Insert, Update Multiple Row From Listview To Database?

Jun 19, 2012

right now i'm trying to google some related article about LINQ to better understand it. But I came across with this issue been googling to find some answer but I didn't get lucky so here my problem.

For Each lvItem As ListViewItem In lv_orderlist.Items
passSQL = "INSERT INTO t_selling_history (f_product_id_fk, f_qty, f_qty, f_user_id_fk, f_created_dt, f_trans_status)" _


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Update The Existing Items On Listview And Insert The New Ones?

May 21, 2011

I have a listview which contains information. This information is retrived from database, 'till now ok. The problem is: I must update the existing items on listview and insert the new ones.

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Insert Multiple DB Rows From Listview?

Aug 8, 2011

I have a listview that can contain up to roughly 2,000 listview items I need to loop through the listview and insert each item into a mysql database

is there a better, bulk way, to insert the data instead of doing an insert for each item like follows:

for each itm ...
insert into whatever ( id ) values ( itm.text ) ...

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How To Update ListView From Multiple Background Worker

Jul 1, 2011

I am trying to update a ListView control from 10 background worker progress. It is working well if there is only 1000 list in ListView control. But when the list is big then the update is not working properly. The different value is not updating the appropriate list index. Here is my partial code of worker progress:

Private Sub worker1_ProgressChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.ComponentModel.ProgressChangedEventArgs) Handles worker1.ProgressChanged
SyncLock updmxresult


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Database Update - Using OleDbDataAdapter To Insert New Values To Access Database

Jun 6, 2010

I created a dataset and i am using OleDbDataAdapter to insert new values to access database. But when i close the program and after open it, values are not in the database. How can i solve this problem? Also, i have another problem. When i write codes that


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Insert Data From Listview Into Database?

Jun 8, 2011

i'm have a payment form and a listview in this form. i'm adding about 3 item in the listview, so it has 3 row. but how can i insert the items in one of the column into database.

for example for listview
id item netmount
123 Stock1 113.00


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Check For Changes In A Database On Insert / Update?

Dec 26, 2011

I have an interesting problem. I need to write a program that checks to see if data has been inserted or updated into a Microsoft access database . The program needs to be compatible with both types of access database, so using triggers is not possible as it wont work in access etc

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Insert And Update The Data To The Database?

Apr 24, 2010

how to insert and update the data to the database when i am using window forms?

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VS 2008 Insert Information In A Database Into A Listview?

Dec 15, 2009

Okay, I've made a local database now and everything is okay. But I don't want the normal data grid view, I want to display the information in a list view. How can I do that? Do I have to make some sql queries or something?

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Update Database Using Listview?

Feb 27, 2012

I am using a Listview to update database. It works perfect for the first row in listview. How can I update my database if there is more then one row in listview?I have 6 columns in listview.

Listview Property changed to:

Hideselection = false
Multiselect = false
Fullrowselect = true

My Code:

For y = 0 To ListView1.Items.Count - 1
If (objcon.con.State = ConnectionState.Closed) Then objcon.con.Open()
cmd1 = New OleDbCommand("UPDATE Customers SET " & _


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.net - Passing A Unfilled Value In Database Using Insert And Update?

Nov 7, 2010

i has one problem in which i can enter some of a data to the database.Ho can i code this things..i used Insert and update query....the value is type double,integer...and also string.....

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Permenant Update / Insert SQL Server CE Database

Apr 15, 2012

I am using VB.NET 2010 and SQL Sever CE 3.5 database. I insert some data into my database (SDF file) and I can do any all manipulations with those data. But I cannot see those data in the data table using Data Source or Server Explorer in Visual Studio. Even If I check it once in Server Explorer, all data in the database will be deleted.

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VS 2008 SQL Database Insert/Update Fails?

Jun 8, 2009

I have made a small form where I have bound textbox with records from database.Although my code for inserting and updating the record seems fine and working. But when I view the database, tables i see no inserts/updates made there. But When I run my application again, I see the records in the bound textbox but only for some seconds (for around 1 and half minutes), although they are not shown in the database (tables) actually.

When I close the application and run again it after 1-2 minutes there are no more records bound to the textbox, since no records at all.How can this be possible. I don't have any idea what's going on.

I have been using visual studio 2008 and sql server.Code I have been using for ::

'Update the Records Private Sub btnUpdate_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnUpdate.Click


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Refresh Listview On Database Update?

Mar 15, 2012

i am using a listview on my admin form to see those who are logged in. so i have a table which captures users logging in and logging out. this table data is reflected onto this listview. but i want the listview to refresh itself as soon as the user has logged out. this way the admin doesn't have to keep pressing i want to know if there is way to refresh the listview on database update.

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Database - SQL Syntax Errors On Update And Insert Statements

Jun 14, 2011

I wrote simple update/insert statements that are returning a syntax error, what am I missing? The table name is notes, the field note is type memo, acaps is a double. update notes set note='why is there a syntax error' where acaps=12345


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VS 2005 Insert/Update Database With Bound Datagridview?

Jun 3, 2011

i have an datagridview bound to an access database, the table is empty so i want to use the datagridview to insert and update data to the if i enter a complete row of data, i have an update button that looks like this

vb Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click Dim tableAdapter As HEALTHDataSetTableAdapters = New HEALTHDataSetTableAdapters.HEALTHDATATableAdapter()
End Sub

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Insert Multiple Files To SQL Database In VB?

May 4, 2010

My files are being inserted but the byte array is showing as a 0x0000... etc for every file after the first inserted file. The first inserted image is correct. The database is set up as an Image type. The problem exists in the code here\

Dim uploads As HttpFileCollection
uploads = HttpContext.Current.Request.Files
For i As Integer = 0 To (uploads.Count - 1)


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Delete A Record In Listview And Will Update To My Database?

