.net - Missing ObservableCollection(of T)?

Oct 8, 2009

I'm doing an experiment on WPF and MVVM, and while coding the ViewModel on Vb.net I noticed this red wavy lines under my ObservableCollection(of T)s T_T

Anyway, the application is in WPF & VB.Net, under the .Net Framework 3.5 (I checked) and I have an 'Imports System.Collections.ObjectModel' on top of my class. Intellisense shows the other classes on System.Collections.ObjectModel except ObservableCollection.

Here's a screenshot.

So, why is ObservableCollection(of T) missing and how do I make it appear?


How To Sort An ObservableCollection

Jul 8, 2009

I have a WPF app which binds a System.Collections.ObjectModel.ObservableCollection to a listbox. This ObservableCollection contains instances of my own class (named DataContractsUserObject) and at runtime when I add an object to this collection it automatically appears in the listbox because of the binding. The problem is that it always appears at the bottom of the list and I would like it to appear alphabetically sorted as the existing items in the listbox are.So I tried to sort the collection by doing this after I add an item to it:[code]but of course that is not actually sorting the original collection is it, its just sorting a new instance that is in a Generic.List format. Whilst I probably could just do that and then set that new list instance back as the source of the listbox binding, that will cause all of the items to be reloaded (and when each item in the listbox is loaded it animates in, so it would look stupid having all items animate in again just because one has been added).

The ObservableCollection class itself does not have a Sort method and although I know how to implement my own comparison class (using IComparer) I dont know how to make this work on an ObservableCollection without doign ToList or ToArray etc.[code]Just found this that looks like it might be of some use url...

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Serializing An ObservableCollection(of T) In .Net?

Oct 9, 2009

I'm trying out MVVM in VB.Net for a while now and started out with some of my entities using List(of T)s, which I xml serialized to disk. Now, I updated the classes used by the Lists to implement INotifyPropertyChanged so I also changed the List(of T)s to ObservableCollection(of T)s.After which, the XML serializer stopped working :'( A colleague told me that ObservableCollections, unlike generic Lists, are not serializable.If so then how can I make them Serializable?

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.net - How To Sort A Observablecollection(of String)

May 21, 2012

All I need is a simple way to sort the strings in the collection. I can't find anything online. Everybody is using lamda expressions which I don't think works for just a string collection?

Public Property FilterCollection As New ObservableCollection(Of String)

From d In FilterCollection Order By (Function(d) d)()

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.net - LINQ And Static ObservableCollection?

Nov 7, 2011

This will probably be a basic questions for the LINQ & architecture experts however I am failing to understand a problem i've encounted when trying to update a 'Static ObservableCollection.

Me.Grid1.ItemsSource = ContactList Me.Grid2.ItemsSource = From s In ContactList Where s.ContactTypes.Any(Function(t) t.ContactTypeName = "Christmas List")

If I add a new Contact with the ContactType "Christmas List" to the ContactList ObservableCollection, Grid1 reflects the additional Contact however Grid2 does not reflect the change unless I rebind.

Anyway to Reflect the change in Grid2 to show the new Contact with the queried ContactType

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Bind Textbox To ObservableCollection?

Jun 15, 2011

I'm trying to get bind a textbox text property to an observable collection, and report changes back to the collection. The ContactLog property gets set from the calling page.[code]....

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Wpf - .NET Using LINQ To Transpose An ObservableCollection?

Aug 11, 2010

I have a custom item class (basically two string values with associated properties), as below:

Public Class itmDataDetails
Private _strDataName As String
Private _strDataValue As String
Public Property strDataName() As String


Naturally, this doesn't work as x cannot be added to the ObservableCollection(Of itmDataDetails). Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? I don't know LINQ that well, so I wouldn't be surprised to discover I'm doing it wrong.

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Wpf - Bind An ObservableCollection To A ComboBox?

May 10, 2012

How do I get even basic binding to work between a ComboBox and an ObservableCollection? I can't get anything but error messages.


