Export Visio Macros To Visio COM-Add-in?

Mar 8, 2010

I have written some Makros and Functions in VB all code works fine behind my Document. To save my code and make it available to other users I want to create a COM-add-in for VIsio. So i bought Visual Studio 2008 and I want to import my code to it.

Is it possible to include my exported .cls file to my Visual Studio COM-Add-on Projekt?


Get Visio Like Editor In .net?

Jan 31, 2012

How can i get visio like editor in vb.net. so that end user can create or move controls, like text box,labels & combo box. I need this for reporting purpose where user can place the controls as he wanted.

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Adding A Text Box In Visio

Jan 26, 2012

i would like to ask how to add a text box in visio using a command button in visual basic editor without making a new stencil. i can do it by making a new stencil made from a rectangle and by just removing its corners. but i would like to know how to add a text box w/o using such way. also, in the text box, i would like the caption to be something like for example:


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Adding Visio COM Items To VB

Nov 3, 2007

I am trying to create a visio flow chart with visual basic 2005 but I keep running into the same problem. I have added a reference to the Microsoft Visio type Library, but when I try to Declare a variable as a Visio.Application of Visio.Document I get an error "Visio.Application not defined" It seems as if adding the COM reference to the Visio Type Library has no effect. Is there some setup that I am missing?

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Embed Visio To Program?

Sep 26, 2009

How to Embedding visio to VB.net ?

or any component can easy embeded to vb.net ?

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C# - Are Task Panes Available In Visio VSTO

Mar 9, 2011

I need create a dockable window for my Visio 2010 add-in developed with VSTO, however I see no way of creating a task pane for Visio.

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Get Combo Box, Text Box In Visio Page

Jan 30, 2012

how to get combo box, text box on visio page at run time i.e end user can design the page by himself and take a print out.

this is for lab report, i.e end user can design his report by himself.

i am successful up to creating the shapes but don't know how to get textbox and combo box.

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Glue A Shape To Another In Visio Using GlueTo?

Nov 29, 2010

I am trying to glue a shape to another in Visio using GlueTo

Here is the code

Set trgObj = Cell.shape.Document.Masters("Trigger").Shapes(1)
Dim x As shape
Set x = ActivePage.Drop(trgObj, flowConnector.CellsU("PinX"), flowConnector.CellsU("PinY"))
Dim vsoCell1 As Visio.Cell


it returns "Inappropriate target object for this action", but what is strange is that the code i am using I obtained from recording a macro. I can't understand why the code works when I record it in a macro but when I use it it doesn't.

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How To Program A Clickable Visio Flowchart

May 18, 2010

I have a visio flowchart that represents sequence of questions to enter an order. I wrote a VB 2008 program, that represents steps from this flowchart in a wizard-like questionnaire. Now I'm asked to represent this flowchart graphically in a window,and make each step clickable. Clicking on a flowchart box would open the relevant wizard page. Can someone suggest how I can accomplish this, or know of some article or example that would point me in the right direction?

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Net Visio Control Don't Show The Vsd File

Oct 27, 2011

i use the Visio WinForm OCX in my programm and i wan't to open a .vsd file. i use the following code to open a File


my problem is, the visio control don't show the open

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Visio Viewer 2007 In WInForm

Mar 2, 2009

I'm trying to use the Visio Viewer 2007 in a WinForm application.I've tried the sample in this article: [URL] I get the message "Windowless ActiveX not supported".I have an application using Visio Control but for this to work I have to install Visio on the machine.I would like the application to run without Visio installed, thatMs why I'm looking at the Viewer.

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Adding Visio Viewer 2010 To Toolbox?

Sep 22, 2010

I want to add a reference to Visio Viewer 2010 to my toolbox so I can add it to a Windows Form I am developing (not a web form).  I went thru both the .NET and COM references to select the option, but it does not seem to be listed anywhere.

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C# - Programmatically Detect 32-bit Or 64-bit Visio Version Is Installed?

Oct 6, 2010

How to programmatically detect 32-bit or 64-bit visio version is installed?

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Create Flowchart(diagram) Using Visio Or Other Tools?

