Invoke - Enumerate All The Windows Of A Specific Process Windows

Nov 30, 2010

i'm making a little app in which i need to enumerate all the windows of a specific process. i managed to do that but through enumerating all the windows in the system and then just test if it is the process i'm talking about or not by using


but this method seem to take a lot of unnecessary time. is there a wind32 function that can allow me to enumerate the windows of a specific process giving its handle.


.NET - Enumerating The Handles Not Windows Of A Specific Process?

Oct 16, 2009

I have some code designed to locate a specific process based off of its window text, gather the main handle, and then all of the child windows. However, I have run into one problem. I cannot seem to gather all the handles and their respective text. For example, when I test my program and do a handle count on the specific process, it tells me that there are more than 400 handles for this one process. How do I get the handle pointers for this process and also gather the text associated with these handles.I have included my source code for reference.

Code:Public Class Form1
Const GW_CHILD As Integer = 5    Const GW_HWNDNEXT As Integer = 2    Const WM_GETTEXT As Integer = &HD    Const WM_GETTEXTLENGTH As Integer = &HE    Const BM_SETSTATE As Integer = &HF3    Const WM_LBUTTONUP As Integer = &H202    Const WM_LBUTTONDOWN As Integer = &H201


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Enumerating The Handles Not Windows Of A Specific Process?

Aug 30, 2010

I have some code designed to locate a specific process based off of its window text, gather the main handle, and then all of the child windows. However, I have run into one problem. I cannot seem to gather all the handles and their respective text.

For example, when I test my program and do a handle count on the specific process, it tells me that there are more than 400 handles for this one process. How do I get the handle pointers for this process and also gather the text associated with these handles.

I have included my source code for reference.

Code:Public Class Form1
Const GW_CHILD As Integer = 5    Const GW_HWNDNEXT As Integer = 2    Const WM_GETTEXT As Integer = &HD    Const WM_GETTEXTLENGTH As Integer = &HE    Const BM_SETSTATE As Integer = &HF3    Const WM_LBUTTONUP As Integer = &H202    Const WM_LBUTTONDOWN As Integer = &H201


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VS 2008 Killing One Specific Windows Process

Mar 7, 2010

I'm using the namespace System.Diagnostics. I need to check if there is a Windows process called "gospeakx.exe". If exist the "gospeakx.exe" process, end it. Does anyone know how I can do this?

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Invoke A Windows Form From A Particular Windows Service?

May 5, 2010

Is there a way in which I could invoke a windows form from a particular windows service....??

Have created a windows service, installed it and everything is working fine... Now I want to design another windows form that I would call from the service while running it I know that with the help of ServiceController class we could interact with windows service from a windows application but am not sure of the other way round implementation....

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Process.MainWindowTitle Not Working For Windows 7 Enviroment In Windows Service?

Aug 2, 2011

I have developed a Windows Service in VB.Net (VS2010) which is running on Windows7. I am trying to get "MainWindowTitle" for processes thru their process object but it returns empty.


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Process.start In Service: Windows 7 Vs Windows Vista

May 18, 2012

I'm printing pdf files via the below code in a service. In Windows 7 this works really well, In Windows Vista, nothing happens at all? What am I doing wrong?


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VS 2005 Windows Services - Process Is Listed As A SYSTEM Process Rather Than A Process Under User Name

Jun 4, 2009

I have written a windows service that is meant to launch a notepad when a specific action happens. The problem i have is that even though the service launches notepad, the actual notepad it self is NOT visible. I know that it has been launced because i can see the process in the task manager. By the way the process is listed as a SYSTEM process rather than a process under my user name (i believe that is because my process is a "LocalSystem" one).

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Invoke A Method Of A Windows Service From Script?

May 25, 2011

Is it possible to somehow invoke foo("SomeAwesomeString") from VBScript directly (i.e., without it having to launch an additional process)?

The use case is this: I am trying to write an 'extension' application for hMailServer (hMS), but hMS can only invoke VBscript scripts when an event happened. I can have the VBscript launch an .exe every time the event happened, but the processing involve opening and closing a connection to a back-end database. So, every invocation is very expensive. I had been thinking that I can reduce the expense by having a Service to maintain the connection (i.e., opening it once and re-open it if the connection closed). Plus by implementing the processing as background worker threads will result in a non-blocking processing + less process-starting overhead.

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Use The Netapi32.dll To Enumerate All The Process On A Remote Server

Feb 2, 2010

I am using and trying to use the netapi32.dll to enumerate all the process on a remote server. I have used NeServerEnum initially to allocate all of the available servers but have yet to get the NetFileEnum to work correctly. I have used 'Nothing' for the server name and it won't recognize the process on the local machine. If I try to select a server it returns '1113'. This code from what I have found means either 'the file is already open' which means little to me or ERROR_NO_UNICODE_TRANSLATION, just from what research I have collected on the number. The following is my code.

Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices
Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices.UnmanagedType


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Folder-monitoring Windows Service Gets "process Cannot Access The File Because It Is Being Used By Another Process"

May 26, 2009

I have created a Windows service in VS 2005 that monitors a folder for XML files, reads some data elements from the XML using XmlDocument, then copies the files to another location.  I find that when I drop 2 or more XML files into the folder simultaneously, it processes them with no problems, but when I drop the same files into the folder one at a time, I will get an error on the second file:  "The process cannot access the file <my file> because it is being used by another process."  If I stop my service, restart it, and drop the second file into the folder again, it works the second time.  I am confident that no other program is accessing this file at the same time as my service.  My impression is that the processing of file # 1 is somehow not releasing all of the resources, leading to the processing of file # 2 mistakenly thinking that it can't access that second file.

Dim FileWatcher As New FileSystemWatcher()
It points the watcher to my folder, sets up an event handler, then enables the watching:
FileWatcher.Path = InputFolderPath


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Using WSF (Windows Scripting File) To Retrieve Component Services Running Process ID's Using Running Process Name

May 7, 2009

I am trying to write a Windows Script that will allow me to monitor the following: That 2 x seperate but specific processes within Component Services "Running Processes" list are currently running and have not reset within the past hour. If I already know the PID, then I can retrieve the CreationDate (I assume which I can use to check for restarts? or is this the actual process creation/installation date) for each specific process, however if a restart occurs the PID will change and my script needs to know what the new PID is without me telling it!


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Getting Process From Windows?

May 7, 2009

i have just converted it from vb6 to 2005 i am getting a error and do not know how to solve it it worked before in vb6 i have attached the project in a zip

Option Strict Off
Option Explicit On
Friend Class Form1


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How To Monitor Windows Process

Nov 4, 2009

Second, I have a question which I have been trying to find answer for a wile but without any success.How can I monitor Windows Process for any change (create/kill) after run my app ? the only way I have think about it is that used two lists, the first one load the process list on it and the second refresh each 1 sec to get the new one and compare the two to know the difference, but its useless because you cant know who killed or created the process and other information.

As I have been read before, I guess there is a need to implement windows API, hook to detect process changes ? Is there any idea or solution for this?

Note: I am using VB.NET (2010)

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How To Process Windows Messages

Aug 31, 2010

how to process windows messages in , article, website or any.

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Multi Windows In A Process

Dec 1, 2011

Googled this for the last hour and can't seem to find what I am looking for. for example have firefox open twice, and it has one process, firefox.exe the following code is run:


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Process.Start And Windows 7

Feb 14, 2011

I am trying to run a process started with the following VB statement.

The process will start fine with the proper admin ID that I specify.  I have verified this by starting a CMD shell and batch files. They all show the user is my local admin account.  However, if I try to run defrag or chkdsk, both commands tell me that I do not have authority to run them.  Even though the processes are running under the admin account (shown by Task Manager).

The program is compiled on a Win XP SP3 machine (32-bit) using VB Express 2010.  The executable seems to work fine on XP.  But when I copy the .EXE file that it generates to my Windows 7 64-bit system, I get the above problem about it not having authority to run these two utilities.

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Hide Process In The Taskmanager Of Windows 7 ?

May 18, 2012

how to hide process in the taskmanager of windows 7 in to hide any process in windows 7 using

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How To Get Memory Usage Of Process In Windows

Jan 16, 2012

Is there any way I can get the memory usage for all processes currently running on a machine in

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Running Unattended Windows Process?

Mar 30, 2011

Have an EXE (Let's call it EXE1) that creates a process to run a second EXE (let's call it EXE2) EXE2 (which we didn't write nor can we adjust) has a visual interface.

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Windows - Duplicate The Following Credential Process In .NET?

May 4, 2009

Turns out this impersonation with .NET's security only allows application-level access. Since the COM object is at the system level, the impersonated user still cannot instantiate it. I figured this out by right-clicking the executable and selecting "Run As...", the program functioned fine. I found out that launches the program with system access (assuming the user you are running it with has those credentials).Now I am in the process of creating an external program that will launch this application using this method.


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Windows - Long Running Process?

