DLL Import - DLLs Were Re-compiled As 64-bit DLLs And They Still Don't Work?

Apr 6, 2010

I am trying to understand how to interact with external DLLs written in C++ for use in my VB.NET application. I have some DLLs that a client wrote that do some math functions. Everything was working on a 32-bit machine. Because we were taxing the 32-bit machine we moved to 64-bit. Now we can't get the same functions to work. The DLLs were re-compiled as 64-bit DLLs and they still don't work. So my client wrote some dummy DLLs to see if we could figure out the problem. Here are the "signatures" of the DLL calls that I am making:[code]....Ultimately I would like to get to calling initialize_quiet and I am guessing at the format of the marshalling, const size etc.


64 Bit ActiveX DLLs?

May 27, 2011

I've seen quite a few questions about calling 32 bit ActiveX components on 64 bit platforms - as I understand it you can't create a 32 bit ActiveX component from a .NET application running in X64 (native) mode. This is OK and I think I understand it.But my question is more basic. Is there such a thing as a 64 bit ActiveX component? or is ActiveX always 32 bit, period?

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IDE :: Testing VB DLLs In VB?

Nov 22, 2010

I was once a VB 6 expert, but it's been a while.I am attempting to create a simple DLL in VB. I created a new WCF Service Library, which is what it looks like I needed to do. I filled out the interface and implemented it. Here's the interface:

Public Interface AgileApi


And attempted to call it, but I get System.EntryPointNotFoundException. I've tried pathing the defined library and copying the dll file into the same place where my EXE is, but no change to the error.

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C# - NRefactory Has Missing Dlls

Apr 22, 2011

I've tried to use NRefactory(Vb) [url]... but it didn't come with mono.cecil.dll so i downloaded that too, but when i merged it together the versions seem to be off (i had error Mono.Collections missing class)

does anyone seem to be able to get NRefactory working?[code]...

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COM Visible DLLs: Are They Only Legends

Dec 5, 2005

straightforward method of creating a DLL with properties and methods exposed to other programs? I followed the instructions that I found on the MSDN websites as well as suggestions from forum participants. The DLL should be available both for COM and .NET programs. So far, nothing has worked.There are numerous variations listed on the MSDN site. No doubt there are reasons for the differing instructions. However, I have not had sufficient success with any of them. Sometimes, just building the project makes the class visible to COM compatible programs. Other times, only after running regasm. Still other times, I have to run regasm, sn and gacutil before the DLLs class gets exposed. Then forums posters tell me: "you shouldn't have to do all that.


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Deployment :: What To Prevent Anyone From Using DLLs

Feb 2, 2010

You developing a application named "DemoSoft" which is going to be a shareware or Premium, you use different DLL's in this project and some DLL's are owned by you, they are very useful and valuable, you are selling this software and are charging the customer for what the software does but since this software uses one of your Valuable DLL, actually few functions from it you have to deploy it and cannot additionally charge for the whole dll. since that would be unwize.now i want to ask what can you do so that This DLL in "DemoSoft" cannot be exploited, meaning end user could use my software but if some thief tries to use my supplied DLL in one of his own app he is unable to do it, in simple terms DLL should work only and only with DemoSoft.

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Get A List Of DLLs That A Process Is Using?

Jan 11, 2010

How would I get a list of the DLLs that a process is using? For example, if a process used "SomeDLL.DLL", would it be possible to find that out using a VB program?

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How To Change DLLs Dynamic

Mar 5, 2009

My environment is VB6 (NOT .Net), and I have three function-similiar com+ DLLS with different GUID. For example, DLL A, DLL B and DLL C have the same function Beep(). I have a VB application, if I want to use DLL A Beep(), I should import the DLL A reference, and rebuild my application. If I want to switch to DLL B Beep(), I have to change the DLL reference and then rebuild my applicaton.. The same to do if I do with DLL C.

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How To Put DLLs In Separate Directory

Oct 16, 2011

DO NOT REDIRECT THIS TO ANOTHER THREAD BECAUSE THERE ISN'T A ONE I'm developing a project in VS2010 - WPF - VB.NET (4.0)The solution contains 11 projects; one executable and others are User Controls, Custom Controls and Classes.Now when I build my solution this happens in the output (Debug) folder:

Images/(images used buy MainProg.exe)


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Link Different Projects Using A DLLs?

Jun 4, 2010

i have been researching this question fror weeks and yet i cant find the answer. Can anyone tell me how i can link two vb.net projects in VS2010 together using a dll. For example, say i have two projects, project 1 and 2. if i want to open a form from project 2 using a button from project 1, what will the procedures be and the codes.