Nov 21, 2010

i m trying to create logigrame or flowchart using vb.net,it s possible using visio,but visio must be installed in every computer that use my application,and we need to buy license of this tool.i have searched in google,i found metadraw but it s not free. so is there any activx or any dll that will replace visio and metadraw??

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Draw Org Chart Using MS Visio 2010 Manual?

Apr 26, 2012

i have an application running on VS2010 and i'm using sql server 2008 r2. "Employee" table holds employees bio data, i can draw org chart using MS visio 2010 manual,i need to draw the org chart in Visio format from the VB.net application.

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Link Excel Data To MS Visio Flowchart?

Mar 16, 2009

I'm not sure if it can even be done, or if this is the proper place to post this question. I'm hoping that someone could give me a start in the right direction.I am looking for a way to link an Excel Spreadsheet to Microsoft Visio. I am envisioning this as an add in developed for Visio.To Summarize I would like to be able to list the steps of a process in Excel, and import the excel sheet into Visio. Finally I would like Visio to generate a flow chart based off of this imported data.I have developed a more detailed flowchart as to how I think this should work as well as a sample Excel sheet. The files are in a zip file which I would be more than glad to send to anyone who may be able to shed some light on the subject.

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Use Page.getResults In Program For Visio Automation?

Jun 7, 2011

Migrating my VB code to VB.net for Visio Automation. I am getting error in Page.GetResults

"Specified array was not of the expected type".

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Visio Automation / Assigning Window To Drawing?

Mar 24, 2012

Im trying to add click events to shapes within a visio file.. I have the functionality to pick up the click events but i cant figure out how to assign the window control to the drawing window of the file.

my attempt..

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("visio.exe", "test.vdx")
sourceWindow = New Microsoft.Office.Interop.Visio.Window
sourceWindow.Src = "Path"


I try to get the window to pass to the above code and create the vdx document within a button click event on a form

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Office Automation :: Show Visio Diagram On .net FORM

Apr 5, 2010

Need to show visio diagram on .net FORM, and need to be able to click on the shapes. Thats it. no creation, no stencils, no editing. Basicly just catch the click event from axDrawingControl.I'm having a "very" hard time to dig trough the visio DOM, disabling all of the functions, tool bars, menus..I basically will ever need a view-only diagram. So, to all the interop gurus out there, point me in the right direction please..I have the SDK, its (crap) not very useful in my case. Seems like a lot of resources wasted and lots of hustle for view only.

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VS 2008 Creating A 'Visio' Like Drawing Application - Zoom

May 27, 2009

I have started a little project for myself to become a little more accustomed to drawing in VB.NET. I decided to make an application that looks a little bit like Microsoft Visio.

Until now, I have been able to create an image 'layer' on a blank PictureBox by clicking somewhere in the PictureBox. When I click on such an image layer, it is selected (and a blue rectangle, and its text are drawn). I can also drag the selected image layer.

The code for this is as follows:
The ImageLayer class:

Public Class ImageLayer
#Region " Properties "


how to do all this; I'm starting to fear this project is going to be a little much for me...

So, do I really have to do everything manually? So the images locations, their size etc should all depend on the zoom level? Or is there something 'premade' I can use?

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Visio's Macro Warning Prompt Be Surpressed When Automating In Code?

Jun 24, 2009

I'm automating Visio 2003 from a VB.NET app. My code looks like this (with the uninteresting stuff removed):

Dim objApp As New Microsoft.Office.Interop.Visio.InvisibleApp
objApp.Settings.ShowFileOpenWarnings = False
Dim objDoc As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Visio.Document
objDoc = objApp.Documents.Open(VisioFilename)

I've found that the last line causes Visio to raise a hidden MessageBox saying:

Macros in this document are disabled because the security level is high, and the macros have not been digitally signed or verified as safe. To run the macros, you can either have them signed or change your security level.Since this is going to be running on computers I don't control with files I don't control neither of those options works for me. I really don't care that the macros are disabled, I'm just using Visio to convert the file from it's native format to SVG. I certainly don't want to suggest to users that they lower the security level, nor would I want to lower it for them.

As you can see from my code above, I turn off file open warnings but that doesn't seem to include the macro warning. Since I'm using Visio.InvisibleApp it turns out the warning isn't displayed to the user. Running a visible instance of Visio won't help because I'm creating a batch converter, even if the message was visible it means the user would have to click OK for each file. That would make the batch conversion feature essentially useless.

