Saving A Packet From It's Native Form To The Actual Binary File

Aug 26, 2009

I'm attempting to download a file with a custom "message" i.e. with specific bytes sent to a server. I am using the lightweight utorrent setup file which could be easily downloaded with the statement in the first code tag or even using a WebRequest, WebResponse, StreamReader etc. But for some reasons I need to be able to code the "message". I would explain why but that would just be a diversion...Anyway the problem is that the packet gets saved in its native form but I need to be able to save the packet to the actual file without the header and etc. The sample code is in the second code tag.

Dim server As String = ""
Dim mySocket As Socket



Saving A Structure Array To Binary File?

Oct 13, 2009

how to save an array of structure to binary file. I tried the binary formatter but it still aint workin. My code attached

Dim directoryList As String()
Dim fileData() As myData
Dim myFile As myProps


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Reading A Text From A Binary File, Changing And Saving?

May 4, 2009

I'm new to VB and trying to figure out how I can replace a bit of descriptive text in a binary file. I presume its binary as I cant open it with anything but a hex editor. I've changed the text (file description) in the hex editor and saved it fine but I'm unsure how I go about saving just the section of information I need. I can work out the saving bit later.In the attached file you'll see the highlighted bit I want to edit. I need to replace the whole line or the file corrupt but I can fill it up with null characters and the numbers are just

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Convert And Saving A Byte Array HEX Values To Binary File?

Jan 16, 2010

I have a device with upon serial communication , it send the data as HEX values , (eg, C020042ABD0F91A103E400F929EBC) . I use the following code to get data from the serial port.

Dim fStream As New FileStream(sFileName, FileMode.CreateNew) ' creates new file
Dim bw As New BinaryWriter(fStream)
ComTd.Read(data, 1, bCount)


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Saving Binary Data Into SQL SErver Database?

Sep 10, 2009

I have a string with Binarydata that is 64bit. I want to store this data into SQlServer database and the column is varbinary(Max).When I pass the string I am getting an error saying string cannot be converted into varbinary.

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Saving Binary Data To Byte Array

Aug 24, 2009

I'm trying to save binary data ( convert from image) to byte array in mifare card with acr 120 reader.
image : 687 byte
mifare : 1 k
My problem its can't save but I am trying to save char data its work.

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Making A NET WinForms Form A Child Of A Native Application

Nov 9, 2010

I have a NET (version 3.5) Class Library written in VBNET 2008 (on Windows 7 x64) that will at times display a WinForm. The class lib will be used in Excel, and I want to set the NET WinForm to be a child of the Excel Application window. If I weren't using NET, I would just call the SetParent API function, but I can't seem to get this to work since WinForms (I assume) don't have a HWnd suitable for SetParent. I'm sure this is possible, but I just can't find the right properties and methods. The WinForm will be shown modelessly so the user can switch back and forth between Excel and the displayed WinForm.


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Get X / Y Point Of Actual Form?

Jan 2, 2012

How can I get the coordinates of a form (current form => Me) of the upper left angle of it on the screen?

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Native .NET To Unzip Single File From A .ZIP File?

Oct 28, 2010

extract a single file (WantedFile.xml) from a .ZIP file ( using native VB.NET Code?I think .NET FW 3.5 or 4.0 has "System.IO.Packaging.Package " which can be used? Not sure. Please advice.

Note: I will not be able to install or distribute any other DLLs like (ICSharp or VJ# or cant use process command to invoke winzip etc).

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Saving A Form To File

Feb 24, 2010

Is there a way of saving a form to file, so that it can be loaded at future point, with the data that it currently contains? The other way to do this that I can think of is to save the data that it contains to a file and then load it into the form, are there anyothers? The form has a tab control so printform to file won't help as I beleive I'm right in saying that the tab control won't be usable, as only an image is saved?

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Open A File In Windows Native Program?

