Unable To Use KeyAscii In VB 2008 Express Edition?

Jan 19, 2010

why do the following code does work in VB2008 while it works very well in VB6 or am i missing something...?

Private Sub TextBox1_KeyPress(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyPressEventArgs) Handles TextBox1.KeyPress
if KeyAscii = 13 then
lblTot.text=val(txtQty1.text) * val(lblRate)
End Sub

When running it shows KeyAscii not declared but the same works well in VB6 (the following code)

Private Sub Text1_KeyPress( KeyASCII As Integer)
if KeyAscii = 13 then
blTot.text=val(txtQty1.text) * val(lblRate)



Proper Update And Delete Code For SQL Express In 2008 Express Edition?

Oct 3, 2011

I'm just using the default SQL Server Express in my vb 2008 express edition as my database server for my database operation. When I tried to update the records on my table I got a runtime error which indicates the error on this line 'myCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()'and it highlights a yellow background on it. The runtime error says "SqlException was unhandled: An expression of non-boolean type specified in a context where a condition is expected, near 'Number'. ".

Imports System.Data.SqlClient
Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click
Dim myConnection As New SqlConnection
Dim myCommand As New SqlCommand


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.net 2008 Express Edition?

Aug 10, 2009

My company currently has vb.net 2003. I am tasked with evaluating vb.net 2008. And suggest if upgrading to 2008 edition is necessary or if it will be beneficial. For this purpose I decided to experiment with vb.net 2008 express. I have some questions regarding this.

1) Will vb.net 2008 express edition will give me idea about new features etc. ?

2) If I install  vb.net 2008 express edition on machine which has vb.net 2003, will it cause any problems to vb.net 2003 ?

3) If I code in vb.net 2008 express edition, on upgrading will this same code work ?

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2008 Express Edition Combobox

May 14, 2009

I would like to have one combo box associated with another combo box. When the first one is selected the price is displayed in the next one. The information is got from a txt file and the item name loads in the first combo box and the price loads in the other combo box. What I want it to do is to show the correct price when the first box is selected for the item Here is a copy of my code at the moment. [code]

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Can Run This Code With Vb 2008 Express Edition

Mar 11, 2010

i'm not able to open the project and run the source code of the bellow link to treelisi'm trying to open with vb 2008 express edition and visual studio 2008, and several error are displayed.

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Cannot Register VB 2008 Express Edition?

Apr 28, 2009

I just installed Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition with SP1 on my computer.When I first launched it, it directed me to the registering site.

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Error In VB 2008 Express Edition

Jun 4, 2010

I use vb 2008 express edetion but i find error in it and no answer yet .when i choose the choice : Dont save any changes from the tools menu and then project and solution then run and debug then choose that choice then when create a new project by a new form1.vb with a new buttum then presss F5 or run the msg error appeare is : Form1.vb cannt be modified at this time ?

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Importing Of C++ Dll In VB Express Edition 2008?

Oct 28, 2010

i am newto visual basic. i am want to import vc++ dll in visual basic. need to pass a function pointer as parameter to the one of the methods in vc+ can we import vc++ dll in vb2008?if no, could you suggest me the alternative for it?

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Install VB 2008 Express Edition?

Mar 22, 2010

Trying to install VB 2008 Express Edition, on a laptop, that I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate x86 on, I got the attached screen shot.

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Made Using VB 2008 Express Edition?

Mar 16, 2010

I was wondering if I'm allowed to let other people download the web browser i made using Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition.

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Make An App In VB 2008 Express Edition?

Jun 22, 2010

ive been trying to make an app in VB 2008 Express Edition so that every time my timer ticks it randomly adds a number like it either adds 1 or nothing but having trouble with it since it just does it one time this is my coding for the timer

Private Sub Timer1_Tick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick
TextBox1.Text = Int(Rnd() * 1)
Select Case TextBox1.Text
Case 0


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Starting With VB 2008 Express Edition?

Sep 11, 2010

I like to have assistance with the VB 6 codes below;  a few cheeky lines dock into positions I do not mean them to be in; sorry;  I am on VB 2008 Express; a few lines have errors; adjacent to them I have described what VB 2008 reports.


