Create A Simple Application Using Codedom?

Dec 18, 2010

today I attempted to create a simple application using codedom.Basically I want to be able to compile a messagebox with the custom text entered in the builder.

This is what I have so far.

ICompiler.vb Class "Codedom" Class and in my main form "the builder I have this


If no one could help me perhaps does anyone have a simple source example?

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Create A Simple Application Which Has 2 Forms?

Apr 20, 2010

I wanted to create a simple application which has 2 forms.the first one contains a combobox which has the list of names of i select this report and click on next which takes me to the 2nd form.there i have to enter 4 values(or parameters)like the date from and date to and other 2 values...using these 5 values i want to retrieve the respective reports from the archive folder based on these parameters...i just know how to select and move to the second form from the do i achieve my goal of retrieving the pdf files.i want the result in a table form which will have column names of the parameters i pass and the last column with the report pdfs.

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Create A Simple Chat And Server Application?

Jun 8, 2012

i want to create a simple chat and server application but i dont know where to start in socket hope someone will help me to create the application.

i found some tutorial in .net but it doesn't explain the code.

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Create A Very Simple (to Begin With) Database Driven Application?

Nov 27, 2011

I want to create a very simple (to begin with) database driven application. The company I work for have very kindly said they will host any SQL database I create, they have a remote server that we all connect to for files etc.

So I want to be able to create an SQL database that they can host and have my colleagues and I install the application local on our machines.


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Low Programming Experience To Create A Simple CRUD Web-application?

Aug 29, 2011

a friend of mine wants to create a simple inventory database that can be deployed on the web.He has had a lot of experience with Database tools like Paradox. Moreover he has experience with writing Macros and programs with Basic, and even a bit of C++ experience. He uses Windows and Mac OS X, though mostly Windows.

If the requirement of having a web application wasn't there I would recommend MS Access.


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Use CodeDom To Create A Decimal Constant?

Mar 12, 2010

I have this function in my generator.[code]Despite the data type being passed into the constructor of the CodePrimitiveExpression object being a decimal, the code generated is an integer that gets implicitly converted and stored in a decimal variable. Is there any way to get it to generate with the "D" after the number as in: Public Const DollarAmountMaximumValue As Decimal = 100000D

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.Net CodeDom - Create Delegate With AddressOf Operator Equivalent?

Apr 25, 2011

Is there a way to create a delegate instance in .Net using CodeDom? I want to generate something which looks like the following:Dim myDelegate As someDelegateType = New someDelegateType(AddressOf implementingMethod)Below is more info on the context...Original Question:I am using CodeDom from the .Net framework (v3.5 if it matters) to generate a class. One of the classes defines a delegate method which in VB.Net looks like:Public Delegate Function filterByIdDelegate(ByVal obj As Object, ByVal id As Integer) As BooleanI then have a method which will provide the implementation:Private Function filterById(ByVal obj As Object, ByVal id As Integer) As Boolean Return (obj.ID = id)nd FunctionHere's the problem; how do you create an instance of the delegate (using the equivalent of AddressOf for VB.Net)? I am currently doing this (<filterByIdFunctionName> is a string holding the name of the delegate function, `' is the name of the delegate field):

Dim getFunction = New System.CodeDom.CodeMemberMethod()
With getFunction
'Declare delegate instance


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.net - Writing Windows Forms Application Using CodeDom?

Mar 24, 2012

How can you write a VB.NET Windows Forms Application via CodeDom? I have tried everything, the closest i got to it is the code below, which first of all shows command prompt window which is not good, and then shows the form for like a second and everything disappears.


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CodeDom Resources.ResourceManager Is Crashing Application

May 13, 2011

Where it crashes(According to 3 messageboxes):


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VS 2008 CodeDom - Create A Procedure Which Will Evaluate A String Expression As If It Were A Line Of Code

Oct 12, 2009

I am trying to create a procedure which will evaluate a string expression as if it were a line of code...Kind of like what a graphing calculator does when you enter a formula. Does anyone have any experience with this in VB? I have an example of C++ code which uses CodeDom, but I am a bit rusty with my C++!

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Create A (REALLY) Simple Web Server

May 27, 2009

I'm wondering, is it possible to create a (REALLY) simple web server in VB.NET? I may be wrong, but don't you essentially just need a listener for port 80 and a way to send pages to the client?

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Create A Program With A Simple Gui?

Jan 4, 2012

Im trying to create a program with a simple gui that enables me to search for and select parent folders containing child folders containing multiple files and then validate those files based off of constants i set per child folder and file.


User selects Parent FolderX
Parent FolderX > (ChildFolder1 ( Constant for ChildFolder1 says open file 4 ) > File 4

Compare multiple strings of text in a specific order based off of file name to constants i have set for that named file Then continue to ChildFolder2 ( Constant for ChildFolder2 says open file 16 ) > File 16 Compare multiple strings of text in a specific order based off of file name to constants i have set for that named file If there is any constants not read in one of the files after all have been checked, return msgbox with a notification and write .txt log with child folder and file names to specified directory?

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Create A Simple CleverBot?

Mar 2, 2011

My professor said that if I create a cleverbot she will give me a high grade but the problem is I only have 2 weeks to do it. Please help me, i can connect vb 2008 to ms access ( i think i will need it)[code]...

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Create A Simple Database On Fly?

Oct 31, 2009

I just want to be able to click on a commandbutton, menu_item, or maybe even a wizard at program install time, to make the database from scratch.

