MsgBox To Stop A Macro?

May 28, 2009

I have a message box as follows:

MsgBox "This will delete all staff data and re-import data from the HR file. Are you sure you want to continue?", 36

which will give Yes and No buttons. I want the macro to continue if the user clicks Yes, and to stop if the users clicks No. I know this is probably very simple, but I'm just a humble accountant trying to teach myself some basic VB  :)


Stop Editing, Display A Msgbox, And Highlight The Particular Cell?

Mar 11, 2010

I have a datagridview and in the _CellValidating event I am checking a cell to make sure it is filled in. If it is not, I want to stop editing, display a msgbox, and highlight the particular cell. Here is my code :

If e.ColumnIndex = 2 Then
If e.FormattedValue = "" Then
If Me.dgvFish.IsCurrentCellDirty Then
MsgBox("Sample Number is a required field.")


For some reason, I can't get the cell's backcolor to be filled in.

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Quit An Excel Macro Externally (from A GUI Not From Macro)

Oct 21, 2010

I'm have a program (GUI) that interfaces with excel to execute macros. We're using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel to call/run the macros and this works great.What I can't figure out is a good way to cancel the macros from the GUI.One idea we had was to use the excel.application variable that runs the macros to write a "stop" value to a specific cell in the workbook, and in the macros (they are all mostly loops), check for the "stop" value in that cell. This crashes my GUI with this The program '[2188] BVLReports.vshost.exe: Managed' has exited with code -336589910 (0xebf00baa).And excel gets tied up, and won't respond. I know how to Exit Sub from within the macro if the "stop" value exists, so I don't need answers on how to check/cancel from inside the macro. Any ideas on a better way to write this "stop" value or a better way to cancel the macros externally?

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Msgbox Capabilities - Msgbox Cleared Without Having The User Do It Manually?

Nov 15, 2011

if its possible to have a msgbox cleared without having the user do it manually? what would be my best option here?

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MsgBox("") - Unable To Popup Msgbox If Count=0

Jun 22, 2010

I am unable to popup msgbox if count=0. It will work only if i use MsgBox(""). I am unable to understand how it has anything to do with msgbox("")

Private Sub txtstaffID_TextChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles txtstaffID.TextChanged
Dim conn As SqlClient.SqlConnection


Both IF and Elseif code executes but the problem is the msgbox won't popup in both the cases( i.e when IF executes and when Elseif executes) unless and untill i have a msgbox("") before da.Fill(dt)

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Show The First MsgBox If The NewEntryName.text - Show The Second MsgBox If Openfiledialog1 = Nothing

Jun 17, 2012

If NewEntryName.Text = "" And OpenFileDialog1.FileName = Nothing Then MsgBox("Please choose a name for your game.", vbExclamation) MsgBox("Please find your game.", vbExclamation) Else Button1.Text = NewEntryName.Text game1 = True Panel1.Visible = False End If

I want it to show the first MsgBox if the NewEntryName.text = "" and I want it to show the second MsgBox if openfiledialog1 = nothing... how do I do it?

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Stopping Multiple Timers - Stop Button To Stop Each Timer One At A Time

Feb 26, 2009

Alright, so I'm still working on the slot machine. I have three timers all independently going for my three "wheels" of the slot machine.

My issue, is that I'm trying to make a Stop button to stop each timer one at a time, and I'm not understanding why this code isn't working. The logic completely makes sense, and the first "wheel" stops when I click the button, however, it doesnt appear to stop the other two timers.


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VS 2008 Stop Threadpool With A Stop Button?

Dec 24, 2009

I have a simple application that use thread pool to read a file and input the data into a listbox. I want to be able to stop threadpool from running after clicking a stop button. How do I stop threadpool? Here is the code for my application below:

Imports System.Threading
Public Class Form1
Private Delegate Sub StringDelegate(ByVal text As String)


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VS 2010 : Use A Stop Button To Stop A Loop?

