Simple Read/Write App.config Configuration File

Feb 6, 2010

I have a program with various settings, all stored in the app.config file. Often, I have a need to edit the connection string setting. I cannot do so using the My.Settings.myConnectionStringVariable method, as this is read-only. What I would like to do is have a big text box, and simply load the entire app.config file into it. The user could modify whatever they wanted, click save, and the program would save the new edits to the app.config file, and restart the program. I don't have a huge need to only pull out the connection string, as getting the text for the entire config file would suffice. However, if it is easier to pull out just the connection string from the config file, that would work too.

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How To Read / Write Custom Config File

Jan 6, 2011

Environment: .Net 3.5 (C#ok too) I wrote a multi-project WinForms app that needs to load a couple dozen variables from a client section of a config file based on user's selection of client. Also some program variables need to be loaded as well. So far so good, I put them in an app.config file.In the appsettings section I put the main program variables. e.g.


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Read/write A Simple Text File In Net 2008?

May 9, 2010

I am trying to read/write a simple text file in net 2008 but can't, as yet, get it to work. This is how I use to do it in VB6

MyStr = App.Path & "DataData.txt"
Open MtyStr For Input As #1


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System.Configuration Config File Name Missing

Nov 3, 2009

I am trying to execute a VB .net console application called Application1 that I created using Visual Studio 2008 with .net framework 3.5. When I run it under the windows scheduler or from a command prompt it works fine. When I try to run it under a purchased job scheduler, I get a message stating that directory APPLIC~1.config is missing. What properties does system.configuration use when it tries to find an application's .config file? Can these be set when my application starts?

Note: I was able to use ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath & "" & My.Application.Info.AssemblyName & ".exe") to get around this issue but would like a cleaner solution. I do not want to do this each time I want to retrieve an appSetting entry.

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How To Build Custom Configuration Section In App.Config File

May 6, 2010

I am trying to build custom configuration section in my app.config file. I am using the following as my example: [URL]. According to this article, I am supposed to inherit from the ConfigurationSection class, add the desired section to my app.config file, and then specify a "configSections" declaration in the app.config file to identify the section and the class that should process it. My problem is that I cannot get the class loader to load my class for processing the section.

If I follow the example and set up my "configSections" as:
<section name="MyStuff.Configuration"
allowDefinition="Everywhere" />

I get the following error:
Could not load type 'MyStuff.MyConfigurer' from assembly 'System.Configuration, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a'.

I think the error is telling me it can't load my class from the System.Configuration DLL and that makes sense; the class is in my application code. So how do I tell it to look in my application code to find the class? Do I have to put my class in its own DLL to get this to work? As an alternative approach, is there some way I can just find the section in the application configuration and process the XML myself? The app.config file is the ideal location for this information. Also, this would be easier for me than going through all of these contortions to do what should be a relatively easy operation.

View 2 Replies - Getting Configuration Settings From Web.config/app.config Using Class Library

Mar 26, 2009

I have a class library (Named ADI), that needs some configuration settings from the project using it (like connectionstring, filesystem locations etc).

I want to define these settings in my Windows Forms/Web Projects App.Config or Web.Config, like other settings.

Here is part of my app.config for my windows forms application:

<setting name="ADIImageRoot" serializeAs="String">


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Write And Read Some Configure Strings In App.config?

May 8, 2012

In VS2010 how can I write and read some configure strings in app.config.

I wanted to add PrinterPort, PictureDirectory, ApplicationDirectory,LastImage, ecc

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Read Configuration File For A Setting?

Jun 11, 2009

My configuration file has the following settings for logging. I want to read the Switches Value attribute to see if Debug is set to 4 (Debug logging) so that I can retain some temporary files. How to I read the value using configuration manager?[code]...

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Write Connection String In App.Config File?

Jan 18, 2011

I want to write the connection string of my application in app.config file. I dont know how to write it or how to dynamically change it from my application source code either. My App.config file shows like..

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


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Read XML Config File?

Apr 10, 2009

I would like to be able to read the entire document, and make changes to it before run time. I am making a deployment tool for my application, and most of my customers do not want to rename their servers, nor do I want to have to rename the server in the connection string section of the app config file.

View 3 Replies - Config Error : This Configuration Section Cannot Be Used At This Path....?