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Supress Pop-up With VB 2008 Express Edition?

Oct 22, 2009

The radio recently broke in our bedroom and as a result my missus now listen to various radio stations through her laptop. She moans that visiting various pages and clicking the 'listen' link is a bit of a pain.(Note to self: Must buy new radio!)In the meantime, I have made a 'radio player' in VB 2008 Express, which is nothing more than 6 buttons down the left hand side of the 'player' I have created and a Web Browser Control on the right hand side.Clicking each button links to the relevant player of the station she wants to listen to. (Being a newbie to VB and programming, I'm quite proud with what I've achieved so far!!)Anyway, one station I do link to gives an "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page" prompt: [URL]Is there a way to suppress this message in VB, or even auto-answer OK somehow?

The other sites I have linked to do not display this message, they just navigate away quite happily. Clicking OK on the prompt is no real hardship either, I hear you say, but in the interests of usability, I would just like it to navigate away from the site/player without prompting.Remember, I'm using Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition.

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Use ActiveX With 2008 Express Edition?

Jan 18, 2010

I am a competent (but not much more) VB6.0 programmer. I'm still developing software in VB6 and want to upgrade to VB.NET. I primarily write simple software to control proprietary hardware which is called by Active X. I need to figure out how to do this in VB.NET before I can switch over to the new version.In VB6, I connect to the VB6 by adding references to the DLLs (under project / references). When I load the main form, I declare:

Private Sub Form_Load()
Set o = New CBEDCSApp
End Sub


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Use Language In VB 2008 Express Edition?

Sep 1, 2009

How can i change te language of a form using the Language form the Form's Properties?

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Using VB 2008 Express Edition For Project?

Aug 24, 2011

Im using VB 2008 Express Edition for my project. This is my problem. I have multiple forms in my application and when i run it, the debugger doesnt show any error.But when i change the start up form I dont see the form which i expected to run first.

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VS 2008 Using Express Edition In New Job Role?

Mar 6, 2010

Iv'e been away from Visual Basic for the past 3 or 4 years so I am a bit vague on the details that I am looking for.

I got myself my first programming job at the company that I work for and I start Monday.

The company has little programming knowledge (well I assumed this as they said they do not have a dedicated programming IDE at my interview) and relies on ad-hoc VBA scripts to perform necessary processing on data. This is all fine and I can deal with that but there is a project that I wish to work on and I think a standalone dedicated application would be much better than extending Excel with VBA.

Now after being with the company for 10+ years, I know they are conservative at spending money so asking them to buy Visual Studio is not really an option so I'm going to suggest that instead of using VBA, I will design an application using Visual Basic Express.

All I need to know is, if there are any kind of limitation to database accessing with the express editions? (Iv'e only ever used OLEDB connected to small MS Access files) I do not know what type of database the company uses yet, but I do know they use ODBC to connect to it, and rely on Sage to do 90% of their work.

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.net - Installed VB 2008 Express Edition, But None Of .NET Classes Are Available?

Dec 23, 2009

I was trying to use WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create[URL]..But get an error message! I am trying to use the WebRequest .NET framework class [URL]..How can I enable .NET? Is something wrong with my installation?

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2008 Express Edition - List Box Formatting?

Apr 26, 2009

Working on a class project where one heading in a lisbox has to be indented while the subsequent information has to be right-justified.  Not sure how this is done.Have tried writing code like:

'To list cost of parts in listbox
''Formatted so value is in U.S. currency
lstTotal.Items.Add("Parts" & ControlChars.Tab & ControlChars.Tab & ControlChars.Tab & parts.ToString("C"))

But using ControlChars.Tab over and over again doesn't seem very efficient.  The spacing in the listbox looks uneven and the code looks more cumbersome--less easy to read. 

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Access Modifiers In 2008 Express Edition?

Dec 23, 2009

I'm creating an application and I want to pass on a string value from one form to the other.Is there an access modifier in VB 2008 EE that would allow me to do that?Example: I have a name such as Mike in one form, in a list box, and Mike has a file attached to it with different information.I then click on a button to load another form, where the name Mike will be passed on and will be used by my program to find the file and display all the information in the file of his name.

