VS 2010 Check If Value Has Decimals And If It Has Decimals, Remove Them?

May 19, 2010

Dim y as integer
dim x as double = 125 / 60
y = Convert.ToInt32(x) 'removes decimals

That method works, it removes all the numbers after the decimal.

But, how to check if the double contains a decimal and if it has it, remove all the numbers after it?

I have tested all the possible solutions i can think of, but I always run into a lot of errors


VS 2010 Check If A Number Contains Decimals?

May 29, 2010

VS 2010 check if a number contains decimals?

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VS 2008 Remove All Character Except Numbers And Decimals?

Sep 5, 2009

I want to know if there is an easy and short way to remove all characters except for numbers and decimals from a string. Either that or have a textbox that will only except numbers and decimals, but not a masked textbox.

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Check For Number Of Decimals In Textbox

Oct 4, 2009

I'm trying to check for the number of decimals in a textbox, but I'm not very successful so far:[code]How can I correct my code to make it work? Or any other/better solutions?

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VS 2010 Validating For 2 Decimals

Apr 27, 2012

Is this the proper way to bring up an error if the user inputs more than 2 decimals. 'Not decCost = [0-9]*.[0-9]{0,2}


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VS 2010 Tabpages - Decimals And Graphs

Sep 28, 2010

Tabpages: Using a button, how do I go from tabpage1 to tabpage2? I have it kind of sorted, only not: Button click tabpage1 send to back() or hide() tabpage2 show() The problem with this, is it does not actually turn the page, and the tabpage1 tab still shows at the top. Decimals: Epically basic, I guess. I have calculations that does, for example: 10/6 = 1.666666666667 How do I get it to say 1.667 only?

And Lastly, Graphs: I have a line graph. I have fixed series as a envelope for the variable series to sit in. Again, epically basic - How do I make a series that draws a line for a variable?

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Get Only 4 Decimals?

Mar 18, 2011

I need to get my label outputting the slope to only have 4 decimal digits. I have it set as single now

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Decimals Revert To 0?

Feb 18, 2010

I have a textbox that requires the user to input the value of the Value-Added Tax of that certain area. I tried testing 12.5%. The string is converted to decimal then divided by 100 so 12.5/100 = .125. But when the program writes the value to a file, 0 is writen. not .125

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Mod The Numbers After The Decimals Only?

Oct 22, 2010

If i wanted to know if a whole number is a multiple of 10 or not I know i can do for e.g

If VarWholeNumber MOD 10 = 1 Then

But if i have a whole number with format "0.00" how can i only check if the last 2 digits after the decimal is a mod of 10 regardless of what the whole number sides value is.

So something like

If VarWholeNumber's ".00" MOD 10 = 1 Then

How could I could this?

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Working With Decimals?

Jun 13, 2011

i need it to look at the coloum in a datagrid and make the back colour red if over 1.6(in sql this field is saved as Varchar(10))but at the min, i have a value of 1.5 and it is making the back colour red

Dim cell As DataGridViewCell
Dim CellVar As Integer
For Each row As DataGridViewRow In Me.OEEGrid.Rows
cell = row.Cells("CD")


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Decimals In Calculated Cell Value?

Oct 1, 2011

i have three cells in a datagridview third cell gives the result of multiplying first and second cell.When i reload or populate this data from datatable into that datagridview value comes like 40.00. with two decimals. For example

58.00 -------->i need only 58

58.78--------->i need exact 58.78

The only problem is to remove the decimals if they are 0.

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How To Round-off Upto 2 Decimals

Aug 16, 2009

I am using two forms and the results from form 1 i want to show on form two.The results are in dB(decibel). I get a long result lile 142.1233344444 dB. I want this result be like this 142.12 dB. I use value _passedText to get value from form1 and display it on form 2 textbox results.text

passedText = Value
Results.Text = Value

What should i do to round off it in vb.net 2008.

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Convert Binary Numbers To Decimals

Jun 13, 2012

I've used .NET for a long time now but I have come across something I haven't had to do before and I'm struggling to work it out. What I need to do is work with binary numbers and convert them to decimals and vice versa but not necessarily using even numbers e.g. I would like to represent a number between 0 and 2047 which can be represented with 11 binary digits. Plus I want to represent a second number between 0 and 500000 which can be represented with 19 binary digits, and a third number, fourth etc. Then I want to string the whole binary results together and split it in to sections of lets say 5 bits each and convert those back to decimal.


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Detect How Many Decimals A Decimal Number Has?

Dec 21, 2010

how do you detect how many decimals a decimal number has

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Display Currency Value In Listview With Just 2 Decimals?

Jul 11, 2011

The 4 decimal point to 2 decimal point in a listview.... here is the code for displaying the data from the database to listview.[code]...