I see that the Visio class has a VBAEnabled property but it's read only. If there was a way I could just turn off VBA when opening the file it would likely solve the problem. I've looked all through the properties and through the Settings property on the class and can't find anything. I've done a bunch of Google searching and can't find anything that addresses this issue.Anyone know if that warning can be suppressed when using automation with Visio? Can I do it if I switch to Visio 2007?

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VS 2010 Drag Icon Into Layout With Coordinate Like Visio & Autocad?

Jun 11, 2012

i want to write a code that user can drag and drop an icon to layout which this layout become consist of coordinate (x,y) and when icon was dropped to layout by right click appear a menu.

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[2005] Organization Chart Dynamically Using Activex Or Visio Components

Feb 2, 2009

I have table .I need to create a Organization chart dynamically using activex or Visio components and display it in my appplacation usingr vb.net programming

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Application That Opens Visio - Call The "/nologo" Feature On Loading Time

Jul 24, 2009

I have a question. I am creating a VB .NET application that opens Visio to do some stuff there. Visio runs a splash screen on startup and the only way to stop the splash screen from loading is to use code like:

"C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeVisio10Visio.exe" /nologo
"C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeVisio11Visio.exe" /nologo
"C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeVisio12Visio.exe" /nologo

For each Visio versions in the command line (but I am not using the command line).

The problem I am having is that I can't run this code from my vb .net application, because my application uses the following code to load Visio:

Dim vsoApplication As Application
vsoApplication = New Visio.Application()
vsoApplication.Visible = False

And I do not know how to call the "/nologo" feature on loading time from my code to skip the Visio splash screen.

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C# :: How To Drop A Shape Inside Shape In VISIO

Mar 23, 2011

I am using Rack-mounted Equipment (US units).VSS as stencil. I need to Connect a server on Rack.

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VS 2008 - Export Crystal Report Error " Invalid Export DLL Or Export Format"?

Jan 26, 2010

I am developing an application using VS 2008/MySql and I am trying to export the crystal report on runtime using my own code. I get an error saying:

Quote:Invalid export DLL or export format.

My code is:[CODE].....

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Getting Rid Of Macros?

Jun 8, 2011

I have been assigned the task of tracking training records used by multiple departments within my company. Before, they would fill out ISO Standard Forms that are built in MS Excel and save them in one folder. This folder held ALL of the documents used by multiple departments, training on multiple topics. The first assignment was to organize this, which I did by building macros in the forms to save these files in a document tree that was built dependent on some data from the form itself. Then they asked me for a program to make it easy to find these files, so I built a program that would populate a series of dropdown boxes that worked their way through the tree. Now they want to add a SQL database to track data from the sheet and add an archiving feature that checks the revision number of the form and moves it to another folder if there are higher revisions.

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Run Macros Using .net Application?

Apr 12, 2010

im using Microsoft office 11.0 object library in vb.net application to do word process,in that im not able to attache the macro file and add-ins in that word application to run macro.how to run macros using vb.net application?

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End All Running Macros, But Also Keep Userform Up?

Jul 15, 2011

I am trying to end all running macros, but also keep my userform up and it will not work. If you know anything that will work or if there is another way to reactivate a userform

end sub

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Word Macros Automation From VB?

Jan 24, 2011

how should I proceed -- with a VB UserForm (eg upon clicking successively a Form Button) -- in order to have a [TextBox.Text] contain (in other words: to have a TextBox show), say, one sentence at a time, text obtained from a MS Word document.Then, also, since it is also essential to my ambitions: can I have all the functionalities of my twenty or so existing word macros (triggered each in Word itself by its corresponding shortcut) available for use in said Form's TextBox? Just as an example, I have macros to simply toggle words between singular and plural or that invert the relative positions of two words, while others are 100 lines long and do searches in another Word document containing glossary entries using bookmarks.I searched the Web for hours on end to get a foothold on this issue to no avail until someone finally hinted at "automation". Then a wealth of info surfaced, but so far I only managed to get as far as this:

Dim msword As Object
msword = CreateObject("Word.Application")
msword.Visible = True
Dim wordDoc As Object
wordDoc = msword.Documents.Open("C:\tests\mydoc.doc")

and, yes, I added references to Microsoft Office 11.0 Object Library and to Microsoft Word 11.0 Object Library to my project. I am using Microsoft VB 2010 Express.

