Adjust Report Field Height At Runtime?

Aug 7, 2011

I'd like to adjust Report field height at run time.In the 2nd image, at the 3rd and 4th row of "Wine" column, if the data length is enough for a line, I'd like to adjust its height into a line (And also bottom line object be followed by it). Otherwise, let it be two lines. Please share me which property I'd set.

PS: In page header, I use box object. But in Details section, I just use line object because in report footer, I need to show Total amount. If I use a box in these three sections, there is the box is expanded the whole page without having detail rows at the last page.


VB 2010 - Adjust The Font At Runtime So That A Text Fits Within A Rectangle?

Nov 16, 2011

The rectangle is drawn with drawrectangle and the text with drawstring, but the text doesn't fit.á Is a runtime adjust possible?

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Generate Runtime Legent In Report Viewer Chart Report?

Mar 11, 2009

i have tride to generate report by using in built functions of report viewer. butáit disply only the default color in to the legend. in my report i am showing chart report by using student marks and their name. the chrt bar color get changed as per the students marks means if student is pass then the the report bar display with green if failed then with red color i want to show the legend with student pass and fail status but on my x axis i have given a only a marks column value and it s showing only marks lable in legend but i want to show it with their status means pass with green color and fail with red color if anybody have the answer of this query plz reply immediatly

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Crystal Report To Have A Specific Height?

Jun 5, 2011

was wondering if it is possible for a person to set a specific height value for the detail section in crystal reports.I want the section to have 10 records and maintain a certain height.If the records are for example 2 or any number less than 10, the detailed section should maintain this specific height.

I am creating a receipt but the problem is that if i have less records, the size of the report is reduced..

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Set Height And Width Of A Crystal Report?

Sep 12, 2011


but my problem is how can i set the height and width of a crystal report?

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Can't Set Value For Field Of Report

Aug 27, 2009


Private Sub ButtonX1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ButtonX1.Click
Dim myReport As New CrystalReport1()


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DB/Reporting :: How To Add Field In CR At Runtime

Jul 5, 2009

I have a form in whcih users will be able to select the required field that has to be printed.. can u tell me how to add field in CR at runtime ?

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Report Not Clearing - At Runtime ?

Dec 9, 2010

I have a problem with clearing my report at runtime.

The code which I execute to create report is as follows....:


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Added Field And Load Report Failed

Apr 27, 2011

Everything was working fine but suddenly started getting this error. I have the following code
ReportName = Application.StartupPath & "" & ReportName & ""
Dim ReportForm As CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument = New CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument
ReportForm.Load(ReportName) - I get error at this line
The path & other things are right. Till yesterday it was working fine & now I started getting this error, the only change I made in the report was I added a field.

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Bind Field At Run Time Crystal Report?

Sep 10, 2010

I want to create a column on a crystal report. I am binding crystal report to .net class object collection at run time. Now one of the columns I need to bind to the object collection property which is another object to it's property.

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DB/Reporting :: Calculated Field In Report Table?

Dec 3, 2008

I have a RDLC report with a list that contains a table. I require a calculated column whose value depends on values from previous rows. Outside of a report I accomplish the same thing using code in a DataGridView's DataBindingComplete method.

From within a report how do I refer to specific cell values from previous rows? embedded code, but I have not had luck (#Error).

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Show An Empty Field In Crystal Report?

Jul 7, 2009

We are bysy with making a crystal report in vs2005 / 2008

We want to print the address of a bussiness, see picture-1.jpg

If field-2 of the second record isnt filled in we get the the result see picture-2.jpg

In the crystal report we don't want to show the empty information of field-2, see picture-3.jpg Is it possible to create this in a crystal report?

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VS 2008 Remove Time From Field In Report?

May 31, 2012

I have a reportviewer control which is displaying an rdlc report that is bound to an Access table. In all of the date fields it is showing the time "12:00:00 AM". How can I remove this? Is it done through the reportviewer, the report or the binding source?

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C# - Add Image To Crystal Report At Runtime?

Oct 9, 2011

I would like to add an image to a crystal report at runtime.

I am currently doing this using a second data table containing only a byte field and then a blob field on the report. However this feels like a hack and if there is no data in the first primary table then for some reason the image does not show.

Is it possible to add an image with code or another method?

I'm using crystal reports for visual studio 2010. Winforms project. Either C# or VB.

