- Linking Two Projects?

May 4, 2009

I am currently doing a project which is to be linked with another project. I.e., when I click on some button in my current project's page I should get a page from the other project..


Using 1 Dataset In Several Projects By Linking It Fails To Update Tableadapter Codebehind?

Oct 14, 2010

I need your support here. I have one dataset with numerous table adapters in one project. All fine. Now, in another project I am referencing the same dataset. I have added it as a link.So far so good. However, when I change a tableadapter in my main project store and close, and then open my other project the changes to the tableadapter are not there. For example, I have been adding an additional field to an adapter. But when running the second project that field is not part of the tableadapter.

After investigating a bit, I can say that, for whatever reason, when I link the datasets XSD file it created a copy of the respective Designer File. There is now a link to FundResultContainer.designer.vb, as a child of FundResultContainer.vb. But there is also a FundResultContainer1.Designer.vb as a child of FundResultContainer.xsd.

Like this:

FundResultContainer.xsd - FundResultContainer.vb -- FundResultContainer.designer.vb - FundResultContainer.xsc - FundResultContainer.xss - FundResultContainer1.Designer.vb

This could be causing my problem. However, to clean it up, I have removed the whole tree (dataset) and linked only the XSD file again. IT does again create a second designer file, exactly as above.

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Removing Projects From VB2008 Start Page Recent Projects List?

Mar 15, 2009

Removing projects from VB2008 start page recent projects list. The above list is getting clogged. How do I remove items from this list?

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Hyperlink Not Linking?

Jul 9, 2009

I have an e-mail that i send out and everything works fine exceptthe hyperlink doesn;t link.

taskMessage = <a href="C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\powerpnt.exe"> Powerpint </a>
myEmailClass.SendEmailMessage("myemail", "your email", "You have a new stalker",


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Linking 2 Database In 1?

Aug 12, 2009

I got 3 tables in database namely A,B,C. how am i going to link the column a in A and column b in B to table C so that table C can have both my data a and b?

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Linking Excel To .net?

Mar 7, 2009

was just wondering if it's possible to link up excel and vb so that data can be inputted into vb and then transferred to excel which would carry out calculations using functions and send the data back.

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Linking Of DLL Via The DLL's Path

Mar 17, 2011

I'm trying to do is access a DLL that is outside the original EXE's file structure.  So like this

C: estexe estexe.EXE 'The EXE that needs to access the DLL
C: estdlls
eturnstring.dll 'The DLL I'm trying to access.

So far everything I've tried has failed.  I keep getting a FileNotFoundException.

I've added the following code to my app.config

<assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1">


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Linking To .xml In A VB Listbox?

Apr 26, 2011

I've recently decided for my VB final that I'd like to tackle something my professor and I discuss constantly; portable game server apps.

What I'm wanting to do, essentially, is create just a rudimentary programme that allows you to check the server status of either the north American or European servers for the game Rift and just (instead of opening your default browser, which I know how to do already) displaying the info in a listbox inside the programme itself.

The information I have to work with (aside from the obvious direct .php link to the web page) is two separate .xml links that contain all the information that is contained on their webpage. I could easily just turn these .xml files in an access database but I want something dynamic rather than static, but I honestly have no clue of how to turn this info I have into something I can actually use in my programme lol.

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Linking To A Database?

Feb 3, 2010

I'm creating a system (for a project) that is based on a vet.I want to create a combo box that has a list of different animals (e.g. Dog or Cat etc.)and when an animal is selected,a group box, with loads of checkboxes inside appears. Then the user can tick a check box (a vaccine to be given to the animal) and the record is saved to a database.I have hard coded this to work, but I want a more sophisticated code set, that links to SQL so that when a new vaccine is to be added, I would only need to add it in a table, in the database. I don't know where to start for this could any one give me a nudge in the right direction?

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Changing Colors 'linking LED'

Sep 18, 2010

Individually the Draw red and draw white work. The delays work.When in series the only color seen is the last color. Why? [code]

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DLL Explicit Run-time Linking?

Feb 25, 2009

What are the main  functions needed to create a .dll file in which needs to be Explicitly linked i.e at run time to an application Plz post me an equivalent code snippet in VB.Net

Explicit run-time linkingDLL files may be explicitly loaded at run-time, a process referred to simply as run-time dynamic linking by Microsoft, by using the LoadLibrary (or LoadLibraryEx) API function. The GetProcAddress API function is used to lookup exported symbols by name, and FreeLibrary — to unload the DLL.


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Linking 2 Combo Boxes Together

Jun 9, 2011

i've been searching everywhere to try to get this setup. I am running Visual Basic 2008 I have 1 Combo Box that Has 3 Entries, Kyocera>Konica>Toshiba I have a 2nd Combo Box that has entries for each of those manufactors ...Kyocera has 3035,4035,5035....the konica has c250,c352,c452......the Toshiba has c3520, 4520


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Linking 2 Combo Boxes Together?