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Load Dlls From Folder And Use It?

Jun 13, 2011

I have a simple question for you I think, but for me it bugs me a lot

So as the title says, I want to load a dll from a folder in my exe and use it's classes

How can I do that? like for example my app is named "run.exe" and I want at load time to load dlls from folder "resources" and use the classes from the dll's it "imported"

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Referencing DLLs In Project?

Sep 23, 2009

I have a project that references two DLL files in the system 32 directory as COM references. The files are certenroll.dll and certcli.dll which are included in the system32 directory as part of the OS. My app is a console application that I'd like to have as a standalone exe. It seems that the these files are converted to something like Interop.CERTENROLLLib.dll and Interop.CERTCLIENTLib.dll and dropped in the bin directory for my project. Since I want the app to be a standalone exe able to run on other PC's I'd rather see the app reference the original DLL files in the system32 directory and not have to carry these dependency files around with it.

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VS 2008 How To Publish With Dlls

Sep 15, 2009

I made app. But it doesn't work on other peoples computers. I don't want to publish it as installer App because it doesn't look good and people can't choose which folder it will install to. Is here way to copy My Exe file and all DLLs to one folder so it works for everyone?


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VS 2010 Adding DLLs In GAC?

Mar 8, 2012

In my Installer project I just added my OracleDataAccess.dll to the "Global Assembly ache Folder" folder in the "File System on Target Machine" But when I install my project it doesn't install the OracleDataAccess.dll on the target machine'sC:WindowsAssembly.

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VS 2010 Publishing With Dlls

Jul 11, 2010

I have this vb program that uses 2 dlls i made in c++, the dlls are attached to the project and are set as "copy always" and in vs debug mode they work fine, however when i try to publish the program and run it it can no longer find the dlls even tho they are right there next to the program itself the dlls are declared as following: Private Declare Function Trace Lib "Lowstuff.dll" (ByVal targ as IntPtr) As UInteger.so what im thinking is that maybe theres like a switch in project settings i didnt flick or maybe i need to specify the dll with full path or wut?

As it turns out it had nothing to do with vb afterall, it was the c++ dlls that had to be made as static. However now i have a new problem: Im geting a bunch of overflow exceptions from my program but only on other computers, in the dev machine it reports no errors or warnings whatsoever, i also went over function where the error was generated and all the functions it used and detected no fault so how am i supposed to track these down?

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Where To Download SharePoint DLLs

Mar 1, 2011

I need to get hold of the Sharepoint DLL's. I understand that these are available from the Sharepoint server however the company I work for is quite large and the server is not anywhere I can get close to to copy the DLL's. Is there somewhere I can download these so I can start to develop my VB.NET application locally!

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.net - Reference 2 Dlls Using The Same Namespace In 3.5 Project?

Jun 29, 2011

I have a vb.net 3.5 class library project that needs to reference two assemblies that have the same namespace. We have two third party dll's in which one is version 5.1 and the other is version 6.1. They have the same dll filename and they utilize the same namespace and functions/class names. The project needs to use one or the other depending on a specific situation. I've investigated up on a c# process that uses the "extern alias" feature to pull in the different assemblies.


What use is the Aliases property of assembly references in Visual Studio 8.It seems that this feature isn't fully available for vb.net. Things I've Tried I've renamed the 2nd dll and added both references to my project. At this point I get tons of: 'blah' is ambiguous in the namespace. So I need to alias the different versions. In vb.net you can do aliases on an imports statement like:

Imports version5 = Somedll.Something

The problem is I can't setup an assembly reference alias for the different versions of the dll. Apparently in vb.net you can't set these up in the reference properties window. So I tried setting them in in my project file like this:

<Reference Include="somedll.5.Navigation">


I would then expect this to work:

Imports version5 = SomeDLL5.Something
Imports version6 = SomeDLL6.Something

But the "SomeDLL5/6" doesn't show up in intellisense. So how can I reference both dll's in the same project?

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DLLs For A .NET Windows Application Setup?

Mar 13, 2009

I have developed a couple of windows applications in Visual Vasic Express 2008. To my horror, I have just discoved that the Setup Project is not available in the express edition.I have been searching to discover which DLLs I will need to include when using my 3rd party Deployment Application.

I know which ones I need for my 3rd Party Controls, but am stuck on which Microsoft DLLs will be needed the Microsoft Controls I have used, plus any other Common DLLs that are always needed.

I have tried searching Microsoft's site but without success.

