Drag And Drop Outlook Attachment To Listbox?

Feb 10, 2011

I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this. I'm using VS2010, and am writing an app that must allow a user to drag an attachment from an Outlook e-mail onto a listbox and have the listbox populated with the contents of the file. It would just be a text file containing filenames, one per line.


Drag And Drop With An Email Attachment (Outlook)?

Nov 2, 2009

I want to do drag and drop with an email attachment (Outlook). The DragDrop event handler comprises the following lines of code If e.Data.GetDataPresent("FileGroupDescriptor") Then Dim ms As System.IO.MemoryStream = CType(e.Data.GetData("FileGroupDescriptor"), System.IO.MemoryStream)which should be the beginning for retrieving the name of the file to be dropped. -- BUT, after executing the second line, ms is Nothing and stream operations (seek or read) with ms fail. Why? How can ms be Nothing if e.Data.GetDataPresent("FileGroupDescriptor") was True?

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Drag And Drop Email From Outlook?

Dec 2, 2010

How to setup my form etc to drag and email from outlook and drop it on a datagridview.

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VS 2008 : Drag And Drop Emails From Outlook?

Dec 2, 2010

dragging and dropping emails from outlook onto a datagridview. Please help me step by step in setting up my form for dropping.So far I get the black circle icon with a slash across the middle, the indicates "this is not allowed"

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Outlook 2007 Email Items Drag And Drop Event?

Aug 21, 2009

I have an Oulook AddIn project to which I would like to add a functionality to be able to drag an email item into a folder in Outlook's Main Folder Pane. I would like to have the folder in which an item is dropped into to recognige the new item and pop up a message.

I would like to know what events to use to achiev this task.

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Drag And Drop Within A ListBox?

Nov 18, 2009

I'm trying to write an VB 2008 application where I want to rerrange the items in a listbox using drag and drop (to allow the user to reorder the items). Has anyone every done this and would be willing to point me in the right direction?

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ListBox Drag And Drop?

Jul 1, 2010

What I want to do is make it so I can take a .dll file and use DragAndDrop to drop it into the listbox but it will not at all work. For now I am trying to just get it to work so I am using any file to drag and drop.I have turned on "Allow Drop" for the listbox and entered this code:

Private Sub ListBox1_DragDrop(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DragEventArgs) Handles ListBox1.DragDrop
If e.Data.GetDataPresent(DataFormats.FileDrop) Then


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VS 2008 Drag Drop Listbox To Listbox?

Mar 17, 2011

Trying to drag/drop an item from one listbox to another on a windows form.Listbox1 is bound to a table and the data is populating correctly.Listbox2 is empty and has allowdrop set to TRUE. The goal is to drag items from LB1 to LB2.Problem is when I click on the item in LB1 it will not allow me to drag the item to the other box. As soon as I click on the item in LB1 the mouse pointer turns to a circle with a line through it.

Private Sub lstISA_MouseDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As


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Drag And Drop Value In Textbox From Listbox

Sep 25, 2009

I am developing an application in which I have a list of values in a list box and a text box. i want application user can drag the value from list box and drop in textbox at his required position. Can anybody assist me how can i do this in vb.net

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Folders In ListBox - Drag And Drop?

Dec 20, 2009

Is it possible to have folders in a toolstripdropdownbutton? How do I get a drag and drop for my listbox? It is called listbox2.

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VS 2008 Drag And Drop To Listbox?

Nov 13, 2009

So i want to drag and drop a file into the list box. All i want to do when i drag the file i want the path to show only.

For example if the user drags a text.txt file into the list box all i want in the list box is the path like C: ext.txt

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Drag And Drop Items From Listbox To Desktop

Jul 15, 2011

I have a ListBox control, that contains a few items that display attachments (files or directories). I have successfully allowed users to drag and drop items from their desktop to the ListBox , but I have not been able to allow the user to drag and drop items from the ListBox to their desktop. Is this possible?

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Drag And Drop Won't Work With Bound Listbox?

