Searching And Retrieving Data From Database

Mar 24, 2012

my project name is book bank management system i need to give my author's name,book name and number of book's needed in my front end according to tht i want to know whether my book is available or not if available means return the number of books in the database
i am using sql server 2005 as back end and visual studio 2008 as front end

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Data Grid View (retrieving,searching Data)?

Oct 16, 2011

I'm using a mysql as my backend database and i'm using the mysqldata adapter for binding the data, i have my data in the database, but the problem is i don't know how to retrieve it, for example when i want to add a record, before i add that record, i want to retrieve the data in my database to trap that the record i'm adding is an existing record

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Save Data In Microsoft Access Database And Retrieving It Back From Database?

Nov 19, 2010

can anyone teach me how to save data in microsoft access database and retrieving it back from database?[code]so, how do i save it in that and how do i load their data by typing their ic no only..

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Retrieving Data From Database?

Oct 17, 2010

I am using two textboxes, one for roll number and the other for the corresponding roll number.

And I am using 4 command Buttons

Move First
Move Previous
Move Next


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Retrieving Data From Access Database?

Jun 11, 2011

i am working on a module in vb 10..i have to retrive data from the database between two dates...i have used the following code but not able to get ny output,,nt even an error

Imports System.Data.OleDb
Public Class Form4
Dim con As OleDbConnection


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Retrieving Data From Database Into Labels?

Nov 30, 2009

I am creating an ordering form. I have created an access database and linked it to VB2008. I am struggling to retrieve records from this database into labels. I am using a combo box to select records from the access db table, but I cant display them.Both my source and target tables have 6 columns and I want to display all columns after selecting record from the combo box.

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.net 2010 And Access Database Not Retrieving Data?

May 19, 2010

I am trying to build a front end for an access database I created I can connect to the database but when I try to pull data into a data grid view I get no results Here is the code what did I do wrong(I'm also new to vb)

Private Sub searchbtn_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles searchbtn.Click
Dim srval As String
Dim type As String


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Database - Retrieving Data From ListView Control

Apr 12, 2010

I have a ListView setup in details mode that looks like this: When the user presses the delete button, I need to go ahead and delete their record from the database. This I can do fine, but I'm stuck on how I retrieve the data that is highlighted in the ListView control. I've tried using Google but all the examples I found have failed to work.

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Database :: Retrieving Data From ListView Control?

Apr 15, 2010

I have a ListView control set up in details mode with 5 columns. It is populated by code using the following subroutine:

For j = 0 To 14
cmd = New OleDbCommand("SELECT TeacherName, ClassSubject, BookingDate, BookingPeriod FROM " & SchemaTable.Rows(i)!TABLE_NAME.ToString() & " WHERE (((BookingDate)=" & Chr(34) &


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VS 2005 Retrieving Data From A Database Connection?

Apr 12, 2010

I have a database (Seeds1) that is connected to my project. I have gone in manually and entered data in to my database which is an Access. How do I retrieve information from my database into my program.

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Searching Data In An Access Database?

Apr 28, 2011

I know how to search for one specific number from a single line in an access database using a query, but now I have to search through a whole database and display each instance. Ex) I search the number "1" in column "1" of the database and it has "2" instances. So now I have to take the corresponding data in the rows next to it in order to display them in the label.

search: "1", both results are ID = "1"

dates amount
10/13/2009 $43.00
12/25/2009 $86.00

I know how to put the results for "1" line of a database into the .item field, but im confused on how to search multiple lines of a database and store multiple items. Heres what I have so far...

Private Sub btnShowPay_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnShowPay.Click
Dim targetid As String


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Best Connection Code For Retrieving / Updating And Deleting Data From Database

Mar 15, 2012

I start my project in backend is sql server i have completed my design now i start my coding but i am confused for connectivity code whether i used dataset or datable which is good? please give me best connection code for retriving,updating and deleting data from database..

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VS 2008 Searching Database By Filling Data Table

Jan 9, 2011

I got a problem I need to search by First Name OR Surname. So the user can enter one or the other or BOTH.

So here's what I got I set two primary keys to try and find the row but I'm gettin all sorts of problems, for example when I set FirstName & Surname as primary key which you need to do to use the find method i get an error as it expects two values..

Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter
Dim con As New SqlConnection("Data Source=UserSQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=StudentTeacherDB;Integrated Security=True")


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Find Data Using Search Command In Form Application Like Searching A Name In Database?

Feb 24, 2012

how to find data using search command in my form application like searching a name in my database?

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Error When Retrieving Value From Database?

May 14, 2012

Dim NewOutwarsDeliveryNoteNumber As Integer
Dim iSql As String = "SELECT MAX(OutwardsRefNumber) FROM NewOutwards"
Dim da As OleDbDataAdapter = New OleDbDataAdapter(iSql, LoginForm1.Conn)


when I try and run this code it gives me the error that says "Column 'OutwardsRefNumber' does not belong to table ."BUt I am 100% sure this column is in my table. what can I do to correct it?

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Retrieving A Bit Column From Sql Database?

Jul 26, 2011

I have encountered a problem where in my database I have a column that is a bit either 0 or 1 specifying if a user is an admin or is account suspended or not. And in my VB code I am trying to retrieve that bit. Example code:

Dim dtRequests As DataTable
dtRequests = New DataTable("Users")
dtRequests.Columns.Add("SESLoginID", System.Type.GetType("System.Int32"))


I tried getting rdr.GetByte(3), this tells me cast not valid, but there is no function of which will say GetBit, and if such exists I could not find it.