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DLLs Not Copying In Debug Mode?

Aug 29, 2011

I have a few DLLs that I have added to my project. I placed directly into the BinRelease directory and set Copy Local and Specific Version to true. Now if I move to debug mode, it doesn't copy those DLLs into the debug folder, so it won't compile. If these are just 3rd party DLLs, and not being built by my program, is it normal practice to throw these into the Release and Debug folders every time?

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GPS Street Navigation Dlls Or Examples?

Aug 28, 2009

I have been searching but unable to find any code examples of using a GPS coordinate to navigate to another GPS by road way. Is there a dll from MS Streets and Trips or any other software that would allow this to happen? This would also need to be done offline, so no Google or other online serive call outs.

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IDE :: Auto Updating Application DLLs In Web

Sep 26, 2009

I'm looking for a way for copying a VS application files via HTTP and TCP? I mean I have published my application and now I am trying to find something like ClickOnce application that copies my updated files from my website to the clients' centers through HTTP and then locally to end users through FTP. I need to a source code or something like that.

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Managed Satellite DLLs And How To Create It?

May 6, 2009

i wanna know what's benefits Satellite dll has? how we can create that by add_in

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Referencing DLLS In The GAC And Policy Files?

Nov 11, 2010

I have a project/app released which references a dll from the GAC folder. The project is looking for version 1.0 of the referenced dll.

I want to release version 2 of the dll without having to re-release the app and have all users re-install.

I had thought if i deployed a policy with the new dll which redirected calls for the dll to the new version this would be ok. However I think I am missing something. IT seems the redirect is not working as when I test on a users machine, give them the version 2 dll and the policy dll but take away the version 1.0 the app fails. It seem calls to the missing dll are not redirected by the policy dll to version 2.

Policy config which is used to create the policy.1.1.CorpReportsClassLibrary.dll
is as below.

<assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1">


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Replacing And Then Stringing Multiple DLLs?

Mar 28, 2011

i'm trying to create a program that is highly edible. Users will be able to change multiple things by just replacing the existing dlls. Kind of like a modding ability. The new DLL shouldn't have to recreate every function though, it should only include the ones that it changes and then hook to the old dll for anything that it doesn't have. Is there a way to dynamically do this? Reference another dll (like a proxy) through yourself for anything that doesn't exist in its self?

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Runtime Discovery Of DLLs And Their Contents

Feb 3, 2010

I have an application for which I wish to allow plug-ins. The plug-ins would be packaged in DLLs (one or more plug-ins per DLL). The application is written in Visual C++, and I was able (quite easily) to get a sample Visual C++ plug-in DLL to work. The main app looks in a particular folder for plug-in DLLs, and loads all that it finds. The process of loading the DLL calls the DllMain function, which allows the DLL to register all of its plug-ins with the main app. Another way of doing this would be to export a function with a known name in the DLL. That way, the main app can load the DLL, get a pointer to the function, and call that function, which would cause the DLL to register the plug-ins. This gives me the ability to discover the plug-ins at run time; neither the plug-ins nor the DLLs are known at build time.

I have been trying to do something similar with a VB DLL with little success. I was hoping someone would be able to suggest a way to find a VB DLL in a well-known location, load it, and either have it execute a function upon loading, or allow me to discover one or more functions that I can execute. Apparently, there is no way to export a function in a VB DLL the same as I can in a VC++ DLL.

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Showing Windows Forms From DLLs?

Oct 2, 2010

I'm trying to show a Windows Form from a DLL file - it's added to the application's refrences But I can't call the Windows Form from the DLL, I tried to make a function that shows the form but when I try to call that function in my application it says: Reference to a non-shared member requires an object reference How can I show the form? I'm tried to use this method: (it's in the DLL's form)

Public Sub Open()
Dim Instance As Windows.Forms.Control = Me
End Sub

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Use Unmanaged Dlls By Declaring Their Functions?

Jan 16, 2011

in vb 2005 I used to be able to use unmanaged dlls by declaring their functions.But in vb 2010 it doesnt work.How is it done. The dlls i need to use vary, some made using delphi, some made using c++.

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Using Vs2005 And Put The Exe And Dlls On A Network Drive?

Sep 16, 2009

I have compiled my application using vs2005 and put the exe and dlls on a network drive.  The users running windows 7 that don't have write access to the folder cannot run the program.  The users on XP can run the program even without write access to the folder.  The admins with write access to the folder can run it on both XP and windows 7. Does anyone know what I need to do to fix it other than giving the user write access to the folder. 

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Vista - Missing VB Runtime DLLs?

