Error: Formating Date?

Oct 18, 2011

DateAdd(DateInterval.Year, 1, CDate(Form1.DataGridView1.CurrentRow.Cells(1).Value).Date.ToString("yyyy/MM/dd")))



VS 2008 Formating A Date?

Jun 24, 2010

Date.Now.ToString return a string like "6/24/2010 3:31:27 PM". I only want the year to be 2 digits, like "6/24/10 3:31:27 PM". What's the best way to do this?

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.net - Conditional Formating Based Date Range In VB?

Mar 30, 2011

Have a column of dates which i need to compare to a specific time of the year, which establishes what calculation needs to be applyed then depending on the outcome apply conditional formating to highlight an adjcent cell, but need to remove the YY element as the contents spans multiple years.

if the date in A1 is between 1st Jan & 14th Mar use -8
if the date in A1 is between 15th Mar & 15th Oct use -17
if the date in A1 is between 16th Oct & 31st Dec use -8

Then deduct the above value from B1 to give a target for each row (from 3 onwards)if the target is < the value in n then change background orange in f

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Display Date With Time Using Region Settings Formating?

Nov 18, 2009

I expected this to work[code]...

The date gets formatted according to local settings, but not the time.

I seen API examples but, dangit, this should be easy and built into the framework.

Why is it working for the date but not the time?

For example, check out my regional settings for displaying time [url]...

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Formating A Decimal Value?

Jan 8, 2011

Using VB.NET 2010 I don't know, how I can format a decimal as wanted...


Value = 1        / Wanted Format = 0100
Value = 2,5    / Wanted Format = 0250
Value = 24,25 / Wanted Format = 2425

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Richtextbox Printing With Formating?

Jul 13, 2009

I have a richtetbox and i have it so that the user can change the font and the font color, does anyone know how i could get it to print with the formatting (font, size, color)?

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Sql - VB: Formating Mysql Timestamp

Jul 12, 2011

I don't know how to format a timestamp in VB so it gets inserted into the MYSQL database in this format:


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VS 2008 StreamWriter Bad Formating?

Oct 9, 2011

2 Listboxes gives values to listbox3 like "listbox1item:listbox2item"When I export it to txt file and open in notepad, it shows listbox1item:listbox2item listbox1item:listbox2item listbox1item:listbox2item but when I open same file on wordpad and other text editors it shows like


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Error : Syntax Error In Date In Query Expression

Jul 28, 2011

i use a database in access and I use a query for adaptor and dataset.

The query is next:

Select * from table1, table2 where and 'Name1' AND datebirth>=#07.25.1988# AND datebirth<=#07.31.1988# order by datebirth asc

The error is: Syntax error in date in query expression

In the database the format date is dd-mm-yy.Why I have this problem? What is wrong at the query?

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Custom Formating A DateTimePicker Using CultureInfo?

Dec 2, 2009

I am using the DateTimePicker control in a Vb.Net Windows project.I would like the date to reflect the Regional Settings on the user's computer, but also to show the month name, rather than the month number.For example, if my computer is set to English(US), I would like to see Nov 26 2009, and if my computer is set to English (NZ), I would like to see 26 Nov 2009Is this possible?

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DatagridView - Initial Load Formating

Jul 5, 2011

I have a datagridview and need to do some formatting to it. On load the row 0 column 0 cell is highlighted. I need users to click on datagridview to select a value. The issue is with the initial load highlight it looks like the first row is already selected when in fact it is now. How can this highlight be disabled? Each row of has 7 cell, the user is able to select any of the cell of a row and the corresponding row ID is selected. The issue is that only that one cell is highlighted.

I would like the entire row highlighted regardless of what cell in that row is clicked on. One of the columns is a status value. I would like to color the text based on the value. For example if the Status is opened I want the text to be red, if the status is closed the text color should be default.

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Regex.Replace Formating A Query?

Nov 18, 2011

I am working in VB.Net and trying to use Regex.Replace to format a string I am using to query Sql. What Im going for is to cut out comments "--". I've found that in most cases the below works for what I need.

string = Regex.Replace(command, "--.*
", "")


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VS 2008 Datagrid Conditional Formating

Feb 12, 2010

with express 2008;how can i code the datagrid basing on its cell contents

(1) it's column width
(2) row background color
(3) fore color
(4) font size

all properties are read only ?

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VS 2008 Formating Numbers While Entering?

Mar 7, 2012

I'm entering 123 into a field and getting 231.It's because I'm formating the text as I change it.

Private Sub txtObject_TextChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles txtObject.TextChanged txtObject.Text = Format(Val(txtObject.Text), Zformat)
End Sub zformat is "0.0"

Initially the field is "0.0". If I highlight it and type "1" I get "1.0" the cursor is now in front of the "1",I then type "2" and get "21.0" and the cursor is in front of the "1",I then type "3" and get "231.0".

