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.net - Change The Border Color And Size Of A TabControl?

How can I change the border size/style/color of my TabControl to make it blend in with my form's background color?I am unable to find any property for this in Visual Studio. Is this possible?

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Change Border Color Of RTB?
I have a RichTextbox set to Border style FixedSingle.. I want to have a blue boarder around my richtextbox, but it is always gray.. How do you go about changing the border color of a RichTextBox?

Obviously this doesn't work:

RichTextBox1.bordercolor = Color.Blue

I have been googling for a while and haven't found anything useful yet...

Posted: 23 October 2009

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How To Change Form Border Size
I have been trying to make my own borders for my form, which worked out but wast like I expected, (I used an image and Formborderstyle = none). I have looked at other applications(like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome) when they are not maximized, the top part of the form which you usually cant edit(where there you put your application's title and the control box is). I mean those top parts are larger than those of normal applications, how can that be done? To be clear: with top part i mean: the part that is part of your system, where an icon, a label with the application's title, and the control box is. To be more clear, see the screenshot provided.

Posted: 07-26-2010

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.net - Change The Border Color Of A Label?
I'm working in VB, VS2008, winforms.I've got some labels to create, and I'm using the BorderStyle = FixedSingle.Is there any way to change the color of this border?It is always defaulting to black.

Posted: Jun 12 09 at 16:32

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Change A ListView Border Color?
How to change a border color of ListView?

Posted: Jul 11th, 2010

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Change Border Color Of A Textbox?
I want to change the border color of a textbox. I have tryed to override the onpaint event (setting userpaint to true), but in this case I must control all the painting events of a textbox. So, this isn't a good thing. This seems to work, but the user control has no text property. And I woult like to override the gotfocus and the lostfocus events.

Imports System
Imports System.Collections.Generic
Imports System.ComponentModel
Imports System.Drawing


Posted: March 15, 2010

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Change The Border Color Of A Textbox At Run-time?
knows how to change the border color of a textbox at run-time. What i mean here is i already have textboxes on my form at design time, and want to change their

Posted: March 29, 2006

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Change Textbox Border Color And Width In Winforms?
how do I change the border color and border width of textbox as something shown below

If it is mouse hover I need to display one colour and on mouse down I need to display another colour.

detailed process with the source if available.

Posted: Dec 30 11 at 12:10

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Change The TextBox Border Color When Certain Event Is True?
I want to change the TextBox border color if certain event is true.

For example, in a GroupBox, there is a TextBox and a Button.

If the TextBox is empty, and I click the button, I want the TextBox border color to change to red.

If the TextBox is not empty, I want The border color to remain unchanged.

How do I change the TextBox border color on a certain event?

Posted: January 05, 2011

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Detect Mouse In User Control - Border Color Change?
I've got a couple of instances of a user control on a flowlayoutpanel. The user control has got a couple of controls on it, and very little / almost none of the control's original space is visible. I need to know when the mouse is inside the usercontrol. What then happens is that the border color changes (of a control in the user control), and when it leaves the control, it changes back to original state.

I tried the following:
Private Sub ctrDashboardWidgetFrame_MouseEnter(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.MouseEnter
Catch ex As Exception
[Code] .....

And it works, but it only works when you move over the original visible space of the user control, and doesn'twork when you move over the child controls inside the user control. How I'll be able to achieve this to also work while the user is inside the full user control and not just it's visible space?

dp.SyntaxHighlighter.ClipboardSwf = '/dp.SyntaxHighlighter/Scripts/clipboard.swf'

Posted: 12/28/2010

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VS 2008 Change Color Of Tabs In Tabcontrol
How can I change the color of the tabs of a tabcontrol? I tried to search the forum but everytime I hit the search button I get an "Bad Gateway" error.

Posted: Aug 3rd, 2010

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Border And Border Color Of Textbox And Label
I am using vb express 2008.How I can have borderaround a Textbox or Label and change the color of border. Like we have different border styles and colours in MsWord and other applictions. Also how a Lable can be made transparent?