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Change Report Zoom On Runtime?

Jan 17, 2011

I have an application in wich I use a Microsoft ReportViewer.

Also I have two buttons inside the form, close to my report viewer. First button is named zoom_minus and the second button is named zoom_plus.[code]....

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Create Report File Runtime?

Aug 14, 2009

i want to make a report at run time using and sql server stored procedure.

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C# - Set The Height Of A Button To {Binding ElementName=MW,Path=Height}/2?

Jan 7, 2012

Is is possible to do basic mathematical operations like addition, division etc. in XAML?For example, I want to set the height of a button to {Binding ElementName=MW,Path=Height}/2.

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Creatie Buttons In Runtime From Database Field?

Nov 24, 2010

I have a single columns table which holds 50 records. I would like to create 50 buttons from those records. How can I do that in Vb.Net?

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Runtime Variable Field Selection In Code Behind?

Jan 23, 2012

I have a list with several fields that is created from dataset from a linqtosql query. At run-time, the user gets to specify what field he/she wants to display from the list. In other languages, I can dynamically do this like:


Where 'fieldnameImInterstedIn is itself a variable. How do I do this in VB.Net?

non-working actual code follows:

Dim patientdata = (From patientvar In pdfdatacontext.tbPatients Where patientvar.PatientID = patientid)
Dim patientlist = patientdata.ToList()

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Crystal Report Generation From A Text Field In 2005?

Feb 6, 2009

am a beginner in 2005 i have to generate a crystal report in from a textfield that the user enter and the following report should be generated depending on that query..

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DB/Reporting :: Crystal Report That Fails On A Formula Field?

Apr 14, 2008

I have a crystal report that fails on a formula field but I cannot see why.

Here is my code:

Public Function CreateReportPDF(ByVal dsReport As DataSet, ByVal CrystalReportPath As String, _
ByVal reportSize As String, ByVal landScape As Boolean, _
ByVal dsParameters As DataSet, ByVal filePath As String, _
ByVal fileName As String) As Boolean


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Make Crystal Report Displayed The Field From Two Different Tables?

Aug 26, 2009

I'm Using 2008 i want display 2 different field in crystal the code in form at 2008

If Not IO.File.Exists(path) Then
Throw (New Exception("Unable to locate report file:" & _
vbCrLf & path))
End If


what i want is when i choose "TBL1" then at crystal report that only show the field from table one... = T1_CD then if i choose "TBL2" then at crystal report only show field and the data from table two... = T2_CD when i make file.rpt in crystal report i just can only drag field from table one.. how i can combine another field from table two?is neccesary that i must passing parameter from form at to crystal report?

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Pass TEXTBOX Or LABEL Value To Cristal Report Field?

Mar 25, 2010

I have a sales report (crystal reports), and it's launched from the APP, but I need to pass the value of 2 textbox and 2 labels to a sales report fields.

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[VS2005] Passing Value To Formula Field To Crystal Report

Apr 6, 2009

how to pass the value to the formula field in cyrstal report

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Bound Crystal Report Controls At Runtime?

Jun 3, 2011

I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and want to design my Dynamic crystal reports. In vb6 i normally did this via bounding each control of the section1 ,2 or 3 via run time code by giving the name of that control something like

.section3.controls("txtName").text=some value

can I did the same with crystal reports as well in VB.Net if yes than how.?

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Change Crystal Report Table During Runtime?

Aug 25, 2011

I have 6 to 7 tables with state information in them. They all have the same field names. I have a Crystal Report that is based on one of them. I want the user to be able to select a state and change the Crystal Report to use that table instead of the one it was based on.I mean when user select text in combo box and then click on "OK" then report show (using only one rpt for all the tables of same fields).i have the database name"Rajab" in which the all the tables have same fields and structures now the problem is that i have designed an rpt now i want that if user select any table from the list of combo box then through this rpt the data of every table shows. how can i use that rpt for every table because i don't want to use seperate rpt for every table i want to use only single designed rpt for 6 to 7 tables.

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Change Datasource Of Crystal Report At Runtime?

Aug 26, 2010

I have to change my sql server and need to point all my crystal reports to that new server at runtime, some reports has StoredProcedures embeded inside and those are the problems.[code]....

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Change Images In Runtime Crystal Report?

