Context Menu Strip With Submenu?

Apr 8, 2010

While developing -> I can add a submenu to items in the context menu strip. When I build the application, and show this context menu strip - there is no option to get into this sub menu.


How To Add A Submenu In Right Click Context Menu

Jan 4, 2011

I am making a tree-view on run-time. Inside the tree-view I would like to add submenu to a context menu.Say I have 4 items in a given context menu and 4th being another sub-menu. In following example I want to see a sub-menu when mouse is hovering or clicked on item "-Check" So I can select and click items from that menu.



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2008 Context Menu Strip

Feb 26, 2010

I have an INI file that contains several of these following entries.The Section names are all labled ASSET_CONTROLS_#.[code]The "Name" field should be added to the ContextMenuStrip control as a ToolStripMenuItem.If there is a value in "SubMenuNames" in the INI file, the ToolStripMenuItem created from the "Name" field, should have a DropDownItem created under it. I have separated multiple SubMenuNames with a SemiColon, so a loop would be used to create the separate menu items.Command and Parameters are to be used with the Process.Start function when the Menu Item is clicked. What is the best way to code this? I have been trying to do the event handling for the menu items for hours now and can't get it right. I basically want to call a procedure and pass the "Command & Parameter" values to it to use the Process.Start function.[code]

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Disable Context Menu Strip?

Dec 14, 2009

I was wondering if it is possible to disable certian buttons on a context menu strip?

Say i have a start button, and then i click it i want it to disable a button in the context menu strip

P.S, the ContextMenuStrip is being used with a Notify Icon

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Get Owner Of A Context Menu Strip?

Apr 17, 2007

I have a ContextMenuStrip and a ListBox. I have the context menu connected to the listbox. The menu has two items, Select All and Deselect All. I want to select/deselect all the items in the listbox when a button is clicked. I have done this before for a CheckedListBox but cannot remember how.

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Label In A Context Menu Strip?

May 7, 2012

I'm trying to figure out a way to put a text label at the top of a context menu strip. But as far as I can tell, the only options are "MenuItem", "ComboBox", "Separator", and "TextBox".I reckon I could use a MenuItem for this if I had to, but I think a (non-clickable) label would look a lot more professional.

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Use Context Menu Strip Effectively?

Feb 13, 2009

Well the context menu strip is the box that appears when we right click during run time if i'm not mistaken. I was trying to make it run but during runtime when i right-clicked in the form nothing happens. I'd like to know if there's a way to make the program run.

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VS 2010 Context Menu Strip?

May 4, 2011

I have a problem with Context Menu Strip Opening event, and i think i can get help here. On ContextMenuStrip1_Opening i have code to check, does any item are selected on listview. If yes, then ToolStripMenuItem2.Visible = True else ToolStripMenuItem2.Visible = False but it anyways using Visible = False and i can't get know why. My code on opening is this:


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Cannot Find Context Menu Strip In Form?

Jun 5, 2012

I'am trying to find my context menu strip in my form but my code doesnt seem to displayed my desired is my code:


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Context Menu Strip Open Link

Oct 2, 2010

How to open a link with the right mouse button in the webbrowser
We use the ContextMenu ?

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Context Menu Strip - Copy Image URL?

May 31, 2012

I have a webbrowser control that has the contextmenustrip control in it. I would like to right-click on an image and have the contextmenustrip tool copy the image url to the clipboard. I have code that is able to copy text from the webbrowser control to the clipboard and paste, but I would like to be able to copy the image url to the clipboard so that it can then be pasted wherever.Here is the code that I have that is able to copy text and past it:

WebBrowser1.Document.ExecCommand("copy", False, vbNull)

The code that I have provided above doesn't copy image urls to the clipboard.

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Context Menu Strip - ItemClicked Event

Dec 9, 2010

The following code is converted from C# to VB.NET (this works fine in C#), however, after converting to VB.NET, the ItemClicked Event doesn't work as expected.


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Context Menu Strip Event Handler?

Nov 21, 2009

I have a context menu strip that is built using code, how can I add an event to an item in the menu?
Private Sub ctxtResources_Opening(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs) Handles ctxtResources.Opening


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Change The Context Menu Strip Of The Tabbed Web Browser?

Apr 26, 2012

i want to change the context menu strip of the tabbed web browser but i any way?? also, how to put "Open in New Tab" in the cmu?I

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Assign Context Menu Strip To Listbox Item?

Aug 30, 2009

How can I assign a context menu strip to a listbox item and not the listbox itself?

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Context Menu Strip - Form Kept Showing Up Repeatedly

Dec 9, 2010

Background Story: My program contains a form and 3 buttons (Add New, Delete, Edit...etc), and it works perfectly.  Recently, I decided to add menuStrip, since it helps end-user to work faster.  So, I put the menu strip coding. 

However.....Sometimes, it works normally. But sometimes it works very strange.