May 15, 2011

I got an ASP.NET app from someone who used to run it on his IIS on Windows XP (I don't know which IIS version he has).When I tried to deploy it on my IIS (v7.5 - Windows 7) - I can't open its default.aspx file and I get the following error page:

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error

Error Code 0x80070021

Config Error : This configuration section cannot be used at this path. This happens when the section is locked at a parent level. Locking is either by default (overrideModeDefault="Deny"), or set explicitly by a location tag with overrideMode="Deny" or the legacy

allowOverride="false". Config File
Config Source:

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How To Write User Input From Textbox To Web Config File In HTML

Feb 20, 2012

I am trying to obtain a file path that users manually enter on a web page, and then write it to the web.config file.

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.net - Read A Settings Value From The Web.config File In An ASP.NET Application?

Aug 18, 2010

I'm trying to use the following command:

Dim xmlFilePath As String = _

to retrieve the following setting:

<setting name="XmlFilePath" serializeAs="String">


However, xmlFilePath shows up as Nothing after that line of code is run.

What's the correct code to get a setting out of the web.config file in an ASP.NET application?

NOTE: Although you can add keys individually to the <appsettings> tag, I'm trying to figure out how to use it with the "Settings" tab in the project's properties.

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Way To Read Settings Of An App.exe.config File From A Linked Dll?

Sep 14, 2010

Is there a simple way to read from the global application.exe.config file from a dll?urrently I am loading the file as an XmlDocument but I wonder if there is a better solution.That's what I mean:If I create a new WinForms Project I have a Settings Tab in the Project properties where I can add some simple values (And I want to access the per Application settings, not the user beased ones).From my code I can access these values with:


The Settings class is autogenerated in the file Settings.Designer.cs.Now I have the case where a dll need's to read the settings from the Main Application's config file. Is there a simple way to achive this? Currently I am reading the file as an XML Document.

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Xml - Read A Value From An Application's App.config File From A Webpage?

Feb 19, 2012

Basically i have a .net application that has a directory path stored in the app.config file. this directory path outputs xml files that will be read by an web page.

Is there any way i can get the web page to read the directory path stored in the app.config file? Should i look to use the web.config file at all?

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Implementing Config File That Multiple Projects Can Read?

Mar 7, 2011

I am using VB.NET 2010 with a solution that consists of class libraries and winform projects.

Each project has an app.config for it's specific needs. There are however, several settings that are common across all projects. I would like to implement a common config file to hold those, but that effort hasn't been very successful.

After much searching I developed a test program to play with and it was working until I moved the Globalsettings into a separate file. Below is a paste of my code along with the config files I've been experimenting with. I've added the references to system.configuration and made sure my config files are set to always copy to the output directory.

The code compiles, but GlobalSettingsLookup is never set to an instance of NamevalueCollection. I'm guessing it's because the ConfigurationManager can't load the section "GlobalSettings"(?) That's just a guess

My Code:

Dim GlobalsettingsLookup As NameValueCollection = CType(System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.GetSection("GlobalSettings"), System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection)


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Read A Value From App.config File In Windows Form Application?

May 16, 2007

How can i read my connectionstrings value which i stored in my app.config file (for windows application)?

i tried many times to use more than one option but i could not do it.

i am using VB.NET 2005 with framwork 2.

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Read Config File Values For A Library Project?

Apr 15, 2009

Added for my quick reference.When you use the following code to retrieve the values from config file in a library project.

Value = Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("KeyName")
The application will look for this key in AppSettings section of calling assembly and may lead to unpredictable results.


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VS2003.Net Project To Read XML .config File And Modify?

Mar 26, 2009

Dear Friends: I have some files in 1 folder directory that show "XML Configuration File" under type. But none of these files show the extension .config. The directory filesare like C0150,C0150_new,C0200,C0200_new etc. I need to change only 1 attribute of each of these files. I need to write a VS.Net project to do this. I have to send the .exe file(from bin directory of this VS.Net project) to my client and they will just double click the .exe file and it will change that attribute in all the .config files.

The C0150 file looks like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


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Retrieve Keys From DLL Configuration File Not From Current EXE Configuration File?

