Cannot Edit Entry After Saving First Time

May 27, 2010

When ever I add a new entry into the database, it will do it. When I click save, it will save it. When I go back to edit the entry after it was saved the first time, and I hit save again, I get a concurrency violation? It only does it when I add an entry. If I close the program out and restart it again I can save all day long as long as I don't add a new entry. First of all, dunno where the violation is coming from, but I only have a message box on my catch statement on the save button.

I have added it to the database using the following code 100 times and it has always worked:

My save code is:
Try Me.Validate()
[Code] .....

Why after a million times of using this exact same code is it not working? It will save all day long no problem as long as I don't add a new entry. Here is my add
Try ShuttleRunsBindingSource.AddNew()
EmployeeInitialsTextBox.Text = lblUser.Text
Catch ex As Exception
MessageBox.Show("UNABLE TO ADD! " & ex.Message) End Try

The message box for the add code never shows so I can't see that is causing any trouble. I am using VS2010 and a local database, not SQL. I just tried doing it again, I added an entry, I saved it, I got a successful message. I then tried to change something and I got a concurrency violation when I clicked save again. I then tried to delete an entry and it successfully deleted it, but when I went to edit another entry and save I got the violation.


Saving A Modified TextBox Entry

Apr 29, 2010

Okay, that snippet made the file I was trying to open in the %USERNAME%AppDataLocal folder worked perfectly, again, many thanks - But now I'm 3/4 of the way through my program, and I've hit a wall - I have the exact same program I made in VB6, and it works to perfection, but I am TRYING to switch over to .NET, and am finding a lot of difficulties in getting certain things to work - My biggest headache right now [ Which is basically the finishing of my program ] is a bit hard to explain, so this may be a rather long post: One of my programs that I use to keep track of my Music hard drive outputs to an XML file, in which there is one line I would like to be able to 'Replace' through the program I am making now to a different user-defined string, and close [ Applying string change/save ] the XML file. I have my Main Form, a TextBox1 [ I can't get the XML to open in a ListBox like I wanted ], TextBox2, a 'Locate String' Button, a 'Modify' Button, and an Exit Button. I open the XML file with this in my Form1_Load event into my TextBox1:[code]

The <DateValue> is the line I want to be able to modify [ Which the entire string looks like this: <DateValue>2010-04-10T10:00:03.5009756-04:00 </DateValue>, and I want to be able to change the date and time to whatever the user specifies ], which once the XML is loaded into TextBox1, when the 'Modify' Button is clicked, that string is then loaded into TextBox2... This is where I am lost - How can I apply the modified string to the TextBox1.Text [ Entire XML file ], and save it upon program end, without the rest of the XML lines being disturbed? I realized I needed another Button - The 'Modify' Button now loads the selected string into TextBox2, and I have a 3rd Button to 'Apply Modification', which I want to update the <DateValue> string in the TextBox1 [ Full XML file ] from the modified string in TextBox2, then save on exit - Hope this helped clarify things.So here's the routine:

1. Form loads, opening the XML file, and loading it into TextBox1.
2. User clicks 'Modify' Button to load searched string into TextBox2.
3. User modifies TextBox2 entry.
4. User clicks 'Apply Modification' Button, which changes the searched string in TextBox1 to the modified user-defined string.
5. User clicks 'Exit', which saves the XML changes from TextBox1 [ Without messing up the XML file format ], and the program ends.

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DateTimePicker Requires Entry The First Time?

Jun 23, 2010

I have a datetimepicker on a form. It is not bound to a table field. When I open the form, I click on the arrow on the right of this control, the calender picker appears, I click on a date, and then I have to hit enter for the picker to close and the date to transfer to the control.After that, I can click on the arrow, click on another date, and the picker closes immediately and the date value goes into the control. Why do I have to hit enter the first time? I would like to be able to transfer the selected date to the screen the first time with just 1 click and without hitting enter.

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Edit The List View In Run Time?

Jan 23, 2009

how can i edit the list view in run time

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Shortcut To Edit All The Words At The Same Time?

Apr 23, 2012

I noticed when I move the cursor over a word in my code vb highlights all the same words in my code. Is there a shortcut to edit all the words at the same time?

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Edit The Splash Setting Time From 1 Second To X# Seconds?

Feb 3, 2011

Basically, my app has †the†main†form and a windows form "splash". Let me explain, this "Splash" is a WINDOWS FORM, not a splash form; its just named splash because I want to use it for that reason.In my project settings, my main form is my startup, and the splash form is my splash. This splash form has been coded on a timer for 10 seconds, but when I set the splash form as the splash setting, the form shows up for 1 second and goes to the main form.What I need is to edit the splash setting time from 1 second to x# seconds (preferebly 10)

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Edit Form In Desginer That Is Generated At Load Time?