Jan 12, 2011

i've been searching everywhere to try to get this setup. I am running Visual Basic 2008 I have 1 Combo Box that Has 3 Entries, Kyocera>Konica>Toshiba I have a 2nd Combo Box that has entries for each of those manufactors...Kyocera has 3035,4035,5035....the konica has c250,c352,c452......the Toshiba has c3520, 4520

I want it so when i click on Kyocera the 2nd combo box only reads 3035,4035,5035 and when i click konica it only reads c250,c352,c452 etc etc

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Linking A .exe File To A Button In VB?

Jul 16, 2010

I have created a form in VB 2010 and I want a executable file (.exe) to open when the user clicks on that button.  What do I need to do to accomplish this?

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Linking A Listbox To Database?

Apr 26, 2010

I have a database (sql server) where i store activity information example (activityid,id,summary,signs etc.) I can successfully save this information to the database. what I also want to achieve is to add this information to a listbox so that it can be displayed in the corresponding textboxes at runtime for an encounterid.

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Linking A Resource File?

Oct 7, 2008

I have several resource files I would like to be able to access in my Visual Basic program by using code. I have added them in folders in the projects folder, and have also chose the "Include in project" option for them all. However, I am a bit confused when it comes to the correct format for linking them with the code. I didn't think using a full path (starting from the C: drive), then linking to my main project folder, would be a good idea since when the end user installs it, the path would be invalid. I tried to type the path like this: "ResourceVideoABCImage000.jpg" however, I receive an Invalid Parameter error. The only way to make it work is to enter the entire path name.

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Linking Data Between Forms?

Jan 29, 2009

I have one main form and another dialog box that is used to search records. What code is used to declare a public variable in the dialog box form in order to get the record found by the user displayed back into the main form?

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Linking Data Sets?

Mar 26, 2012

I need to link different arrays of data that I am gathering from different Select Cases.For Example:Araray A, B and C from Case 1Array C, D and F from Case 2 Note: Array C is common between two cases.I know in C++ I could have used Pointers and use SQL in Java.

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Linking Form 1 With Form2?

Apr 15, 2011

I have two forms. In form 1, I have a textbox1 and in form two, I have a textbox2 and a button1. Now what I want to do is, write in textbox2 (That is in FORM2) and when I press the button, it just go to textbox1 (That is in FORM1)

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Linking Forms And Arrays?

Nov 1, 2010

I am new to I am currently programming Space Invaders. Firstly i have two forms What is code for linking form 1 to form 2?

Secondly i have coded and tried to understand arrays. I currently Have
Private Sub tmrUFO_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles tmrUFO.Tick


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Linking Listbox To Textbox?

Jan 28, 2010

How could I link a Listbox to a Textbox? So each Listbox item holds string data, and when I click that Listbox item, it shows it's string data into the multiline Textbox. For example

I have a listbox item names "Numbers". It holds this data:


So I want it to when I select this item in the listbox, it display the number data into the multi line textbox. How would I do this?

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Linking Pictures To A DataBase?

Aug 1, 2010

How do I go about linking a picture to a database? I'm using VB 2008 Express and  SQL Express.I want the user to click a button when editing a recipe; the button click will then open some kind of dialog where the path to a picture will be selected.  Then a button on the dialog will be clicked by the user and the picture will be saved to a folder in My Documents called "My Recipes" at the same time the recipe will be renamed using the Title and ID of the record being edited ending up with a name like "Nick's Milktart 237.png" (preferably with a space between "Milktart" and "237").  Also at the same time a link to the database must be created to a field called "Picture".I have never tried linking pictures before, I understand the app. will respond much faster this way as to imbedding the picture into the database. 

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Linking Text In A Lst To A Form?

Dec 13, 2010

I'm trying to do something that I'm sure is very simple but I cannot find the proper way to code it in my book.My objective is to link employee names in a list box to a form(or new window) with information about the employee.

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Linking To Series Of Commands

Sep 5, 2011

i'm new to visual basic and i'm trying to expand my programming knowledge by creating random projects that include personal advantages. Right now I am trying to create a program that prescribes a series of commands necessary for the execution of game emulators with the touch of a couple buttons. ive created a gui of sorts ... i just don't know to make it function.


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Linking Two Fields On Form?

Aug 5, 2009

I am trying to write an Afterupdate Event code that will automatically update one field if a corresponding value is selected in the other field

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Printing A RTB And Linking It To A Printer

Oct 27, 2010

I have a RTB. I want to print the contents to a printer. KB 811401 does most of what I want. I want the on screen RTB to change size based on the settings of the selected printer. That way the user really gets WYSIWYG between the screen adn the printer. This application prints to labels so it is very important that what the user sees on the screen comes out exactly the same on the printer. Last night I think I found an example that linked the RTB to the printer, but it was an old version of VB that does not work with 2008 .NET and I can't find it today anyway.