Jul 27, 2011

I got this chunk of code off the internet, i think the sample program was called "store images and files on sql server" i added the delete routine, so it is a little better than when i found it, but it opens pictures in big picturebox at the very last line, i was wondering if there's a way to call windows photo editor or something newer instead of the form it's calling

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VB Designer - Refusing To Show The Actual Form

Jul 28, 2006

I know lots of you have had problems with the form designer giving errors and refusing to show the actual form, mostly because of some transition in software i take it (i aren't a Full time programmer, its just a hobby.)My problem is similar, vb refuses to show me my form and now i have even more problems.the last thing i did before this happened was try to add an imagebox to the form.Heres a few errors i get:every label i have is no longer declared?event 'load' cannot be found- My other problem is, i managed to close the designer window during this problem and i cant remember how to get it back up

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Make A Program With VB2010 That Does Not Use The Actual Form But Instead Only Uses Other Components?

Sep 19, 2011

Is it possible to make a program with visual basic 2010 that does not use the actual form but instead only uses other components (e.g. Message Box) to form a complete program?

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Query A XML File (actual Database) Via Odbc?

Jun 5, 2009

I want to query a XML file (actual database) via odbc, but i do not know how and where to start and what program to use for it.

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Save An Excel File With Actual Day Of The Week

Oct 28, 2011

I want to save an excel file with the following prefix: Order-Monday for Mondays, Order-Tuesday for Tuesdays etc and then this file will be overwritten the next week. For the following bit of vb

lstrDateStamp = Now().DayOfWeek
xlWorkSheet.SaveAs(gstrFilePathS14 & gstrFileNameS14 & "-" & lstrDateStamp & gstrFileTypeS14)

the Now().DayOfWeek returns '5' apart from doing a case expression to decipher 1-7 as days of the week is there any other way I can get lstrDateStamp = DAY (i.e. Friday)

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Apr 27, 2010

i am trying to create a form in VS using ASP that when upon submitting a form the details will get automatically stored in an xml file which can be accessed later on a chosen file save path.i have 2 files ... "Contact.aspx" and "Contact.aspx.vb".i have created the form in the "Contact.aspx" and when trying to enter the fields in the "contact.aspx.vb" i keep getting several errors such as for example...

Error 5 'Formatting' is not a member of 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.XmlBuilder'

Error 6 'WriteStartDocument' is not a member of 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.XmlBuilder'.

Error 7 'WriteComment' is not a member of 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.XmlBuilder'.

Error 8 'WriteStartElement' is not a member of 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.XmlBuilder'.

Error 10 'WriteAttributeString' is not a member of 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.XmlBuilder'.

there is like 30 errors in total... im literally stuck out my head been trying for 2 days now and can't grasp what im doing wrong ive tried even some of the tutorials online but loads of errors...

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Actual Text Disappeared On Opening Saved File?

May 19, 2010

I am programming the Save File Dialog Box. I've got the basic code but after I save the text file that I created, the actual text itself seems to have disappeared when I open the file.

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FileSystemWatcher ...return The Actual User Who Accessed The File?

Dec 16, 2010

I am working on a file access monitor wrapped up in a VB .Net Class. The ileSystemWatcher is working and my log file shows files when they are accessed. However, I am having trouble returning who or what accessed the files. For example....system services and processes should return something like NT-ATHORITYSYSTEM while a network share being accessed by another computer should return DOMAINUSERNAME and finally a process running in the background via "Switch User" should be returned as DOMAINSOMEOTHERUSER ....anybody have any ideas? I have searched high and low and have found nothing but other people asking the same question and people saying how it is not possible. the Sysinternals Process Monitor is able to output the correct results and its documentation states it was created using NET API however I can not find any references to any such API calls or combination of such. Should I be using something else other than the FileSystemWatcher? My code is below

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VS 2008 Published Projects - Get Hold Of The Actual Executable File

Jul 31, 2009

When a project has been published the file that is put in my start menu is an application reference. How do i get hold of the actual executable file so i can post a demo?

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VS 2010 Saving Data From Applications By Saving A Text File Via A Stream Reader As A String

Feb 12, 2012

Currently I am saving data from my applications by saving a text file via a stream reader as a string. I have come to a problem. In my current application, I have an array of the following structure:


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Read Binary File And In This File Found The String And Replace It With Other One And Save The File Afterwords?

Jan 11, 2011

i need to read binary file and in this file found the string and replace it with other one and save the file afterwords. I found many example to read binary, but to find and replace is for me mistery.