Feb 22, 2011

Just inherited a VB forms application that must be modified. My problem is that the controls are placed at the form at the load event. There is no controls on the form when I open the form1.vb in Solution explorer.

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Forms :: Auto-Detect BarCode Scan Entry OR Manual Entry - Cash Register?

Sep 8, 2009

i am pulling together a cash register that will allow both bar code product entry and manual key entry.imagine if you have a tin of beans in front of you, in a small corner shop they would probably type "47" and then hit "Produce". Fairly straight forward as I have the button Produce to act upon my code and update my salestrans.mdb but,if you scan the bar code I want the same form to handle both 'real' actions, (i assume that keyboard emulation barcode scanner includes "ENTER" after providing 13 digits)....

Q. in perhaps a long winded way i want to know how to kick off an event based on the "ENTER" key being activiated by the barcode scanner)?i do not want to have to hit any buttons if i am scanning bar codes.

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Code For Ignoring The Case Of An Entry While Checking To See If The Entry Is Correct Or Not?

Nov 4, 2011

What is the code for ignoring the case of an entry while checking to see if the entry is correct or not... (i.e. in a flashcard program... given definition, asks for the name) I don't want the case of a character to affect whether the answer is correct or not.

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Communications :: Differentiating Bar Code Entry To Keyboard Entry?

Jul 10, 2009

I am trying to make a program with a bar code reader for the first time. I am programming with VB 2005. I want to differentiate a bar code entry to keyboard entry. My questions:

1. Does bar code reader generate a keydown (or keypress) event for each of the digits of the entry? For example, if the barcode read: 1234567890, does that mean that there will be 10 keydown (or keypress) events for that single barcode that was read?

2. I have read from the posts that the best way to differentiating keyboard vs bar code input is to analyse the time between keystroke (for less than certain number of milliseconds).

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.net - Saving Data In Time ASP.NET?

May 29, 2010

I'm developing a web application that provide a service of online reservation, and I need to save the data (for example in a specific day and access to them).How can I do that.Is it possible using : System.Web.UI.WebControls.Calendar?

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Saving In Two Tables At The Same Time?

Aug 31, 2009

i have two tables.. mainTable and tempTable..

in click event i save records to this table.. this table are identical in its structure. on my code i used 2 insert statement to store records to the two tables..

is there an other approach and a more easy way to do this? i mean without using two insert statement?

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DB Synchronisation Behavior - Can A User Read The Entry While Other User Is Updating That On Exact Same Time

Jul 25, 2011

I have a oracle database. I use the OracleDataAdapter(Oracle.DataAccess.dll) for select, update, insert, delete operations. I don't set any (table) locks on my own(I only start a transaction). I have a oracle table named "test" with the entry "test1".

Now my question: Can Person A read the entry "test1" while Person B is updating/deleting the entry at the exact same time? What happens in the worst case? An old match/empty match or can it cause any kind of exception/error(e.g. "TableLocked-Exception")?

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Saving Application Settings At Run Time

Dec 9, 2011

I'm trying to save my application settings at run time, but im not noticing any change in the application settings window. Basically, whenever a change is made to the price of a room, i want to save it to the settings so it can recalled later on in run time and when the program is started up again at a later day. Heres the code im using;


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Saving Form And Content At Run Time?

May 6, 2009

I am trying to save forms containing PDF and Pictures on DVD at run time then be able to load them back trough the DVD

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VS 2008 Saving A Time Value In SQL 2005

Mar 22, 2009

In an VB2008 application an email can be saved in a SQL 2005 database. The date, time and subject are saved in SQL. Let's say the receiving time of an email is 12:56:55. After saving the values in SQL a SELECT of the SQL table gives me a time of 13:56:55. From this result I conclude SQL is saving a time value differently. - Is this difference come from the time zone? - Is this difference come from the daylight saving? - Is this difference come from both? How can I easily compare these two values?

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Differentiating Bar Code Entry To Keyboard Entry?

Jul 11, 2009

I am trying to make a program with a bar code reader for the first time. I want to differentiate a bar code entry to keyboard entry. My questions: 1. Does bar code reader generate a keydown (or keypress) event for each of the digits of the entry? For example, if the barcode read: 1234567890, does that mean that there will be 10 keydown (or keypress) events for that single barcode that was read?

2. I have read from the posts that the best way to differentiating keyboard vs bar code input is to analyse the time between keystroke (for less than certain number of milliseconds).

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Entering Time In TextBox And Saving As Variable?