It is because the cursor is in the "wrong" position.Is there a simple way to fix this?

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Write Number Formating In Program?

Sep 8, 2009

Have a bit of code ported from VB6 to VB.NET. It uses Write and WriteLine all the way to produce output files.

Now, I need to compare outputs from original and ported code, but there's one tiny problem with number formatting. For instance whereas VB6 code Writes just .5, the VB.NET code produces 0.5, instead of .0005 (in original) it writes 5E-4, etc.

How can I make VB.NET's Write to write numbers in the same format as VB6? The option of refactoring writing code to include formatting step is not acceptable.

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DateTimePicker Date Selection - Error "invalid Date"

Jul 1, 2010

I have the following


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Getting Error Trying To Convert Date String In "hh:mm:ss Tt MM/dd/yy" Format To Date?

Jun 8, 2011

i cant seem to create a datetime object in with datetime string that's in this format "hh:mm:ss tt MM/dd/yy".The error im getting says its not a recognisable string datetime format.

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Formating Table Results To Currency US Dollar

Sep 2, 2010

I have an access database that is populating a txtbox field on my form..How do I get those results to be currency?do I add code to the form? or do I add code to the function of the tbl? [code]I dont know which side to code or what to code to get the results to be formated as curency

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Inserting Formating Characters In String.Format?

Aug 13, 2011

VB.Net (2008) doesn't seem to allow inserting formating characters (eg.) in String.Format:

'BAD MessageBox.Show(String.Format("{0}{tab}{1}", "Foo", "Bar"))
'BAD MessageBox.Show(String.Format("{0} {1}", "Foo", "Bar"))
MessageBox.Show(String.Format("{0}" & vbTab & "{1}", "Foo", "Bar"))

Is there an easier way to build a formated string that must contain formating characters?

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Loose Formating While Loading File In RichTextBox?

Jun 4, 2009

I Have a RTF File which i have exported from CrystalReportviewer Now i want to assign the exported RTF to a RichTextBox[code]..

The File is Loaded successfully..  But i m loosing the Formatting , i mean to say When i m opening the Same RTF Outside of the application its Showing the Format As it was in Report ... But While i m Attaching it to Application It looses all the formatting .

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RichText Box Formating Coloring And Text Adding?

Sep 25, 2010

This is my second post and today I have the following problem:I want to make a Steam Gamertag Maker ..

1) I have a RichTextBox.

2) I have 8 buttons each representing a color (red, green, yellow, blue, teal, pink, white and black ..)

3.1) I enter some text into the richtext box.

3.2) I select part of the text.

3.3) When I press a button, e.g Blue and the selected text changes to that color.

3.5) I have a copy button, that copies the content of the richtextbox .. and that is where the problem starts .. (The copied text has no color and so on .

4) If I press, for example the Blue Button, I want that the following text "^4", is written just in front of the selected text and that the selected text is colored blue at the same time. The other text should not be affected by those adjustments ..

5) If the "^4" is inserted, it should be hidden

6) If everything is colored, I press the copy button and it should copy the whole text, including for example the "^4" ..

7) I want the "^4" to be hidden, because it looks better, but if I copy the content of the RichText box it should be included ..

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VS 2008 - Outlook Automation Formating Tips

Aug 18, 2009

I got an email I just created using Outlook automation and I need some help to get it formated nicely:set Font of the body set font-style to bold of certain words insert a picture into the body (this is not an attachment) when putting text in the body using looks like outlook automatically adds spaces for each "paragraph", how can I get rid of these spaces? how can I get my signature on because it disappears when text is added to the body [Code]

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C# - Formating First Line Of RichTextBox With Capital Letters And Bold?

Jun 3, 2011

If I have a RichTextBox and want output like the first line is a font with capital letters and bold, while the next line on the contrary, what should I do?

output like this:

My address is

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Date After Clean Install Error "Conversion From String "13/8/2009" To Type Date Is Not Valid"

Aug 15, 2009

I did a clean install and tried to get the project running again. The code ... AlteredDate = SelectedDay & "/" & SelectedMonth & "/" & SelectedYear would always work defaulting to DD/MM/YYYY before the clean install. The program now runs an error "Conversion from string "13/8/2009" to type Date is not valid.. How do I change the default back to DD MM YYYY or format it to that?

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Date Format - It Gives Me Error As "Cast From String "28/01/2011" To Type 'Date' Is Not Valid"?

Nov 30, 2010

conversion of date

if i used -- Date.parse("28/01/2011")

it gives me error as "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime."

so then i modify above code as -- CDate("28/01/2011").it gives me error as "Cast from string "28/01/2011" to type 'Date' is not valid." I used convert.todatetime also date.parseexact but nothing is working..