Apr 7, 2011

When trying to install a program I keep getting the following error:"I'm sorry. your system seems to be missing the Microsoft VB runtime DLLs to install this game. Click OK to go download them. Once they are installed restart the installation".When I click OK - I am taken to a Dairy Queen website. Is this an issue with the software (which I used under Windows XP with no problems) or do I have to search for the missing files? I installed VB 6 but still get this error.

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VS 2008 Modular Application Using Dlls?

May 30, 2011

I am trying to find a way to write a modular application.In this application there is a main form. Each module will be contained in one (or more) dlls. The idea is that a dll module can be dropped into the module folder and the application will be able to pick it up without the application having any prior knowledge of the dll existence.

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When Use Dlls It Decreases Speed Of Process Or No

Apr 15, 2012

i have some code in visual basic and i wrote some classes in c++ and i want make it dll but i don't know that when you use dlls it decreases the speed of process or not.

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Xlisten/xvoice/xcommand Dlls?

Jan 31, 2011

I made a simple app with vb6 uses the microsoft dss/dsr etc.Works on my laptop and works on my home computer.Trying to run on a new computer with XP Pro sp3 (fresh install) and it cant find the

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1 IDE Won't Release File Locks On Referenced DLLs

Mar 20, 2009

I develop an application through two multi project solutions.There is one solution for the data layer stuff and another one for the front end stuff.All the dlls are referenced in a startup project and have copy local = true. So the build output from the GUI solution and the dlls referenced from the data layer solution should be copied to this startup project's bin folder. This seemed to work without issue for some time, but after changing source control, after a rebuild of the data layer solution, I clean the GUI solution and get the following output: [code] I have researched this problem and it seems microsoft are aware of a problem, logged under MSB3061... but no solutions have been posted by MS. Several users have suggested stopping the indexing service from indexing bin and obj folders (I've done this). I've also ensured that none of the bin/obj folders are under source control. I downloaded FileMon from sysinternals and it says that devenv (GUI) has the file locks.

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Access Dlls Functions / Objects Using Script?

Apr 2, 2009

Accessing Dlls functions/objects using VBScript

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C# - Place DLLs In GAC On Solution Build In Debug

Dec 16, 2009

We have a couple of DLLs that need to be put in the GAC at compile time only in Debug mode as this is what developers use locally. Release mode will be the Continuous Integration server build and we will not want to put any dlls in the GAC. We used to do something similar with post build events on a project, but if a post build event can be conditionally run if debug. What is the best way to achieve this?

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Calling Dlls At Runtime Using Non-constant Strings?

Jul 19, 2011

I was wondering something. Is it possible to call a function in a Dll whose location is placed in a variable?What I mean is that I create a string that contains the file location odll file(Dim str as String = "DllFileLocation") Then, I call a function from that dll. And thenI change the string to a different file name (str = DifferentDllFileLocation") and then call a function from that dll. Is that possible?This would be good for my program whereuserswould import their own dll files, and then the program would call functions from those dll files.

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Deploying Program Can't Find Dlls In Same Folder

Apr 5, 2012

I wrote a program in VB.NET which uses several .dlls that I programed in c++. The dlls wrap some functions from an old version of the program. On my development computer everything works fine but I build a release version, copy it and the dlls onto the target machine and the .exe starts up fine. When the program tries to use a function from the .dll it throws an exception and says "unable to load DLL "c:/the path/my.dll" the specified module can't be found."I don't know if it makes any difference, but I am defining the dll functions in the main vb project using:Declare Function MyFunction Lib "c:/the path/my.dll" (ByVal in1 as Double, ByRef out1 as Double) as Integer.I have checked the .net framework on the target and version 4 seems to be installed same as the development computer. Both are windows XP machines. I have no idea if it is the way I programmed the .dlls or just something with my vb.net project.

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Disassembly (Reflector Equivalent) For Non .NET Dlls And Exes

Apr 20, 2010

I don't know if this is the right place for this. I've used Red-Gate's Reflector to disassemble .NET dlls and applications. I was wondering if there's an equivalent for non .NET products.


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Displaying Non-modal Forms Via Interop From COM DLLs

Jul 17, 2009

I am trying to load a VB6 program into VB .Net project via COM. I have exactly the same problem as this thread from 2005.


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Marshalling Variables To The Types Expected By The SDK DLLs?

Apr 3, 2007

I'm trying to interact with the Windows SDK to control a Portable Media Device, and am running into problems correctly marshalling variables to the types expected by the SDK DLLs.I have the following code.

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