Sep 30, 2009

I am trying to have a textbox to enter a run time in. i.e. 10:32 (ten minutes and 32 seconds). I will then need to have an if..then statement like this:

txtRun.text = Run
If Run <= 9:12 then
RunScore = 60


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Saving A Date Time Picker Value To A Variable?

Jul 6, 2010

I have the following Public Class Payroll Private Sub DateTimePicker1_ValueChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles DateTimePicker1.ValueChanged


and I'm trying to save the datetimepicker value as a variable to pass to a sql database. I'm just not sure what the datetimepicker value is, is it Me.DateTimePicker1.Value or is it dt?

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.net - Saving A Date/Time Stamp From VB 2005 To MS Access?

Oct 12, 2009

I am coding ib Visual Basic. I need to store the current system time in MS Access timestamp field. How do I go about it.

Dim row As DataRow = ds.Tables("StudentTable").NewRow

row("SSMA_TimeStamp") = System.DateTime.Now.ToString()

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Usercontrol With Designer Browsable Property Not Saving Value At Run Time?

Aug 17, 2011

I have been making a control and have added a property for a list(of CustomClass). The custom class contains a string, an image and a list of another custom class which contains a string and an image. I have added this property to the designer by adding the browsable attributes and all appears to work correctly with this.

My problem comes when running the program. I can set all of the values within the property and I can go back to them and they are saved, however, as soon as I run the program, the values are wiped out as the property is set to Nothing.In order to allow my property to be edited and saved, I realize that I must initialize the list and have done so in the accessor method of the property (if the property's value is nothing).

I have modified the values in the designer and placed a breakpoint on all of the items which use the property and it's underlying field, as well as on the property's methods itself. The first breakpoint hit is of it being accessed and the value is always nothing.

I'm not sure where the values are supposed to be stored as I have checked the designer code where it would normally store types such as strings and I have checked the resources to see if they have been saved there (like an image would be). After running the code, the values in the designer are wiped out also.


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VS 2005 Saving Settings When Re-open Application At Another Time

Jun 29, 2009

I'm saving my settings like this...


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Date / Time Stamped And Numbered Filenames When Saving To JPEG?

Oct 19, 2009

Right now the existing VB code I have uses GUID to generate "random" filenames on save.
For instance:

Instead I want a date stamp, Time Stamp, and numbered filename:
For instance:
20091015_131644_001.jpg <--(Date_Time_NumberIncrement)

Or something along those lines. The current code (which saves a jpeg to a random GUID filename) is below:
Imports System.Web
Imports System.Web.Services
Imports System.Web.Services.Protocols
Imports System.IO
[Code] .....

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Date/Time Stamped And Numbered Filenames When Saving To Jpeg?

Oct 19, 2009

Right now the existing VB code I have uses GUID to generate "random" filenames on save.


Instead I want a date stamp and numbered filename:


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Saving Data Which Would Need To Be Updated Every Time The User Exits The Program

Aug 21, 2011

I want to work on a project I have in mind and this envolves saving data which would need to be updated every time the user exits the program. I suppose I need to know how to save a file to a blank text document, and how to get the application to read the information when it is called for. I believe I need to set delimiters or such, the helpfile is useful, but limited and some information is not listed at all.

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Saving Information So Program Remembers Next Time User Signs In

Feb 25, 2010

i want the user to login, and the first thing is, having the text document for that(if theres a safer way to do it, let me know) then it goes to the weekly sales page, but theres also the goals for the sales, which rarely change, but if they do i would like them to be able to change them, then next page is the list of the workers, and if they need to i would like them to be able to add workers. so my question is: is there anyway that maybe i could save both the goals, and the workers in the text document, and when they need to change it/add workers it will save it in the text document and the next time they sign in the changes will be permanent? also is there a way to delete the user once they have been created, other than going into the txt document and deleting it.

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Time Error When Automatically Adjust Clock For Daylight Saving Changes Is De-selected

Jan 15, 2010

I have noticed in a windows-based VB application I am working on when the "Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes" is de-selected, the time in the application is off by one hour.† Is there anyway to make the application not sensitive to that and just display†the date value that is retrieved from the database?

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Data - Add An Edit Button That Will Edit Existing Entries?

Apr 28, 2010

I have a form that adds new contacts. New contacts are added by pressing an appropriate button and they appear as an entry in the list on the form. I try now to add an edit button that will edit existing entries.User will select a given entry on the list and press edit button and will be presented with an appropriate form (AddContFrm).Right now it simply adds another entry with the same title. Logic is handled in a class called Contact.vb Here is my code.

Public Class Contact
Public Contact As String
Public Title As String[code]....

