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How Two Merge To Columns In TableLayoutPanel

how to Merge two columns in TableLayoutPanel in windows app in .net ( or

View 4 Replies (Posted: Jun 3rd, 2012)

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TableLayoutPanel Cannot Correctly Add Columns?
I'm trying to dynammicllay add buttons to a form. I figured a TableLayoutPanel would be best for this because i dont know how many buttons i'll have to add. I wanted it to come out looking like the following:


Posted: October 06, 2010

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Moving Rows And Columns In Tablelayoutpanel In .net?
In my application i need to move rows and columns in tablelayout panel at how to we are doing at designtime.

Posted: February 12, 2009

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Insert , Add & Delete Rows And Columns In Tablelayoutpanel?
I would like to insert, delete and add rows in tablelayoutpanel1. On my right I have numericupdown1. So, when I chose let say number 5 and then click button1, I would like that in my tablelayoutpanel1 VB add or insert row 5. Same thing with button2 - but this button deletes selected row.[code]...

Posted: March 15, 2011

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Resize Columns And Rows Dynamically In TableLayoutpanel At Runtime?
I need to resize Rows and columns dynamically in TableLayoutpanel..I achive this but it's not perfectly come in some times.. My requirement is how we are resize the rows and columns of TableLayoutpanel at design time..Same like i need to implement at Runtime.If i resize any row or column only That perticuler item only resizing ..

Posted: September 01, 2009

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.net - How To Merge Two Columns Which Are Already Exist In One Datatable
I have one datatable. In that table I have columns named [Total Day], [Present day], and [leave].
Data are as follows:

[Total Day], [Present day], [leave]
30 25 5
30 26 4

Now i want to concatenate those three columns in one another column. I want output something like this:

[Total Day] [Present Day] [Leave] [TotalDay PresentDay Leave]
30 25 5 30 VBCrLf 25 VBCrLf 5
30 26 4 30 VBCrLf 26 VBCrLf 4

Posted: Apr 5 at 15:00

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VS 2008 - Merge Two Text Files (Rows And Columns)
I have two text files. The first text file has the format:
ID h1 h2 h3
a 1 5 7
b 3 3 5
c 0 4 8

And the second file:
ID h4 h5 h6
a 2 4 9
b 3 6 1
b 4 1 5

Now I want to merge two files. The output likes
ID h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6
a 1 5 7 2 4 9
b 3 3 5 3 6 1
b 4 1 5
c 0 4 8

The two files has the same rows and columns. For the first rows(except header) in the two files, they have the same first column. Therefore just a simple append. The final first row becomes
a 1 5 7 2 4 9
The question is in the first only has one
and the second file has two

I want the maximum count of items from each list in the resultant list. I put some white spaces after "b" then append strings.
b 4 1 5
For key "c", because it is only in the first file and not in the second file, so I append white spaces after the corresponding strings.

Posted: Jan 28th, 2011

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DataGridView, Set Up Columns, Populate Data Table, Bind, But Not Using Columns Created In Code?
I'm using 2005. I have working programs that I populate DataGridViews with something like the following:


Posted: October 26, 2011

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Add/subtract/divide/multiply Certain Columns And Place The Information Into Other Columns?
My goal is to connect to my database either manually or using an sqladapater, and get information from two of my databases on sql server 2005. Then I want to take this information and on run-time begin to add/subtract/divide/multiply certain columns and place the information into other columns. I can do this in queries, however, I want to do it on run-time what is the best way to achieve this.I had some of this working, but I just want to start fresh and see how you would go about doing this.


Posted: Nov 30 10 at 15:08

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Add Controls To A TableLayoutPanel?
I want to create a 2-high, 6-wide grid with labels in the top row and text boxes in the bottom row. Creating the six labels and the six text boxes is easy. Main Question: How do I stuff them into the TableLayoutPanel at the locations I want?I assume that I write the labels as I would any other label, and read and write the text boxes as I would any other text box.Secondary question: Why do all Microsoft's examples do stuff I never need to do, and never do the simple stuff I need to do?

Posted: March 26, 2009

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How To Format The TableLayoutPanel
I am using a TableLayoutPanel to display information about a directory of video files. Each file will have 2 rows (a row of info (filename, size, etc) and a row of thumbnails). I can get the row of thumbnails for the files to create correctly, however, the row of information only shows the last file processed.