Feb 21, 2009

I have a report and is working with .netnow i needload images in runtime by passing the values in .net or load the image by dbthe control that i using isthe crystal report viewer, i have found codes in the web that refer this:

"crxReport.Sections(3)""CrReport.Sections("Details").ReportObjects("Picture1")=? "

but with the control what i using i dont have that option :(what is the control that i need load to the project that have that options?or is some especial version of crystal report?

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Crystal Report RUntime For Visual Studio 10

Mar 15, 2012

Can any one provide me with the Crsytal report runtime installer for Visual Studio 2010.I have the installer of Visual Studio 2008 but its of no use.I need the installer that is the .msi file.

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Generating Crystal Report Runtime With Sql Query

Jan 29, 2012

on first form one textbox and one button present and in second form crystal report viewer is present in first form textbox i write query and when i click on button i want report in second for with data returned by query


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Report With Dynamic Columns (Chosen In Runtime)

Jul 22, 2010

I need to make a report but my columns will be chosen in run-time. I used to make report with crystal report by filling my data to query table and connect this query table with designed report by crystal report. but this time the user will choose the fields in run-time.

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Setup Project With Crystal Report Runtime?

Jul 13, 2009

I have a simple application with a crystal report in there. So, the crystal report runtime must be installed on the clients which use the app. Now i have create a setup.exe and under "Required Components", Crystal Reports Basic... is marked. I choose the second option below that Crystal Report should come from the identic folder. When i call the setup.exe or the *.msi file the app is installed under programs but without crystal reports.

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Alternate Datasource For A Text Field Using Runtime Databinding

Mar 5, 2011

sir i've one text field and two tables named table1,table2

i've to just display text from two different tables using two different navigations for each table.

1.when i'll click on first navigation, data from first table should have to display in textbox

2. when i'll click on second navigation, data from second table should have to display in same textbox alternatively

i've to show data in only one text box alternatively

i've binded designtime table1 to textbox

so how to unbind it & bind table2 to same texbox runtime.

like that i've 12 tables & 12 navigation for each table and only one text filed

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Create A Control At Runtime From Database Field Values?

Sep 19, 2011

I'm new to programming and would like to know how can i create radio buttons at runtime using the field values in my sql database. Im creating a survey application.(windows forms)in the relational database i have 2 tables one for questions and one for options.

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Change Width Of Database Field In Crystal Report At Run Time?

Oct 20, 2011

I am using VB.Net and crystal Report in VS2008. On Crystal Report I have a database(SQL20005) Column "Address".

I have used "Can Grow" option for that Column to change. But it resizes Vertically. I want to change its Width as Address have different data.

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Pass Sort Field Parameter To Crystal Report Programmatically?

Mar 5, 2012

i have stored the sort field parameter value in the variableászYes_No.I have to pass this value to crystal report, i used the code given below but not work--

Dim FieldDef As FieldDefinition
FieldDef = frmReportDisplay.cryRpt.Database.Tables.Item(0).Fields.Item(szYes_No & "{REP_i_fORMAT.Mem_Name}")


how can i pass sort field parametr to crystal report.

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Passing Multiple Values In Crystal Report Parameter Field?

Jun 22, 2010

passing multiple values in a parameter field in crystal report viewer, I already set it to allow multiple values. When the code below executed it only displays the last record and not all of the records that appeared. here's my codereally need this one! Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As

System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
dt = New DataTable
sda = New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM KEMPMASTER", sqlcon)


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Calculate The Width Of A Circle At Top + 1/3 Height And Top + 2/3 Height?

Mar 30, 2012

how can i calculate the width of a circle at top + 1/3 height & top + 2/3 height?

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RDLC Report Viewer Control Is Blank At Runtime?

Feb 22, 2010

Can't get the report viewer to do anything at runtime.After watching the tutorial on MSDN, it seemed simple.But I can't reproduce it. The data configuration is straightforward and no errors occur. Dropped back to putting something static on the designer like lines, backcolor and textboxes. They disappear too. áThe runtime control is active, just blank

<a href="Ąt=BlankViewer.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="BlankViewer"></a>

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Setting Report Header Title Programmatically At Runtime?

Mar 23, 2012

How I can set a Textbox or the report header title programmatically at runtime?
Like as in a form - Me.text = "Sales Report"
Depending on how I query the report I'd like to give the report a descriptive report name.

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