VS 2008 - IndexOf - User Enters A Letter Into A Text Box, And The Output Must Make The Letter Uppercase

Jun 28, 2010

I am a vb newbie having some trouble with an assignment. A user enters a letter into a text box, and the output must make the letter uppercase and tell what position the letter is at in the sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog."

Here is my

Private Sub btnSubmit_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnSubmit.Click


This is what comes out: "A first occurs in position -1". Everything comes out except the position is always displayed as -1.


VS 2005 Make First Letter Into Uppercase

Jul 15, 2009

how to Make Uppercase only the first letter and the rest are small.i found a lot of code here but i don't have clear to want i need [code]it work but the cursor is always move before the letter, result are user has difficulties when typing because it always move to before the first

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VS 2008 Regular Expression Error, Because Letter Is Not Uppercase

Dec 2, 2009

How do i can make my Regular Expression find word without taking a care is it big or small letter?

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VS 2010 : Change Colour Of Text Letter By Letter When Typed?

Jul 5, 2011

Is it possible to change to colour of letters as they are typed.I.e

Piece of text says
"Hello World"

when user types "H". The "H" in the original would change if matched and then so on and then when "Hello" is matched it would change to another colour.

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Every Other Letter To Uppercase

Jan 7, 2010

I have a problem, when I execute my code it works fine with non-repeating letters(Such as: qwertyui)But it I do repeating letters, they all go to UpperCase (aaa =AAA)I'll show you what I have/need in output in two colums.[code]

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Using A Timer Control To Highlight Text Letter By Letter One Every Second

Aug 5, 2009

I'm using a timer control to highlight text letter by letter one every second. Timer1.Interval = 1000 How can I give the user access to this variable so the speed can be changed?

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Convert The First Letter In A String To Uppercase?

Sep 15, 2011

I need to be able to a). convert the first letter in a string to uppercase, or b). convert the whole string to Upper.The program reads a notepad file line by line, and the idea is to modify each line one by one via looping. [code]......

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Change The First Letter Of A String To Uppercase?

May 31, 2010

change the first letter of a string to uppercase (capital)

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Uppercase Only First Letter In Searched Word?

Nov 13, 2010

I finally can create a lowercase word like "wife" to uppercase. However, there is now an unseen problem. Instead of only Uppercasing the First Letter of the word like "Wife", it is UPPERCASING the entire word like "WIFE". How to only Uppercase the FIRST LETTER in the searched word?

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Changing Text Style Letter By Letter?

Nov 4, 2011

I'm a VB beginner.I wonder if it's possible to change the text style letter by letter?I've learned here that you can change the entire style of text like

Dim myStyle As New Font(TextBox1.Font.Name, TextBox1.Font.Size, FontStyle.Regular)
TextBox1.Font = myStyle


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Convert Only First Letter Of Entered Name To Uppercase In Textbox

Feb 14, 2009

How to take a name entered in a text box and convert only the first letter of each name to upper and then convert the rest to lower.
Ex: "john doe" --> "John Doe"
"jAkE sMiTh" --> "Jake Smith"

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Making The First Letter Of Each Word Uppercase In A Sentence

Feb 8, 2012

i want to make the first letter of each word in a text box upper case. There is going to be 2 to 3 words in the text box. I can make the whole word uppercase with the following piece of code...


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Function For Convert To Uppercase Initial Letter After Space?

Mar 9, 2012

I'm looking for do this in vb.net:

hy how are you


Hy How Are You

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File I/O And Registry :: Binary Converter Reading String Letter By Letter

Sep 7, 2008

I have a binary converter I am attempting to build and want to read and convert the InputTextBox(alphabetical characters) letter by letter however all I have so far is one letter at a time

Image here is the code I have so far:

Public Class ConverterForm
Private Sub OpenToolStripMenuItem_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles OpenToolStripMenuItem.Click


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VS 2005 Live Text As In If A User Types An Incorrect Phrase / Letter In A Text Box

Nov 14, 2009

I'm trying to find a way to have text that would be "Live" as in if a user types an incorrect phrase/letter in a text box, a message will appear prior to a "save" button being pressed. It's pretty much the same as when you're registering on these forums, it checks the availabilty of the username as you type it.