Jun 2, 2011

I have a service ticket management application and users want to open several ticket details on a tab in a MDI frame. Since this application has to communicate through Web XML service with other company, it takes around 15 ~20 seconds. The users most complain is that he needs to wait until a saving process is done. Cursor is working while data is being saved and other can't be done

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Windows Service Won't Execute Vbs In Process

Jan 19, 2012

I've been trying off and on for a week now to get this to work but no luck. I have completely stripped down my 2008 windows service to just create a vbs file and launch it using a process.I'm dying here. The vbs file creates and is valid. I can execute it manually, the windows service just won't run it!! I'm on a windows 7 machine and the process is compiled and installed as a 32 bit process. It is also installed as local system.

After the process tries to execute, I created a text file and it did so successfully. So, I know that the service isn't crashing out.[code]....

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Specific Windows Updates Are Installed?

May 31, 2010

I'm trying to figure out if specific Windows updates are installed so I can install the correct ones.I'm currently checking the WindowsUpdates.log file that is located within the windows directory, but it's terribly unreliable.In my search to find an alternative method, I cam across this blog post. It seems like a perfect fit. Unless you take into account that this is VBScript and their querying Microsoft.Update.Session.what class in WMI that would relate to VB so I can pull the info.

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.net - Launching A Child Process And The Windows 7 Taskbar

Sep 30, 2010

We have an application that self-updates using a Laucher.exe process which copies down new App.exe and DLLs from a server then runs them in a separate process. This was all working very well until the arrival of the Windows 7 taskbar... Problem is in Windows 7, if the user pins the Launcher.exe to the task bar (by right-clicking the shortcut to Launcher.exe) then this happens... When you start the program the "pinned" taskbar icon momentarily gets focus while the launcher is running but then a totally separate new icon appears when App.exe is running. If the user then decides to right click the icon from the running App.exe and pin that to the taskbar, they bypass the application update part of the process.


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Hide A Process In Windows Task Manager?

Jul 27, 2009

I want to hide my application process in task manager using C# how it possible.

my code is

Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices
Imports System.Diagnostics


But when i click the button to hide the process it gives an[b] IndexOutOfRange Exception for the call

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Hide Process In Taskmanager Of Windows 7 In Program?

May 18, 2012

How to hide process in the taskmanager of windows 7 in to hide any process in windows 7 using

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Kill A Process 2008 Windows Mobile?

Mar 27, 2010

I have 2008 with 3.5. I also have Windows Mobile 6 SDK and 6.5 SDK. I am having an issue killing an external process with my app. I have searched and tried numerous bits of code and none seem to work for Mobile. I keep seeing GetProcessByName but that is not an option for Windows Mobile. I know the process exe but the PID changes so I cannot hard code that.

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Make A Windows Service Terminate A Process?

Jul 25, 2011

I am working on a Windows Service project that is supposed to start automatically with Windows and it has a timer to check if a certain process is created (in this case "iexplorer") the service should terminate that process. In addition, the user should not be able to stop the windows service.

I was able to create the process and make start with Windows. I changed the property (CanStop) to False but that did not help because after a few tries the servise stops. I used a For-Next loop in the timer to check for the process to terminate but unfortunatly, it didn't work. The code I used is:

Dim theProcesses() As Process = System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcessesByName("Iexplore")
For Each currentProcess As Process In theProcesses


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Process For Disabling Windows Key Of Keyboard Through Coding?

Mar 11, 2010

I need a process for disabling windows key of keyboard through coding.

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VS 2010 Get Process Windows Handle And Title?

Jan 16, 2011

For an app. I'm making I need to find all the windows that belong to a process.
From all of this windows I want to have the handle and title.

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Java - Get Specific File Details Under Windows?

May 6, 2012

Which is the easiest way I could get the file details / properties under windows? I am not talking about common properties (such as file size, creation date), but the ones written by variuos software. In my particular case I need to get the detail called "Date taken" for a jpg image file.

I could use PHP,Java or VB.NET, whatever is easier.My final goal: I have a bunch of images I took with different versions of Android on my phone. They are all named with different naming convention, most of them just something like IMG_[consecutive_numbers].jpg. So I want to rename them all, but for that I need their original creation date, and since I have moved them from my pc to the phone and back so many times, I cannot trust the "creation date" property. I found that all of them have a property which was set by the camera called "Date taken", which is still intact and valid.

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Kill / Shut Down Windows / OS On Specific Time

Jul 29, 2010

Is it possible to shut down windows say if the time is around 6:00 pm using the code. has any one done that. I have the code to kill my program when it is after say 6:00 pm, I would like to shut down windows along with it. I can post the code for killing my program (actually I got it from here) if anyone wants it.

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Loop To Detect Specific Popup Windows

Jun 9, 2011

I am very new to I need to be able to see when a certain popup window appears in another application. The time time it takes to appear varies so I need to know when it appears and in some cases when it has closed.