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Adding Reference To SDK In VB 2008 Express Edition?

Dec 1, 2009

I want to add a reference to a libary in Microsoft SDK (SnmpAPI.lib) Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition but is says "C:\Program File\blah\SnmpAPI.Lib" cannot be added.

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Creating .OCX/ActiveX - 2008 Express Edition?

Nov 9, 2009

Is there a manual or can someone provide a description on how to use the Microsoft Visual Basic/C++ 2008 Express Edition to create a .ocx or activex file?  I have an application where I need to create and OCX to embed in a 3rd party software program.  I have the application developed but I need a .ocx file to register the application for the project.  I did this a while back in V6 but the newer version seems to be different

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Creating Exes In VB 2008 Express Edition

Jun 21, 2010

I have newly installed VB 20008 Express. What extras do I need to have to allow me to create standalone exes? This for giving to fellow model railway club members and not for commercial use.

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Decimal To Fraction - VB 2008 Express Edition?

Feb 25, 2012

I've got a problem. I need to convert a decimal to a fraction by a BUTTON. I've tried several times through everything I found on the internet. Until Dll's I've tried using

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Deploying Vb 2008 Express Edition Project?

May 2, 2010

i have a project and i used NSIS to create a Setup file. I am able to install it to my system but some parts of the program do not work (and they work when i run my project in VB). For example i have a Back Up option that creates a back up but this does not work when i run the application via the installation file. Probably it has something to do with the directories?

If System.IO.Directory.Exists(CurDirectory + "Backup Folder") = False Then
System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory(CurDirectory + "Backup Folder")
End If

how can i make it work from the installation file? Do i need to copy something somewhere?

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Edit The Project In VB 2008 Express Edition?

Apr 18, 2009

I have built a web browser using Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition, but I don't know how to open the .exe file back in Visual Basic so that I can improve it and fix some problems that are in it. Can someone tell me how I can edit the project in Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition?

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IDE :: Connecting 2008 Express Edition To Sql Server?

Oct 4, 2009

I want to connect visual basic 2008 or 2005 to sql server using connection string or something elsejust like in VB6 I'm using a connection string but here at VB express i dont know =(Is there a way just like in asp.net to have connection string using?

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IDE :: Database Creating In Vs 2008 Express Edition?

May 19, 2010

i am using visual studio 2008 express edition. when i want create a database using database explorer then it shows that a network related or instance speicified error occur.i am using visual c# language

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Is The Reference Library Is Available In VB 2008 Express Edition

Apr 12, 2010

Is the my reference library is available in visual basic 2008 Express Edition?

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Linq To Sql Query Using 2008 Express Edition

Jan 4, 2011

I encountered something like a logical error which I could hardly resolve since I'm new to this technology. I'm using visual basic 2008 express edition with its built-in linq-to-sql technology. I was able to retrieve, add, edit, and delete such record using the linq-to-sql method, but one thing.I could not get is something like relational database operation. Here is my problem. As you can see the table above which represents the records on my database. You can notice there some account numbers that were duplicated which I used as the primary key or identifier. What I want is when I'd like to query such account number it should display all the records that have the same account numbers on it. Say for example, if I query the account number 00003. It should only pull up and display three records with the name Maverick and their corresponding address, movie rented and date.What is happening in my end is when I query such account number which are being duplicated in the database I encountered two things, its either it would display all the records in the database with different account numbers associated or it gives me an error message if I change my code from 'For Each memrec In db.Table3s' to 'For Each memrec In retrn' statement.What I've been trying to do here is if you enter the account number on the search box, it should only display the records on the combo box associated with the account number being entered. Like if you enter 00003 on the search box, it should only display the three movies rented by Maverick no more no less on the combo box. [code]

I have already tried that set of codes before but it's working the same thing. I tried many times modifying my codes before I posted my comment in this forum thinking that i can resolve it on my own but I wasn't able to. That code won't still filter the records in the database. I would like to verify that the table above is only representation but the real column on the table on my database is 'Account#' not Account Number and visual basic would detect the code as 'Account_'. May i know why Movies_Rented column on my table is not a member of string? Why is it the code you gave would still display all the records on the combo box? this is what im not getting. hope you can still find the solution to this issue.

