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Play Video In DirectX (WPF)?

I have a WPF 4/ project, and I'm trying to play video in it. I've been using a mediaelement, much to the chagrin of the program's overall performance. Thus, I'm looking into the only other viable alternative that I can find for my project...directx.

Which brings me to my question. Is it possible to play video (either Theora [.ogv] or Flash Video [.flv]) in DirectX?

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Using The DirectX 11 SDK, Load A Video (with Sound) And Play It?
I am having problems locating any documentation or examples for rendering video on a form using DirectX. I need to use DirectX because I will be putting overlay's on the video loaded dynamically. I will also want to perform transitions between 2 video instances.

I can not find any documentation on Google or Microsoft's site, Such as render the video on a 3d object as a texture, maybe... IDK?

This is for Visual Studio 2010, .net framework 4.0, using

Posted: Nov 2 10 at 0:32

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It Open A Bunch Of Tabs That All Go To A Link With A Video, And Then Have It Automatically Play That Video?
I was wondering if it was possible to have a program open Firefox, and have it open a bunch of tabs that all go to a link with a video, and then have it automatically play that video?

Posted: July 07, 2009

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Playing Video Using DirectX ?
I have scoured just about every code sample on the web, and am still having trouble. Basically my code follows the following structure:

I installed the DirectX SDK, and imported AudioVideoPlayback Imports Microsoft.Directx.AudioVideoPlayback '''

Then I create my VideoPlayer Public WithEvents VideoPlayer as Video So far so good, I have event handlers and a video object



I execute the above subroutine and the video plays flawlessly


The above code works perfectly as well

Then I try to execute the PlayVideo sub to play another file and I get a generic "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error, that does not point to any particular line of code.á It took me forever to find out exactly what line of code was causing this.á So I came up with a workaround:

In the PlayVideo sub I changed the code to this


And there it is, the second video played without error.á but then I noticed something, after the second video ended the .Ending event handler did not fire, actually all the event handlers basically died. So someone told me to use a timer to monitor when the video ends, and I basically laughed it off since we know that's an amateur move. After being frustrated for a while, I caved in and used the timer to do my dirty work, which I really don't like.

Now there's another problem, after I play a video in my project, DirectX is not screwed up for other programs until I restart my computer.á Particularly I have a visualization plugin for Windows Media Player called Gforce.á After I play a video, Gforce will not work, it gives me an "Error=18" which means that my computer does not have sufficient hardware to use it.á The only way to be able to clear it up is to restart my computer.

Here are my specs:
Intel 3.0ghz Dual Core processor
Nvidia Geforce 9800GT with 1GB ram
4 GM Ram
Windows 7 64-bit version (build 7100)
Programming in Visual Studio 2008 Professional (using Visual Basic code)

I originally attempted to use the AxWindowsMediaPlayer control, but I am unable to.á According to Microsoft there is a bug that prevents me from using it.á When I pull up the choose items dialog box it does not show up, if I browse to wmp.dll to manually add it, I get an error ("self-registration for c:windowssystem32wmp.dll failed").á I also read that you should try to add the wmp.ocx instead of wmp.dll, but I am at a loss on this since I am pretty sure that file does not exist.á I am trying to put together a new media player program for my theater pc and this video thing is putting me to a standstill.á I am a highly experienced vb programmer (over 20 years), but I am not very experienced in DirectX.á I have read a lot of code samples on video playback but they all give me tons of problems, so I hate to say it but i think that most of these samples were written by people who don't know what they are doing.

Posted: September 18, 2009

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Make Audio / Video Player Using DirectX
i need Help to make Audio or Video PlayeráWith UsingáDirectX. how many Different b/w DirectX and Windows Media Player???

Posted: September 16, 2009

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Can Play A SWF Video But Not A Flash Video?
can play a SWF video but not a Flash Video?

Posted: January 23, 2008

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Play Video With MCI
does someone knows how to play video like avi files with the MCI in specific form in .net.
i want to play the video in my win form application in specific form for example open form called f_Video and play the avi file in that form

Posted:  08 December 2009

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How To Play Video Clip
i just wanna ask how to play a video clip using .net

Posted: 26 January 2010

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Play A Video With Controls?
I have played .swf file in VB.Net using Shockwave Flash Object. But i need it with controls(mute,volume control.. )

I tried with using Windows MediaPlayer, i can play only .mp3 cannot play .swf or .avi..

Posted: May 1st, 2009

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Play Video In Vlc Player?
how to start a video on vlc player embedded in a form?I add the VideoLAN VLC ActiveX Plugin v1 and v2 to toolbox, and place both to my form.What is the code to start a video playing on VLC embedded to forms?

Posted: November 01, 2010

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Play Video On VB 6 But No Success
I'm trying to play video on Visual Basic 6 but no success.

Posted: February 01, 2011

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Randomly Play A Video Cli?
I want to randomly play a video clip "possible different format" on a continues loop. Can I get how long the video will run or when the video has finished so the program knows when to select the next video.

Posted: June 11, 2010

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Specifying Which Monitor For Video To Play On?
I have an application I am working on and have a projector connected and working as the second monitor.I would like to setup my application to play, in fullscreen mode (using Windows Media Player) on the second monitor.I would like the application to then close WMP after the end of the one minute video clip? I am using Visual Basic 2008.

