Calculate The Time Difference Between Two Points In Time?

Jun 18, 2012

I am trying to calculate the time difference between two points in time. I am using: Environment.TickCount.I set a long variable to the Environment.TickCount and then a second long variable to Environment.TickCount at a later point in time. I then subtract the second long variable from the first long variable, yet an incorrect difference is returned.


Get The Difference Of Login Time And Logout Time?

Apr 10, 2012

How to get the difference of login time and logout time.(Eg. Login Time = login1 and Logout time = logout1).

what will be the format of the value.

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Calculate Time From One Time To Next

Dec 20, 2009

I've written a lot of code in VB6 and VBA but for some reason, I can't get my head around how to do it in VB 2008 Express.I'm trying to write a program that takes the time distance from an earlier time to a later time, in minutes maybe or even seconds, and use that value to calculate a percentage for a progressbar control.since I'll have multiple events, I will need multiple progress bars. I've figured out how to dynamically add them to a form, and how to update them via a timer. Even learned how to assign an event handler and how to target a progress bar in the array. All is good there but...Well... the parameters for each instance are start time and end time. With those two values, I'm hoping I can calculate where I am between those two points and feed that value to the appropriate progress bar. I just can't seem to figure out how to calculate time values from an input from say, a text box.

I have a text box for each instance for start time, something basic like "11:42 pm" and end time in the same format. Once the timer is started, I want to be able to calculate how far I am from the start time, how far to the end time, and use that to feed the progress bar as to the percentage of completion.Again, I figured out how to add a set amount of controls at run time as per the instances of timers. Of course, I'm only using one timer control to update the form, but using it to process the information and update the progress bars.Later on, I want to use a database to draw the timer data from, but for now, I need to get past this simple hurdle.I THOUGHT TimeSerial would do it for me... going back to my VBA work, you had one timeserial, and another, and you could use the result of one minus the other and then format the result. Even use that number to figure out hours, minutes, seconds. I can't seem to figure out how to do that with Visual Basic 2008 Express.

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C# - Convert A Date And Time To UTC Time Based On The Time Zone Of The User?

Sep 6, 2009

I have an ASP.NET application with a SQL Server back end. I am storing all my dates in UTC format and doing the appropriate conversions to the local time zone of the browser viewing it. One of the pages asks for a start date and end date (no times).

I am taking the start date and setting the time to 00:00:00 hours (midnight) and I'm taking the End time and adding a time of 23:59:59, so that the date range covers the whole day. Now what I'm trying to do is do a SQL query to do a search for records in this date range. The problem is, the data in SQL is in UTC time and the user is typing their dates and times in their local date and times. My quickest solution was to convert the date and time to UTC, then search the records. However, by doing this, I am to believe ASP.NET converts the given time and date to UTC based on the server time zone. How can I convert a date and time to UTC time based on the time zone of the user?

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Difference Time In .NET?

May 25, 2011

we can use datediff() function to know the difference of two dates. but how we know the difference of two times???

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Get Time Difference In

Dec 22, 2011

Let's say i am importing a time from sql with [code]...

i want to get the difference in time from the sql time to the current time. How would i do that?I need to get the time so that if it goes over 24 hours something is blocked.

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How To Calculate Time

Jul 9, 2011

I make a project car rentals but I have trouble counting time, to take the penalty when you return the car late,[code]but the results do not correspond..I want the result = 2 hours 10 minutes.

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Check For Time Difference?

Jun 4, 2011

How do i check for time difference for eg: i have code like this

If GetServerDateTime() < Format(Now, "MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss tt") Then
msgbox ("Invalid datetime")

i want to make it like if the time difference is within 2 min from the current time.... the application still can allowed to next form. Is there a specific code to do this....just to check the minute difference

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Getting Difference Of Time And How To Add Results

Mar 15, 2012

I have a to create a timecard calculator. it goes this way

txtbox1 is for their 1st in
txtbox2 is for their 1st out
textbox3 is for the difference of txtbox1 and textbox2


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Regarding Time Difference Calculation

Apr 12, 2010

I wud like to calculate the time difference between two values.I have two values which is the in time and out time of each employee.Subtracting in time from out time should yield the time the employee has stayed at the office If the in time is 09:00:00 and the out time is 18:00:00.The difference between the two would be 9 hours.

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Time Difference Between 2 Textboxes?

May 2, 2011

I am not sure if I should put in a Text Box or not but this is how I thought it might have to go. Textbox1 shows the start time of a procedure and textbox2 shows the endtime of the same procedure. I would like it if the textboxes were in a 12 hour clock showing an am/pm tag on the textbox's. Then in Textbox3 it would show the differance between Textbox1 and Textbox2 in Hours and Minutes.