Posted: August 04, 2009

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Countdown Timer - How To Change Color / Size Of Numbers
I am creating a countdown timer that will start counting down from 30 minutes. How would I do this and also change the color and size of the numbers in the countdown? Windows Vista and is Visual basic enterprise 2008

Posted: Sep 17th, 2009

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.net - Set Tabcontrol Border Totally Invisible Similar To The FormBorderstyle = None
I have a TabControl placed on Form. which is a windows application. I want to set tabcontrol border totally invisible similar to the formBorderstyle = none I am unable to find any settings for the tabControl to remove the visible border.

Posted: Aug 23 11 at 21:45

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Remove Border From Tabcontrol / Edit Control Template?
I'm trying to figure out how to remove a border from a tab control. The closest thing I can find is the following link but I don't know how to add this to my form.[URl]..

Posted: Oct 10 11 at 21:03

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IDE :: Change All Forms Title Bar And Border To Green Without Changing Other Window Applications Title Bar And Border?
I am trying to change every form title bar and border to greenin my project. How do you change the all the forms title bar and border to green without changing other window applications title bar and border?

Posted: February 03, 2011

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Create A Flat Tabcontrol With A Rounded Rectangle Tab For The Selected Tab + No Border For Inactive Tabs?
i'm trying to create a flat tabcontrol with a rounded rectangle tab for the selected tab + no border for inactive tabs?basically i'm trying to recreate that ribbon control in a very simplified form as a usercontrol.

Posted: Feb 14th, 2011

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Cannot Change Font Size, Font Name And Color In Dhtml Editing Control?
Ican't changechange the font size or font name or color of the textin the DHTML Editing Control. I have2 listbox controlsFontNameListcontaining all of the installed fonts on my PC and FontSizeList containing some numbers to be used as fontsize and I use the execommand andbuild my App but the font did not change instead it grew bigger but when I tryed to change it back it stayed the same. The Code for that was:

Design.ExecCommand(5044, False, Font.Name)

Posted: August 25, 2010

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Change Controls Size And Location Based On The Change Of Font Size?
I have the Context Menu Optionslike ( Small Font , Large Font ) based on the selection I want to change the size of the Font in the Controls,Control's Size & location(x,y,height,width). The resize of the controls should not affect the look and feel of the forms.

Posted: June 14, 2010

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Border Color & Transparecy In Label?
I need some kind of control that let's me set a Text like in a Label but when I get my mouse over it (MouseEnter) it defines a Border Color and will darken that color (probably using some transparecy property) .

Posted: Mar 20th, 2012

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Setting PictureBox Border Color
Is there a way to set the color ofa PictureBox border? (Visual Baisc)

Posted: July 12, 2009

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Unusual With Textbox Border Color?
im using the following code to change the textboxes border color:Private Sub BorderColor(ByRef _Control As Control, ByVal _Color As Color)


the weird problem im getting is if i run my program and click the add button with the textboxes being empty it correctly changes the bordercolor to red but if i press the tab key it removes all the red bordercolors, why is this?i dont want the tab key to clear the red bordercolors.

Posted: Feb 13th, 2012

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Add Border Around A Single-color Region In A Bitmap?
I'm looking for a code/algorithm that will help me to draw border around different color regions inside a bitmap.I have a bitmap like the "before" image.I want to add border around the colored regions like the "after" image.

VS Version: 2005-2010 (Doesn't matter)
Language: VB.Net / C# / C++ (Doesn't matter as long as it can be called from a managed exe)

Posted: Mar 16th, 2012

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ComboBox DropDown-Area Border Color?
I've created an ownerdraw ComboBox (used asDropDownList only) in Visual Basic .NET 2010. I inherited ComboBox andset DrawMode to OwnerDrawVariable. Thecontrol itself and the dropdown itemsaredrawn withPaint and DrawItem.