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Make A Little Game Using .NET 2008 Express Edition?

Aug 25, 2009

I'm trying to make a little game using VB .NET 2008 Express Edition.The game is comparable to the Everybody Votes channel on the Nintendo Wii (if anyone has ever seen it). You can submit questions to a online database. Then, if the question is accepted, users can vote on it and other accepted questions. The questions are on a timer and when it hits a certain point (after a couple of days or so), the questions can no longer be voted on and the results are displayed. Since the details of the users account, the questions and the results would be in a database online, the program would also track some fun little aspects of their voting habits and stuff.

Onto my question though, how difficult would it be to pull something like this off? Especially for someone with no experience using an online database with VB .NET? I'm not foreign to the basics of VB .NET by any means, I've taken several courses with it in college and worked with offline Access databases, but taking it online is something completely new to me.

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Making Shapes In VB 2008 Express Edition

Oct 18, 2009

i have just begun to program so I am a complete beginner. but i cannot find out how to add a shape to my form. I am reading a book that is a guide to beginner programmers but it simply says to use the shape control, but I cannot find that. I am pretty sure that the author was using a different version of visual basic so I just need another way to insert a shape on my form. also, what are the units used in the version 0I am using.

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No Report Templates In 2008 Express Edition?

Sep 25, 2010

I have installed Visual Basic 2008 express edition. I cannot see any reporting templates installed which I can use to create reports(Project->Add ->New Item) Have I missed out on ticking some option while installing. How do I create reports using this edition?i want a crystal report that i need to use on my program?

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Run VB 2008 Express Edition Program On PDA / Pocket PC?

May 28, 2012

Run VB 2008 Express Edition program on PDA / Pocket PC

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Send An Email In VB 2008 Express Edition?

Dec 15, 2009

A Form on visual basics express, with one button (button1)

- One Textbox (Textbox1)

-. No Imports.
What I need -

- Click that button1, and the message in Textbox 1, is sent to [url].....I've copied tons of code from the forums that come up with error messages, most likely have the wrong imports, so please in your reply, state the imports I need,then the codes, for VB 2008 Express.

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Sleep Mode In VB 2008 Express Edition?

Nov 14, 2010

as we use sleep() mode in c++ or java, i want to use sleep mode in visual basic 2008 express edition. so kindly help me  with a sample code which sleeps for 1000 milli seconds. Else provide alternative for sleep which delays / sleeps for 1000 milli seconds 

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Use Fusion Log Viewer With VB 2008 Express Edition?

Jun 9, 2011

I hope this is an OK place to ask this question; I apologize if I chose the wrong forum.

I am a novice programmer and I am having a problem with an ActiveX component in an application I am working on.  I did some looking around online and it appears that the Fusion Log Viewer might be useful in helping me resolve the source of the problem.I have Windows SDK 7.1 installed on my system.  I tried launching Fusion Log viewer by typing fuslogvw or fuslogvw.exe at the Windows SDK 7.1 command prompt, but I get an error "fuslogvw is not recognized as an internal or external command..."

I did a search for this executable over my entire C drive, but I can't find it.  Do I need a different version of Windows SDK (if so, which one?) or is there some other issue?

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Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition

Jan 9, 2010

I too have recently downloaded VB 2008 Express, but when I try to register it after the live.co.uk sign in all I get is a blank web page. How can I get registered ????

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Webcam Interfacing Using Express Edition 2008?

Jan 14, 2010

i m working on a project which involves webcam interfacing .i need it interface a webcam using visual basic express edition 2008, collect the images and use it for further processing..

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VS 2008 VB 2008 Express Edition Softare - Specific Installation Directory For A Program?

Aug 9, 2009

Where in Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition Software program do you specify a specific installation directory for a program?

c:Program Filesfinished program

I want to publish my program to try it out on another system and I want to ensure its installed in the directory structure I want.

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