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File I/O And Registry :: Binary File Primer - Read The Nth Record Without Reading The Whole File?

May 4, 2009

I need to write data to a file, preferably in binary format, but I am unaccustomed with the concept. Where's the easiest place to get the basics? I could come here with a specific need, but I'm at the point right now where I am more willing to work within the confines of keeping it simple.

Here's what I know:
1. how to open a new file
2. how to specify the record length
3. how to close the file

Some specific questions:

Does the record length have to be constant throughout the file?

Can I read the nth record without reading the whole file?

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File I/O And Registry :: Open / Read Binary File / Care To Check Code?

Jun 14, 2009

I've gone through about 16 hours and two packs of cigarettes trying to figure this out. First a little background. I was using 6.0 up until 2004 when I went to prison. I'm out now, and trying to relearn the trade, using VS 2005. I'm currently porting some 6.0 code from another project, SpyCast Webcam Studio, into VB 8.0. It's disheartening, to say the least. None of the old built-in subs/functions work anymore, so I have to scour the forums to relearn each and every function.The section I'm doing now takes a snapshot from the webcam (Video API --> PictureBox --> Save as Jpeg), then upens the file to upload it to the server via HTTP POST. I've been using this code in SpyCast for years with no trouble, but I spent many hours trying to piece together the right code to open the binary file to read its contents. I pieced together two methods I found around the forums, one using FileStream() though the code I found wasn't for binary files, even though it said it was, so that code doesn't really work. Method two uses Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileOpen() and works better.

Here's the kicker. By the time I run through the rest of the rigamarole of uploading the file, by the time I read it on the webserver, it's *slightly* corrupted. It's a valid Jpeg, no errors, but the picture looks like when I use to watch the Playboy Channel when I was a kid scrambled with weird colors and whatnot. [code] Each "chunk" is basically one "line" of the file. It looks like a single LineInput() return is the text between two carriage returns. Am I correct? I tested this with a flat text file, and it looks true. However, That one input line returns the text or data with the carriage returns *stripped*! ***?!? =( Fine, I have no problem adding my own vbCrLf to each LineInput(), if I were opening text. but this's binary. A character could be Chr(10) or Chr(13), both of which are removed from the original file contents.So I could very well need to use something other than LineInput(), but I haven't found any other examples on the web using this method.

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File I/O And Registry :: Check If A Certain File Is In Text Or Binary Format?

Mar 13, 2010

how I could check if a certain file is in text or binary format?I'm using VB.Net 2008 Express.

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Write A Program To Convert Binary Pdf File To TIFF File?

Feb 2, 2010

Program to convert binary pdf file to tiff file in VB.NET..?? We can use third party tools also..???

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Specify Actual Usable Form Area Instead Of Outside Area?

May 12, 2010

I designed a form and managed to fit graphics inside it. Picture box is 465 pixels high. Form1 is 500 pixels high. SnapShot of the screen verifies that the 500 pixel height is the overal height. It includes the upper Bar and lower frame. Is there an instruction to set the From's inner pixel size and not overal?

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File I/O And Registry :: Binary Reader For File Header?

Oct 23, 2011

however, I am stuck at BinaryReader.actually this is what i am trying to acheive through VB.NET.say for the following file type :

JPG file = FF D8 FF E0
BMP file = 42 4D BE 4E
PNG file = 89 50 4E 47
GIF file = 47 49 46 38

the above are the 4-byte headers in Hex(raw) I need to read these headers of any given file using OpenFileDialog using Button1_click event,on selection of any given file(*.* filters ON)it should use the BinaryReader and look for only 4-bytes starting from offset 0, and it should not go to EOF marker (-1).and have a variable to hold this 4-byte header value, to run this in a database table which will check the same header value in the table and would display the corresponding extension of the file. from the table.

I can do this using case, if then...etc.however, I have to do it using Database and also i need to check for testing purpose to use MsgBox() to display this variable which is holding the 4-byte header.however, the MsgBox doesnt allow anything other than String.

PS: I tried studying the methods like:


but still not sure how to get them work.

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Serialize Datatable To A Binary File Then Add New Rows To File

Apr 29, 2012

I need to save a datatable to a binary file , in binary format , in order to make the process fast because the datatable may contain up ten millions rows. So , XML is not favorable because it makes the file large sized , and the process will be slow.