The controlworks fine so far, but there is one thing i was unable to change: When i click on thecombobox to open the dropdown area, this new area has a very bright border color (nearly white)which I want to change to black. I've uploaded an image of the current control and how I want it tolook like:


Posted: December 06, 2010

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Label .FixedSingle Border Is Not Really Color.Black?
Even with <label>.forecolor = Color.Black. I find that my labels' borders are not {255,0,0,0} but rather {255,100,100,100), a middlish gray, Is theresome system setting (e.g., themes, Silverlight) from which the standard label draws its color?( I am familiar with the sub-classing work-around, but have hundereds of instances that would have to be changed.)

Posted: July 29, 2011

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Make Border Around A Panel With Different Dimension And Color?
I'm in the need to draw a border of different color and dimension around a panel, after a paint event.

Posted: October 05, 2011

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Set The BUTTON Border Line Color Transparent?
How to set the BUTTON border line color transparent? Because my BUTTON background pic is not a square. So when i click the button i will see the border line ..

Posted: 09-29-2009

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VS 2008 Changing Form Border Color?
How do I change the Form's Border color?

Posted: Nov 21st, 2010

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VS 2010 Textbox Border And Text Size Woes?
When changing a textbox border style to "none," and the font size to anything higher than the default 8.5, everything is fine unless if the letter goes downward ('g', 'y', 'j', etc). This is most noticeable with the g. I've linked a picture here, and I have no solution to have each character come out clearly. If I'm using another textbox border, it works fine. If I use the font size of 8.5, it's fine, but I can't have no border and a larger font. Though the textbox changes size it does not change enough to show the tail of the g. I can't change the size of the textbox because i

Posted: May 14th, 2011

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Interface And Graphics :: Changing Form Border Color?
Im quite new to VB actually and i've run my web application using VB .net. My problem here is to change the standard border color so that it would not look dull and just to make it look custom from other application. How can i change it? ive search all the properties but havent solved it.


Posted: 06-27-2009

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Get Background Color Of Active Tab On TabControl?
I need to use the existing color of a tabin TABCONTROL to colorother buttons that are not on tab area. How should I do this. My tabs use the 3 number system and not the names of colors.

ie: BackColor 255, 128, 0

Posted: March 09, 2010

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How To Color The Black Grey Area On A Tabcontrol
i have been searching for 2 days on how to color the black grey area on a tabcontrol, i found a few examples but they never worked for me does anyone know how to color this area?Btw this is a webbrowser project

Edit: Ohh and does anyone know how to make a toolstrip combobox automatically resize when the user changes the form size?

Posted: Mar 22nd, 2011

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C# - Setting Header Color For Tabcontrol.Tabpages In Winforms?
how to set header color for tabpages in WINFORMS. and also the back color.

In my code. For j = 0 To dataset4Category(i).Tables.Count - 1
Dim Finder As Integer = Decimal.Floor(((dataset4Category(i).Tables(0).Rows.Count) / 30))
key = dataset4Category(i).DataSetName
name = Space(1) & StrConv(dataset4Category(i).Tables(0).TableName, VbStrConv.ProperCase) & Space(4)
myTabControl.TabPages.Add(key, name)
myTabControl.TabPages(j).Tag = 0


Posted: Sep 23 10 at 9:21

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IDE :: Font Dynamically Change Size To Be As Large As Possible Without Overflowing The Fixed Label Size
I have a label which appears full screen on a projector (VGA 2). In this label I will be sending strings. Some one liner's, some wrapped paragraphs. Some multi-line with carrage returns. My goal is to have the font dynamically change size to be as large as possible without overflowing the fixed label size.

Posted: May 03, 2009

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Change Font Size Based On Form Size?
Okay here's what I'm trying to do. I want to change the font size of a label based on the size of the form.If the form size is 0 through let's say 500 I want the label size to be 50. How can I write this?

Posted: 23 June 2011

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