gets stored in:

C:UsersJohnnyAppDataLocalCompanyApplicationName.exe_Url_wglmejvw01nagu5t1y5yl12chynjomny1.0.0.1user.config The user then has to enter all settings again, even if the new version does not save more settings. An other problem is that although the user.config file is very small, it does get messy after a while when newer versions of the application get installed. Is there a way to clean up the unused user.config files and their folders?

It's the same problem with System.Windows.Forms.Application.LocalUserAppDataPath, that I'd like to use to save other files (containing Listview data), which points to:

C:UsersJohnnyAppDataLocalCompanyApplication1.0.0.0 The Listview data and other files created by the app can't be used anymore.This can be solved by getting the user's appdata folder with Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.ApplicationData) and creating a new folder there with the name of the application. But this means there's one folder where the application is installed (user can choose this folder in the installer), one folder to save my own files to and one folder where VB stores the user.config file.

Can something be done about this "mess" or is this just something I have to live with?


Save Application Settings But For USER But Cannot Find The User.config File

Aug 7, 2009

in i am trying to save application settings but for USER but i cannot find the user.config file

when does this file get created?

i searched my entire hardrive. i also searched the entire project.

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.NET Config Files, Which One To Use

Aug 14, 2009

I have an .net addin that loads w/outlook. Being a .NET assembly, I naturally have a .config file that you would expect. From my previous research, I named my app.config file to be Outlook.exe.config because outook is the executing assembly, and naturally, that's where you would expect that. This for the most part is fine.

In some installations, and I am not sure as to the conditions why, My addin will hunt for the config file under the dll name in another directory. So, more clearly stated, Office is in its directory, and my addin dll is in its own. So: MyAddin.dll.config vs. Outlook.exe.config. So, fine, I just made 2 copies of the config file and covered both cases. Now, I find that the addin is hunting for Outlook.exe.config in MY program directory (not the outlook dir)

FYI I log which config file is being used using: [Code] So, can someone tell me WHERE it is determined where the config file is read from, and if I can "Force" it to be used from a certain location?

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.NET 1.1 And .NET 2 Config Files Working Together

Jun 27, 2012

I have inherited a rather large project consisting of an application written in VB6 and several DLL's and ActiveX controls written in VB6, VB.NET 1.1 and VB.NET 2. I want to change one of the settings for one of the DLL's written in VB.NET 2 that is in its application.dll.config file, but it seems to be having no effect.My main VB6 application (I will call it Alpha) has a configuration file (Alpha.exe.cnfig) which contains settings used by my VB.NET 1.1 DLL (which I will call Bravo). After calling Bravo, Alpha calls Charlie (my VB.NET 2 DLL). However, even though I have changed the application settings in Charlie.dll.config in the subdirectory where the DLL lives, it has no effect. I have tried putting Charlie's settings in Alpha's config file but this causes Bravo to fail with an automation error (which I think is because the format of the config files changed from .NET 1.1 and .NET 2).[code]If I try putting the applicationSettings section under directly beneath the appSettings section (i.e. as another child element of the configuration element) in Alpha.exe.config then Bravo.dll fails.

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Where To Store Config Files

Sep 4, 2010

I'm writing an application that will be used to generate reports from a database and I want to have several predefined reports/queries built in but also offer the user the option to create their own query and be able to save it and run it whenever they want without having to set the query up again each time.

So I figured I would just store the query parameters in an XML file for the ones that a user has created themselves and I would store these XML files (one for each query) in the user's Application Data folder.

I'm wondering what I should do with the built in queries though (bear in mind that the parameters of these built in queries should not be configurable). As I see it, these are my options:

1. Have the query parameters hard coded in the application
2. Store the query parameters in XML files in the location where the app is stored (ie Program Files) - the installer would create these files when the app is installed
3. Store the query parameters in XML files in the user's Application Data folder with any queries they have created themselves.