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SQL Exception On Insert Of Into Date Datatype: (Conversion Failed When Converting Date And/or Time From Character String)

Apr 8, 2010

Title pretty much says it all. How do I format the date of a dateandtimepicker to insert it into the SQL date datatype?

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Getting Date Time Error

Nov 15, 2011

I have issues with inserting date into my database. Though i declare the datatype as datetime in my SQL server database. the error message is " Conversion failed when converting datetime from character string "


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Sql - Date Format Error In .net?

Apr 19, 2010

I get this error when I run the application Incorrect syntax near 12, on debugging I found that this error is caused due to the # along with the date. Dim backdate as datetime backdate = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1)

on binding the data to the grid to filter the backdate records this error is caused Incorrect syntax near 12.

myqry = " select SRNO,SUBJECT,ID where datesend =" backdate Now i am trying to extract only the date or shall I divide the date into day , month and year with DATEPART and take into a variable or convert the date or what should i do

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Date Error On Saving Records?

Jun 14, 2012

The following code throws an error on saving a record: "Conversion from string "TDT" to type 'Integer' is not valid" The following code is highlighted:

da.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add("@TDT", OleDbType.Date, "TDT")

"TDT" is a MS Access field name for storing date.

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Displaying Date On Listview Error

Jun 6, 2011

im having a problem on displaying my Date ng my listview here is my code


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Error : Not A Legal OleAut Date?

Apr 29, 2012

I get this error when i try to drag a record from a file;

Private Sub cboBookingID_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cboBookingID.Click
'output all records method 1
NumberOfRecords = LOF(4) / Len(OneBooking)


The bit in bold is where the error crashes at. it because i used this code for like 5 other files and worked perfectly fine.

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Error In Insert Date Using DateTimePicker

Jun 6, 2011

How to insert record date in my access db. I am using hdate as my field and his data type is short date

Here is my code
cmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO hold ([hdate], des) VALUES (#" & myDate & "#, '" & TextBox1.Text & "')" cmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO hold ([hdate], des) VALUES (#" & datetimepicker1.text & "#, '" & TextBox1.Text & "')" cmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO hold ([hdate], des) VALUES (#" & DateTimePicker1.Value.Date.ToShortDateString & "#, '" & TextBox1.Text & "')"

But none of them insert on the table. The record will view on the datagrid but not on the physical table.

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Error On Passing Date Parameter

Jul 24, 2010

I am getting error when debugging a project. The error is as below,

"FormatException was unhandled

String was not recognized as a valid DateTime."

Highlighting the following line

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Pass Null Value But Error Dim Drf As Date

Jun 30, 2010

i need to pass null value but error dim drf as date


Dim Upd As String ="UPDATE sakit set tanggalsakit'" & drf & "' WHERE orang= '" & id& "'

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Query By Date Returning Error?

Jul 26, 2011

I'm trying to run a query from a search form by date and I'm receiving the following error:[Teradata Database] Partial string matching requires character operands.The code for the search is:

ElseIf OptDate.Checked = True Then
sSQL &= "DATE_SUBMIT Like ('" & txtDateRec1.Text & "%')"
End If

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Setup Error, Files Out Of Date?

Feb 22, 2008

How to resove this problem with package made in Visual basic 6?

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SQL Date Range Query Error

Jan 5, 2011

I am trying to bind an Access database to a MSChart control in VB Net 2008. I have a test database populated with four fields SAMPLE-DateTime, Values-Number, MAX-Number and MIN-Number. I'd like to only display the rows that fall within a specific date range but I'm running into a problem when i try to execute the following command:


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Winforms - Date Time Error In .NET

Jun 29, 2011

I got the following error when trying to retrieve the data to the datetime picker control when clicking on the datagridview row.


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Error In A Part Of The Date Format. [ Expression (if Known) = ]?

Aug 14, 2011

I am trying to save date in my database' datetime field.My variable catches date as

vrDteTimePprBgn As Date = Today.Date
then I save it as

drNewRowMCQsAns.Item("DTE") = vrDteTimePprBgn

At runtime, I get error .There was an error in a part of the date format. [ Expression (if known) = ]

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.net - InvalidCastException Error With Clearing Value Of Date Picker?

Feb 20, 2012

I use code such as this to clear out the values in several text boxes: Private Sub RibbonButtonInsert_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles RibbonButtonInsert.Click


Because the date picker control did not clear out like the other controls did, I tried:

DatePickerDateOfBirth.Value = ""

but it does not clear out. Instead, I get an "InvalidCastException". show me what coding I need to properly clear out the value in this data picker?

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