Aug 28, 2011

How to delete a record in the listview and will update to my database?[code]....

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VS 2008 - Delete / Insert Rows And Update Access Database

Jan 5, 2011

I am using this code to Add rows to a SQL database, and it adds the row to the SQL database if column 7 is not null. After it adds the row to the SQL database, it deletes it from the Access Dataset, and updates the Access Database. Sometimes double rows seem to get inserted into the database, so I'm thinking there is an error in my logic somewhere here.

Dim rowcount As Integer = AccessDataSet.AccessTbl.Rows.Count
Dim y As Integer = 0
For x = 0 To rowcount - 1
txtRow = AccessDataSet.AccessTbl(y)
If IsDBNull(txtRow(7)) = False Then
[Code] .....

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Insert Multiple Rows From Datagrid To Database?

Sep 1, 2010

i have a datagrid contol with multiple rows. my database structure and datagridview stucture is same.

now how to insert multiple rows from datagrid to database in

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Get Listview Selected Column & Update It & Reflect It Changes To Database?

Nov 25, 2011

I am doing project in using ms access I used listview to display data from table I want to display different context menu strip for different column I have done it using hard logic to get column number is as follows:

Private Function getClickedColumn(ByVal pListView As ListView, ByVal pMouseX As Integer) As Integer
Dim result As Integer = 0


Also i want to edit any cell of the listview & update its result to database .

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DataTableAdapter.Update Doesn't Insert New Records In The Linked Access Database

May 20, 2010

I am writing an application that does a number of different things with data downloaded from hardware which is monitoring the power used in my home and produced by my PV Solar array. I have run into a roadblock early on, because I cannot seem to get new data into an Access database that I have linked to my application by means of a DataSet. I have checked the DataAdapter's InsertCommand, DeleteCommand, and UpdateCommand definitions (created by the DataSet Wizard), and they seem to make sense, and nothing is throwing exceptions or otherwise making VB complain, but new rows added to the dataset are not being added to the database.


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Insert, Delete, Update And Search Data In Vb 2008 Using Mysql Database?

Jun 9, 2011

how to add, insert, delete and search data in vb 2008 using mysql databases.

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Insert Records From A Datagrid With Multiple Rows Into Database?

Aug 30, 2010

I want to insert records from a datagrid with multiple rows, into the database, is it possible?

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Insert, Delete, Update The Data Into Database And The Data From Database Will Be Display Using Datagrid?

Sep 17, 2010

I got a system which i want to insert, delete, update the data into my database and the data from database will be display using datagrid. The below is the coding for one of my button, delete.

Private Sub btnDelete_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnDelete.Click
btnSearchEmpNo.Enabled = False[code].....

Now I wanna set when user click on this button to delete a employee (for example) then the datagrid that i have in my application will not show the data of the deleted employee but in the background, the employee haven't been deleted from database.The employee only will be deleted from database when the user click on SAVE button.I know this application have to use RowState but how?

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Update Multiple Records In A Database?

Feb 6, 2012

How can I update multiple records in a database using one Update statement where the cases are different.

refundNumber = CASE _
WHEN salesRecords.invNo='1' AND itemNo='250' AND length(refundNumber) > 1 THEN _
concat(refundNumber, ', 88' ) Else '88' _


How could I translate this to an SQL CASE string?

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Insert Multiple Images, Delete, View Before Save In Database?

Nov 15, 2011

i found in internet, many examples are regarding insert only one image. but now i want it to have multiple uploaded images that we can delete and view it first before we save it on database. how to store the images uploaded?

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Read Multiple Text Files In A Folder And Insert Them Into The Database?

Mar 20, 2009

I have many text files in a folder. What I can do now is to read through one text at a time and insert it into the database. My little app reads a text file when I debug it. So, I need to run it several times to read all those text files and import them into the database.

My question is how to read multiple text files inside a folder at a time. Here's my code which works fine but it reads only one text files at a time.

Private Sub btnRead_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnRead.Click
Dim filelocation As String filelocation = "F: xtfilesch25.txt" Dim chid As Integer chid = 25 'read from file Dim MyStream As New StreamReader(Path.Combine(Application.StartupPath,


Obviously, I need a way to loop through a folder and check if there's text file. But I cant get it right.

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Update Database Records Using Multiple Threads

May 27, 2012

Been a while since I did any VB work, and have started a new project that is a Windows Service that will update a database using multiple threads. I am testing this out with a dataset that consists of a "device name" and a "device IP", pinging the device, and attempting to update the device's "status".

I have it working in a single-thread type configuration, but would like to be able to ping and update different records across multiple threads (for obvious reasons).

The problem I'm having is with the logic mainly. When the service is started, I get all the devices from the database and fill a DataSet. From there, I am looping through the dataset's rows, pinging each device and updating the record. I know how to spawn multiple threads, but I do not know how to keep track of updating the correct record and also making sure that all records are checked in some kind of order. Like, if user specifies 5 threads, I need it to get record 1, thread finishes, gets record 6 (while other threads execute), or something like that.

Note: this does no interface updating or anything like that. Only updates a database record's field value.

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[2005] Update Multiple Records To Sql Database?

Mar 13, 2009

i have 3 user roles "ALGEMEEN,OZIS,VERPLEEGKUNDIGE".And I want them added to the database.But when I use the code below it only adds the userrole "ALGEMEEN" and not the other 2.

Dim cmdCheckLidVan As New SqlCommand("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM [Lid van] WHERE [Gebruikers-ID] = @ID AND [Rol-ID] = @RolID", connection)
Dim strRolArrCount As Integer
Dim strRolArr() As String


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