How To Use Msmq

Jun 8, 2011

I am working on a web application in silverlight. i want to use msmq to send data to the remote server in offline mode. I have absolutely no idea about msmq, except for some basics. i used this link to create triggers, rules and queue url...I created a private queue, trigger and a rule. I have registered for com components.but i am not able to excute the method in the rule.


Capture Events Of Msmq In Vb?

Jul 29, 2009

How can we capture events of msmq in dont see any events if I declare object type of System.MessageQueue. Do I need to include the COM MS Message Queue 3.0 lib to deal with events and message queue?

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Send And Retrieve Xml Via MSMQ?

Jun 17, 2010

We found code to read and write binary data (.jpg) with MSMQ and everything is working fine but if we are using for this code for a xml file it gives memory? problems.

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Sending A Message To MSMQ

Jul 27, 2010

I am using following code to post the xml file to MSMQ the code is executing with out error , However the message is not displaying in the MSMQ


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.net - Msmq And Sgen For Xmlserialization Utter Failure?

Jun 27, 2012

I 've been banging my head with this to to avail. Any ideas are much welcome I have a client/listener application in using MSMQ and it works 100% fine when I do not use sgen.exe to generate the serializations on compile time.


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.net - Using Multicast Queues In System.Messaging And MSMQ 3.0?

Dec 21, 2011

I am trying to use MessageQueues to notify users of an application of data changes using the Multicast feature, but can't get it to work : the workstation that sends the message does receive it, but none of the other running workstations seem to catch the sent message.Sending messages is done as follows :

Dim sendQueue As New Messaging.MessageQueue("FormatName:MULTICAST=")
Dim message As New Messaging.Message("message body...")

And receiving them :

Dim receiveQueue As New Messaging.MessageQueue(".private$myQ")
receiveQueue.MulticastAddress = ""


So I'm obviously missing something, and I can't seem to find any good ressources on multicasting with MSMQ 3.0 in .NET.Also, what is not clear is wether I should use a local queue per workstation, or one single remote queue on a server to multicast messages ? And does using the receive method on multicast messages purge them from the queue ?On a side note, all workstations are on the same subnet, and all have MSMQ 3.0 installed.

Despite what the Queue properties dialog says, permissions are NOT totally ignored on unauthenticated queues, at least when using multicasting. If you want your queue to receive multicast messages, it must give to 'ANONYMOUS_LOGON' the right to 'Send messages'. Otherwise, multicast messages are just discarded without any notice in event logs or whatsoever (unless I missed something).

On Win7 stations (XP stations seem to do fine, which is what pointed me to the actual problem), queues created through code do not have such permissions, and hence must be manually set after creating the queue :

Dim msgQ = Messaging.MessageQueue.Create(queueName)
msgQ.SetPermissions("ANONYMOUS LOGON",

It would seem that internally, MSMQ uses that account to write multicast messages to unauthenticated queues.

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Message Body Is Using The XMLMessageFormatter To Store The Body In MSMQ?

Jun 20, 2011

I now have another problem.  The message body is using the XMLMessageFormatter to store the body in MSMQ.  I can read this out into an XDocument, but I cannot seem to get any nodes now.   The root element is as that the XDocument gets is as follows:


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