I'm leaning towards option 2 for the following reasons: All queries (user defined or predefined) would then be in the exact same format and the program could then run them all in the exact same way. Option 1 would mean I would have to release a new version of the application if I ever wanted to change these parameters. Option 3 would mean that the program would have to create the XML files each time it was launched by a new user so it would be a bit pointless and the values for the parameters would still have to be hard coded in the application so that it could create the files correctly.

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Access Config Files During Debug?

Dec 2, 2011

I have organized some configuration in folders within Visual studio project explorer. When I release the application those files are copied into the same directory (including sub folders) as the exe.Consequently I can access those files with My.Application.Info.DirectoryPathDuring debug VS does not copy the files into the Debug-folder, consequently my files cannot be accessed with DirectoryPath

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VS 2005 Application Config Files?

Dec 3, 2009

I have an application Bbb.exe. I found that there are two configurations.Bbb.exe.config and Bbb.vshost.exe.config. They are exactly same.For some reason, I changed Bbb.exe.config and keep Bbb.vshost.exe.config unchanged.

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User.config Location Keeps Moving?

Nov 25, 2009

I've just started using user settings. This works ok however I'm having problems with the location of user.config.

When I run the project in Studio, user.config seems to be stored in a different place than when I build the project.

In fact every time I build it the location seems to change - users therefore lose their settings every time the project is built, which seems pretty useless.

The GUID & Assembly names etc do not change.

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VS 2008 Getting The User.Config Location?

Sep 1, 2009

the My.Settings data is saved in the AppDataLocal folder for a user based on company.Then, inside the company folder there will be a folder for any applications published by that company, which contain the user.config file for that program.

C:Documents and SettingsRobert BurkeLocal SettingsApplication DataSerysoftSysPad.exe_Url_qr40iotmbi1lvvl4b5lecnfpoqogr5uw

The thing is, the folder for each program has a string of random alphanumeric characters at the end. I noticed that on both my XP and Win7 machine, the string is the same. What I am wanting to do is save the user.config file, but the only way to do this, seemingly, would be to hardcode that folder into the path to get the user.config file from.

how that string is generated, and what may possibly cause it to change in other releases even though, so far, it has stayed the same for several of my releases. I don't want to release a version one day and the string change and then it break my program.

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Class Library Config Files And My.Settings

May 19, 2010

Say I have a Class Library project with its own .dll.config, and a forms application. I want to confirm that it is impossible to reference the .dll.config file from the .exe.config file and still use My.Settings.

For example: I have SomeClassLibrary project, with SomeSetting that I can access through My.Settings.SomeSetting. I also have SomeFormsApp project. This is what I want my SomeFormsApp.exe.config to look like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


From my readings, this seems impossible. I either need to copy the content of SomeClassLibrary.dll.config into SomeFormsApp.exe.config, which is tedious and error prone when copying from multiple class libraries, or I need to use ConfigurationManager, which bypasses My.Settings and its typed, Intellisensed goodness.

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Reading Writing To External App.config Files?

Aug 28, 2010

I need to read the keys from several external applications .config files, is it possible to specify the file for AppSettingsReader?

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VS 2010 Write Config Files For Vb Programs?

Jan 8, 2011

How do you write config files for vb programs? Like .xml files, Seen some examples but didn't fully grasp them. Say I had a program that launched programs and I wanted it to save the:Program Name, Program Location, Program Site, etc..So I am guessing the xml would looking something like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


how to load the settings from these configs. The reason I want to write it to an external config is because I plan to add an updating feature and I want the configs outside of the program.

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Get The Variables That Are Stored In Config.user File?

Aug 6, 2010

Is there equivalent for getevn/setenv functions in VB.NET. I have looked at system.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable but it gives the system environment variables like USERNAME, COMPUTERNAME etc. I need to get the variables that are stored in config.user file. Is there any way to do that in VB>NET.

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Empty User.Config File Causes Exception?