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Force Decimals On Text Entry

Apr 8, 2010

Here's a silly question. I cannot believe I've spent so much time trying to figure it out. I have a textbox where I enter numbers, such as 12, 12.3, etc. I would like this data to display as 12.0000, 12.3000, etc. My line of code looks like this:


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List Boxes Handle Decimals?

Feb 19, 2010

I was dividing a number from one textbox into another and when i tried something like 22 divided by 15 i just got one. Are listboxes not able to handle decimals?

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Set Default Two Decimals Place In Textbox?

Jan 29, 2009

How to set default two decimals place in the textbox?

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Show Integer Ignoring Decimals In Value?

Mar 16, 2012

I have only started programming in VB recently and I am not very good on the coding side. I have two values a and b. When I divide them, I want only the integer part to show up ignoring all the decimals and storing it into the variable c.

a = 24, b = 11
c = 2

Output: 2

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VB Listbox Total - Doesn't Add Decimals

Oct 25, 2010

When i add it up it doesn't add decimals.

Example: 12.5 + 1 = 13

I need it to be 13.5


Dim total As Integer
Dim counter As Integer


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Adding Decimals (Vending Machine Account)

Apr 19, 2010

25, .10 and .5... I cant get it to add. All it will do when each button is hit for each ammount is display that amount. Very frustrating. Here is an example of my machine:


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Displaying Decimals On Same Line With Console.Writeline

Feb 20, 2011

I have declared my variables As Decimal, and what I am struggling to do is to display these values to 2 decimal places in such a way so that they both appear on the same line of output. Here is the guts of the problem (noting I have two different versions of Console.Writeline...the second one does display on one line, but without two decimal places).


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Format Text Boxes With Separator And Two Decimals?

Feb 7, 2011

facing some problems to achieve what I want. I have this piece of code which is working fine. My problem is that I want to display the results of the Text Boxes 2, 5 and 8 with thousands separated by commas and only with two decimals separated by dot , e.g. 1,234,567.89. I tried using Format and other options but I was unable to get the correct result.

Public Class Form1
Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
If Not IsNumeric(TextBox1.Text) Or (ComboBox1.Text = "" And ComboBox2.Text = "") Then
MsgBox("Valores inv�lidos ou defini��es incompletas", MsgBoxStyle.Information)
TextBox1.Text = ""


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Formatting A String - Dollar Sign, No Decimals?

Jun 3, 2012

I'm having some difficulty formatting some of my strings, I can't see what's wrong unfortunately. I have various numbers, e.g. 100.023, 13488.323, etc in a datagridview column that I would like to be formatted so it looks like this: $123,456

Here's what I've tried so far (that isn't working):

row.Cells(1).Value = Format(row.Cells(1).Value, "{0:D0}") 'I've also tried using {0:C0}
row.Cells(1).Value = row.Cells(1).Value.ToString("$#,#")

'This one (above) comes up with an error saying it can't put an "##" in an Integer column, something like that anyway.

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VS 2005 Replacing All Occurance Of Commas With Decimals?

Mar 10, 2011

What is the function that replaces all commas with decimals? For e.g. 0,001 will be 0.001 and L0,001 will be L0.001

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C# - Generic Extraction Of Multiple Decimals Using Regular Expressions

Mar 2, 2012

how do you extract multiple decimals with different number of decimal places from a string? I'm looking to find a generic way to extract 3 numbers out the following strings.


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Force MS Chart Control To Not Use Decimals When Stepping Axis?

May 9, 2012

I have a data point with a y-value of 1 being plotted, the MS Chart control will use increments of 0.2 on the y-axis. How can I force it to not use a decimal, keeping in mind I will have values of >100 so I can't just force an increment of 1 on the y-axis?

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VB SCRIPT Rounding - Round 5 Decimals Adding Zeros ?

Jun 12, 2011

Using VbScript:: I have a list of several different prices and I'm trying to figure out how to round these 5 decimals adding zeros if necessary.

For example:

I want:

To look like:

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German Windows Decimals - Reads Some Text From An Access Database?

Feb 14, 2011

I'm having problem with our germany customers whose operating system uses dot as thousand separator and comma as decimal point.I have an application which reads some text from an Access database, parse it into data and display on a datagridview,the program also needs to write the data into another file as input to another application. right now, it seems when my application parses doubles (say 0.2500),germany os will always return everything except the decimal dot(so 0.2500 becomes 2500),and that just messed up the whole process...so my question is, how can we detect the locale of the windows and parse the doubles correctly?

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Get The Percentage Showing Without Decimals Behind "."?