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Retrieving A PIN Code From A Database?

Mar 11, 2009

I am coding a banking and ATM application, which is split into two parts. In one part the employees of the bank can open new accounts for customers, edit accounts, etc. It includes assigning a unique PIN code for the customer. This is all saving to a database. The customer then uses the ATM part of the application to withdraw money. They use a unique PIN code to access their account. The problem that I'm having is retrieving the PIN from the database. I want to write a simple If statement, to match the PIN entered with the corresponding PIN in the database, so that it will retrieve all the relevant customer's details, eg. bank balance. The PIN is successfully saving to the database through the following....

Private Sub btnCommit_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnCommit.Click
If inc <> -1 Then


So how do I retrieve the PIN from the database that matches with the PIN entered and hence, retrieves bank balance, etc?

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Retrieving Pdf Files From A Database?

Mar 1, 2011

im having trouble retrieving pdf files from a database and displaying them on a web form i am able to upload it from a dialog but cant retrieve from a access database. below is code that i have written to retrieve and display the pdf . it runs but doesnt display the pdf in the windows form nor does it give any errors .

Dim picture As Byte()
Dim count As Integer


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Retrieving Picture From Database?

Dec 15, 2011

i can save the picture in the database, now i have to retrieve it. this is my code for the saving of the picture,

Dim ms As New MemoryStream()
studentpic.Image.Save(ms, studentpic.Image.RawFormat)
Dim arrImage() As Byte = ms.GetBuffer


i saw on the net that i have to the reverse of the pic, i have to convert byte into image.

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Retrieving Values From Database Into .Net?

Nov 15, 2011

I'm trying to create a function that will check the database and compare it with the value of my label. (Basically a Version Checker) If it is the same, then nothing is displayed, if not, then I'll disable some buttons and change another text to display something. Here's the code I have so far...

Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
Panel2.Visible = False


I'm positive that I'm just not putting the correct calling reference in this part:

If Mydata(0).Read = Label2.Text Then

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Searching A Row From A Database

May 1, 2009

is there anyway i can search for a particular row in all columns in a database and display them accordingly? like in a customer table, i have CustomerID, Name, Address is it possible to search for all the details of a customer?

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Searching A Row From A Database?

May 1, 2009

is there anyway i can search for a particular row in all columns in a database and display them accordingly?

like in a customer table, i have CustomerID, Name, Address is it possible to search for all the details of a customer?

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Searching A SQL Database?

Oct 28, 2009

I am doing an assignment for class and it is searching an SQL Database file. On the GUI I have a text box and a button to search this database. It is presented on the form in DataGridView connecting to the file, and the file connection test succeeded, I am kinda so so on understanding what is going on with the connection between the file and VB 2008 but I am getting 4 errors: Warning1The designer cannot process the code at line 119: Me.PlayersBindingSource.DataSource = Me.BaseballDataSet


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Searching In A Database?

Mar 11, 2010

Im trying to input a search box in my forms so that when I type in a customers name it will show there record. I've managed to do it in my transaction form, but not in any other standard forms. In my transaction form I've got this code:

Private Sub TextBox1_KeyPress(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyPressEventArgs) Handles txtSearchSalesID.KeyPress
Dim dv As DataView = New DataView()


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Database Retrieving Without Binding To A Form

Feb 17, 2011

In a test project I was able to add a datasource to a form, bind it to the datagridview and manipulate it as needed. Now moving forward to the actual project, is it possible to add the datasource to a class and sort through the data for use in the class?[url]...

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Error While Retrieving Image From Database?

Nov 18, 2011

I am running into a problem while attempting to to retrieve data from a database. One of the items is an iage and it's throwing an error when I try to convert the byte array to a bitmap.Here is what I have. The exception "Parameter is not valid." is being thrown when on the line bmpImage = New Bitmap(stream)

Private Sub GetCatList()
Dim strSelect As String
strSelect = "Select CategoryID, CategoryName, Description, Picture"


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Retrieving Files From Database To Txtbox

Jun 5, 2010

how to connect sql server to forms, and also retrieving files from database to txtbox.

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Retrieving Image From Database To Picturebox?

Feb 23, 2012

Dim cmdstring As String = "SELECT A.ID, ProfileCategory, YearLevel, LastName,FirstName,MiddleName, Section,SchoolYear,StartTime,EndTime,Days,Laboratory, B.Image FROM ProfileInformation A JOIN Photo B ON (B.ID = A.ID) WHERE A.ID=" & lEmployeeID


i'm trying to retrieve image from database to my picturebox. but ive got this error -onversion from type 'Byte()' to type 'Byte' is not valid.

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Retrieving Information From A MySQL Database

Mar 15, 2009

I'm new to VB.NET and having problem with retrieving information from a MySQL database, when populating the datagrid. [code]

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Retrieving Records From Access Database Using WCF?

May 18, 2009

I have a problem when trying to retrieve records from my Access database through WCF. In my application the user enters a Customer ID and the function then searches the database and retrieves all records related to that customer. However, it isn't working as it should. The code behind the search button is as follows:

Private Sub SearchButton_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles SearchButton.Click


this code isn't doing as it should. The DataGridView should display the records relating to a customer but nothing is being returned at all, I'm not even getting any error messages. I've been looking at it so long I must be missing something ,

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