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VS 2010 Saving Data From Applications By Saving A Text File Via A Stream Reader As A String

Feb 12, 2012

Currently I am saving data from my applications by saving a text file via a stream reader as a string. I have come to a problem. In my current application, I have an array of the following structure:


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Advanced WebBrowser Favorites Saving Saving A DropDownList?

Apr 16, 2011

I have a problem. I'm working on this advanced web browser with my friend, and we made a favorites feature. So, it works and all that, but, after I close the executable file, it doesn't save anything!

Ex:Starting Up, adding Google as new favorites, then closing the browser. Starting up again, 1 hour later, but there's no Google Here's what I put for saving the favorites (please do not steal the code Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click


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C# - Convert A Date And Time To UTC Time Based On The Time Zone Of The User?

Sep 6, 2009

I have an ASP.NET application with a SQL Server back end. I am storing all my dates in UTC format and doing the appropriate conversions to the local time zone of the browser viewing it. One of the pages asks for a start date and end date (no times).

I am taking the start date and setting the time to 00:00:00 hours (midnight) and I'm taking the End time and adding a time of 23:59:59, so that the date range covers the whole day. Now what I'm trying to do is do a SQL query to do a search for records in this date range. The problem is, the data in SQL is in UTC time and the user is typing their dates and times in their local date and times. My quickest solution was to convert the date and time to UTC, then search the records. However, by doing this, I am to believe ASP.NET converts the given time and date to UTC based on the server time zone. How can I convert a date and time to UTC time based on the time zone of the user?

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[2008] Rewrite Class (Saving TreeView Data) For Saving Listview Data

Mar 9, 2009

rewriting a class I use for saving Treeview data to a XML file for use of saving ListView data I can't really figure out the rewrite, I'm stucked, unfortunately Listviews seems to be a big problem for me in general.

Option Strict On

''' <summary>
''' The TreeViewDataAccess class allows the nodes within a TreeView to be
''' persisted to xml for later retrevial.
''' </summary>


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Allow Only One Entry Per Day?

Feb 1, 2010

I am using sql for this, I would like to know How I can allow only one entry (in the database) per day for each user ID

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Set Up A DSN Entry On Fly?

Mar 12, 2012

Public Declare Auto Function SQLConfigDataSource Lib "ODBCCP32.DLL" _(ByVal hwndParent As Integer, ByVal fRequest As Integer, ByVal lpszDriver As String, ByVal lpszAttributes As String) As Integer[code]...

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Add An Entry To A Database?

Jun 21, 2010

I'm doing a project where I need to have people register by entering a username and password. When they click register I want them to be added to the database, but I'm having trouble doing this. Can anyone help? This is my first time using VB.[code]...

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Oct 13, 2011

I have an XML below like this and I want to add in another entry to it:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

I have the above xml but I want to add Vouch002 after Vouch001:


I have the code below which checks if an input is a duplicate and update accordingly, if not I want to create a new Vouch002 entry

'Create XmlWriterSettings
Dim settings As XmlWriterSettings = New XmlWriterSettings()
settings.Indent = True


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Duplicate Entry Ƈ' For Key 1?

Jun 21, 2010

I Use visual Basic 8.0 and Mysql 5.0 I have two exactly the same Tables:

RecordID , Integer = primary key auto_increment NOT NULL
Articlenr , Integer
Articlename, Char(20)


I want to add all the records from table1 to table2. I want to do this 10 times if I execute the following statement: INSERT into Table2 SELECT * FROM Table1 ; Everything works perfectly. The two records are added to table2 But if I execute the stament a second time get the following message: Duplicate entry '1' for key 1 I now i must do something with "duplicate key update" in the Insert statement.

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IP Address Entry Box?

Mar 4, 2010

I've produced an IP Entry box with similarities to the one Windows uses when setting addresses.It seems to work (I say seems),th the setting of text.I have code that checks the entry of text so this seems fine, but when text is being set through code, it allows anything and i'm unsure on how to make it only allow numbers and numbers between 0 and 255.

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Set Entry Point In Dll

Mar 25, 2009

i know it might be impossible to achieve (as i've been reading from another articles) but does anyone know how to set a dll entry point in project? I have created a dll and trying to call that dll from cobol (unmanaged code). in Cobol, i can only use the entry point statement to call dll (cannot add reference to it). as consequence, i'm getting "called program not found" (or in VB error is equal to "can't find dll entry point")

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Test Whether An Entry Is Available?

Jun 16, 2011

In my program I need to test whether an entry is available I ue the following code:

†If Not (westTF(Me.K) < 0) Then
If westTF(Me.K) Then
Exit Sub
End If
End If

This does not function, †but when I remove the outer IF it is OK. ( I need to test otherwise an error is generated when West is exhausted).

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