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Update Multiple Records In A Database?

How can I update multiple records in a database using one Update statement where the cases are different.

refundNumber = CASE _
WHEN salesRecords.invNo='1' AND itemNo='250' AND length(refundNumber) > 1 THEN _
concat(refundNumber, ', 88' ) Else '88' _


How could I translate this to an SQL CASE string?

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Update Database Records Using Multiple Threads
Been a while since I did any VB work, and have started a new project that is a Windows Service that will update a database using multiple threads. I am testing this out with a dataset that consists of a "device name" and a "device IP", pinging the device, and attempting to update the device's "status".

I have it working in a single-thread type configuration, but would like to be able to ping and update different records across multiple threads (for obvious reasons).

The problem I'm having is with the logic mainly. When the service is started, I get all the devices from the database and fill a DataSet. From there, I am looping through the dataset's rows, pinging each device and updating the record. I know how to spawn multiple threads, but I do not know how to keep track of updating the correct record and also making sure that all records are checked in some kind of order. Like, if user specifies 5 threads, I need it to get record 1, thread finishes, gets record 6 (while other threads execute), or something like that.

Note: this does no interface updating or anything like that. Only updates a database record's field value.

Posted: May 27th, 2012

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[2005] Update Multiple Records To Sql Database?
i have 3 user roles "ALGEMEEN,OZIS,VERPLEEGKUNDIGE".And I want them added to the database.But when I use the code below it only adds the userrole "ALGEMEEN" and not the other 2.

Dim cmdCheckLidVan As New SqlCommand("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM [Lid van] WHERE [Gebruikers-ID] = @ID AND [Rol-ID] = @RolID", connection)
Dim strRolArrCount As Integer
Dim strRolArr() As String


Posted: Mar 13th, 2009

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Get Records Into Oracle Database Delete From DB And Update The Records?
how to get records into oracle database delete from db & update the records i have successfully connected my vb 2008 win form with oracle 10g.

Posted:  27 October 2009

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Add / Delete / Update Records In A Database
Ive created a form to add/delete/update records in a database ,but when i try and open the frm i get a NullReferenceExceptionUnhandled error, below is my code, i cannot for the life of me see where i've gone wrong, but maybe someone else can spot it?[code]

Posted: 19 November 2009

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Update Records In SQL Server Database?
I am using Visual Studio 2008 for creating a Winforms app. I have connected a database to it called XStats. There is one table in it called XGames and in that table 2 fields, XIndex (the primary key field) and GameNumber. Using the following code I can add records to the database, the data is taken from a text box, but once added I cannot view them unless I shut down the app and restart it.

con.ConnectionString = connectionString
Dim cmd As New SqlCommand


The existing records in the database are displayed on the form in detailed view via a binding navigator. How can I make it so that I can view all the records in the database, even those that are added during the current session. As will be obvious, this is my first attempt at creating and using a database with a win forms app,

Posted: Sep 28 10 at 14:01

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Delete / Update And Searching Records In Database?
1- How to delete & update any record in the DataBase in
2- How to make search & advance search about any record in the DataBase in by date,ID ........etc?

Posted: 14 December 2010

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How To Update Records On An Existing Access Database
how to update records on an existing access database using with just a textbox and a command button and how a specific record of a field can show up in a label or a textbox

i connected to my access database by just clicking on "add new data source">>"new connection">>"microsoft access database file" and just continue..tested connection and done.

you can see in the screenshot of my form, by default the left side textboxes are disabled but they're enabled if the user checks the checkboxes and disabled again if unchecked.

assuming that the textbox is already enabled and i want to enter a value in the Brewed Coffee area of the form...for example 5. when i click on my Submit button the value of that particular record in the database will be updated, so in my table the value of the quantity field in Brewed Coffee will be 5.

another thing is that how can i see a particular value on a label or textbox from my database like on the Prices area. in my database if a product's price is 80 then it should show a 80 in the label. the values of the prices from the screesnshot of the form are not the ones on the database xD i just typed them in.