Sep 13, 2007

Somehow the User.Config file was corrupted for an instance of my VB .NET app.  When access one of my user level  config property (My.Settings.MyProp) I get the a ConfigurationErrorsException with the message "Configuration system failed to initialize."  I looked at the User.Config file and found that it is empty, it can be opened but there is no XML text contained within.I would like to programmatically fix the file if an exception is seen.  When I attempt to use any of my user level properties, I continue to get the same exception.  I've tried calling the Reset() but that yeilds the same exception. I then tried Save() to see if it would write out a default version, but it appears to do nothing (the file is not updated).  My.Settings appears to be useless at this point.How can I reinitialize the User.Config file to the default config settings without deleting the old file?  I would think that there should be some mechanism for restoring this file back to its default.  And how can I update/reinitialize the My.Settings instance so that I can access the properties normally?

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Set Default Location Of User.config File?

Mar 26, 2012

I made a project in VB.NET 2008. When I update my project I change the assembly version but the problem is that when the user gets the new version they lose their user settings.[code]Note the version number in the path. Is there any way save in a location not affected by changing the version?

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Updating The Non-VSHost Exe's User.config File?

Apr 25, 2012

I have a program that runs fine in the debugger. I started on the project in x86 mode this January and I've always been able to run it outside of the debugger, but this is the first time I've seen this error.The error says "ConfigurationErrorException was unhandled: Configuration system failed to initialize."The InnerException of the error said that the error was in the user.config file, and it gave me the directory of the user.config file that it was using. So I clicked synchronize in the project settings thinking that it would overwrite the current user.config file and that would probably fix the error. When it showed the confirmation dialog that it would delete the user.config file, I noticed that it had "vshost" in the directory.

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VS 2010 - User Settings (App Config File)

Mar 6, 2011

After reading through a bunch of stuff, I was curious what production developers use for config files. I know that there is an app.config file that can be modified by the user of the program w/ settings. I also know I can create my own .xml file or .ini file to store settings as well. I wanted to know from the production side, what do you use and why?

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Determine What Exes - Dll's - Config Files Are Needed To Be Combined Together

Aug 4, 2011

I am working on an existing 2008 windows form application that has a large number of project files in one solution. This solution can be executed many ways depending upon what the startup project is. However there is one project file that is generally the main 'startup project'. This application also has no setup and deployment currently.

What I am trying to do is to determine what exes, dll's, config files are needed to be combined together so I can deploy them? Is there certain directory paths I can use to determine what files I need? Is there some kind of a way I can test the combined files to determine what files work together so I can deploy them?

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Make A Application That Allows The Person To Script Config Files?

Jan 15, 2010

I'm trying to make a application that allows the person to script config files for an open game server project so they don't have to do it manually... I'm starting with 3 groups. Those groups are "NPC NAMES", "MONSTER NAMES", and "MONSTER WALK POSITIONS"... I want the user to be able to add as many items to the group as they want... Right now I'm using a listbox, but its very messy... I want the user to be able to add items to these groups, and then add the items of each group to a .txt file.

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Change The User Settings (*.config) File Location?

May 18, 2009

I am just not happy with the fact that the user.config file gtets saved in the user's account folder. Is there a way to save it in the Application's Startup Folder instead? I couldn't find any configuration properties within the PROJECT PROPERTIES which would let me change the file location.

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Forms :: Save Data To User.config That Is Not Bound?

Sep 23, 2009

I would like to commit the data put in a checkedlistbox to the user.config. I have found a way to commit them to my.settings but no matter what Save() method I call, it does not commit the new data (that is not bound to a control, through the propertybindings) to the user.config, either immediately or when I shutdown the application. Which means, when I loop through the settings when the application starts back up, the data is not there to be added back to the checkedlistbox. I have put save methods in the formclosing events as well as when the data is created in the my.settings. using my.mysettings, my.settings and my.settings.default. Thank you in advance for your input.

This first method is a called when a button is pushed. it checks the text and then calls the next method (AddProperty) which should add the property to my.settings and save it to user.config, but my understanding is that it is not written to the file till the applicatoin closes.