Feb 7, 2011

I have 3 components :

1.Manager : dll containing Iterface definition and other things

2.Implementation: dll containing Implementation of the Interface

3.Executable: (maybe this one could be a external application or another dll using the libraries)

I have particular methods (iside the interface dll file) that extract information of real Implementation from AppSettings keys in order to instance it using reflection. I use the Manager inside the Excecutable, but when I try to retrieve a especific key defined in "Manager.dll.config" (appSettings), the value returned is empty because the configuration file used is "Excecutable.exe.config" I need this configuration information in Manager config file because this Manager will be used from other programs and the configuration must be centralized into that config file to replicate the possible changes to every app calling this dll.How can I to specify that the ConfigurarionManager.AppSettings must extract values from manager.dll.config file?

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Simple C# Or .NET Examples To Read A File From UNC?

Aug 25, 2009

how to fix the exception that occurs when an .EXE file is run from the the Network Share. This application works fine when running from the local machine. I have been trying a lot to fix this issue for a while, but without any success.

Here is the simple code I am trying to test :

string AssessmentFilePath = @"\
ootmditdevelopment estfile est.xml";
INetworkFileShareReader reader = new NetworkFileShareReader();
XPathDocument document = reader.GetAssessmentFileFromVendor(AssessmentFilePath);


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VS 2008 Use An XmlTextReader To Read Simple XML Data From A File?

Mar 17, 2010

I'm trying to use an XmlTextReader to read simple XML data from a file I wrote using the XmlTextWriter class. I've very little experience with XML and reading/writing from it, so it's been a little struggle. The writing part went OK though, but I can't really figure out how to do the reading. All examples I found using google handled it all slightly differently, and none made it really clear what they were trying to read...I am storing the position, size and a filepath of MDI windows using this format:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Form X="208" Y="95" W="424" H="277">C:UsersNickDesktopabc.plm</Form>


obviously I cannot do what I want with this. I need to get the attributes in each element too, and I need to read multiple elements and do something for each element...

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VS 2008 - .txt File - Write The File Path So That Someone Else Can Download My Program And File And Read The File

Feb 27, 2012

Reading a .txt file in My file path is C:UsersMyLilMulePepeDocumentsVisual Studio 2008Projectscurtain_calls.txt.

This is my line of Dim LoanOptionsFile As String = "C:UsersMyLilMulePepeDocumentsVisual Studio 2008Projectscurtain_calls.txt"

I can read the file when I run the program, but how do I write the file path so that someone else can download my program and file and read the file on their system?

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Read / Write To File

Feb 27, 2010

i'm trying to read from a file and copy the text into a 2d array withought the selected item from a list box then rewrite the file from the array into the text file. however it writes a single part of the array times the variable count when i write back to the csv file. within the array everything is correct its only when i rewrite to the file is when the problems occur.


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Read And Write In INI File?

Dec 29, 2010

i am using VB2008 to develop a Settings program for my game Lined World, creating with Game Maker. I've created a settings.ini:

fullscreen=(off or on)
resolution=(800x600 or 1024x768)


answers are depending on settings

now, i wanna create in the settings app the following:
"fullscreen" (radiobutton-on & radiobutton-off)


if radiobutton fullscreen is on, [screen]fullscreen must be on, and if turned to off, the INI value should be "off".

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Read And Write To A File?

Nov 7, 2009

I'm creating a project where I need to store information in two files. As I understand, I can store information in a text file or a binary file?

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Read And Write To File?

May 25, 2011

I am struggling with I can read from a file but not able to establish a writing object. what I have so far is this.
Imports System
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Text
PublicClass EuroConverter
PrivateSub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
[Code] .....

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Read/Write Web File?

May 19, 2010

I have a DB stored on our internal site and I want to read/write this file as it's updated. How do I download the file, then upload it after changes.Here is what I know about the link

Protocol: HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy
Type: XML Document
Address: [URL]

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File I/O And Registry :: File Read/write From A Collection?

Nov 17, 2010

I am working on a program with multiple collections related to one another for a school project. Each collection needs to have its own defined properties and have the objects written (1 per line) to a text file.

I have all of that working.

When reading the comma-separated line from the file, I want to place one of the properties of the object in a listbox (so that all the objects' names will show up in the listbox). I think I have this part figured out...

My problem is that when you click on the name in the listbox, I would like multiple text boxes to be populated with the appropriate, corresponding properties of the particular object in the there a way for this to be done?

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Read In A File Into An Array Then Write It To File In CSV Format?

Dec 22, 2010

i have a structure of;


then i need to read in a file into an array on the structure above, and pretend this is the file which has 3 people



so basically i dont get how to read in a file then put it in the array in that structure then make it into a csv file?and whats the difference between streamreader and streamwriter?

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