Posted: 28 September 2009

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IDE :: Couldn't Update Records At Back End To Database
void bindingNavigatorDeleteItem_Click(object
sender, EventArgs e)


code does not make chages to database when i reopen the application the records exists as earlier.

Posted: February 02, 2012

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Update And Delete Access Database Records?
First one is how to update database records without using me.validate[code]...

Posted: March 06, 2011

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Update And Delete Records In Database (3 Tier)
I have problems with the updating and deleting of records in database. I'm using ObjectDataSource and the GridView to display the results in the database. Below is the codes for the update and delete (in the DAL (data access layer). BTW, I'm doing 3 tier architecture in VB.

'update the records accordingly in the database.
Public Function UpdateBooks(ByVal title As String, ByVal borrowDate As String, ByVal dueDate As String, ByVal NameBorrower As String, ByVal book_id As Integer) As Integer
Dim connectionString As String = My.Settings.dbConnection
[Code] .....

I don't know why, but every time I try to update (by clicking on the update button), every thing is not updated, the page would refresh then the records still remain the same in the GridView. As for delete, when I clicked on the 'delete' button, the record is not deleted, it still remains there.

These are the codes in the (BLL (business logic layer)):
Public Function getUpdateBooks(ByVal title As String, ByVal borrowDate As String, ByVal dueDate As String, ByVal NameBorrower As String, ByVal book_id As Integer) As Integer
Dim ds As Integer = UserDA.UpdateBooks(title, borrowDate, dueDate, NameBorrower, book_id)
Return ds
[Code] .....

Posted: Jan 08, 2010 01:25 PM

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Update Database And Delete Records Via Datagridview
I display my records using datagridview...I have also Save button which is intended to update any changes I make via the datagridview.I got this error whenever I type something in the address column "Update requires a valid UpdateCommand when passed DataRow collection with modified rows."[code]What code do I put so that whenever I highlight a row and click delete button or press delete key selected records will be deleted from datagridview as well as my database will be updated from any deletion?

Posted: Jun 23rd, 2010

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Update Records From 1 Text File Into 2 Different Sql Database?
how to update records from 1 text file into 2 different sql database.

Name of the sql Table is Payment2SQL_Success_P() & Payment2SQL_Success_E()
is the code below is on the right track.
Select Case "AGENCIES"


Posted: 2011

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Edit / Update Records From Database Using Textbox By Linq To Sql?
I'm using visual basic 2008 express edition by linq to sql for my database operation such as edit records. I did not use any sql server but I'm just using the built-in sql server within the visual basic 2008 express. I tried to revised the codes, no error in syntax but there's an error at runtime and it pops-up a window message saying its error message. What I want is to edit the records which were retrieved from the database into the text-boxes and when you click the button5 whatever the new value on the text-boxes should replace the previous one.The Account field is the field in my Table1 in memrec.dbml which I set up for primary key is true and the rest of the fields are false in its primary key.[code]...

Posted: Oct 14 09 at 9:18

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Edit/update Records From The Database Using Textbox By Linq To Sql?
I'm using visual basic 2008 express edition by linq to sql for my database operation such as edit records. I did not use any sql server but I'm just using the built-in sql server within the visual basic 2008 express. I tried to revised the codes, no error in syntax but there's an error at runtime and it pops-up a window message saying its error message. What I want is to edit the records which were retrieved from the database into the text-boxes and when you click the button5 whatever the new value on the text-boxes should replace the previous one.The Account field is the field in my Table1 in memrec.dbml which I set up for primary key is true and the rest of the fields are false in its primary key.The code below still found an error when you run the program and it pops-up a window which says:

NotSupportedException was unhandled - Sql server does not handle comparison of NText, Text, Xml, or Image data types.It highlights a yellow background on the line:


These are what I see on each field's property on Table1 in memrec.dbml property window:

Access - Public
Type - String(System.String)
Server Data Type - Text[code]........

Posted: Oct 14 09 at 9:18

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IDE :: Edit The Records In Datagridview And Update Changes Into Ms Access Database?
When i tried with the code discussed in this forum i am able to add records but not modify any particular existing record.