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VB2005 :: Save Data To User.config That Is Not Bound?

Sep 18, 2009

I have done a fair amount (days)of searching, before posting this,and cannot seem to find an answer.ata put in a checkedlistbox to the user.config. I have found a way to commit them to my.settings but no matter what Save() method I call, it does not commit the new data (that is not bound to a control, through the propertybindings) to the user.config either immediately or when I shutdown the application. Which means, when I loop through the settings when the application starts back up, the data is not there to be added back to the checkedlistbox. I have put save methods in the formclosing events as well as when the data is created in the my.settings

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VS 2008 Create Settings (user.config File) On App First Run?

Jul 16, 2009

I know that when using my.settings that when I exit my app that it saves them and then next reload it imports my.settings back.

My question, is there a way to create this user.config file on the apps first load?

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Wpf - Saving User Config Data To XML And Relative URI Error

Mar 4, 2010

I am working on a program where some application config info is stored in a Userconfig.xml file. I am loading the file as an XMLDataProvider in the XAML via relative URI:

<XmlDataProvider x:Name="UserConfigDataSource" x:Key="UserConfigDataSource" Source="UserConfig.xml" d:IsDataSource="True"/>

I have a number of items throughout bound to elements in the document and an event handler that saves to the XMLDataProvider:

Private Sub SaveConfig(ByVal sender as Object, ByVal e as System.EventArgs)
'TODO: Add event handler implementation here
Dim SavePath As String = UserConfigDataSource.Source.LocalPath.ToString


When this executes I get the error "This operation is not supported for a relative URI". Is there a good way to produce an absolute URI (aside from getting the assembly executing location and trimming the executable filename from the end)? I expected this to be a somewhat simple procedure.

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How To Write User Input From Textbox To Web Config File In HTML

Feb 20, 2012

I am trying to obtain a file path that users manually enter on a web page, and then write it to the web.config file.

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Custom Config File Entries Generated When User Adds Reference To Dll?

Jun 5, 2009

Don't know if this is possible, but I'd like a config section to be generated when another developer adds my dll to their project.  This way they don't have to look up in code or a doc as to what they need to put in their config file.

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.net :: Cleaning Up A String?

Feb 7, 2011

I have the following string which I need to get onto one line for database storage and retrieval purposes:

{"id":8,"heading":"heading goes here","content":"<p>
content goes here</p>


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Cleaning Up If Statements?

Jul 20, 2010

Basically if i wanted my controls to be checked at startup id use a setting obviously

'UI Settings
chkCloseToTray.Checked = My.Settings.CloseToTray
chkAlwaysShowSystemTrayIcon.Checked = My.Settings.AlwaysShowTrayIcon


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Mar 21, 2012

I have a question regarding and the use of rsData connections to an SQL database.Basically we have a few inline pages that will display course information of courses that my institution runs. The code will connect to an SQL DB and pull through live data directly in the following format.

html += "<tr><td>" & rsData("M_Start") & "</td><td>" & rsData("WEEKS") & "</td><td>" & rsData("DAYSTIME") & "</td></tr>"

Now I was wondering if people would suggest pulling directly from an open DB connection or map the RsData results to strings? All data connections open and close after they have done their required portions and we have around 5 different procedures that occur within the page.

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Cleaning A String And Dots?

Jun 22, 2009

if i have a string like 12.4.23 how can i clean the dots? i want 12423

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Cleaning And Sorting Out Game

Nov 21, 2011

I've been making a game using a Console Application as the main window, for the it. The game requires you to make the right choices in a mini Hacking adventure, but I'm rather stuck in an area where the player is required to enter the name of the file they would send and the program does not recognize the right one, also I was wondering how I could tidy up my code as It seems to be growing at a unnecessary rate.[code]

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Cleaning Up Code With Functions?