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.net - How To Calculate Time Between 2 Date

Dec 31, 2011

Can someone please help me make this work? I want to do in calculate time between to date like this:

startdate: 2011/12/30
enddate: 2011/12/31

Calculate: ? hour ? minute ? secends

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Calculate Elapsed Time?

Aug 12, 2010


textbox1.text has a value of 08:00
textbox2.text has a value of 16:00


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Calculate StartDate & Time?

Nov 24, 2011

I want to do 2 things with date & time calculation : First : I have a LastSave (dateTime Format). I have two controls (NumericUpDown / Format Decimal), one for Hours, the other for Minutes.I want to start another save at a specific time this day at : Today's date + Hours + Minutes.What i've done isn't work, cause i can't convert to DateTime my setting

DateDernireSauvegarde, which has a STRING FORMAT.
Private Sub TimerSauvegarde_Tick(sender As System.Object, _
e As System.EventArgs) Handles TimerSauvegarde.Tick


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Calculate Time From Milliseconds?

May 4, 2009

I have a value which is milliseconds, I did some experimenting, and with my very limited math skill I came up with this:

Dim val = _Memory.ReadValueFromAddress(hProcess, timer_addr, 4)
Dim seconds = val / 60 Mod 60
Dim minutes = val / 60 / 60

I don't even know what will happen when the hour counts down,

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Calculate Time When Using DateTimePicker?

Apr 8, 2011

I'm new to VB and I'm so confused when using DateTimePicker. To be more specific, I have 2 inputs and two of them are Booking Start Time (BST) & Booking End Time (BET) (using DateTimePicker and set them as Time ). I should allow users to choose any time (including Minutes and Seconds)for BST (just need before than now) and BET. BET must be greater than BST at least ONE minute, but still also ensure it less than now (else it should appear a message box to tell specific problem). Then,system will calculate how long it is. [code]....

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Calculate Total Time?

Jan 6, 2012

I have many time result in my hand... like

10.10.23 (hours,minute,seconds)

How can i calculate total time?

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How To Calculate Date Time

Jun 10, 2010

write a code that can calculate the difference between the datetime a article has been published and datetime of this example :this article has been published 4 minutes ago...this article has been published about 2 days ago...

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Find Difference Between Dates And Time?

Mar 12, 2012

I need a program which shows day and time difference between 2 dates.For example: The user chooses 2011/12/11 10:20:05 and 2010/12/11/ 10:40:35.Then the program shows the difference between them in days ,hours ,minutes and seconds.

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Possible To Use DateDiff To Find Difference Between Time?

Jun 19, 2010

Is it possible to use DateDiff to find the difference between time?I have two time periods i.e. 05:00 and 05:10pm so i would like to run some code if the time is between the two specified periods. Ive searched around and i think DateDiff could do this but unsure?

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Time Difference Between Six Text Boxes?

Jun 13, 2010

Time difference between six text boxes

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Time-difference Computed Efficiently?

Mar 3, 2009

What is an efficient way (must be performed in a loop quite often) for getting the difference between two timestamps that come in form of DateTime-variables?

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Best Way To Calculate Time For Method Call?

Jan 31, 2011

I want to calculate the time taken by a method to execute.[code]...

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Calculate Cost From Elapsed Time?

May 27, 2010

I am trying to calculate a total cost from an elapsed time. Dependant on how long the time is, this will calculate the total cost. It has to be 3 to every hour. The elapsed time is displayed in label6 in "hh:MM:ss" format and the total cost needs to be displayed in label8.

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Calculate Download Time And Stop It?

Jun 7, 2011

Iam working on a Download Manager, but I dont know the codes for calculating the download time and how to stop ( not cancel) the download and then continue it. [code]....

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Calculate Relative Time Offset?

Oct 13, 2010

I was reading this article about relative time calculation

The problem is that the results are wrong due to the time offset. My webpage is Greek.So how should i modify that function to work correctly, including the GMT+2 or GMT+3 hours offset?

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Calculate Time Taken To Execute A Function?

Apr 26, 2010

I want to calculate the time taken to execute a function.[code]...

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VS 2008 Calculate Estimate Time?

Sep 7, 2009

I have an app that encrypts a file, and I would like to have an estimate of the time remaining, but I don't know how.

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What Methods Are There To Calculate Remaining Time

Oct 25, 2008

Im using the Winrar dll to extract some big rar files but i want to know what methods are there to calculate the remaining time?