Dec 7, 2009

I created a form and have the variable inputs for 4 motor run statements. Then with a start button the script starts and it is surrounded by a for next statement to loop 10 times. It works fine but if i need to stop the execution of the script with a stop button. I put the stop in a new section but of course does not work to do a motor stop. It just causes the exe to not respond till the loop is complete. Just need to be able to stop the Run1_Click button section.

Edit:I do not mind if it finishes the 4 motor run commands and then stops execution of the loop. So need to figure out a way to trigger a stop from a button on the form to stop the cycle. For the future the loop will be a variable integer input so 10 will not be the standard.

Edit::Does a ' Do ' statement sound like the thing to use? If so how and where would I place that? Have a Stop button on the form and it would stop after the 4th motor run command.

#End Region
Declare Function InitStp Lib "stp.dll" () As Integer
Declare Function RunMotor1 Lib "stp.dll" (ByVal steps As Integer, ByVal interval As Integer, ByVal direction As Integer, ByVal outputs As Integer) As Boolean


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VS 2010 Stop A Block Of Code Executing When User Clicks "Stop"?

Mar 1, 2011

I have a START and STOP button and when the user clicks "start" the program does a whole bunch of calculations and all. However, I noticed that when I was testing the program I clicked STOP the program continues to execute stuff.

My START code is basically a while loop that iteratively does some calculations.

So I just put a boolean variable as the while condition and when user clicks stop its set to false and when user clicks start its set to true. However, when I click stop, the condition is set to false yes but it still executes all the code until the condition is re-evaluated my question is how can I get out of the while loop when user instantly clicks "stop"?

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Make An Application With A Start Button And A Stop Button On A Stop Watch Program?

Nov 1, 2009

I am trying to make an application with a start button and a stop button on a stop watch program. These are the codes I am using but my seconds on the stop watch don't start.

Public Form Dim intSecond As Integer = 0
Form 1
Dim intSecond As Integer = 0
intSecond +=1


After I write my code and try to run the program, the seconds will not start,

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Record The Screen When My User Clicks Start, And Stop Recording When He Clicks Stop?

Jul 27, 2008

I need to record the screen when my user clicks start, and stop recording when he clicks stop.I've searched for a while on this subject, and I have found nothing.I want to do this without adding any files to my project, I just want to use some built in function in Visual Basic, and start recording, or even take a snapshot and add it to an AVI file or something...These are some sites I have found:


This code is in VB6, but I am not sure how to even start using it?

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Run A Macro From Vb?

Apr 11, 2011

I made a simple vb program with vb 2011 express. I want with a simple button click to open a prototype Powerpoint presentation and running in background a batch file.So far,so good... I want to do a third step. Into the "test.ppt" i have already made a macro with vba and i want to execute the macro.


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Get A Macro Convert From VBA Over To .net?

Jan 18, 2010

I am trying to get a macro convert from VBA over to and I am getting a type mismatched error and can't figure it out.

This is the code.

Sub SortRawData()
Dim oSheet As Excel.Worksheet
Dim oRange As Excel.Range


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Run Excel Macro`s With .net?

Jun 11, 2011

I wrote a UDF to enable users to run Macro`s in excel here is the function below

Private Sub RunExcelMacros(ByVal Path As String, ByVal MacroName As String)
Dim oExcel As Excel.Application
Dim oBook As Excel.Workbook
Dim oBooks As Excel.Workbooks


And to use it just call the udf with the 2 parameters like below

RunExcelMacros("c:MyExcelBook.xls", "TheNetMacro")

just remember that you have to have an excel sheet with a macro named TheNetMacro or any other name you want to give it.

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Use Regex In VS Macro?

Jul 22, 2010

I want create macro for replacing. But my problem is how to use regular expression in Visual Basic's macro for Visual Studio?

document.Selection.ReplacePattern("test{[^']+}test", "testAAAAtest")

Doesn't work.

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VB In Merge To New Doc With Macro In New Doc?

May 11, 2009

Using word 2003, merging to a new document. I want the macros in the template to be in the new document.  I'm using the macros to control printer desitination, each template can go to a different printer.