Jun 26, 2009

For some reason when I try binding the listbox to a datasource I put in (it contains a table of words to be used in the listbox), it shows me a + sign like it will allow my to drop text in but then it doesn't insert anything.  Does this code not work for databound related things?

Private Sub ListBox1_MouseDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles ListBox1.MouseDown
ListBox1.DoDragDrop(ListBox1.SelectedItem, DragDropEffects.Copy)


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VS 2005 - Drag And Drop From One List Box To Another Listbox

May 2, 2012

I want to select some user from list of user(listbox1) to another listbox(listbox2). The listbox1 contains the userids which is from a access table. If i move from listbox1 to listbox2 with the default values it is working fine, but when i try to do the same which is loaded from access table i am getting error. "Items collection cannot be modified when the DataSource property is set." [Code]

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Drag And Drop Windows File Icons Into ListBox

Jul 18, 2010

I found this code but can't use it as its VB6 and I need VB 2008. I tried changing it but can't seem to get anywhere.
Private Sub List1_OLEDragDrop(Data As DataObject, Effect As Long, Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
Dim vFile As Variant
If Data.GetFormat(vbCFFiles) Then
For Each vFile In Data.Files
List1.AddItem vFile
Next vFile
End If
End Sub

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VS 2008 Drag Drop Multiple - ListBox To TreeView?

Feb 13, 2010

I've been successfully dragging one item at a time over from a listbox to a treeview, but now that I'm trying to adapt it to drag/drop multiple items, I've run into a problem.I'm getting an index out of range exception in the loop where I'm trying to gather the listbox items into a string array. Any index greater than 0 throws the exception, even though I have set the length to equal the number of selected items in the listbox. I've double-checked that this is the case many times. Watching the selecteditems.count value, I can see that it is equal to the number of items I have selected, naturally, but the exception is still thrown on this line:

sel(i) = AddonsList.SelectedItems.Item(i)
Here is the relevant drag/drop


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Wpf - Drag And Drop For Listbox From Scratch MVVM Using ICommand?

May 4, 2012

Without using MVVMLight, I need to implement drag and drop for photos onto a listbox using mvvm using Icommands preferably and interaction triggers, however if i use commands then I don't know what to pass in for a command parameter? Any ideas? Thanks.

Heres some ideas I tried:

Public Property ImageList As New ObservableCollection(Of ListBoxItem)
Public Property AddImageCommand As ICommand = New Adjuster.DelegateCommand(AddressOf addImage)
Public Property DropCommand As ICommand = New Adjuster.DelegateCommand(AddressOf dropImage)


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Drag And Drop - Drag Picturebox1 And Drop It In Picturebox2

Nov 18, 2009

I am currently working on a drag and drop project and I was wondering if there is a way to drag picturebox1 and drop it in picturebox2; that will snap to a specific location in the picturebox2?

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ListView Drag&Drop Allow To Drag&Drop Between Form?

Aug 27, 2009

ListView Drag&Drop allow to Drag&Drop between form??

Public Class frmModule
Private Sub ListView1_ItemDrag(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.ItemDragEventArgs) Handles ListView1.ItemDrag[code]....

Can it be drap and drop item to other form control??How to write the event when mouse up at the other form control?

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C# - Drag And Drop From Excel Cells To A Drag-enabled Task Pane Programatically?

Oct 31, 2010

I am using Excel 2007, VS2008 Pro.I am building a VSTO Add-in that requires "drag and drop from Excel cells to a drag-enabled task pane".So far I notice that I can only drag and drop within the cells themselves. It does not allow me to drop into the task Pane or drag past the sheet limits.(http:)[url]...

Note: The task pane has drag drop enabled, I ahve already tested I can drag/drop from task pane to excel but I need to do this the other way around?

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Form Control - Using Listbox Or Drag And Drop Control?

Jul 6, 2011

I have a form set up with a few text boxes for first name last name and job title and i got the class for EditDialog. vb. The question is I have to drop some controls onto the form to make a generic add and edit employee dialog. Now would I use the listbox or drag and drop control?