Class MainWindow
Dim Units As New ObservableCollection(Of String)
Private Sub Window_Loaded(sender As System.Object, e As


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Wpf - Bind More Than One ObservableCollection In XAML

Feb 4, 2012

How can I implement both of these ObservableCollections in my xaml? I want to have a listview with all my students, and another listview with all my teachers.For now I just made an example student and teacher object. Am I going about this the wrong way. Eventually I will pulling from a datatable, not sure how I would implement it to the ObservableCollection though.

Public Class PersonalViewModel
Public Sub New()
Dim obcollection1 As New ObservableCollection(Of Student)


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Wpf - ListBox ObservableCollection Duplicating?

Aug 18, 2011

I have a WPF application which has a listbox bound to an ObservableCollection which retrieves it's data from a Database. I am attempting to have the ListBox data refreshed every minute through the use of a DispatcherTimer.

Dim dispatcherTimer As DispatcherTimer = New System.Windows.Threading.DispatcherTimer
AddHandler dispatcherTimer.Tick, AddressOf getRoomMeetingDetails
dispatcherTimer.Interval = New TimeSpan(0, 2, 0)


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Wpf - Multi-threaded ObservableCollection In VB

Jul 14, 2010

This is my attempt to create a ObservableCollection in VB that is WPF thread-safe. Can you think of any problems it may have?


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WPF Binding Listview To A ObservableCollection?

May 3, 2011

I'm trying to figure out what I need to change to bind this code to a listview.


<Window x:Class="MainWindow"


what I need to do to change my XAML to Bind to my data.

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WPF Unique Entries In An ObservableCollection

May 13, 2011

I have an ObservableCollection of class Customers that I fill from a database query. Because of how the tables are joined, I sometimes get one off entries (Bill has a shipping address that is different than his mailing address) that show up in the data twice.Each customer row has an ID as unique primary key, and this is what I use to pull up more customer information when someone selects a row from the bound ListView. In the WinForms version of this program, I would search the ListView for the CustomerID, and if it was found I would avoid inserting it a second time.


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Asp.net - Listbox Bound To ObservableCollection (in .NET And Silverlight)?

Jan 9, 2011

I'm trying to bind a listbox to an ObservableCollection and keep the listbox updated when items are added to the collection. I have a class called CollectionOfBlogs:

Public Class CollectionOfBlogs
Implements INotifyPropertyChanged
Public Event PropertyChanged As PropertyChangedEventHandler _
Implements INotifyPropertyChanged.PropertyChanged


Beyond this, I have a simple textbox and button on a page. When a name is entered into the textbox, and the button is clicked, I call the addBlog(passing in name from textbox) sub routine in the ITRSBlogs Class (back up the page a bit) to add the item to the collection.Problem is, when I add an item to the collection, the listbox is not updated.

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Bind ObservableCollection To A DataObjectProvider In XAML?

Sep 14, 2011

I want to bind data to an objectdataprovider.[code]...

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C# - ObservableCollection.Contains() Doesn't Work Correctly?

Dec 31, 2011

Consider the following:

class Bind
public string x { get; set; }


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Cannot Change ObservableCollection During An CollectionChanged Event

Mar 15, 2012

I have a CollectionChanged Handler Method:

Private Sub LayersChanged(sender As Object, e As Collections.Specialized.NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs)
If e.ItemCollectionHasNewItems IsNot Nothing Then


I cant call SomethingRelatedToE.excecute because it effects e's collection which causes a runtime error.

However if the LayersChanged method has completed I can then call SomethingRelatedToE.execute from another method without effecting it.

Is there a way for me to directly move to another method after the LayersChanged method has finished, like a Goto function or another solution to this?

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C# Linq Query Conversion For Order An ObservableCollection?

Apr 12, 2012

I've a structure collection like this:

Jet Owner Item Comp
AAAA AAAA 101 2210
AAAA AAAA 202 2220


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Notifying The View Of A Change To An Element Within An ObservableCollection?

Jul 28, 2010

Calling OnPropertyChanged for an ObservableCollection only works when there has been some change to the properties of the collection, not the objects it contains (add, remove, clear, etc).

Is there any way to notify the View that there has been a change to an item within the collection?