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Difference Of Two Date Time Pickers To A Text Box?

Mar 18, 2012

I have two date time pickers , namely "Date_of_ReturnDateTimePicker" and "Date_of_IssueDateTimePicker". Now, what i want to do is, that when i press the "total" button, the value of issue date should be deducted from the return date value, and the difference in days should be put in a textbox.

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Find Difference Between Login And Logout Time In .net?

Oct 6, 2010

how to find difference between login and logout time in

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VS 2008 : Get The Time Difference Between 2 Date & Times?

Jan 17, 2011

how to get the time difference between 2 date & times Where

from_time falls >= 22:00 of the From_date & the to_time falls <= 06 of the To_Date

for example:

From_Date = 01/01/2011 20:00 ' Where Work Started
To_Date = 02/01/2011 08:00 'Where Work Ended

Time_Covered_Between_22TO06_As_Night = 22:00 to 06:00 is 08:00 hrs How to equate it?

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Calculate Time Duration Between Sunrise And Sunset?

Aug 3, 2010

How can i calculate time duration between sunrise and sunset? Then how can i divide this duration(sunrise to sunset) into 8 equal parts(Hr: Min)?

All i need is starting and ending time of every part. And i want to write this code in VB.NET because in VB.NET i can easily design the GUI.

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Calculate Total Time In Crystal Report?

Mar 14, 2010

I am creating a report in using crystal reports and need help on finding sum of dailyworkhrs in my crystal reprot. I have a feld which calculates dailyworkhrs and now i would like to find the total of it. For example:

OUTPUT Should be

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Get Script To Calculate In Real Time Rather Then With A Button

Mar 25, 2011

I am sure there is a better cleaner way to do this but again I am just starting to feel VB.Anyway, what I am trying to do is get the calculations to work in real time, the form loads with the default radio selection and when the user click the controls, the prices starts to change like add and subtracts.Using the button is also an issue since the increment on the check boxes goes up by one even when the user click on another radio button.[code]

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Mutltithreading - Timer To Calculate The Elapsed Time

Feb 23, 2009

Im using the express edition of VB.Net to do my project. I have several threads in my program which run fine. However, im stuck at this problem. I have a button in my form, which if I click I will call ThreadA (works fine), If i keep it pressed for more than 2 sec i need to call ThreadB (doesnt work), and if the time is more than 2 min, i need to stop and send a msg to the user. I have tried the timer to calculate the elapsed time, so the tick function would call the thread. BUT this doesnt work... Im not sure what do to.

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VS 2010 Calculate How Much Time Is Left On Download?

Jan 21, 2011

I made a sort of downloader program in Visual Basic 2010, and it downloads okey. It reports the full size of the file, and how much that has been downloaded right now and the percentage.

But, a function that i am missing is to show the user how much time is left on the current downloading. I have searched for it, but i couldn't find any solution that would work.I should also mention that i use a webclient for the actual downloading part.

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AxWindowsMediaPlayer - Current Position And Play Time Difference?

Jan 10, 2012

I'm using VB 2010 Express with two instance of AxWindowsMediaPlayer in order to sync two videos (the videos are of the same thing but from two camera angles). Because the videos were started at slightly different times I've manually set the start time of each one using the following

AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.Ctlcontrols.currentPosition = 314.5093196
AxWindowsMediaPlayer2.Ctlcontrols.currentPosition = 237.1639908

The problem I'm having is that whilst the WMP clock initially displays the above times in each AxWindowsMediaPlayer, when I play the videos each starts a few seconds out from the stated currentPositions.

The video files are around 300MB each and when testing with smaller video files the problem does not seem to happen. I'm guessing the large file size is causing some delay and hence causing the problem.

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Storing Timestamp To Session And Counting Time Difference?

Mar 13, 2009

I am counting how many seconds it takes to go from aspx page 1 to page 2. This time is not reflecting a real clock.. Where is the bug?on page 1 I have:

Sesion("sessioncreated") = Now.Ticks
n page 2 I have:
Dim diff As Long = 0


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Calculate The Total Time A User Spending On An Application?

Jun 24, 2011

I want to create an application that able to calculate the total time the user (i.e. myself) spent on a particular application, for example Firefox. And this application should display warning message if the user spent a lot of time on Firefox (for example 1 hour or more)Reason: I'm a VB.NET developer. During my working hours, my main tool is Visual Studio and I suppose to do coding. But I need Firefox occasionally to access internet (particularly SO and other sites) to find solutions for my programming problems. The problem is I addicted to SO and SO sucks my time for hours until I have forgotten that I suppose to continue coding and not browsing the SO site.

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