Nov 28, 2010

I am just starting out with a practice VB project which involves selling donuts and coffee. I have written out the code which the program works but the code is very messy.  This program contains functions and radio buttons to calculate a subtotal, tax, and total due. There are four variety of donuts in Group Box 1 listed as: Glazed at .65 each, Sugar at .65 each, Chocolate at .85 each, and Filled at $1.00.

The coffee choices in Group Box 2 are listed as: None at 0.00, Regular at $1.85, and Capuchino at $2.50 each.I want the cashier to be able to select a radio button to choose between the donut choice in group box 1 and then choose one coffee choice in group box 2. A textbox calculates the subtotal, a textbox calculates a tax of 3%, and a textbox calculates the total due adding the subtotal and tax.

Everything works fine but Ias I said before it is quite messy which I keep making it worst.I need  to write one function to calculate the donut, one function to calculate the coffee, and one function to calculate the sales tax. Then I need a sub procedure to clear the subtotal, sales tax, and total due amounts when a radio button is clicked.I have been working on this for the past month ,code I have so far:

Class frmMain
Private Sub btnExit_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnExit.Click

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Cleaning Up Open Programs

Sep 11, 2009

first, what is the base minimum that windows needs open to run... ex. svchost.exe, explorer, etc.

Second. is there an easier way to close all programs except the ones i want to stay open, i want to keep the needed basics open and my program, which will open other programs, but i want to make sure nothing else is running so that things will go as smoothly and as fast as possible. I just don't want to manually check what processes need killed and place them in the program one by one, i want to kill all but a few.

Extra credit... stopping all unneeded windows services would be nice too, but that would probably be too long of a process to worry about, and not really worth it considering the benefit of speed it would give.

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C# - Reusing A Menu With Mvvm And Wpf?

Jun 7, 2011

I was wondering what the best approach is for sharing a menu across all wpf windows/views. My Application doesnt really fit the navigation model, so will probably use a Ribbon control. I am leaning towards creating a user control for the menu and dropping it on each view, but have also seen Josh Smith's msdn article, where he loads user controls.

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Reusing A Datarow In A Datatable

Jun 7, 2009

I am working in vb2008. Is there a simple way to clone the contents of a datarow in a datatable into a new datarow instance that can be added elsewhere in the table. Can I create a new instance of a datarow and set it equal to an existing datarow?

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Reusing MySqlConnection.serverString?

Jun 20, 2012

Say I have a connection to a database. After reading some stuff I want to connect to the same database. So I naturally use the first database mysqlconnection.serverstring the password and username is not included in connect1.ConnectionString. So how can I do so? Is this by design?


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Reusing The Same Varible For A New SQL Command?

Apr 13, 2009

In the code below can I use the cmd for another sql command or do I have to create a new sql command like shown below?

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Unique ID Reusing Gaps?

Nov 1, 2011

I am upgrading a system that has a Product Table with a Product No Field.This is a string field but most of the existing product Nos are numeric but all over the place.I want to provide a default numeric Product No when the Users are creating a new product record.All I can think of is to use the Identity Field [ProductID] and test to see if it has been used and if so keep incrementing to find the next free numerical, available No.A better solution would be to start at 1 and increment to find the first available but it looks to be several hundred records into the Table. how to find the first available number?

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Cleaning Visual Basic Code?

Jan 6, 2012

however there is a portion in this code that can be simplified more (the if orelse statements). I know it has something to do with a collections class or an array, but I'm stumped on how to change it.

Function GetLastName(ByVal accountName As String) As String
Dim lastName As
Dim stringArray As Array = accountName.Split(" ")


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Error Checking And Cleaning Program?

May 5, 2012

I've rearranged the error messages to different spots with no luck. The txt row need to be a number 1 to 10. The txtSeat need to be A,B,C, or D and the txtPassenger shouldn't be left empty.

Public Class Form1
Dim seat(9, 3) As String
Dim waitingList(9) As String
Dim passengerNames(9, 3) As String


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