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Two-way WPF Binding To Properties Of A Class Inside Of An ObservableCollection

Nov 17, 2011

I've searched as best as I can, and I can't find an answer to this specific problem that I have... WPF binding seems to be great and all, but I end up banging my head against the wall more often than not.

Okay, I have a singleton class which is ultimately the one that I'm binding to:

Imports System.ComponentModel
Imports System.Collections.ObjectModel
Public Class AmandaSeyfried


If I throw some break points on the Getter and Setters of the CountryTranslation class, I can monitor when they're being changed (via the datagrid, so binding is working), but try as I might I can't figure out how to raise an event based upon that back in the main class to subsequently update the datastore to show the changes.

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Wpf - Convert C# ObservableCollection Sample To Dataset Or Equivalent

Feb 23, 2011

I have a C# example that is populating a multiselect combobox. This was from an example found online. It works fine with the static values coming from the observable collection. I want to change this to be database driven from a SQL Server backend, but was having issues. I did get it to populate the combobox, but the selection is acting kind of screwy. Some type of simple query from a Northwind table would suffice such as: "Select CategoryName from Categories".


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Wpf - Inserting Data To XML File Notify ObservableCollection

Feb 4, 2011

I have a parent window which has a ListView that is bound to an ObservableCollection that gets it's data from an XML file. On the parent window, I have an add button that opens a opens a Modal Window (form2.ShowDialog(), I think this is a Modal window).

In the child window I have a few text fields and an add button, the user enters data for a new record and clicks the Add button and the XML file is updated with the new record.

What I am seeking to do is when the child window is closed that the ListView in the parent window is refreshed to show the new record.

When I am updating the XML file from the child window, I am doing this directly to the XML file, should I be adding the data to the file in some other manner which would raise an event on the ObservableCollection?

I was heading down the path of adding an event handler to the add button on the parent window and attempt to force a re-read of the XML file, but I cannot figure out how to achieve this, below is what I have done so far.


Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Dim frm As New newEmergencyContact


I cannot workout what should go into the refresh_EmContacts sub, do I need to call some kind of ObservableCollection event handler to notify it that it has been updated and to do the re-read?

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ObservableCollection.Insert On Index Bigger Than Length Of Collection

Mar 15, 2012

I'm wondering, what happens when you do following:

Collection.Insert(55, "Input")

The collection contains 20 items, so 19 would be the last index. This doesn't work, I get the expected outofrangeException. But when I do :

Collection.Insert(20, "Input")

That works without a problem, even though it is 1 out of the collection.

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Wpf - Refresh TreeView CollectionViewSource ObservableCollection Item Changed

Apr 23, 2011

I have the following setup for a treeview:

<local:BuddyManager x:Key="bmBuddyManager" />
<CollectionViewSource x:Key="cvsBuddyManager"
Source="{Binding Source={StaticResource bmBuddyManager}, Path=Buddies}">


The Binding and grouping work well, the only issue is when I set a particular 'buddy' to online or blocked the child nodes do not move or change.

I am trying to get this to work like an MSN Treeview where people go offline and online.

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C# - ObservableCollection Doesn't Support AddRange Method - Get Notified For Each Item Added Besides What About INotifyCollectionChanging?

Mar 22, 2009

I want to be able to add a range and get updated for the entire bulk. I also want to be able to cancel the action before it's done (i.e. collection changing besides the 'changed').


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DotNetFx35ClientSetup.exe Is Missing?

Mar 10, 2010

I am trying to publish to my hard drive so it can later be burned to CD or DVD a project I have developed and I seem to be missing that file. The person I developed it for does not have good internet access, so downloading such things as SQLExpress and DotNetFx35Client is all but out of the question. How and where do I get the file? I know where to put it on my hard drive once I have it.

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IDE :: Vb Project Missing .sln?

May 11, 2009

I have been given the source code to a 2005 VB project to modify. But I can't find the .sln file or a vbproj file or open the project. Don't I need that file to open the solution correclty? or do I have to start a new solution and just add in all files?

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Missing A Row When Using SqlDataReader?

May 10, 2010

My SQL query shows 8 rows when executed but the following code only shows 7. Apparently, it�s missing the first row.