Strange 1. When I chose the "Add New" item in the menu, the Add New Form will be showing up, and then I clicked on the Cancel button in the Add New Form.  The Form kept showing up repeatedly.  But sometimes, it works normally. (Note: Add New Form's Cancel button contains one line simply coding, it's "me.close")

Strange 2. When I chose "Delete" item in the menu, the MsgBox showing up (since I coded it and it's a warning message to end-users), but the MenuStrip KEPT showing up, so the MenuStrip overlapping the MsgBox.  (I expected the MenuStrip disappear in this situation)

Is some codings I have done incorrectly? 

Here below is the coding:


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Determine Highlighted Item In Context Menu Strip?

Oct 6, 2009

Visual Studio 2005. Is there a way to determine which menu item is hi-lited in a ContextMenuStrip?

For example: I associate ContextMenuStrip1 with TextBox1.ContextMenuStrip1 contains 5 items with names:

A sub-menu is created with Item3ToolStripMenuItem that contains 5 items with names:

As the menu is navigated is there a way for the program to know which of the 10 menu items is hi-lited before a click event occurs?

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How To Show Context Menu Strip At Caret Postion

May 19, 2012

How to show a context menu strip at caret postion (not cursor or pointer postion)Example: If the control is in a text area at 10th line 5th word then context menu strip should display there at caret postion.I am looking for kind of auto prompt that we use to get near caret when we click "Ctrl+Space" in any IDE like Eclipse, VB 2010, VS etc

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Context Menu Strip Not Appearing On Data Grid View?

Oct 10, 2011

I've done this many time before, but for some reason I can't get it to work this time.I'm trying to get a ContextMenuStrip associated with a DataGridView.  I've defined each to the form and in the properties of the DataGridView I've set the ContextMenuStrip property equal to my ContextMenuStrip name (cmsDictionary), defined the onClick event code, but when I run nothing happens.

The program was originally code with a dynamically added context menu but it was popping up all over the place and I wanted to remove that and just let the grid manage it.

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Dhtml Edit Control Does Not Display Context Menu Strip?

Feb 12, 2012

I am changing the content menu strip of the control to my menu strip but nothing happens.I can see my menu strip in the rest of the form but dhtml edit control does not react to right click.

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While Creating Context Menu Strip / Not Able To Enter More Items Like Cut Copy Paste

Aug 14, 2009

I have created a menustrip in windows application.I typed items like &File,&Open.At design time,F and O is undelined in File and Open respectively.But at runtime,it does not seem to be.Also,while creating context menu strip,iam not able to enter more items like cut copy paste.

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Menu Strip - Disable The Subitems In The Menu Strip

Jan 1, 2011

My program goes like this, i have a log in form where in the admin and guest can access, then the form will navigate to main menu form, i have there menu strip, pls help. how can i disable the subitems in the menu strip if the user is 'guest' for security purposes..

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[2008] Menu Strip - When A User Clicks On "Print" In The Menu Strip On The Keyboard Should Automatically Press "Ctrl+P"

Oct 25, 2008

I am totally new to VB and I'd like to know, for example, when a user clicks on "Print" in the menu strip on the keyboard should automatically press "Ctrl+P", because the original print dialog, and the WebBorwser print dialog is toootaly different.

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Insert A New Right Click Context Menu Item To The Existing Right Click Context Menu For The Active Window?

May 15, 2010

VB express 2008 .net 3.5 or .net 4.0 VB express 2010?I have written application to convert RTF to HTML. The main Purpose of the application is to copy VS code to the clipboard and covert it then put it back into the clipboard as a HTML Document so that it can be pasted into a HTML document such as Windows Live Mail. I found that code copied and pasted is spaced out in in the wrong positions.

The applications works perfect with no bugs so far. I then asked Myself how to go about doing the copy with the least amount of operator interaction. So I added an Icon to the Icon Tray with a right click menu to use to convert once the Rich Text Format was copied to the clipboard. This works fine except you have Five steps, Select the text, Copy to clipboard, Right Click the icon, Select the Converter and Paste. The normal is three steps.

To this the best solution is to add a context menu item to the active form such as the RTF editor or window. So that when you select the Rich Text to copy and right click on the form to bring up that menu then to Just Select the menu Item such as "Copy RT and Convert"  I searched and found about 544000 Items and tried to restrict down to no avail. I read until I finally gave up. I did not find any code examples of this. Almost every thing I found related to the web or some other explicit document like Excel and not to the Various windows that could be active with RT in it.

how do you add a context menu item to the context menu of an active rich text format window such as WordPad or VB?I have test in my application that tests to see if it is a RTF in the clipboard so if it is not the converter does nothing.

Imports System.Threading
Imports System.IO
Imports System


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Add Submenu To Specific Menu Item At Runtime?

Mar 12, 2012

I have an existing menu structure created at design time. During runtime, I want to add a submenu to one of the already existing menu items created at design time.How do i add a dropdownitem at runtime to an already existing menu item? How do I refer to that existing menu item?All positings I found so far either create a main menu item and directly create the submenus. Apparently, the reference to the main menu item was somehow established.