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VS 2008 Listview Drag And Drop (preserving The Listview .tag After Drag And Drop)

May 25, 2011

I am trying to figure out a way to include the listview's tag field when dragging one listview's subitems into another listview. I am hoping someone here has experience with this. My Listview drag code is below - the two listviews that I am dragging subitems into or from are LV1 and LV3. Also, this is being done in Visual Basic 2008 and the project is a windows application.


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Outlook - Checking Attachment Type?

Feb 4, 2011

Im using Outlook Automation to parse through a PST file, and Im having trouble checking attachment types. Im attempting to check the attachment to see if it is a MailItem, but its not working, heres the syntax that I'm using.

Dim msgAttch As Outlook.Attachment
If msgAttch.Class = Outlook.OlObjectClass.olMail Then
'Check MailItem
End If

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Add An Outlook Attachment From A PictureBox Image?

Jun 29, 2010

I have an image in my VB.NET Picture box. I would like to attach it to the email message I'm sending through Outlook without having to save it to the drive anywhere. Is it possible to do such a thing?

Here's what I have so far (taken from here):

Public Class email
Dim app As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.Application
Dim appNameSpace As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook._NameSpace


When I comment out the attachment line it works perfectly fine, otherwise it throws a COMError. I haven't been able to find any real good information about attaching an email that way, or if it's even possible. If I can't do it this way I plan on just saving the file to some random(ish) name in C:TEMP, but it would be nicer if I didn't have to worry about that.

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C# - Create Outlook Message With Attachment?

Mar 26, 2012

I would like to create an outlook message with a subject and some attachments for the user to send when they are ready. I have the file paths for the attachments.

Basically the user needs to click a button on the application and that open an outlook message window with a predefined message and a few attachments. They should then be able to modify and add the required "To" etc before sending via outlook.

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Open An Attachment In An Outlook Email?

Feb 19, 2009

i just wanted to find out if it is possible to open an attachment in an outlook email?

so for example:

With outlookMessage.Attachments
attCount = .Count
If attCount > 0 Then


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Take A Screenshot And Use It As An Attachment Of Outlook Email?

May 19, 2010

<VB.Net 2008> I am trying to take a screenshot and use it as an attachment of outlook email.Is it possible to do that thru vb application when I click a button?

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Open Outlook With To,cc,subject, Body, Attachment?

Mar 8, 2011

i want to open the outlook from my vb.net application. I want to fill out the To,Subject, Body and Attachment part of mail through my application. here i don't need to send mail . I want to just open the outlook with mail parameter.

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Office Automation :: Extract An Attachment From An Outlook Email?

Mar 2, 2010

I was wondering if anyone knew a way to have vb extract an attachment from an outlook email and save it to a specified directory. What I have is a program that when a file (outlook attachment) is dropped onto the main form it saves that file to a specific directory. I have the following code which seems to work for anything other than Outlook (possibly because outlook's drag and drop feature is defined differently?):

Private Sub Form1_DragDrop(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DragEventArgs) Handles MyBase.DragDrop


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Drag/Drop Within A Tree And Drag/drop From Tree To Textbox

Oct 20, 2010

drag and drop nodes within the same tree (not between trees) when users drag and drop nodes within the tree, give them the option to move the original node to a new location within the tree OR to just copy the original node in a new location (seems complex but I have a month to figure this out). change the system default blue highlight for selected nodes to another color change the system default cursors for invalid and valid drops (instead of the circle with slash indicating invalid target, i want a red minus) and (instead of the little plus sign with little box indicating a valid target, i want just a big green plus sign) add a red insert line to indicate where the node would be dropped within a tree also drag and drop the text of a node from the tree to a textbox add a "folder" image next to parent nodes and a "document" image next to children nodes

I have looked through the internet but I am having difficulty sorting through all the information available (I see a lot of information for Visual Basic 5 and 6, and those codes don't work for me in visual studio 2008). I  can email anyone my code I have so far.

Public Class Form1
Private MouseIsDown As Boolean = False
Public Sub TreeView_ItemDrag(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ItemDragEventArgs)Handles TreeView1.ItemDrag


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Open Outlook Message With Prefilled Subject, Attachment And Recipient?