Posted: October 26, 2009

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Update And Delete Records From Access 2007 Database?
How do I insert,update,and delete records in 2008 from a Access 2007 database?Really, I figured out how to add records - but I cannot delete or update records. Any pointers, website tutorials, etc?Also, I am binding the database table to Listbox which is working, but I need to update the listbox with deletion and update changes too... 

Posted: November 03, 2008

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Adding Records On Database - Creating Update And Delete Button?
I have used this form to add new records on my database(ms access) in my database I have a column name 'ID' which is my primary key 'ID' is set as auto number. Now I am having a trouble on creating my update and delete button it's always saying "cannot be delete/update"

Here's my code on add, update and delete
Public Sub SaveRecord()
Dim dbConn As OleDbConnection
Dim dbInsert As New OleDbCommand
Dim str1, str2, str3, str4, str5, str6, str7, str8, str9 As String
[Code] .....

Note my add is working perfectly fine. I just can find the error on my delete and update. Also I have used this to view it to my datagrid I don't know if its the right thing but it's working fine too.
'declared dbpath globally'
Dim dbPath As String = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.Oledb.4.0; Data Source=../VG.mdb;Persist Security Info=False"
[Code] .....

Another thing is how to code each textbox and combobox to bind it to my records so that when I click on the datagridview each column will be distributed on each respective textbox.

Posted: March 10, 2012

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Update Records In Access Database From Program2005 Windows Form?
With the following code i am able to update record in the first row. Can some tell me what i have to replace in this code to update a record for a selected row. I have a field "Sr_No" with primary key.[code]...

Posted: Sep 29th, 2009

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VS 2008 Edit/update Records From The Database Using Textboxes By Linq To Sql?
This is the hardest part of LinqtoSql database handling operations in visual basic 2008 I ever encountered,w/c is the update operation cause Ive been posting this thread several times from the other forum site but noone yet was able to answer my question,examples were given but its not efficient cause it won't specify based on the codes i gave and i know its not easy but im still hoping that one of the answerers of this forum will be able to resolve this particular linqtosql operation codes. I used textboxes in manipulating all data into the database such as displaying records, adding records, & updating records, basically I used with textboxes in doing those database operations. I will give you 3 block of codes w/c corresponds those database operations I used and differentiate from each other inorder for us to determine why one of them has no progress or won't do its operation w/c is the update operation...

*************Block of Codes#1(Adding Records)*************
Private Sub Button1_Click(------------------) Handles Button1.Click
Dim db As New memrecDataContext()


I would like you to identify,differentiate, or troubleshoot the block of codes#3, or anyhow, why it has no progress at all or it won't edit and change the records but it runs and no error in regards with its code, and the other 2 blocks of codes were able to successfully do its operations.I was just wandering why only the block of codes#3 is not doing its operation successfully when you change the record being displayed in the textbox.Is there a possible way to edit records in the textboxes?If there is.... Is it possible to debug the block of codes#3 to successsfully do its operation? If you could possibly give an example,can you based it on the block of codes#3?

Posted: Sep 26th, 2009

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Print Multiple Page From Database Records?
I'm using Visual Studio 2005, and MSSQL.I need to print records from database on the preview document according to my select statement condition. I have no problem printing one page, but when the records exceed one page it does not go to the next page. I've tried setting e.morepages to true, but it just prints infinite number of pages with the same result. I'm guessing the problem is with my pointer, where the if-else condition is always true so it just keeps printing.

Posted: July 27, 2009

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Sql :: Inserting Records To Database From Multiple Checkboxes?
I have a table like these:

Club Table contains: ClubID(IDENTITY), Name, Address
Genre table contains: GenreID and Genre
ClubGenre table contains Club ID, GenreID


Posted: Sep 3 10 at 8:29

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Application Which Can Create/update/delete/search Records Using Access Database?
i have a simple application which can create/update/delete/search records using Access database. If i add a record, save it, then close the application and run it again and search for that record, it appears. However, when i write some code to my application, nothing to do with the search function, and i run the application the record is not found. For example i added a button to clear the textfields, and when i ran the application the records i have added earlier were not found.