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VS 2005 Make Live Search Form Like When User Enter 1 Char Then It Ll Find All Data Start With Or Contain Letter?

Jun 19, 2009

I want to make live search form like when user enter 1 char then it ll find all data start with or contain letter.i have use the sql like query with textbox textchanged event but it is too slow any other method to make it fast?

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2008 : Capitalize The Just The First Letter In A Text Box?

Mar 29, 2012

I created a mock program in Visual basic. I have a progress bar and an ErrorProvider.

1.)How can I make the progress bar stop when there is an error?

2.)How can I make the status strip start when the progress bar starts?

3.) How can I capitalize the just the first letter in a text box.

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VS 2010 Storing Grades Into An Array & Output Average / Letter Grade

May 13, 2011

"I need to create a program that will allow the user to enter in 10 test grades from a class. I need to store these grades into an array, and use a loop to add up the total. Then I'll need to output the average, and the letter grade for the average using:

90 - 100 A
80 - 89 B
70 - 79 C
60 - 69 D

Below 60 F"

That's all it needs to do. Here is some code that shows you that the only thing I know how to do is (allow the user to enter in 10 test grades from a class.) The rest I'm so lost on and have a crappy instructor. This assignment is due tomorrow, but the instructor is not available over the weekend.

Here is my This is all I have:

Dim MyNumbers(9) As Integer
Dim Total As Integer
Dim i As Integer


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VS 2008 : Use The TryParse Method To Check For Letter Text Input?

Nov 9, 2009

Is there any way to use the TryParse method to check for letter text input?For example, a user needs to input a name in a text box. Is there anyway to check that input are all letters?

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Insert Letter "N" And Have Followed By 4 Digits Is Entered By The User In To The Text Box?

Nov 8, 2011

NOTE: I tried using concat() method, join method and even tried to insert just text(which turned out editable) but none of them worked as I wanted. I was thinking if substring method will work but I only have basic idea of how substring works. I want the letter "N" to be inserted into the text box when form loads and when the user enters 4digits(OrderNo2.text) which should be joined so that it can be saved together when I clicked on save button.


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Change Console Text Kerning - Make Each Letter A "square" Essentially

Jul 12, 2011

I'm trying to make each letter a "square" essentially, so each letter is no more tall than it is wide, in vb.net. Is this possible? If so, how? I can't seem to find anything, and I've been searching hard.

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Get The Last Letter The User Typed In?

Oct 24, 2009

How would i get the last letter the user typed in?

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Forms :: Limit The User To 7 Numbers And A Letter?

Oct 24, 2010

I have a passport number textbox and I want to limit the user to 7 numbers and a Letter in the textbox. How Do I do that?

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Put The Drive Letter & User Account Name Into A Directory?

Mar 11, 2010

I have made a program that i would like to be able to move from PC to PC; at the moment i would have to change the string directories within the program for each PC i would like top run it on.

By having the user select their drive letter and type their account name into a text box could this be implemented into a directory.

Below is the code, as i was hoping it was coded (lol never is tho).

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Dim Filename As String = ("*.torrent")


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Make A Translator - Translateevery Single Letter And Make It 1 Word

Sep 7, 2009

I want to make a translator like this: [URL]...I have already made two textboxes and a button. If I type in textbox 1 abc then textbox 2 must say nop. I already know the If textbox1.text = "abc" then textbox2.text = nop. I don't want that i want to translate the a to a n and the b to a o and the c to p. So i want to translate every single letter and make it 1 word. Its like a secret code. My language looks like that a=nb=oc=pd=qe=rf=sg=th=ui=vj=wk=xl=ym=z n=ao=bp=cq=dr=es=ft=gu=hv=iw=jx=ky=l z=m

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Asp.net - Get User To Click On Button A Letter Is Generated And Sent To Printer?

Sep 25, 2011

I have a web application build using classic ASP and VB. How do I print a document from within the back end VB code?

Protected Sub btnPrint_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnPrint.Click
End Sub

What i am trying to do is get user to click on button a letter is generated and sent to printer?

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Give Messagebox When User Types Letter In Textbox?

Mar 16, 2009

I need code which will give messagebox when user types letter in textbox, when he types number all is ok

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IDE :: Make Validation In Txtbox Only Allow Letter And Number?

