ShowIcon = False Doesn't Work On Child Form That Has A MDI Parent In A Windows Application?

Nov 30, 2007

I have a MDI form that has a child form that is opened by default when the application loads. I also automatically maximize the child form. Even though I have set ShowIcon to false, the little blank image that indicates that there is no icon appears in the upper left hand corner of the form. Is there a way to get rid of this?

Private WithEvents m_frmLineItems As frmLineItems
m_frmLineItems = New frmLineItems(Me)
mfrmLineItems.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized



How To Work On Both Parent And Child Form Without Closing Child

Apr 10, 2011

i have created two forms A and B when button in form A is clicked B is invoked when B is running its not possible to work on A until i close form B. How can i work on A without closing B

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Parent Child Relation In Gridview (windows Application)?

Oct 12, 2009

I am developing a small windows application( that i want to have parent child relations in a gridview control. There are lots of examples available on this, but they are using two gridviews for that, but in my case i want the relation to be displayed in a single gridview control itself. When they click the + sign immediate row should populate child rows with it's own header(ie child rows has it's own header which is different from parent header). In my case parent row has 2 columns and child row has 4 columns.

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Display Text Name Of Child Instead Of Parent On Windows Mobile Application

May 24, 2012

I have a application that uses ShowDialog() to open child screens.

Long story short, I had issues with focusing the control if I opened IE on top of my program without minimizing the program. Once I reactivated my program and closed a child window, IE would show again instead of my program. I fixed this by setting the owner of my form.

Now I have another issue. After setting the owner, the parent (text) name of my form is now being shown at the top of the application when a child screen is open instead of the parent name. How can I fix this to show only the child's text form name when a child screen is open?

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Application Doesn't Work On Windows XP?

Jan 26, 2009

I've developed a small windows form application in Visual Studio 2005. I have tested the application on a completely fresh install of Vista 32-bit as well as Vista 64-bit and it works fine... But when I copy the application onto an XP machine the following problems occur:The application no longer has its icon, just the default .exe console box icon
Whenever I try to open the application, absolutely nothing happens

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Show Child Windows Form In The Status Bar Of The Parent Window?

Oct 13, 2010

In my project i have one parent window form with one menu bar and one status bar. that is what i want is:when i show the child form to see in the status ber an icon relative to the child window.How i can do that?And if that can't be how i can see an icon in a task bar?

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.net - Why Doesn't <ScaffoldColumn(False)> Work

Oct 2, 2011

Its my understanding that by adding the ScaffoldColumn(false) annotation to an property in a class, that property will not added to the view when doing Add View. However even though i have added scaffoldcolumn false to properties i dont want added to a Create form, they are still rendered inthe create view. Is ScaffoldColumn broken? On page 552 in Pro ASP.NET MVC 3 Framework by Freeman and Sanderson, it states "If we want to exclude a property from the generated HTML, we can use ScaffoldColumn attribute. When the scaffolding helpers see the ScaffoldColumn attribute, they skip over the property entirely; no hidden input elements will be generated and no details of this property will be included in the generated HTML.

" Also the MVC Music Store PDF on p 77 indicates that the attrtibute will do the same -"Allows hiding fields from editor forms".They add it to the AlbumId property and then when the app is run AlbumId field is not shown in the browser. Is this attr broken?If i change a html helper to DisplayFor it does not appear in the form regardless of whether scaffoldcolumn is present. For example i dont have scaffoldcolumn false on Property PostTitle but if i change @Html.EditorFor(Function(model) model.PostTitle) to displayfor then it does not render regardless of the scaffoldcolumn attr. Also my Create view is strongly typed to @ModelType RiderDesignMvcBlog.Core.Entities.Post?

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Tooltip On Windows 7 Doesn't Work VB2010 - Thecolor Doesn't Change ?