Posted: Apr 24th, 2010

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DataTableAdapter.Update Doesn't Insert New Records In The Linked Access Database
I am writing an application that does a number of different things with data downloaded from hardware which is monitoring the power used in my home and produced by my PV Solar array. I have run into a roadblock early on, because I cannot seem to get new data into an Access database that I have linked to my application by means of a DataSet. I have checked the DataAdapter's InsertCommand, DeleteCommand, and UpdateCommand definitions (created by the DataSet Wizard), and they seem to make sense, and nothing is throwing exceptions or otherwise making VB complain, but new rows added to the dataset are not being added to the database.


Posted: May 20, 2010

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Insert Records From A Datagrid With Multiple Rows Into Database?
I want to insert records from a datagrid with multiple rows, into the database, is it possible?

Posted: Aug 30th, 2010

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Inserting Multiple Records In Database Using Single Query?
I am using and sqlite as database. I am using below scenario to insert multiple records in database using a single query.

INSERT INTO TableName (FirstCol, SecondCol)
SELECT 'First' ,1
SELECT 'Second' ,2
SELECT 'Third' ,3
[Code] .....

For less records it is working very well.But when I am inserting about 800 records at a time, executenonquery is throwing the following exception:
SQLite error
Too many terms in compound SELECT.

Posted: April 11, 2011

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I have a web portal designed in ASP.NET in which we ask customers to enter the data. On the click of submit button all i have done is, just read the data and called a stored procedure which inserts that into a table. There seems to be a problem in SQL Server 2005 while inserting the data from multiple computers at the same time. We have tested in our lab with three computers, result is that we get the data inserted successfully in only one machine and on the other two machines we get error on page. I have used transactions in the stored procedure and also tried setting the isolation levels to READ_UNCOMMITTED, SERIALIZABLE and SNAPSHOT. Nothing seems to work properly.

Posted: Nov 12 10 at 6:24

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Update Records In A Dataset With Records In A Transaction File?
How do I update records in a dataset with records in a transaction file?

Posted: December 29, 2011

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Insert, Update Multiple Row From Listview To Database?
right now i'm trying to google some related article about LINQ to better understand it. But I came across with this issue been googling to find some answer but I didn't get lucky so here my problem.

For Each lvItem As ListViewItem In lv_orderlist.Items
passSQL = "INSERT INTO t_selling_history (f_product_id_fk, f_qty, f_qty, f_user_id_fk, f_created_dt, f_trans_status)" _


Posted: Jun 19th, 2012

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MySQL Database Update - Slow With Multiple Lines
I am using VB.NET with a MySQL database. I want to update this code to do it all in ONE SQL instead of THREE. Here's the code I'm using, works fine but too slow with multiple lines...
If count3 = "1" Then
Dim myCommand As New MySqlCommand
Dim myAdapter As New MySqlDataAdapter
Dim SQL As String
myCommand.Connection = conn
[Code] .....

Posted: Mar 29 11 at 9:01

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Update Several Records Using UPDATE Command At One Time?
We know:"UPDATE tt SET Points=" & iPoints & " WHERE Ref='" & sRef & "'"Can we update several records using UPDATE command at one time?

Posted: Jan 27th, 2010

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Can Retrieve Records From Database Fine / Having Trouble Updating Records
I can retrieve records from my Database fine, but I'm having trouble updating records. I am getting a syntax error on [code] I get this error when I change the Last Name (Row 0, Column 1). [code]

Posted: May 17th, 2006

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Display Multiple Records In Multiple Textboxes?
I would like to display the multiple records in multiple textboxes Following is my tables and data:

tblJan with these data:
col id
col January

now i want to display the value 10 in one textbox and the value 20 in another textbox and so with the value 30 in another textbox..

Posted: Apr 23 10

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I want to know how to Update / delete the table records in ASPNETDB.MDF in single update / delete query ?

Posted: Nov 29 10 at 4:15

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Unable To Add And Update Records?
adding and updating records from VB to MS Access.

code is as follow:

Sub btnNSubmit_Click(ByVal
sender As System.Object,
ByVal e


Posted: August 15, 2010

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