Highlight Datagrid Rows Upon Searching?

Feb 15, 2012

i need bit of support in my vb coding. i've publish data onto a datagrid(in vb express 2010). i just want to highlight entire row once the search data is found(in lime color) and color should be remain in that particular row when searching next records. so that user would easily know which records are searched and which are not by looking @ the color.


Highlight In Datagrid The Subjects That Has Conflicts To Other Rows?

Feb 15, 2012

I wanted to identify the conflicted schedule of each of the section. If there's conflict then the two or more subjects that are conflict will be colored to make then noticeable. They are in datagridview. I don't know what's wrong but there are some that although they are conflict they are not highlighted. Here's my code:

For item As Integer = 0 To DataGridClass.RowCount - 1
For item2 As Integer = 0 To DataGridClass.RowCount - 1
If DataGridClass.Rows(item).Cells(ClassID).Value <> DataGridClass.Rows(item2).Cells(ClassID).Value And


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Highlight Specific Rows In ListView?

Apr 17, 2010

how to highlight specific rows of ListView in vb.net?

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Highlight DataGridView Rows Based On A Columns Value?

Jan 27, 2012

I want to change the row color of every row in my DataGridView where a particular column value = "RBF3". I am currently using the DataBindingComplete event which seems to work fine, but it fires every time I change a cells value.  I'd like for this bit of code to only fire when the datagridview is first displayed, sorted, or filtered.  Is this possible?


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Programmatically Highlight Multiple Rows In DataGridView?

Feb 18, 2010

I need to highlight rows in an unbound datagridview at runtime.I've tried to highlight right after adding the row using dgv.Rows.Add(row0)dgv.CurrentRow.Selected = True

This has no apperent effect as none of the rows are highlighted.How do I get various rows to highlight at runtime.

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Highlight Datagrid Row Based On A Column Value

Nov 19, 2003

I want to Highlighting a Datagrid Row based on a column value.I've refreshed my DataGrid and now I want to go to the row that contains a specific value.ie, 2 Columns NAME, ID 1000 rows.I want to highlight the Row with ID = 700.[code]

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VS 2008 Highlight Rows In A ListView Based On Specific Conditions?

Oct 12, 2009

I have a ListView that I populate with running processes and would like to highlight specific rows based on the amount of memory consumption. After I add the processes to the list and and call the WorkingSet64 property of the process, I tried this:

vb.net For Each lvi In ListViewProcess.Items If proc.WorkingSet64 >= 2000 Then lvi.BackColor = Color.Yellow  End If Next

Processes is the variable I used to grab the collection of processes. proc is defined as a variable and then used to loop through the processes.

lvi is of course the ListViewItems in the ListView.So, by the code I have above, I loop through the ListViewItems, and if any of the processes are above or equal to 2000, then I set the background color to Yellow.

However, it sets every line to yellow, and I can't seem to figure out to set only those processes that have a WorkingSet64 above 2000.

Would I need to loop through the processes and then set the background color of the ListViewItem based on that? That kind of makes sense to me, but if I do that, I'm not sure how to set it just for those processes. Maybe by setting a separate variable?

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Highlight Datagrid Cell Based On A String Value?

Oct 7, 2011

I'm trying to get a value in a datagrid to highlight based on the value from a textbox, I can't seem to figure out why it's not working right.

Dim xdata As String = TextBox1.Text
Dim cell As DataGridViewCell
Dim cellVar As String


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Cursor From One Datagrid To Another Datagrid With Have The Same Number Rows?

Jul 29, 2010

how to do cursor moving from one grid it effect to another grid.example Grid A and Grid B have the same number of rows. when I click current row on data grid A, the selected row on data Grid B also follow data grid A..

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Searching Through A DataGrid

May 17, 2009

I have datagrid, a textbox and a button .. the user puts a value in the textbox, and when he presses the button it should search through the datagrid for that value, if found, 1 of 2 things may happen:Or the datagrid only shows that value Or the value the user put in the textbox show indexed, like, with the blue thing over?

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Searching Through A Datagrid?

Dec 12, 2010

I am trying to perform a search and this is as far as I got. I am trying to search through a datagrid for a match either by last name or ID. I know the ID search is almost working but not sure how to make it look for whats in the text box... how to match the value in the search text to the datagrid.

Private Sub SearchButton_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles SearchButton.Click
Dim ind As String = 0
' Dim Result As String
Dim SearchArgument As String


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'DBNull' When Searching A DataGrid?

Dec 21, 2011

I'm writing a program for my friend as a gift. He's a movie lover, and has this Excel spreadsheet with all the movies he's watched in it. I converted the spreadsheet to an Access database,then used that database in my program. I've been going by the example in my textbook (Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic by Diane Zak), and everything been working until I put in a "Find Movie Title" button. I want to be able to search the column "Movie Title" for a title input by the user (whether it's the whole title or just a few characters)Here's the code:

Sub btnFindTitle_Click(ByVal
sender As

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Catch 'no Rows Found' When Searching In A Data Grid?