What happens is this: When this code runs, first I get a message saying the file is "locked for edition" (or something similar, for mine is a Portuguese version of Word) because it is being use by another user (myself). How should I overcome this hurdle. Then, never minding this initial problem, the dialog box message error offers my the chance of opening a copy as read only. I accept this option and the Word document opens beautifully.But after many trials and only errors, I still don't know how to code so as to get, for example, the first sentence of the document in my TextBox. And, again, will I be able to run my Word macros in the TextBox?

I tried for example:

Selection.MoveRight(Unit:=wdWord, Count:=1, Extend:=wdExtend)
wordDoc.Selection.MoveRight(Unit:=wdSentence, Count:=1, Extend:=wdExtend)

but they get blue/and/red underlined (illegal)Are Word VBA declarations per se not valid in VB? I have many more hurdles on the way I wish to such as (1) what tricks could I use so as no to loose original formatting when I finally learn how to get the sentences shown in the TextBox and subsequently paste them back into the Word document and (2) populating a ListBox with the content of a database record.

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Conversion Of Excel Macros To A Code

Nov 29, 2010

I have the following macro that copies a set of rows and using the "Insert Copied Cell", replicates those rows.


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Create Excel Workbook With Macros?

Jun 30, 2011

need to create an excel workbook with macros that clients accessingthe web app will download. Data to populate the workbooks comes from a database and I need macros to generate lookup tables in the workbooks. I cannot automate Excel to do this sincewill NOT beinstalled on the server. Which tool or component can I use for this task?

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For VBA, Office (VSTO), Macros And VB Script ?

Jan 12, 2009

this forum is for VB.NET questions only (e.g. Visual Basic 2003, Visual Basic 2005, Visual Basic 2008).For VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), Macros or Excel Questions you will get better support in the VBA Forums:Visual Basic for Applications


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Get User To Create Macros In Application?

Dec 6, 2011

Can I get a user to create macros in my application, and then get them to run them at run time.

eg. At runtime, the user will type the following into a textbox:

Dim x as integer
x = 5

And then press a button, and the code will execute and pop a messagebox up?

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Word 2007 Macros Only Like C: References?

Jul 13, 2010

I need to run some Word 2007 mailmerge macros on Windows 2003 terminal services.  This is something we've done fine with Word 2000 but the 2007 macros won't work.I understand the issue being the 'pointers' in the macro to h:temp (h being the home drive for each user on the terminal serve).  Word 2007 macros only seem to like c:, is that correct or is there a way to get the 2007 macros to use something other than c:.

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Using Export Wizard In Sql 2005 To Export To .xlsx File?

Aug 25, 2009

I have been able to export data from a query to the xlsx file..howerver those fields which are currency in my sql server 2005 table  are currency are showing up  in the spreadsheet as text. The column mappings are correct when I look at it in connection manager.

Also Is there also a way to create a new worksheet each time the export is run or does the file have to be already named?

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C# - Visual Studio Extensibility - What Is The Difference Between Add-ins And Macros

Aug 5, 2009

What are their differences? What can you do with one that you cannot with another?

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Open Excel File Using Macros For Every One Hour

Sep 7, 2010

how i can open execl File using macros For every one hour . The exel file is located on my "D:Test.xls"

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Compare Two Columns And Replace Values In One To Make Them Both Same, Using Macros?

Jun 17, 2010

I have list of about 100 names in first columns. and i have list of same people's names in second columns, but both are not same.


If you notice carefully, all five people in column A have their names in column B as well.I need somehow both column showing same names for same people ignoring extra names like Jones,

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Excel Macros - Click And Start Save Form

Jan 30, 2012

web pages source code include theese:
name="button" id="button" align="left" value="Submit" onclick="saveform();"
name="button" id="button" align="left" value="Submit" onclick="saveform2();"
name="button" id="button" align="left" value="Submit" onclick="saveform3();"

I want to click 2th button/start saveform2.... how can i handle this... i use that:
But it clicks and starts saveform... how I click second one?

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