1) I do not care what type of database it is it is as long as it will run on any pc machine without having other programs installed except the one im creating.

2) I do not want to use access or the designers to create the database either


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Create A Simple Log Command?

Apr 22, 2012

I apologize if this question is something of the most simple, but I'm not even sure what terms I should use to search. What I'm trying to do is create a 'Sub' that will do something when I call it in another Sub, however I am unsure in how I would pass variables from one another. Here is what I have;

Private Sub Log
LogBox.AppendText(logstuff & vbNewLine)
End Sub


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Create A Simple Web Browser?

Sep 23, 2007

I am a beginer and I am trying to create a simple web browser using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition.

Public Class Form2
Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)


As you can see from the above code I do not have forward, back and stop buttons. Thats because I do not need them. The browser will be configured to go to a certain website directly.

What I need is this browser should be configured to use specific JRE. That is the browser should use ONLY JRE 1.3.1 or ONLY JRE 1.4.2

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C# - How To Create A Simple Glass Effect

Jul 12, 2010

I am currently painting a light blue, partly transparent overlay over owner-drawn objects to indicate certain state. It's OK but I thought that it would be even nicer if I could at some sort of glass effect to further establish the idea that the particular object has "something" overlaid over the top of it.

I thought that some glass streaks, for example, in addition to the blue transparency would lend a nice effect.I've Googled around for GDI+ (and others) algorithms to do simple things painting like this but have come up empty. I prefer .NET but can figure out the painting from pseudo-code on up.

Sorry, shoul've also specified that I need to target WinXP and using .NET version 2.0 - So unable to use WPF or Vista/Win7 goodies.

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Create A Simple Calculator Using Only 1 Textbox?

Mar 29, 2011

I want to create a simple calculator using only 1 textbox , 1 button and 1 label, but I don't know how to create the code.

for example if i write : 53+35-33=

and if i press the button it will calculate and the answer the label will show the answer (55).

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Create A Simple Cash Register?

Nov 21, 2011

My assignment this week is to create a simple cash register. The kicker here is that I have to have an input box pop up to accept the data. I know I need to use a Do Loop here, but I' not sure what the proper condition should be. Hitting cancel on the input box or inputting nothing ought to terminate the loop.

Private Sub btnCheckout_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnCheckout.Click
Static decPrice As Decimal
Static intCount As Integer
Static decSub As Decimal


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Create A Simple Clock With Different Time Than PC?

Oct 25, 2008

i want to create a simple clock with different time than PC.I mean to say that application will as a user to input time in HH:MM:SS format and after it is submitted clock start from that time.

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Create A Simple Controllable 3d Cube?

Jun 3, 2010

how to create a simple controllable 3d cube? I think the code should go in the form.paint area, but i dont know what exactly to put..

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Create A Simple Dotnetnuke Module Without DAL?

Jun 25, 2010

I want to create a new module in DNN (VB) ... that;

1. does not use DAL or DAL+

2. has only one view.ascx control

3. It has to be a compiled module

I do not need DB connectivity and any bells and whistles just one view control. I thought it would be simple but googling for a day now and it seems very complicated.

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Create A Simple DVD Player With Program?

Apr 26, 2012

I am trying to create a simple DVD Player with Visual Basic 2008 (Express). But I am trying to find this item for the Toolbox-"MSWebDVD".

Does anybody have, like a download link to get it for VB 2008? If you do provide me with a download link, then I would kindly ask to tell me on how to apply it.

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Create A Simple Shortcut To A Specified Program?

Mar 5, 2012

I would like to create a simply shortcut to a specified program. All of the codes I've tried use the WshRunTime library and it seem to throw an exception every time.

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Create Simple Login Console?

Jan 5, 2012

I wrote webbrowser program with .net. but it's something i need to know it's irrelevant about webbrowesing.. i create simple login console?

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How To Create A Simple Auto-generated Id

Nov 15, 2009

as I'm starting at this I'm very confused trying do this stupid code in visual basic 2008 in .net : Each time i create an instance of clsTest (for example) i would like to do an attribute call mID that adds 1

For example:
instance 1-
mName = test1


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How To Create Simple Address Book

May 20, 2010

How to create an address book in visual basic? I have the VB2008 express. Just a simple one. FirstName, LastName and Phone. I should be able to add from there. The resulting file could be an excel based or text file. I do not have Microsoft Access at home.

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Web Application For Simple App?

Dec 5, 2010

i want to desing a simple application which will be developed on a pc but will work on a MAC.Now im guessing that if i make an app in pc vb net it will not work on a mac right? So what if i design a web application. could the mac user then use it as it is web based?

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Create A Simple Class - ASP.NET | Dream.In.Code?

Feb 20, 2010

I recently started working with and I am just trying to create a class that has two properties one is StoreName and the other is StoreImage. What I am trying to do is figure out how to create objects using this class? Each object will be a Store that has a corresponding Name and Image to go with it. Here is the code I have written so far although I am not sure if im headed in the write direction with the function. Also not sure if it matters but I am using ASP with VB?

Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
Public Class Store
Dim NameofStore As String
Dim ImageofStore As Image


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Create A Simple Macro In Order To Run A For Loop?

Aug 19, 2009

I am using Excel 2003 and I am wanting to create a simple macro in order to run a for loop and then have the information output the numbers to cells.

Sub ForTest(i As Integer, j As Integer)
For x = i To j
y = Rnd
Next x
End Sub

This is my code. Now how can I print my x values to the A column and print my y values to the b column so that they line up as a pair of coordinate points.

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