I managed to save the datatable to a binary file , and it works fine , but the problem when I try to add new rows to the existing binary file (using a datatable with the same schema , but different rows data) , it copies the schema of the datatable to the binary file, making it very large.


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Get Input From Figerprint Reader In Vb In Binary Form?

Jul 23, 2011

how to get input from figerprint reader in vb in binary form?

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Binary File To Txt

Oct 13, 2009

I have a Binary file that has data represented in 1604 bytes. each set of data within these groups is composed of short (2 byte) numbers. I would like to creat a program that takes this binary file then converts it to numbers, and then places it within a new text file. How would I accomplish this?

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Saving Form Data When Running Have A Form That Paints Ovals Onto A Chart.

Sep 24, 2010

I have a Windows form I would like to save the Ovals I created while running the form for use and review later I have been trying the SaveFileDialog but have not figured how to get my data out to the file that is created. I have read about using datatable but there again I'm working with that but need to find how to load all my Oval parameters into the table so I can recreate the current look of the form.

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.net - 0x00 In A Binary File .NET?

Aug 30, 2009

I am reading a Binary file using BinaryReader in VB.NET.The structure of each row in the file is:

"Category" = 1 byte
"Code" = 1 byte
"Text" = 60 Bytes
Dim Category As Byte
Dim Code As Byte


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Display The Binary Of A File(01)

Feb 27, 2010

i have a file any type of file and i want to display the binary of that file the (01) of that file can do it also i want to display the hexa which it better and faster if u just can put me on track

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How To Get Bmp Image From Binary File

Aug 22, 2011

is anyone know how to get BMP image from binary file?

Offset       Length         Description
100                4        BMP_offset
268               4        Cover_size
296                4        Cover_offset

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Inserting Into Binary File

Mar 16, 2012

I've been using VB.NET for a few years now, but I never really got into binary files. How do you add onto binary files from the beginning? Here is some example code:

Dim writer As New IO.BinaryWriter(IO.File.Open("C:\Users\Dameon\Desktop\newbin.bin", IO.FileMode.CreateNew))
writer.Write("HELLO WORLD!")


How can I add onto the beginning of the file without overwriting what's already there? I'm trying to make my own file archive format. I have the compressing/decompressing down, but now I'm implementing adding/deleting a file after the archive already made.

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Read A Binary File?

Apr 15, 2009

I have existent binary files with this structure[code]...

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VB Read Binary Of A File?

Jun 12, 2010

I need make an application that gets binary code from a file, such as a .exe, (in 8-bit form) and display the charectors in a RichTextBox .BUT! The catch is I need it to do the process REALLY fast, like in a 5th 0.5 of a second. I have a method but it takes way to like, sometimes 5 seconds for 1 file, which isn't what I want This is the code I have:[CODE]......

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Write Hex Value To Binary File?

May 5, 2010

I am not exactly sure how to say this, but what I want to do is to write a series of strings converted to their hex notation to a binary file. Here is what I have[code]....

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Change Text In A Binary File?

Jun 4, 2011

How do I change bytes [text stored in those bytes] in a binary file?

I have a little function that read bytes 335-343 [For Keyer] and bytes 344-352 [for verifier] and displays it. These bytes store who the keyerID and VerifierID of a data entry file are. From time to time the Verifier Resumes the file [to insert new records], and his/her name gets stored in the KeyerID bytes. So if the original keyer had lots of errors, the new verifier now becomes the owner of this file and the errors are attributed to him/her [not fair]. He/She gets penalized when there are lots of errors.

My question to you is, how do I change the content of those bytes and save it to the file, without damaging any part of the file? I want to save 'H345' in those bytes, [H345 is an example of a Keyer/Verifier ID]

note - as of now I am using 010 Editor [binary editor]to manually change those bytes. When I use this editor, I can see the text portions for those bytes.[code]...

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Converting A Wave File To Binary?

Jan 24, 2009

Iam working in a project need converting a wave file to binary..converting a file of such format(wave) to binary text in I need that cause i want to cut the original file to many files, and add additional parts of the same type to them and combine them together in a one file again..

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