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Open The Specific Port Of A Windows Computer?

Jan 15, 2010

I tried to make a winsock program.But when i run, i have a SocketException "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refuse it."Any suggestions on what i should do? Im using 17477 port.By the way Im using my own computer to test it. So i have no idea why.How should I open this specific port in my own computer?

Is it possible that I could include it to could into my program so that i don't need to open the ports of each computer? Below is my code.


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Schedule A Windows Service To Run At Specific Time?

May 30, 2012

How can we schedule a windows service to run at specific time ( lets say every day morning at 6:00 AM )

For this i had a timer thread to sleep for 24 hours like below and start the service exactly at 6:00 AM ( but the requirement is.... no matter when the service starts, but it should run at 6:00 AM .... So how to do this )

Bottom Line : How to schedule Windows Service to run at specific time ?

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VS 2008 : SendKeys To A Specific Windows Handle?

Sep 17, 2009

Is it possible to send keys to a specific windows handle without having to bring that window to focus?Right now I have the following code almost doing the trick:

Private Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowA" (ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String) As Long
Private Declare Function SetForegroundWindow Lib "user32" Alias "SetForegroundWindow" (ByVal hwnd As Long) As Integer
Sub SendKeysToApplication(ByVal AppTitle As String, ByVal Keys As String)


It will bring the windows calculator window to the top and set the value "1" on it.Is it possible to send the keystroke without poping the window?

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Embed Console Application In Windows Form And Use As Process?

Nov 26, 2010

I'm trying to consolidate my application's dependencies. In this case, I have a console application (MAD - MPEG Audio Decoder) that I want to embed into my application. I've added it as a resource, but how can I reference it as a file? [code]...

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Possible To View Every Process That Is Accessing Memory As Well As Windows Services

Jan 12, 2010

Is it possible to view every process that is accessing memory as well as windows services as well as how much thier accessing I want to make a program that can kill and block things accessing memory to block malicious programs to be able to delete the ie spyware that can't be fixed cause it adds it's self and locks it's self. From programs like spybot I can view the processes bit that's just wat windows registeres I need to look at eat is accessing memory.

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Process.Start Acts Differently With Windows XP Or Vista?

Aug 12, 2009

I have a small VB. app in VS2008 that opens a windows folder in maximized view.I am using the following code:

Dim startInfo As New ProcessStartInfo("explorer.exe")
startInfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Maximized
startInfo.Arguments = "C:\Program Files\123 Systems\ExcelFolders\TechTimeSheet"

When using my app with windows xp it works well. It opens a single folder as if going through the "my computer" to open it. Attached is a screen shot "folder" to show the desired way.However when using the same code with Vista it opens my folder as if I right clicked on the start menu and selected "explore", also a screen shot named "explore" is attached showing what I do NOT want. What should I change to get both vista and XP to work the same, that is opening a single folder.

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Start A Process With Administrator Rights In Windows 7 From Within The Environment?

Dec 8, 2011

Background: I have 2 Apps. One spawns the other as a 2nd process. Both need Adminstrator rights to run.The below code (which spawns the 2nd app from the 1st) works just fine from my released Application (when I right click the 1st app icon and start as Administrator).

Problem is, from within the VB Express environment it does not. The 2nd app starts, then complains about Access Rights.Can I start a process with Administrator rights in Windows 7 from within the environment?


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Visual Studio - Terminate Process In .net (windows Phone 7)?

Mar 20, 2012

my app currently has a process thats ongoing (even when I navigate back to the main screen of my app). Is there any code I can use to terminate all the processes on that page before it navigates back to the main screen. In other words the page should reset to its original form?

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VS 2008 Kill Windows Process Then Restart At Later Time

Jan 27, 2011

I have some old VBscript code to kill a windows process but am having trouble gettign it working. here is the code


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Windows - Changing The Working Directory For A Process Remotely

Mar 29, 2010

I've got an application that has a bug right now, but we're unable to update the end-user to get the fix out. What a possible workaround would be is to change the working directory to the application's install directory, but from what I can tell, there's no way to do that outside of the program itself.

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Always Save Specific File Type In Windows To One Location?

Apr 14, 2012

I'm trying to do the following I'm not sure if it's possible using VB.NET. I want to specify default saving point for all files type for example: In my program you choose the path "C:UsersMarkusPictures" for pictures and everytime you download pictures files from website, or using skype or any other program when Save File Dialog opens up (external one not via my program or connected to just the windows default one) then it will show "C:UsersMarkusPictures" always for .jpg .gif type of files etc...

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