Jun 11, 2012

Im trying to prepare outlook message (with prefilled subject, attachment etc.) and open it for the user in outlook.

Outlook is 2007, Win 7.0.

Problem is, that I cannot instantiate Outlook.Application. Everytime it fall with ActiveX error (cannot create instance) or CLS ID identifier is invalid.

I tried (as reference have outlook 12 and office 12 object library)

Dim objOutlook As New Outlook.Application - CLS ID error
objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") - ActiveX error
objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application", "localhost") - ActiveX error

I found a lot of threads in net, but nothing works for me (always same error on PCs of other developers too).

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Drag/Drop In A Drop Down List?

Apr 5, 2011

Is it possible to reorder the elements of a drop down list (combobox) via drag and drop?For example, when the list is dropped down, I want the user to be able to drag the items up or down to reorder them. I tried this (and some google searching) but I'm wondering if its just not possible:

Private Sub cmbClassLists_MouseDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles cmbClassLists.MouseDown
If cmbClassLists.DroppedDown And Not cmbClassLists.SelectedIndex = -1 Then


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Pictures In Embedded HTML Body Shown As Attachment In Sending Mails Through Outlook

Feb 10, 2010

I am using VB.net to send my mails through outlook. Where i am giving the resource path for the pictures inserted in to it.

But Email shows the inline pictures as attachments. what could be the reason?

The important thing is that this is not happening all the time. if we send 5 to 10 times we get the expected result for 2 or 3 times.

i explored some of the forums , got answers like 'changing the settings, security settings of the office outlook. that too is not succeeded.

I am giving you the code I am using in my project.

The code is given below


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Can't Drag And Drop Right

Jun 23, 2009

I want to be able to hold CTRL down to select multiple text entries and drag them all to certain text boxes.  Or even one at a time, but once I try dragging another word into the box it replace the first one.  Is there any way to just have it add to the text box rather than replace it?

And if possible, place a "-" between each entry?

This is the pop-up form with the listbox that contains the words to drag:

Private Sub ListBox1_MouseDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles ListBox1.MouseDown
ListBox1.DoDragDrop(ListBox1.SelectedItem, DragDropEffects.Copy)


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Drag And Drop In Wpf?

Jan 20, 2011

I am wondering how to do simple drag and drop in wpf? All examples I found over the new were in C#

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Drag-n-Drop Dll And Exe Only?

Feb 23, 2010

How would i set a panel to allow drag-n-drop from explorer to my program, only with dll and exe files though.

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VB Drag And Drop From LB To DGV

Sep 9, 2009

I am writing a small program that has two list box's which are populated from my sql database. I want to drag an item from LB1 to column1 in a datagridview and drag an item from LB2 to column2 in the same datagridview.

I am getting close, but I am having trouble getting the data to drop. I did some testing and I can drop a string, but I am not able to get the string data from my listbox. I just get a datarowview. I see the string inside the "itemarray", but cannot get to it.

Here is my dodragdrop:

LB_OriginalPallets.DoDragDrop(LB_OriginalPallets.SelectedItems(indexOfOldPalletToDrag), DragDropEffects.Copy)

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.net - Drag And Drop Objects?

Mar 26, 2012

How to implement Drag and Drop multiple objects in the form in Visual Basic. The drag-able object will be provided within the same form but in a different panel. I must be able to delete the object also.

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Allow The User To Drag And Drop Them?

Oct 20, 2010

I am trying to generate buttons and allow the user to drag and drop them.

I have this sub:

Sub Form1_MouseClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles Me.MouseClick
Dim nodebtn As New Button


Also if I declare the nodebtn as a global variable, I do not face this problem, the button is dragable. However when I click to add new buttons, no new button is generated, instead a button is generated with the count on it.

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Do Drag/drop Within The Same Form?

Jul 10, 2009

I have this app that gets the files/subdirectories from a selected one (it stores the files with their icon in a listview), I was wondering how could I drag a selected file from the listview into another directory (outside of the form), let's say the desktop.

How can I do this? I have only found examples of how to do drag/drop within the same form.

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