Posted: January 14, 2010

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.net - Play Video From A Byte Array?
I am using visual basic .NET and I want to play a video from a byte array that I have, but without saving it first at the disk. Directly from that array. I tried the directshow lib for a while but didn't managed to find a way to play it. WMP didn't worked either.

Posted: Sep 24 11 at 15:16

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Forms :: Play A Video On Form?
Does anyone know how to play a video on a windows form in a window like using a picturebox with a JPG?

Posted: 11-02-2009

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How Do I Play Audio/video Files
How do I play audio/video files in VB.NET?

remember to mark the replies as answers.

Posted: April 10, 2009

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Interface And Graphics :: Play Video In VB
Anybody have some resources on how to play video in Visual Basic. net

Posted: 01-18-2010

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Pause While One Video Is Playing, And Later Play A Second One?
I'm playing videos in a form with an embedded media player, I want to play one, and later another one, how I can programm a pause for the first video to play, and later to play a second one. system.thread seems is not the solution for me.

Posted: March 18, 2011

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Play A Video As A Splash Screen?
I have a splash screen set as Form9. When Form9 loads, I want it to play a video automatically. I have the video in MPEG format. I'm just not sure what tool to use, and what code would go with it.

Posted: May 10th, 2011

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Play A Video Clip In Program?
can i play a video clip in my program?

Posted: February 09, 2011

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Play A Video On Background Of Form?
how to play a video on the background of the form please guide i am really confused

Posted: Feb, 2012

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Play A Video On Form Start Up?
when form Loads i want a video to play in a picture box or panel how do i do that? This is what i have so far.á

Imports Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback
Public Class Form1
Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load


Posted: November 04, 2011

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Play A Video WITH CONTROLS In Program?
I have played .swf file in VB.Net using Shockwave Flash Object. But i need it with controls(mute,volume control.. )

I tried with using Windows MediaPlayer, i can play only .mp3 cannot play .swf or .avi.

Posted: May 3rd, 2009

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Play Video From Memory Stream?
I have an application that sends Bytes of data through UDP, these bytes are read from an AVI file when the clientáreceivesáthe bytes it builds the AVI file on another computer perfectly but I want to be able to use theáreceivedábytes to play the video from the stream. Does anyone know how I can play the video from a stream? I tried using DirectShow but I don't know how to use a stream as video let alone having AVI files play with DirectShow.

My main goal is to have the application slowly "buffer" the movie for the client as they watch.

Posted: May 05, 2010

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Selecting Which Monitor To Play Video On
I am doing a robotic project and want to programmatically play a video clip to my second monitor. I have a projector inside my robot that the netbook sees as Display 2. I would like the assign my game pad a button click to launch the video on that second display (the lcd projector).


Posted: 01-01-2010

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Using AxWindowsMediaPlayer To Play A Short Video?
I have a form using AxWindowsMediaPlayer to play a short video. How can I load another form and close this form when the video is finished?

Posted: Sep 1st, 2011

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Play A Video From Web Server Without Downloading It To The Host PC?
I have a file on an FTP and would like to stream it to Windows Media Player or some sort of media player without having to download it first. Is this possible in VB .NET?

Posted: Apr 14th, 2012

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Winforms - Play A Video File In A Form?
How to play a video file in ?

I need the video to automatically start playing on form load.

Posted: Apr 27 11 at 8:57

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How To Open And Play Video Files In Windows Form
how to open and play video files in windows form? also save videos in a specific folder inside the project.

Posted: 2011

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Play Video Files (atleast Wmv, Avi) From A Byte Stream?
I am trying to play video files (atleast wmv, avi) from a byte stream in it possible to direct this data at a wmp control?I have done this successfully with images & picture boxes, just need help with the video.

Posted: March 01, 2009

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VS 2008 Play Media File Video Or Audio?
how to play video or audio in a application but have come up with not a lot.

I want to create a program that accessing a web server (no problem on that) and will pick up audio and video that is stored on that server.

Or, maybe do a live broadcast where I can play my guitar and sing a song. (Promise if I get this done through here I will give you a live performance) on that note I am sure you will all hold back.

This is a little open and wide, but what I would like to know via a webserver is this possible

3.Live broadcast

Posted: Jul 7th, 2011

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Create A Software Where Video Files Play Continuously Using A Timeline?
I am trying to create a software where video files play continuously using a timeline like Windows Movie maker or Pinacle Studio. So i have no idea how to maintain the time line. Will i use Timer Control for that or any other methods are available.

Posted: 05 September 2011

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VS 2010 Windows Media Control - Play The Second Intro Video
I'm kinda new to this. Done it a bit a while back, completed a simple conversation program, and started a text game..but decided to take it back up and make a new interaction fiction game with videos.. the thing I'm having a problem with right now is the windows media player control. I make my first intro movie play by placing it's location in the URL property...I'm wondering how you would code it to play the second intro video I have once that one comes to an end.. I may just put the two videos together to make this easier.

Posted: Feb 4th, 2011

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Get A Video To Play In Windows Media Player In Visual Studio 08 Professional?
So I found the Windows Media player and added it on my form. I have a sample wmv called bear.wmv file in my solution explorer. How do I get the video to play? I was hoping for a smart tag and just connect the player to the wmv file,

Posted: July 18, 2009

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Windows Mobile Appication - Have A Media Player To Play Video On The Application?
how have a media player to play video on the application??? is there a drag and drop media box?

Posted: May 01, 2009

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