Jun 12, 2011

I am trying to change the background color of a tooltip

I am using tooltip.backgroundcolor = color.colr

No errors but thecolor doesn't change

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Passing Data From Child To Parent Form Which Is A Child Of Another One

Apr 17, 2012

i have three forms

when i click button1 on form1=====>  form2.showdialog()
then click button 1 on form2 =====> form3.showdialog
then click button 1 on form 3 =====>


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Unable To Place A Label Box In The MDI Parent Form And Then Open A Child Form The Label Box Highlighted In Child Form?

Dec 15, 2011

I have an issue when I place a label box in the MDI Parent form and then open a child form the label box highlighted in child form?

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Inject A Windows Form Application Into Another Application As An MDI Child In .NET?

Aug 29, 2010

I am creating a program that interacts with another program and I would like to "inject" my program into this program as an MDI Child window. Is this even possible, and if so can it be done in VB.NET? What kind of pitfalls are associated with doing this?

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Send A String From Child Application To Parent?

Apr 14, 2010

My VB.NET WinForms program (parent) calls another VB.NET Console program (child) with Process.Start(). The child application runs quickly and I would like a status message returned to the parent. How can I send a string from the child to parent?Is there some built-in way because of the parent-child relationship or must I use some other interface like sockets?

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Interface And Graphics :: MDI Parent / Child - Child To Check To See If It Is The Last Child Object Before Closing

Feb 18, 2011

Im working with MDI parent/child objects. when closing the child objects i need the child to check to see if it is the last child object before closing. i couldn't find anything on google, maybe im searching for the wrong thing.

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Can't Fit Child Form Into Mdi Parent

Jul 28, 2010

I am trying to size an MDI form to fit its 2 children perfectly within itself but when I use simple sizing it doesn't work  - the MDI form always introduces scroll bars and the children seem to be too big for the parent.  My three mDI form methods where this occurs is below.

Private Sub positionSyncForm()<br/>
With m_SyncManager<br/>
.Top = 0<br/>


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MDI Child And MDI Parent Both Are MDI Form?

Dec 13, 2011

May I know is there any solution for both MDI parent and MDI child is MDI form?I am trying to set like this.
uiAdjustment.MDIParent = Me uiAdjustment  and "Me" is both MDI form and it show error when I am trying to do like this.

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2003 Control On Child Form To Create Event On Parent Form?

Oct 28, 2010

Here is the pertinent part of my code:

Public Class Form1
Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form
Private Sub MenuItem3_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)


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VS 2010 Sub/Child Form Close When Click On Main/Parent Form?

Jun 5, 2012

i am having some trouble in my Windows form application. i have 2 forms1st Main / Parent Form2nd Sub / Child Form (Menu)

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Write Text From A Parent Form To The Active Mdi Child Form VB 2010

Jan 28, 2012

It has to be a simple line of code but I do not know how to construct it. Using VB 2010 Express, I have a MDI parent form and many child forms. I want the parent form to determine what child form is active and load data into the RichTextBox1 on the child form.  Each Child form has a RichTextBox1. The parent form gets its data by loading a file.

I am close to a solution but just can't get there. You will see in the code below, if I make a direct reference to a specific child form, it works great. What I want to do is to use the Active Form function to determine which form to write to. I have looked at the MS tutorial which gets me close.

Sub OpenToolStripMenuItem_Click(ByVal sender
As System.Object,


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MDI Child Maximized - The Child Form Shows Maximized In The MDI Parent But Behind The UserControl

Nov 12, 2010

Note: I am working with Visual Studio 2010 Professional. Note: There are a lot of MDI Child posts, but none (that I have found) that apply to my scenario... Scenario I have an MDI form with a UserControl docked at the top. The UserControl is for navigation and is ~50 pixels in height. When I show a child form with its WindowState property already set to 'Maximized', the child form shows maximized in the MDI parent, but behind the UserControl.


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Convert The Following Code To Work In A Visual Studio 2008 Windows Form Application?