Dim lbl1 as New Label
Dim lbl2 as New Label
Dim lbl3 as New Label
Dim lbl4 as New Label


Posted: Jun 9th, 2010

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Tablelayoutpanel Even Row Sizes?
when the form loads, there is a table and i use code to set the row count to a variable from a previous page. this works fine. the problem i am having is that i cant get the row height sizes to be evenly spaced, there is 1 huge row then heaps of tiny ones

Posted: Aug 9 10 at 10:37

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.net - Aggregate The Columns To Group On The Period And Sum The Count Columns?
I have the below Linq query that is returning the data but I need to aggregate the columns to group on the Period and Sum the Count columns. How do I go about doing this?

from t In tblTimes
join h In tblEngineeringDashboard_CADMachinesCounts on t.ID Equals h.TimeID
Order By t.Period


Posted: Jun 29 11 at 15:57

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Adding Columns And Modifying Columns In Access Database Using NET/SQL?
I am using the following code to alter an table imported from an Excel spreadsheet

Dim SQL As String = "ALTER TABLE receipts ADD payee integer, account integer, category integer, reconciled boolean"
Dim dataread As New OleDb.OleDbCommand()
dataread.Connection = Connection1


Both ExecuteNonQuery() actions yields the exception message{"Syntax error in field definition."}The error message does not happen with the first if the boolean column is not there (I tried Tes/No as a definition - but that also failed.The second query to modify the ID column from autonumber to integer I assume fails because it is a Primary KeyHas?

Posted: October 15, 2009

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Organize Columns - One Table Which Have Tree Columns (ID, Number, Name)
Imagine the following scene: I have one table which have tree columns (ID, Number, Name).

A Select query result on this:


Now, the user deletes the Number 3 and 4. So, now the Select query is going to be:


And I want to have:


How can I organize the column?

Posted: 23 May 2011

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Add Controls To A Two Column TableLayoutPanel?
If I make a TableLayoutPanel and add 10 labels to it like this[code]...

Posted: Aug 6th, 2009

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C# - Column And Rowspan In TableLayoutPanel?
I need to change the rowspan, columnspan properties of a control(textbox) when they are within a TableLayoutPanel (net 2008 using c# or At runtime the property is not available, but is at design time

Posted: Sep 20 11 at 6:44

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CONTROL In A CELL On A TableLayoutPanel

SubMy problem is that I want to be able to determine the CHECKBOX checked state within this sub. The sub is being called when the checkbox is checked, but I can't seem to find a way to do the conditional.

Posted: April 15, 2010

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Moving Controls Around In TableLayoutPanel
For a winForm I'm building, I'm working with a TableLayoutPanel which has an arbitrary number of Textboxes and two buttons to add or remove boxes, + and -. The + and - buttons appear directly below the Textbox to which the user has given focus like so:


Posted: Mar 25 at 15:48

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Remove All Controls From A Row In TableLayoutPanel?
I generate controls for a TableLayoutPanel dynamically. I have a delete button in each row. When I click that, that row has to be removed.[code]...

Posted: Jun 1 11 at 13:42

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Resize TableLayoutPanel Dynamically
In my application i need to resize the TableLayoutpanel dynamically..when i resize this control automatically resize rows and columns equal size. I wrote below code it's working but it's working very slow.



Posted: Feb 19, 2009 01:12 PM

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Slow Resizing Of A TableLayoutPanel?
Resizing a form with a TableLayoutPanel is very slow. The form is blinking and it lasts seconds before the form is resized.To find the problem I do the following:

- Make a new windows application

- Add a TableLayoutPanel with 5 rows and 7 columns

- In Form1_Load every cell is filled with a label control.The property Text is set.

- Run the example

Resizing the form is very slow.

What can I do to make resizing faster? Is a TableLayoutPanel always slow when resizing?

Posted: Jan 26th, 2010

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TableLayoutPanel Design With DataSource?
I have created a database using SQL Compact that has two tables. One table called tblRack contains the following columns;


On my form, I have labels for each RackID. What I want to do is use the TableLayoutPanel to create a layout like this.Here is the code that is generated by the control;

Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
'TODO: This line of code loads data into the 'WarehouseInventoryDataSet.tblRack' table. You can move, or remove it, as needed.
End Sub

But nothing is returned, ColumnCount property = 2, Columns = Collection, GrowStyle = Auto. Basically what I want to control to do is sort through the records and return a value in each cell, 2 columns, auto expanding.Do I need to have a separate control for each field in the table or can I dynamically create a control like a TextBox?

Posted: March 28, 2012

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TableLayoutPanel/Button Controls Being Very Odd?
I have a class here that is misbehaving, and I can't understand why.Basically, when resizing to make this Form smaller, the buttons begin to extend outside of the TableLayoutPanel that contains them. This is not ideal.This is not an issue about resizing, my project does not allow resizing the main form, the problem occurs on my form before any resizing takes place; I simply demonstrate that the problem gets worse when resizing here as additional information.