Dim temp as String = Nothing
Dim r As SqlDataReader = objCmd.ExecuteReader()
If r.Read() = True Then


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Missing Windowsapplication1.exe

Jun 22, 2010

I get the following error when i try to run my program. i tried to rebuild it many times but still it doesn't work. visual studio cannot start debugging because the debug target windowsapplication1.exe is missing. its my first time to use ms visual studio 2008.and i think there are some dependencies missing in this software but i'm not sure what are they.

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Telerik.web.ui Is Missing?

Oct 11, 2011

I am Telerik controls in my project, Error is telerik.web.ui is not found, Coudn't find assembly

I have added Telerik.web.ui.dll inside Bin directory

Reference Code is available inside web.config

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TraceSwitch = 0 - Set To 0 Or Missing?

Jun 11, 2009

I have the code below that reads the partial app.config below. It works fine. But wondering how can I check that "value" is set to 0 or that the TraceSwitch is missing. If I remove the switches, my messagebox displays a 0. I want to display a user message if the app.config is not able to provide logging. And if the TraceLevel is set to 0, I will not show a message.

Dim s As New System.Diagnostics.TraceSwitch("TraceLevel", "")
MessageBox.Show("Trace Level: " & s.Level)


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VB Missing IsNull()?

Mar 13, 2009

I like to confirm that array is created, how can it be done? There is no nul keyword?

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.NET And Access - Missing (;) At End Of SQL Statement?

Jul 7, 2009

I have a problem with this code (look below) and I can't understand where is the problem: In moment of execution it gives a ERROR: Missing (;) at end of SQL statement.?

Dim cs As OleDb.OleDbConnection = New Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Jet OLEDB:Database Password=password;User ID=admin;Data Source=" & Application.StartupPath & "data.mdb")
Dim result As Integer
Dim cmd As OleDbCommand = New OleDbCommand()


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Adding A Missing Refrence To SMO?

Mar 12, 2010

I cant find the reference for Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo Where can I find this missing reference for VS2010 Pre release candidiate

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All My Project Files Are Missing

Jan 24, 2012

I completed my final project for a .NET course two days ago and just noticed today that all my project files for every project I have on my computer (about a dozen or so) are missing all the project files except for what's in the bin folders. The folder structure it seems hasn't been affected.

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Alterations Missing At Runtime

Jun 21, 2010

Could I have been googling with no joy regarding the fact that my program is not displaying changes made when I run it (Debug).

It is an old program (hence the 2003 VB.NET code) I wrote for my daily use and I decided to make some modifications to make it more useful.

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Asp + Code Behind: Reference Missing?

Jan 7, 2010

I'm currently working on a project I've just received that is asp.net + vb.I have to add a gridview in one part of the page, but it simply won't let me set the datasource

<%@ Page Language="VB" MasterPageFile="~/Common/Common.master" title=whatever" %>
<%@ Register TagPrefix="uct" TagName="SubmenuControl" Src="whatever.ascx" %>


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Asp.net - Missing Operand After '00' Operator?

Dec 19, 2011

I'm trying to filter a dataview using a DataView RowFilter. I want to filter out data based on two date values checked on one column:

Dim dtFuture As Date = DateAdd(DateInterval.Month, 6, Today)
dv.RowFilter = "ValidUntil >" & dtFuture.ToString & "AND ValidUntil > " & Today.ToString

I am getting the error Syntax error: Missing operand after '00' operator..

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Asp.net - Missing StackTrace Information

Mar 6, 2009

I seem to be missing some information from my stack trace, here is what i'm getting: at Foo.Bar(DataTable table) in D:FooBarauthoringApp_CodeFooBar.vb:line 87 Where is the rest of the stack trace infomation?


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ASP.NET Gridview - On Load The First Row Is Missing?

Nov 3, 2011

I using an ObjectDataSource (Should receive 5 rows) and a gridview.When I open the gridview I received all rows except the first one. So I only see 4 rows.Now I sorting my gridview with a click on a column. But I also get only 4 rows. After selecting a filter I receive all 5 rows. What could be the problem?


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