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SaveFileDialog FileName Linking?

Apr 11, 2012

The simple code:
Private Sub destinationButton_Click() Handles destinationButton.Click


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Simple Linking SQL Tables

Nov 28, 2010

im new on SQL databases and im working with the "Northwind" sample from microsoft there are 4 tables with this realtion Customer->Orders->OrderDetails->Products.i want for every customer to list the products ordered... how can i link those 2 tables?

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VS 2008 Linking To Files

Jul 20, 2010

i have made a little program , however [im new to coding] i dont know how for example when a user clicks file > software i would like the user to go to a program , which is saved in same file as of he vb application.Also how for my legal document can i make a pop up box ,not a msg box , with created by copyright.

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VS 2008 Linking Two BindingNavigators

Apr 7, 2009

I have two areas on a form. One scrolls through patient visit details, the other scrolls through each patient's name and address, information like that. Is there a way that I can link these together so that as I scroll through one, the other scrolls as well? Meaning when John Doe shows in the left pane with his name and address, his appointment info shows at the same time on the right? It's using two different tables in the same data set, one for patient info and one for appointment info.

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VS 2008 Linking Two People Together?

May 26, 2011

I'm designing a sign-in program that will give kids points if they invite people to come to the weekly events, and if those guests come then the kids who invited them will get extra points every time a guest of their's signs in. I really need help with this as technically I've only had one semester of programming.

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.net - Linking Ranges To Item In Collection?

Aug 17, 2011

I have a collection as such

Private Shared ReadOnly thermoPaths As New ReadOnlyCollection(Of String) _


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Click The Buttons And Linking To Put On The TextBox?

Apr 12, 2011

Ok so I have a launcher and I made my launcher a dialog box.On the dialog box there are 2 textbox and on my launcher there 2 buttons.So the "user" will put a link on the textbox and click on my launcherwhen you click those buttons its will link you to what they putten on the TextBox.

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Combo Boxes Linking With Sql Server?

Feb 5, 2009

i have connected my form 1 (User Details) to an sql server. On form 1 there are a couple of textboxes and 1 combo box. The textboxes all work fine however the combo box doesn't.

This is what my program is meant to do; when the user clicks Add (btnAdd) then edit (btnEdit) and inputs their information the clicks save (btnSave). Their details get stored on the sql server. This works fine so far. However when they call upon their details using search (btnSearch) the textboxes all appear correctly but the combo box remains blank.Here are my code sample's for btnAdd, btnEdit, btnSave and btnSearch, i'm not sure which one is making the combo box appear blank:


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Create New Datatable By Linking Two Other Datatables?

May 27, 2010

I have two datatables, which come from different sources. One is Sales, the other is Products. What I'd like to do is create a filtered version of Sales, in that in that it contains Sales which have a matching ProductID in Products.

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Creating An Oledb Connection And Linking

Aug 18, 2009

i am trying to make an employee database. The front end to be used is and the backend to be in MSACCESS. I have created some tables with employee details in foxpro6, this table is to be accessed through I want to make an OLEDB connection also. What is to be tried for this. How can create a connection to MSACCESS(.mdb) with a link to the foxpro6 tables (.dbf). I tried to add the tables by clinking link table in MSaccess. But that didnt work out .

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DataSet Linking Database To Listbox

Jun 5, 2011

Having found the following post on datareaders Topic Posted On DaniWeb i have managed to successfully create a datareader in a class that updates a listbox on the calling form with entries retrieved from a SQL server database.I was wondering if it is possible to achieve the same thing using a dataset?My ultimate aim is to read a SQL table / view of information (ie customers), add this into a list box so that when i click on a specifc line in the list box i can then use that selected entry to do something further (ie click a line and then an edit button to edit that records details)[code]

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DB/Reporting :: Linking Signature Database To VB?

Jun 29, 2010

i having trouble in linking a database which contains name ,address, etc and most importantly the signature for each individual to vb.i know that microsoft access is used in linking those database to vb, but couldnt get the signature part to be done.

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Dynamic Runtime Library Linking?

Aug 4, 2010

I have a .NET library which I know can be fairly easily linked from VS project to reference it from code. However for security reasons I want to place the DLL file in another location on the disk and reference it from code including executing methods and passing method parameters. What is the proper technique to accomplish this?

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For Each Statement Linking To The Wrong Ending Next?

Aug 3, 2010

Why is my beginning for each statement linking to the wrong ending next statement take a look at the code. The for each shipment is linking to the end next comp statement. My head is cracking open over this.

Dim getshipments = From s In mydb.ships _
Where s.ship_dte.Date <= month And s.ship_dte.Date >= month2 _
Group s By s.shipid, s.ord_num Into g = Group _


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