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.net - Add Header And Footer Macro?

Oct 5, 2009

I need to make a difficult makro.When the makro has been activated (will happen via a button), it has to add a header and a footer to the document.Also page1/frontpage needs a different header and footer than all the other potential pages.So far, I have accomplished making page1/frontpage to work - somewhat.I did this by recording a makro, where I'd enable headers and footers, write the needed data and then stop recording.Afterwards I edited the coding so it would fit a little better. Mostly it was junk-code cleanup.


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Call An Excel Macro With .net?

Feb 23, 2010

I have an excel document that has a button that i need to activate through

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Calling Access Macro From .NET?

Mar 20, 2011

I call an Access macro from like so: Acc.DoCmd.RunMacro("Macro1")

The Macro in Access has many OpenQuerys and Msgbox with a message saying "data done" at the end.

When I execute the macro from, it shows the data done message and then done. However, when I analyse the table's to see if data has been appended, it hasen't.When I run the same macro from within Access, it works fine. It does show many messages like "You are about to run an append query that will modify data in your query" and I hit yes and does take slightly longer, but it does do it. In VB.NET, the only message I get is the final messagebox.


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Copy And Paste Macro?

Aug 5, 2010

In my Sheet1, i will be having a data From column A to F and in Colunm D (The Red one) it will be empty, The data can be 10 rows or might be more the 60 rows sometimes and in Column I i will have some more Data.

Now i need a macro where in sheet 2, Automatically the Lines from Column A to F should get pasted and it shlould take the Column D from column I. Once the Total line are pasted the it should go for next list of Column I.

Exm: IF i have 50 lines in Column F and in Column I i have 5 lines Then i should get the result of (50x5=250 lines) 250 lines each of 50 as per Column I.

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Creating A Macro In Excel Using Vb?

Feb 24, 2010

I'm creating a macro in excel using vb?What the macro is doing is checking if the row and column headers are same, and if it is then I want it to save the row header (the date in this case) AND the value (a number) into an array, and this is done in a for loop and goes on.... I dont know if I should use 2-D array or a 1-D array that stores 2 values....Not sure at all !Then after the outer most FOR LOOP is done, I want to print those values stored in the array.

Here is what I have so far, this works actually however i'm using 2 seperate arrays, one to store the row header (the date) and another array to store the value.  But really I want to make it simpler, shorter and use only one array that stores both of these values as we go through the for loop and at the end of the for loop, all the values from beginning which are stored can be printed out.

Here is my code :

Sub Test ()
Dim sys_arr() As String  ' declaring the array to store the values
Dim sys_date_arr() As String 'declaring the array to store the dates


This totally works but with 2 different arrays, all I want is just 1 single array (not sure if it is 2-dimensions or still stays as 1 dimension but with 2 different variables)... and then the array can store the date and variable correspondant to the date, and goes to the next row, and do same thing... So the output results should be like  for eg :

2/12/2010  37
2/13/2010  41
2/14/2010 66
and so forth

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How To Make VB Run A Macro Of Another Program

Mar 4, 2009

I'm not getting make VB run a macro of a program that I use in the job(WinFIOL) that is a non-Microsoft program.I created the macro in the WinFIOL, and put the Hot Key Ctrl+F2 to run it; I make a program with VB, that calls the WinFIOL (the program that contains the macro), but I don't know how to make VB runs the WinFIOL macro.

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IDE :: VS2010 Macro IDE Crashes VS

Aug 31, 2010

VS2010 VB.Net

When I try to access the Macro IDE or open MyMacros I get the error: Vsaenv: Cannot find one or more components. reinstall the application. I have reinstalled (rebuild in place) VS2010 Pro - didn't help.

After the error the IDE goes away for a while and sometimes crashes and sometimes it returns to the code IDE. If I try again as often as not VS crashes hard. On reload it looks like it is going through rebuilding settings.

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Macro Without Mouse Control?