Mar 14, 2011

Let me know if I use the wrong words when discribing my situation, I am a student in college learning VB. I have a a datagrid bound to a table built in sql server 2008. The search feature works like a charm but I want to display a messagebox error if no rows match the search criteria. Here is the code I have come up with:


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Searching From Datagrid Where Textbox Keypress?

Jun 11, 2011

i want to search data according to textbox i want to write a code in eventstextbox1_keypress whenever you write a word L in textbox so the dgview row select the row where the row starts with L and after that i press I so the select dgview row whrer

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Searching String In Datagrid Column?

Apr 17, 2011

i am working on an assignment to search a value in datagridview column if value matched with input textbox then datagrid cursor should move to the cell having that searched vallue and if column has more than one searched values then cursor should move to next cell having that particular searched value and so on .e.g



suppose that if we search for value AROUT which is in cell nomber 3,5 and 7 when user hit the serch button first time then data grid cursor should move to the 3rd cell and when user again click search button then datagrid cursor should move to the 5th cell and when user click search button third time then datagrid cursor should move to the 7th cell i have tried many combination with FOR loop and IF condition but with following code i am able to search the string only once obviously if condition does not allow me to search a value more than once .the code is

for i as integer=1 to 90
If DataGridView1.CurrentCell.Value<>textbox1.text Then
DataGridView1.CurrentCell = DataGridView1.Item(0, i + 1)
End If

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DataGrid Cell Select - Searching Through Textbox?

Mar 6, 2012

The problem is when I search through a textbox and nothing matches the search query, I accidentally click the column header which is the lastname then the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." pops up.

The highlighted part of my code is the text closed in quotation marks.
"If dgvStud.CurrentCell.Selected = Nothing Then"
btnEdit.Enabled = False
btnDelete.Enabled = False
Exit Sub
btnEdit.Enabled = True
btnDelete.Enabled = True
End If

This code is under my dgv cell click event. Here is a screenshot for the column header where I found the error. [URL]

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Enable Searching Items Inside DataGrid?

Jan 17, 2011

I have put an Input box + Button in my main form to search items inside my DataGridView in Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition, i just dont know what codes to put in my button to enable searching items inside my DataGrid.

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Searching And Displaying Specific Records In A DataGrid

Apr 6, 2009

I've tried a few different methods I could find in order to connect my VB .NET program to a book store's database. While I've been able to connect to it and display the contents of its tables in a DataGrid, I need to be able to search the tables and display specific records, depending on the contents of appropriate the adjacent text boxes.[code]This is a code I've used for a very similar process, just really aims to search a different field in the table. If this is easier to adapt into a code that allows searching and producing specific records in a database, please use this one.

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Add Rows In A Datagrid From Database?

Sep 7, 2010

how to add multiple rows in a datagrid from data base

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Add Rows To Undetermined DataGrid?

Jul 14, 2009

I have a DataGridview1 box and a listbox called rebuilt which contains the raw data I need put into an array and then dumped into the DataGrid.[code]....

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Datagrid With Different No Of Rows In Each Column?

Sep 25, 2009

is it possible to have a datagridView in which each column can have diff no of rows in it?

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Get Checkboxes In All Rows Of A DataGrid?

Jan 12, 2011

I selected and put one checkbox control in datagrid. How can I get checkbox in all rows?

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Hide Rows In A Datagrid?

Oct 13, 2011

Our site is developing against a 3rd party API (Wonderware) that returns datasets and datatables from certain calls.  The issue we are having with some of the calls is the data returned is more than we want to show to the end users.  We are binding the data to a datagrid, and will sometimes get back 20+ columns of data we don't need to show.  Is there a way to filter the datatable of columns before binding it to the datagrid?  Right now we are using the datagrid to hide the columns, but I think it would be better to strip out the columns of data we don't need before binding to the grid.  

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How To Add Rows In Datagrid Ce Using For Loop

Mar 22, 2010

how can i add rows in datagrid using for loop in compact edition.[code]

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How To Manually Add New Rows To A Datagrid

Dec 23, 2009

How do I manually add new rows to a datagrid?

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Looping Through Rows In A Datagrid?

Mar 27, 2012

For Each row As DataRow In dgrFarms.Rows
Dim sendtroopid As Integer
sendtroopid = row("idColumn")
'Do Something

I've been trying to get a loop through a row in just one column in VB.NET for a while now, and i've done my homework on it too. When i use that code above I get:

Unable to cast object of type 'System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewRow' to type 'System.Data.DataRow'.

I saw another guide which told me to do:

For Each row As DataGridView In dgrFarms.Rows
sendtroopid = row("idColumn")
'Do Something

But that gives me the error:

Overload resolution failed because no accessible 'Item' accepts this number of arguments.