Jul 10, 2009

On a Form in a Windows Application I have 1 ProgressBar 1 Label1 underneath ProgressBar1 to show File name and perventage 1 RichTextBox1 (displays all files in progress) 1 Button1 underneath RTB to start the copy process Now, my percentage looks rather like this: 75.012358%How could I get the percentage showing without decimals behind "."? Here is the line of code:

Label1.Text = ((i / totalfile) * 100).ToString & " % files copied"

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DataGridView - Remove The Check Box For Only Some Rows?

May 10, 2012

How to remove the Check Box for only some rows? Anybody can share the code for that? See the pic. I need to remove the check boxes for alternate rows. I dont need for Row 1, Row 3, Row 5.

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VS 2010 Basic Timer Animation - Error Check And Colour Scheme VB Express 2010

Mar 26, 2012

this is my very first posting and I must say I am desperate. I have a VB assignment due in 2 days and I am so lost. I have written a code to draw some graphic, just a basic house, tree, sun etc. I have also written a code to magnify said graphics which were all the specifications of my Assignment 1 part A. Now for Part B I am being asked to extend my program so that: A - My graphic can be drawn using different colour schemes designed by me but chosen by the user B - My graphic or an appropriate part of it can be animated around the picture box if the user chooses to do so. C - Error checking is included.


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VS 2010 - How To Remove Duplicates

Sep 3, 2010

just to finalise this, how can i remove duplicates? i have tried this:


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VS 2010 Remove All Duplicates?

Apr 6, 2012

I have the following coding in place which basically edits my text file, however with the information that is shown in the text file I want to remove all duplicates, is this possible?

Dim path As String = "c: est1.txt"
Dim sb As New StringBuilder
Dim sr As New StreamReader(path)


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VB 2010 Express - Remove Or Add Several References

Jan 21, 2011

I have taken my project that seemed to have several bugs in VB2008 Express and upgraded to 2010. I had to remove or add several references again. I don't have any more errors but I have the following 5 warnings that keep me from compiling the build. I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions on what these mean or how to take care of the problem. I will list the warnings below. I'm on a Win XP machine with Office 2010 (if that might affect things).

Warning1A reference was created to embedded interop assembly 'ADODB' because of an indirect reference to that assembly from assembly 'AxInterop.OWC11'. Consider changing the 'Embed Interop Types' property on either assembly.PE Files


This last one I have gotten before but when I tried to update the components it only caused my program to become corrupt and tons of errors. I'm not sure if I did something wrong previously or if this might have been a random occurrence.

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VS 2010 - Any Way To Remove Illegal XML Characters

Feb 15, 2012

I am retrieving string values from a table and then encode each term to make a httpwebrequest to an api. It works fine and the terms allow for foreign characters like japanese/arabic/chinese etc and these are inserted fine. The problem occurs when some of these terms contain weird characters and that is when the request is bad. The only reason it is bad xml and the template I follow gets invalid are when these characters are present. I use the

And also
As part of my cleanup. One of the weird characters ends up appearing as a space but it is not since the trim(term) does not work and when I look at the xml in visual studio it looks like an ' &' with arrow pointing up attached to it. It does not appear after I pasted it here.It appears as a line feed or carriage return and I have tried to remove that too. Anyway is there some way I can ensure that these sort of characters are removed and if I were to use the binary values like <32 invalid, will foreign characters then get excluded.

temp = temp.replace(vbCr, "")
temp = temp.replace(vbLf, "")
temp = SecurityElement.Escape(temp)

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VS 2010 - Cannot Remove Components With Uninstall

Jul 15, 2010

I don't know what's got into them but they decided to purchase vs2010 pro licenses in my company. Anyway i gave it a quick look and since i don't need to have it installed right now (service pack 1 first, Microsoft anti-bug law) i uninstalled it. The problem i see is that it leaves leftovers everywhere.C++ redist, ado components, sql r2 components etc. These will not be deleted if i just remove vs2010 but will be installed if i install vs2010 full.Anyway i ended up removing them one by one and it took about 30-45 minutes. So has anyone have done a removal? Is this the case? I cannot remove most of the components with one big uninstall?

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VS 2010 - How To Remove Duplicates In ListView

Jun 7, 2011

Ok, I found some code online on how to do this, but they only compare the Listview.item.text, and they don't care what is in the entire ListViewItem. Is there any code to remove duplicates in a ListView that checks to see if all the subitems are the same as well and THEN removes the entry? [Code]

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VS 2010 - How To Remove First Six Letters From String

Sep 12, 2011

How do I remove the first 6 letter from string?

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VS 2010 - How To Remove Item From String

Jun 23, 2011

I am trying to remove an item from a String() (just splitted a text into lines to that string()), and could not find how to do this. Are there even ways to do this?

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