Dec 11, 2010

I have seen a few programs one in particular, that runs like a macro but it doesn't take over/control your mouse. Instead it uses a secondary, what you could call virtual mouse. It constrains the mouse to the form and then uses this 'secondary' mouse to run the macro without controlling your other mouse. This way you can browser the internet, or whatever else without being disturbed by the running macro.

Does anyone know what this is called? May someone please give me a tutorial on how to use it,

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Make A Macro Program?

Dec 8, 2009

I already know how to check what buttons/mouse event have been issued by the user. What I need to know is how to reissue those commands at the same intervals. Reissuing the commands is easy to do, but issuing them at the same intervals as I have done? Not so easy for me.

So let's just say I press LMB one minute after I press a button that starts recording what I've done, then RMB 15 seconds later, if I wanted to click Playback and it would do these actions at the same time that I did them after pressing Record, how would I make the program issue the commands at those specific times?

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Opening A Macro From VB2005?

Feb 23, 2009

I have created a project in VB2005, and I am using ms access 2003 as the database. I have created a report in ms access and I have also created a macro. I have added the following code to open the macro, but when i click on the button to call the procedure I get the following message:

Dim Adb As New Microsoft.Office.Interop.Access.Application()
Adb.OpenCurrentDatabase("C:program filesSupport DeskAccessdatabase.mdb")

When I run the code, and I call the procedure to call the Macro, nothing happends, I don't get an error or anything, what a my missing? The macro does exist.

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Serial Number For Macro?

May 24, 2012

What is missing is a way that when I give a print click on the quantity of copies informed skirt with sequential numbers without repetitionex.: 10001, 10002, 10003

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Setup A Macro To Lookup A Value?

Oct 19, 2009

I am trying to setup a macro to lookup a value.  Its very basic, I am trying setup a sheet to build tariff requests for mobile phone deals. so on sheet i will have lots of macro boxes that simply pubulate a table with a value on sheet 2. 

Its basically so a sales person can go onto the excel sheet click click click and it will produce a table of all the product on each mobile number connection.

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Toggle Macro Using ColorIndex?

Jul 2, 2010

I am really new at writing macros and want to keep them simple, but can't quite get this one to work.  Here it is:

Sub HighLight()
Dim switch As Boolean
switch = Not switch[code].....

I created a toggle button and assigned this macro to it.  However on the first click of the button, it only executes the first half of the macro--highlighting the requested cells yellow.  Yet, when I click the button again, it does not turn the cells back to the un-highlighted state.  From querying the web, most examples use the If-Then-Else.This is a macro that I got off the web and it works beautifully (and simply written):

Sub ToggleHideRows()
For Each cell In ActiveSheet.Range("H:H")
If cell.Value = "X" _[code].....

I was trying to write the first macro to act in quite the same manner as the second macro.  Also, with the first macro I would like to add "cell.Offset(0, -7)" along with "cell.Offset(0, 2)".

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Use The CapFileSaveAs Macro Using VB 2010

Jul 8, 2011

I am trying to use the capFileSaveAs Macro using vb 2010 it has two parametrs which one of them is a pointer to a null terminated string. my question is how can I create such pointer ,and such string.

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C# - Words Macro Like Application Feature?

Mar 26, 2012

I wanted to develop a tool in which i want to use words Macro Like feature.In an Application there will be front-end (i.e. form) which will accepts basic information like name,age,gender,Marital Status,Address,Locality,Contact number etc... In a backend i will be having few fix text fromate in the database as a string or BLOB.( instead of databaes, i can even keep words text template)

Now what i want to do is:when user submites the form data, my app should use this submitted data and replace all the marked location in text formate with the data provided by form. and once the complete text string is generated , i want to generate word file ( and/or Pdf) file from this.How can i acheive this with any one of this language .NET( web or Desktop ) , QML ,QT,Java ?( Text Fromates : because most of the containts of the text will be the same, only few words (fileds) will be diffrent for each copy generated)

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Call An Executable With Parameter By A Macro?