(That's a blue underline on 'Row("idColumn") )

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Multiple Rows To A Datagrid

May 17, 2012

In sql server , my query brings out more than one row of data


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Numbering Rows In Datagrid?

Jun 9, 2011

numbering rows in datagrid. I have a column that should number 1,2,3 so on when adding a new row. When I delete a row, those numbers should re-number still to 1,2,3. So when I delete row 2, the row that's been added as 3 should now number to 2. Then when I add new rows, these should re-number again, and so on..

My code:
'when adding a new row
Private Sub btnadd_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnadd.Click


My problem is with the for loop when deleting a row.

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VS 02/03 Copy All DataGrid Rows?

Mar 10, 2011

I am using VB.NET 2003 I read this thread :There it explains how to copy one DataGrid row.I'd like to be able to copy all the rows in the DataGrid from a Button_Click.

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Counting Total Rows On A Datagrid

May 10, 2011

I am trying to count all the rows on a datagrid after it has been populated from my DB. I have searched online on how to do this but nothing seems to work.[code]where test is my datasource it gets thrown into

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DataGrid - How To Update Multiple Rows

Feb 27, 2012

I am new to vb.net as well as programming. (Windows application) I have only one data grid, one submit button on form. Datagrid has three columns name, age, salary

User will enter data directly in a row of datagrid. After clicking on save button data will get displayed in grid as well as stored in database.
User also can update data in any row, just by changing cell data of selected row and clicking on save button.

How I can update data in datagrid just by above way? How to guess which row data has changed? If user changes data in multiple rows, how to update multiple rows in this scenario? Can I have to take one extra column in database?

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Datagrid With Columns Tha Have Different Datatable Rows?

Feb 9, 2010

i want to make a datagrid with 2 columns and many rows

the columns i want to have databinding with a datatable
i want the 1 row 1 column of datagrid have data from 1 row of datatable
i want the 1 row 2 column of datagrid have data from 2 row of datatable


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Deleting Rows In Datagrid View?

May 22, 2009

I bring data in from an access database using a sql query and then assign the data to a datagrid view. When i try to delete data from the table, it is removed from the datagrid, but the change is not showing up in the actual table.As a second question, is there a way to tag the specific row and send that back to the actual database for deletion? The way i have it set now, i think would delete all instances where digit, day, and office match, instead of just the selected record.

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Disable The Button When The Datagrid Have 9 Rows?

Jun 6, 2011

I want to ask about how to disable the button when the datagrid have 9 rows? i want to control the button.after the datagrid have 9 rows, then the button.enabled=false.

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Remove Multiple Rows In Datagrid?

Jun 12, 2009

I have the following code in which it supposed to remove rows that have the first column checkboxes checked, but it only removes one row at a time.If you have more than one checkbox checked, you have to click the command button each time to remove the row.It seems that the logic is correct to remove multiple rows if more than one checkbox is checked, but it doesn't work.

Public Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
For Each row As DataGridViewRow In DataGridView1.Rows


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Same Datagrid, Different Scrolling Via Columns Not Rows?

Jul 31, 2010

In my datagrid, I know the number of rows that it will have - it will always have 12 rows.Can I scroll through the cells downwards via the columns instead of the usual horizontal way via the rows?

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Using Two Rows Simultaneously In Datagrid View

Feb 12, 2012

I have a datagrid structure made below.


how can i use two rows at same time to calculate the date diff ? so that date diff is calculated automatically and inserted in the cell.

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VS 2008 Loop Through The Rows In The Datagrid

Sep 21, 2009

I have a datagrid with a list of subscriptions in. Is it possible to loop through the rows in the DG, check the date of expiry (cell 5) and highlight it in red or whatever if its "expired"?

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VS 2008 Looping Through All Rows In A Datagrid?

Jan 11, 2011

Im trying to loop through all rows in a datagrid and enter a calculation in the field in the next column (first column is already populated with appliance names). The code below works but only on the first row. Can someone be good enough to point out my error? For Each row As DataGridViewRow In DataGridView1.Rows

If DataGridView1.Rows(s).Cells(0).Value = "" Then
DataGridView1.Rows(s).Cells(1).Value = "0"
DataGridView1.Rows(s).Cells(1).Value = dtDLopt.Compute("SUM(Measurement)", "Appliance = '" & DataGridView1.Rows(s).Cells(0).Value & "'")
End If
Next row

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Change A Backcolor Of Odd And Even Rows In Datagrid View?

Dec 11, 2010

i have 10 rows in datagrid view i use V S 2010 How can i change a backcolor of odd and even rows different.i try my best but i has one error that is Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index

how can i make a single column backcolor after all rows backcolor is set

i write my code on form load event.my code is in vb.net(windows form) is as follows:


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