Jul 31, 2010

How to make validation Only Allow letters and Numbers to Input, without any special character in Textbox

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Keypress - How To Make Separate Line For Each Letter

Nov 26, 2011

I have a textbox and I only want people to be able to type in the word "ALL" and the numbers 1-6. How do I go about that? I got the number part but do I have to make a separate line for each letter in the alphabet that isn't "A" or "L"?

Private Sub monthTextBox_KeyPress(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyPressEventArgs) Handles monthTextBox.KeyPress
'If (e.KeyChar <= "1" OrElse e.KeyChar <= "6") Then _
'AndAlso e.KeyChar = "ALL" Then
'e.Handled = True
[Code] .....

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Make A 'translator' That Will Simply Just Swap Each Letter?

Nov 15, 2010

I'm trying to make a 'translator' that will simply just swap each letter with each other, (a = b, b = a, c = d, d = c ect.), when the user types something into a textbox. How would I go about making it?

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Make SendKeys Just Hold The Key Down Instead Of Spamming The Letter?

Mar 13, 2011

I am trying to make a program that will be an auto-run in a game for me, the movement key is W and when i use SendKeys, it just spams W really fast (but with the KeyUps also) so my character just slowly goes and stops goes and stops. Is there a way I can just hold the W key down through VB.NET (such as just placing your finger on a key and holding it down)?

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Use To Make The 1st Letter Of The Input Users Name Is Capitalised?

May 30, 2011

wondering what i should use to make the 1st letter of the input users name is Capitalised.

so textbox 1 they would enter - josh and when its shown in any labels is shows - Josh

would ucase be used here ? im not sure.

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VB 2010 Make A Label Update And Add Another Letter Beside It?

May 19, 2012

how to make a label update and add another letter beside it? E.X : I want it to say Loading then 1 seconds later it goes to loading. then to loading.. then loading...


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Averaging 15 User-input Grades And Then Telling The Letter Grade

Jun 5, 2011

It is meant to average 15 user-input grades and then from there I have to provide the letter grade that corresponds with the average percent. I understand how to provide the corresponding letter grade, but I don't understand how to get the average. I've tried putting it into arraylist format

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[2008] Error Validation - Series Of Nested If/then/else Statements To Make Sure A User Enters Information

Feb 15, 2009

I'm using a series of nested if/then/else statements to make sure a user enters information into each text box or chooses a radio button. What would i use to say if no text is entered in textbox1, then ... also what would i use to make a sure the user choose one or the other radio button? for example i also have a combo box, i used "If SubjectComboBox.SelectedIndex <> -1" for the if statement.

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Trim A Text From The 4-th Letter?

Mar 4, 2010

i want to trim a text from the 4-th letter and i want to put the trim text into a richtextbox...how can i do this? i search and i don't find something good....

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Make Program That Counts The Frequency Of Each Letter In The Alphabet?

Feb 22, 2012

I'm trying to make this program that counts the frequency of each letter in the alphabet for a set of ciphertext, the calculation i want to do is:lettersum*(lettersum - 1) + lettersum*(lettersum - 1) for however many letters example: User puts aabbcc in the ciphertext box , the output should be
2(2-1)+2(2-1)+2(2-1) =6 If the user inputs aaaaab the output should be 5(5-1)+1(1-1) = 20 The code I have so far only counts the last number of letters for example: aabbcc only reads the cc part and only outputs 2(2-1) = 2 instead of 2(2-1) + 2(2-1) + 2(2-1) = 6.The code below is part of a button_Click item


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Converting Text Into Single Letter Strings

Oct 22, 2009

Is there any way for a program to look at the text in, for example rtbInput and examine each letter individually as it goes? I mean, if the text in rtbInput is: How do I get the program to look at the text as 5 different strings: "H", "e", "l", "l" and "o"?


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Find All Four Letter Words In A Text File?

Feb 28, 2011

How can I search a text file and return all four letter words one by one in a Label

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Matching Text String On First Letter In SQL Query

Feb 28, 2012


In this exmample textData is a string of text and alpha is a single letter a through z or A through Z. I don't need the criteria to be case sensitive, but I do need only the first letter of textData to match alpha. I have tested the LIKE comparator and it does not return all records that begin with alpha.

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