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Make A Menu Item On A Menu Strip Link To Another Windows Form?

Jul 25, 2009

How do I make a menu item on a menu strip link to another windows form (like a menu item that links to an about page already created in the project). I know that every coder knows how to do this, but i've read most of the instructions in the world for Visual Basic coding, but can't find ANYTHING I know coding fairly well, so I can modify it, but I can't create it my self.

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Menu Strip Has Disappeared But The Menu Items Are Still Showing In Properties List?

Oct 6, 2011

I have combed these forums and the 'net and can't find an answer to my specific problem. My menu strip disappeared (after deleting a small secondary form within my project). I therefore created a new strip and while recreating the menu items realized that the original menu items are still present, showing in my properties list. I have checked my design file as well and the original menu strip is definitely gone but the original menu items are there. I don't have many items so I would have no problem just deleting the original ones but I can't see them to delete them! I have checked and they are all set to visible. I have also moved everything on my form to see if it is behind anything else. 

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Get Context Menu Appear In Tasktray While The Tray Appears The Menu Doesn't Right Click

Jun 6, 2011

I'm trying to get my context menu appear in my tasktray, while the tray appears the menu doesnt when i right click. Here is all my code associated with my task tray:


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Clone The Menu Items And Then Bound It To Form Context Menu?

Nov 26, 2009

Suppose I have ToolStripMenuItem mnuOrderOptions that contains the three drop down items. I want to copy all the items are their respective event handlers to Contextmenu on button click & then bound that context menu with the form.

Private Sub AToolStripMenuItem_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles AToolStripMenuItem.Click
End Sub[code]....

how to clone the menu items and then bound it to form context menu.

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Context Menu Affects Main Menu Drop Down Location

Jul 13, 2010

I open a context menu by right clicking it.

It stays open when the cursor leaves it.

I click a main menu item.

The drop down opens at the top left of the screen.

Not under the main menu item I clicked.

I want to search the Internet but can't guess what key words to use.

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Get A Context Menu With Any Number Of Names In The Menu Created At Runtime

Jan 18, 2010

I have a blank form and when the use right clicks on the form, they get a context menu with any number of names in the menu. This changes depending on the situation. I can get the context menu to add/remove the list of names but when I click on one of the choices and it goes to my routine (from addhandler) I can't find the property that tells me what they clicked on...


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Show Context Menu On Drop Down Menu Item Right Click?

Jun 22, 2009

i want to show context menu on drop down menu item right click...As an example,Suppose we add bookmark in mozilla & when we right click on that item..context menu is showing

Private Sub MenuAddToFavorites_MouseDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles MenuAddToFavorites.MouseDown
If e.Button = Windows.Forms.MouseButtons.Right Then


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Accdr Right Click Menu (context Menu)?

Jun 12, 2009

I know that right click menu is locked in the accdr mode. Is there any vba code to force this menu appear on right click?What i want in the menu is "cut, copy, paste". Now i only have paste functionality without any menu appearing

Private Sub Text22_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
f Button = 2 Then
CommandBars("Edit").Controls("Paste").Execute  <---i want to replace this code with one


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Show A Context Menu On Right Click On A Menu?

Mar 22, 2009

I want to show a context menu on right click on a menu, but the menu disappears every time it is right clicked and I dont get the right coordinates for my menu.

Here is my code:

Code:Private Sub colMenus_MenuContextMenu(ByRef Sender As Object, ByRef e As clscolMenus.MenuContextEventArgs) Handles colMenus.MenuContextMenu  Dim p As Drawing.Point    Dim tm As ToolStripMenuItem


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DB/Reporting - Menu Strip - Fetch Items From Database And Load In To Menu Items

Nov 28, 2008

I have a menu strip. In the menu strip I have something for some saved urls in the database, I called it Bookmarks. So I'm trying to fetch the items from the database and have it load in to the menu items.. but it keeps adding items and I only want them added once.

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Add A Sub Menu At Run Time To That Context Menu?

Nov 2, 2011

I have added a context menu at design time at VB.Net 2010. But I need to add a sub menu at run time to that context menu.

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Getting Rid Of The Top Menu Strip?

May 24, 2009

So I'm creating a program that takes a picture of a form. The code that i use takes a picture of the form, then saves it to a file. My only problem is that it takes a picture of the whole form. 

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Disappearing Menu Strip ?

Feb 27, 2008

I have a 2005 windows form with a menu strip that keeps disappearing both in design mode and when the program runs. I noticed that on other forms there are more properties listed for the menu than this one has. Anybody familiar with this problem?

I am using a split container with docking set to full below the menu but several other programs are set that way without any problems.

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Getting The Menu Strip Style?

Feb 24, 2011

How to get from [URL]to exactly: [URL] If it's not available in then how in C#?

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Menu Strip Not Showing?

Sep 7, 2009

I added a menu strip to my form. I have added mulitple items to it and it shows up fine when I'm editing it. When I run the program, it does not show up. I tried starting over and redoing the whole project but I'm having the same problem.

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