Posted: July 17, 2009

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Auto-sizing Buttons In TableLayoutPanel
I have a form with a TableLayoutPanel with the following properties changed from default:


This is a stripped-to-the-basics version of part of my app. I want to generate a vertical, scrollable array of buttons which will allow me to select groups of photos. Each button will represent a group of one or more photos in a collection. The app will scan a folder and determine which groups are present, and which files are in each group. I create the buttons (with AutoSize), then determine the width of the widest button (at the same time, setting the button anchor property to make all buttons the same width. I then set the form to accomodate the width of the widest button.


Posted: April, 2012

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C# - Align A TextBox And Label In TableLayoutPanel?
I have read a few articles on this but none seem to help. How do I align the label and textbox in the following case:

Using frm As New frmWithTableLayout
frm.TableLayoutPanel1.ColumnCount = 2
frm.TableLayoutPanel1.RowCount = 3[code].....

Posted: Nov 3 11 at 19:28

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C# - Difference Between TableLayoutPanel GetCellPosition And GetPositionFromControl?
This may seem a trite question but I find the Microsoft documentation on these methods lacking in any detail.


Posted: Aug 22 11 at 0:56

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C# - TableLayoutPanel GetControlFromPosition Does Not Get Non-visible Controls?
I'm using a TableLayoutPanel and I want to get the control at a specific position in the TableLayoutPanel. I want to iterate over the rows and columns of TableLayoutPanel but this question applies equally if I just wanted a single control at a specific row and column.Unfortunately GetControlFromPosition(int column, int row) only retrieves controls that are visible (that is their Visible property is set to True). This is no good to me as sometimes I want to access a control at a specific position that is not visible and then make it visible.

I have had to resort to iterating over the TableLayoutPanel.Controls collection, and then get the position of each control using GetPositionFromControl(Control control) or GetCellPosition(Control control) until I find the position I want.(I'm not sure of the difference between GetPositionFromControl and GetCellPosition methods as MS documentation is meagre, but I'll ask that question separately).

Posted: Aug 22 11 at 0:33

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Dynamically Displaying Some Controls In A TableLayoutPanel?
I am dynamically displaying some controls in a TableLayoutPanel. The problem I'm faced with is that I want the controls to be displayed in a specific order, instead of just filling the TableLayoutPanel from 0,0 till the end of the panel.

I have 5 columns and 5 rows.

1st row is for buttons only, 2nd row for combobox, 3rd row for radio button.

I want it to be displayed like this:

Button1 Button2 Button3
Combobox1 Combobox2
RadioButton1 RadioButton2 RadioButton3 RadioButton4 RadioButton5


Posted: February 17, 2012

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Expand Control Size In A TableLayoutPanel?
I have a routine which allows me to expand the size of my DataGridView within a TableLayoutPanel. Effectively it repositions the DGV to the first row and first column of the TableLayoutPanel that it is in using the SetRow and SetColumn methods of the TableLAyoutPanel. Then it sets the column and row span by passing the row and column count properties of the TableLayoutPanel to the SetColumnSpan and SetRowSpan methods. It work fine. There are two buttons on the form, One expands the DGV the other returns it to its original state.

My question is, how would I set this up if I wanted to do this for all the controls in this TableLayoutPanel and/or every control on every other TableLAyoutPanel on my form. I am assuming I have to use a class as I would have to create an abundance of public variables to pass the row/colum and row/column span starting positions to.[code]....

Posted: May 15, 2009

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Insert Or Delete Specific Row In Tablelayoutpanel?
insert row between row8 and row9 in runtime by clicking a button, and how to let say delete row9 and the textbox in it?

Posted: March 16, 2011

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Removing Cell Contents (tablelayoutpanel)
I am trying to check if a cell in a tablelayoutpanel contains anything and if it does; clear it.I tried tablelayoutpanel.removeat(1) but I need to check if there is actually anything in there, or else it throws an error.

Posted: Oct 29th, 2009

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Replacing Control In A TableLayoutPanel At Runtime?
I am looking for a little help with replacing a combobox with a textbox in a specific row&column in a TLP.

I have basically looped through my TLP and found the control I want and tried to use its row&column to create a new control in its place with no luck


Posted: Oct 24th, 2010

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Set Tablelayoutpanel Flowdirection At Design Time?
I know how to set flowdirection at runtime, but how can I set it while designing a form?

Posted: September 16, 2010

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TableLayoutPanel Cell At Mouse Position?
I suspect I'm being dense here and overlooking the obvious but can anyone tell me how I can get the cellposition of the of the cell within a tablelayoutpanel from my mouse position?I have a tablelayoutpanel with 2 columns and 4 rows and I am handling a DragDrop event of a custom control into it. I want to work out the column and row position of the mouse cursor so I can use setcellposition to put my custom control in the right place but I can't fin

Posted: January 11, 2010

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