Feb 15, 2009

I need to convert the following code to work in a visual studio 2008 windows form application, the moment ObjectQuery, ManagementObjectSearcher, ManagementObject and ManagementObjectCollection are not valid.

im objectQuery As New ObjectQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_NetworkAdapter WHERE NetConnectionId IS NOT NULL")
Dim searcher As New ManagementObjectSearcher(Scope, objectQuery)


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Call A Form Load Parent Event From A Child Form?

Jun 3, 2011

I have two forms. Form A and Form B. Form A has a datagrid that is populated from a SQL Database Table query. When a button is pressed Form B is launched that allows you to add a record to the database table. I need for the datagrid to be refreshed and show the newly added record when I close form B and go back to the parent.


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Open A MDI Child Form Using A MenuList On The Main MDI Parent Form?

Feb 6, 2011

I have a MDI Parent form created with a MenuList, I also have the MDI child form created.ow do I go about using the MenuList to open the MDI child form within the parent form?

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Refreshing DataGrid On Parent Form After A Child Form Has Updated DB?

Dec 3, 2009

Basically I have two forms - Form1 has a DataGrid on it (Infragistics) and in the double-click row event it creates an instance of the EditForm and passes along the UniqueId for editing.  Once the user saves the changes (if they make changes) - I want the DataGrid on Form1 to refresh.  Here is how I thought I could get this to work ... I create a public property called RefreshRequired as boolean.  Before unloading the EditForm it sets this property to true.  Then Unloads.  This continues the code in Form1 (which showed the EditForm as modal) but RefreshRequired is still showing as False?  Why isn't my EditForm able to set the property?

Private Sub grdList_DoubleClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles grdList.DoubleClick
' TODO  Ignore Double-Click Event when Right Mouse Button Triggers Event


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Stop All The Functions On Parent Form While Child Form Is Still On Screen?

May 1, 2009

form1 has datagridview, when I click "add new", form2 appears(details view, allowing me to add new records into datagridview on form1). when I click "add new" again, form2 appears again, if I click x times, form2 will appear x times. How do I stop the add new button and all the functions on form1 from working until form2 is closed?

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Update Open Child Mdi Form Textbox From Parent Form?

Feb 3, 2012

I have a date selector on mdi parent that updates a property when date is changed. When I open a child form, it grabs the property just fine. However if I change the date again after the child is open the date does not change on the child unless I close and reopen the form as expected. What would be the best way to automatically update all open child forms when the date is changed on the parent at anytime? running a timer to parse the date property is impractical.

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Updating Parent Form From Dataset After Editing In Child Form?

Aug 24, 2009

I have two forms....Mainform is filled with controls that are databound to a datasource.....then I have a child form that is used to edit data from parent form.......the data that is displayed on the child form uses the Filter() method of the binding source to display data only for the customer selected......

The child form has the standard OK and CANCEL buttons set up as dialog result.......after I edit the content in child form, the changes are displayed on the child form correctly......but when closing the child form and going back to the parent form the changes dont appear there unless I restart the application.....I also tried adding the tableadapter.update/fill method in the 'OK' dialog result event handler and it still doesnt work......

How can I make the changes take effect on the parent form without restarting the application?

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VS 2010 : Load A Child Form By Default In MDI Parent Form?

Jan 23, 2011

I want to load a child form which is a login form by default when the parent form is loaded.Right now when I click new file on the toolbar of the parent form, then only the login form is loaded but i want it be loaded by default without clicking anything.

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VS 2010 Child Form Tell Parent Form It Is Closing And Send ID?

Apr 2, 2012

I have a parent form that has a list of items and each item has a unique ID. The user can open one or many of the items in a child form (it is set up in a tabbed MDI), but it can only open one instance of each item at a time.

In the parent form, I was going to make a collection (or something like that, maybe there is a better way) to keep track of which items are open in the child forms. I need to know when each child is closed so that it can be removed from the collection and reopened at a later time. I was thinking that when the child form closes, it somehow does something (like raise an event) that tells the parent form to remove the unique ID from the list of current open child forms.

