VB App Using EventWatchers Must Be Restarted Every Morning

May 26, 2011

VS2010 VB Windows application (ClickOnce deployment). Multitab Windows Form application, code uses three sets of procedures that run event watchers (with threads*) to watch three different file system folders. When a new document is created in one of these folders, the application runs a couple of procedures to capture data and create additional documents. This application works great.



Unmount DVD-ROM / Application Has To Be Restarted To Unmount DVD?

Nov 1, 2010

I have an application I wrote which uses the command line app growisofs for windows to burn processed data to a DVD. Everything works fine so long as a blank disc is already in the drive when growisofs is executed. I'm using growisofs with the dry-run flag to check for a blank disc before starting the actual burn process and if it comes back with an error (no disc or non-blank disc) it will eject the tray and prompt for a new disc. The problem is that for some reason I have not been able to determine, once it gets into this disc checking loop it returns an unmount error every time and will not burn. The application actually has to be exited and restarted before it will burn again, and then again only if a blank disc was already present when the background process was launched.

Disk Checking Function:

Private Function Valid_Disc()
Dim proc_ValidDisc As New System.Diagnostics.Process()
With proc_ValidDisc
.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = True


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