May 7, 2009

I have an application that used Macro.In this macro I would like to call an external executable like this:

SYSTEM( "C:ProgrammeTransform.exe" ,
"C:ProgrammeVectors.txt" ,


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Create Macro To Edit Registry?

Mar 25, 2010

Oasically outlook express now uses windows search to keep a count of emails sent. Whenever you get to 100 it forces you to manually compact them.

There is however a counter in the windows registry which can simply be set back to zero. I was wondering if i could create a macro that would load on windows startup that would reset the counter automatically in the registry whenever it got past say 75.

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EnvironmentEvent Macro Doesn't Complete

Jun 26, 2009

I'm working in Visual Studio 2008 and I would like for Edit > Outlining > Collapse to Definitions to be run whenever I open a file. It would be nice if, after that, all regions were expanded. I tried the code that Kyralessa offered in a comment on The Problem with Code Folding, and that works very nicely as a macro that I have to run manually. I tried to expand this macro to act as an event by placing the following code in the EnvironmentEvents module in the Macro IDE:

Public Sub documentEvents_DocumentOpened(ByVal Document As EnvDTE.Document) Handles DocumentEvents.DocumentOpened


However, this does not seem to do anything when I open a file from my Solution in VS. To test that the macro was getting run, I put a MsgBox() statement in that subroutine and noticed that code before Document.DTE.ExecuteCommand("Edit.CollapsetoDefinitions") ran fine, but nothing seemed to get hit after that line. When I debugged and set a breakpoint within the subroutine, I would hit F10 to continue to the next line and control would leave the subroutine as soon as that ExecuteCommand line ran. Despite this, that line seems to do nothing, i.e. it doesn't collapse the outlining.

I also tried using just DTE.ExecuteCommand("Edit.CollapsetoDefinitions") within the subroutine but with no luck.

This question tries to obtain the same end result as this one, but I'm asking about what I might be doing wrong in my event-handling macro.

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Get The Macro To Work Against That Selected Spreadsheet?

Jul 14, 2009

I have an Excel user form which uses a common dialog box to allow the user to choose a specific spreadsheet. Once they choose the spreadsheet a macro is fired which formats the spreadsheet, checks for duplicates, etc.I am able to get the dialog box to open the spreadsheet but how do I get the macro to work against that selected spreadsheet?

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How To Manage Hyperlink Construct Macro

Aug 23, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with Proj Numbers: "049410-001" in column B6:B60. I have the URL to the Database: I want the links to show up in the A column with the Tag being the Proj Number "049410-001".

Also, if I could clear the A column and use it "A column" to enter the Proj Numbers and then run the Macro to enable the Hyperlinks I could eleminate the Proj number taking up 2 columns.  I have 80 rows set aside for projects so it needs to go through and enable the links that have text in them.

i used =HYPERLINK(E24,B105) (E24 was another wasted cell that combined the static first part of the link, and the proj) as the formula way to do it, but I'm trying to make a Macro that does it behind the scene. but I am just getting into VBA, and I have no idea what i'm looking at when I look at a code.

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How To Put Rows.count Into A Macro Sort

Feb 2, 2011

I want a macro to sort from A2 to xlLastCell on a sheet where the user will paste-in same-column but different-length data each month.I've just spend over 2 hours searching and found some neat code [and used some of what I found] but still have this question:How to replace E6191 with E(TotRows) in the below code? [code]

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IDE :: Call The VB Code Formatter From Macro?

Nov 12, 2009

Is it possible to call the VB code formatter from within a macro? I wrote a macro that automatically adds a call to the logger in side an function or sub when it is created. But when I change the TextEditor.Enter command to my macro, no code formating takes place. Is there a way to call the original command Edit.BreakLine(Enter(TextEditor)) ??

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IDE :: How To Recover The Setting By Macro, ToggleTextEditorGrayScale

Jul 15, 2007

I execute the macro, ToggleTextEditorGrayScale (Macro Explores--> MacrosSamplesAccessibility) inadvertently.

How do I recover the effect caused by it?

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