My questions are, is this a good way to do this and I am pretty sure I would use the form closed event in the child form to update that parent form, but as well, I didn't know if this is the best way of handling it.

If raising the event is a good way, are some examples on how to do it out there? I found some for controls, but not while the form is closing/closed.

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Winforms - Disable The Parent Form When Call A Child Form?

May 14, 2010

How can I disable the parent form when I call a child form?This code doesn't disable the parent form like I thought it would:


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Accessing MDI Parent From Child Form?

Jan 31, 2011

I am trying to access a control (statusbar panel) on my MDI parent form from a child form.

Here's my
(located in child form)
Dim frmParent As frmMain
frmParent = DirectCast(Me.MdiParent, frmMain)


Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

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How To Close Parent With Child Form

May 16, 2010

I am using Visual Studio 2005. What I am trying to achieve is the following: I have a login form (form1) for the user. On successful login, a new form (form2) pops up which allows the user to add details of a student (name, age, address, courses taken, etc).

Following is what I tried to achieve the above said:
1) File>New>Project>VB Windows Application ................for form1
2) Project>Add Windows Form>Windows Form ...............for form2

What is happening is when I close form2, the application is not getting closed, form1 still exists. What i wish is that when I close any form (form1 or form2 or form3 etc ), the entire application must close.

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MDI Parent - Child Form Number

Apr 20, 2012

Is it necessary to write this code for every MDI Parent code?
Private Sub ShowNewForm(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
' Create a new instance of the child form.
Dim ChildForm As New System.Windows.Forms.Form
' Make it a child of this MDI form before showing it.
ChildForm.MdiParent = Me
m_ChildFormNumber += 1
ChildForm.Text = "Window " & m_ChildFormNumber
End Sub

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ListviewColumnSorter Doesn't Work On Windows XP

Mar 9, 2010

I have a listviewsorter that does work on Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (and maybe others), but it doesn't on Windows XP.

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Windows Service Doesn't Work?

Feb 28, 2011

I've created a windows service which must produce a beep every 0.5 seconds.

I've installed and started that. but nothing happends.

what should I do?this is my service:[URL]...

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Accessing Variables On A Parent Form From A Child Form

Aug 13, 2011

I have an array of variables called VolumeArray(12) which is declared as publlic shared in the main form1.I have a second form2 which allows the user to input various values. When this form2 is closed, I need the data the user has entered to update the values for VolumeArray(12) within Form1.

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C# - Access A Value That Is Entered Into A Child Form From A Parent Form?

Jan 10, 2011

Communication between form can be done in many ways using constructor using delegates etc in .net but my question is how can i access a value that is entered into a child form from a parent form or can a two way communication is possible between windows forms.

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Call Child Form Event From Parent Form?

Oct 20, 2009

Could i call the child form events like (closing ,load, activate,closed) .

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Close Child Form When Click On Parent Form?

Jun 5, 2012

I am having some trouble in my Windows form application. I have 2 forms:

1st Main / Parent Form

2nd Sub / Child Form (Menu)


I want to close my 2nd form (which opens on top of 1st form) when I click on the 1st form.

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Data Of Child Form Does Not Appear When Running The Parent Form?

Mar 2, 2012

i have a parent form-->frmComparisonTool the child form is-->frmIterationWindow i used the following codes to integrate the second form to the main one:

Private Sub ComparisonTool_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
Dim debuglist As New IterationWindow
debuglist.TopLevel = False


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Disable Parent Form When A Child Form Is On Display

Mar 15, 2012

my application have a main form. i have set the isMDIcontainer to true on the form properties. How do i set other forms to child form of the parent. i need to do this because the other forms start position is CenterParent.but as it is now when i run the program the other forms start position is not the parent form centre.Secondly, how do i disable the parent form when a child form is on display. so that user cannot click on the parent form until the child form is closed.

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