Class Diagram - Called Control Fields Not Object In The Class Diagram ?

Nov 11, 2011

if I put controls on form1 like button,textbox....etcwhy called this control fields not object in the class diagram ?


IDE :: Visual Studio 2008 Class Diagram Won't Show All Fields

Apr 16, 2009

I have a solution made up of several projects. Everything is properly referenced, the solution builds and runs. Now, when "view class diagram" for this class, it doesn't show any fields. It shows "dmxProgram" as a property, but it doesn't show any of the non-property private fields. Therefore I can't add associations to my class diagram for those fields that do not appear.


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IDE :: Association To Static Class In Class Diagram

Jan 24, 2010

I'm wondering why I can't create an association from a class to a static class in the class diagram editor of VS. Any reason for this?

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Enhancements To Class Diagram?

Jan 28, 2009

I have built a class diagram for a proram i am building in vb, and i need some help to enhance it.The program description:"Modeling Car Parking System Modeling Car Parking System (MCPS) is the software that manages a parking for cars. The dedicated employees in that parking will use this system to control the parking. This software will facilitate the work in the parking and covers most activities performed, such as booking, cashing, and organizing. In the following, we will provide a comprehensive description of the parking (the scope of the system) followed by a description of the system with the functions that will be performed.

The Parking (The scope of the system)The parking consists of two floors, with a capacity of three hundred car places, and opens 24 hours all the week�s days. It has two main control stations; one is located at the entrance gate, and managed by an employee whose main functions are entering data to the system, then providing a receipt to the driver, and the other is located at the exit gate (cashier station), managed by an employee whose main functions are checking the receipt, entering data to the system, cashing, and providing an invoice.

The parking has three barriers, two main barriers are placed at the entrance and exit gates, and the third one is located at the second floor�s gate. They are controlled by using a remote control.When a driver wants to park his car, he has to drive it to the entrance where an employee (receptionist) will enter the car plate number to the system, then prints out a receipt to the driver. This receipt will contain information such as, the car plate number and the entry time. After that, the receptionist will open the barrier to allow the car enters the parking.

Inside the parking, the second floor will be kept empty (closed by the barrier) until the first floor will be full. When the first floor becomes full, the employee will open the barrier to allow the cars to park in the second floor. A driver can park his car in any vacant place in the available floor.When a driver wants to leave the parking, he drives his car to the exit gate and presents the receipt to the employee in the cashier station, who in turn, will check if the number recorded in this receipt (at the entrance) is similar to the real plate number of the car. After that, the employee will enter that number to the system, take the money, provide an invoice to the driver, and finally, open the barrier to allow the car leaves the parking.The list price in the parking, declares that parking a car for an hour costs 3850 LBP, and each extra parking hour will cost 3000 LBP.

Description of the System :The system will operate 24 hours, and will perform the tasks related to the work in the parking. The following scenario will explain what we mean by �will perform the tasks� in the parking.

At the entrance gate, the employee will enter the car plate number to the system as a (driver ID), and select the available floor which is in service from a menu. The system, in its turn, will store these data and additional data such as the time entered, and then issues a receipt including information such as driver ID, entry time, date, and the available floor reference.

At the exit gate, the employee will enter the car plate number (driver ID) to the system which will generate the data related to it, and prints out an invoice including the current time, date, total parking time, and the total amount of money (parking fee); since the parking fee and the duration will automatically be calculated and displayed by the system.

In addition to the tasks which the system will achieve at the entrance and exit gates, it also will provide statistical information such as the total count of cars that exist in the parking at any time, and the number of the vacant or busy parking lots (car places) in each available floor. Also, the simulation which will be part of the system will play a role in managing the parking since it will show an up to date comprehensive scheme of the parking.

The graphical simulation of the car movement flow When a car will enter the parking, and after an employee has implemented all the tasks associated by the entrance such as entering the car plate number, and selecting the available floor, the system will issue a receipt and automatically will lead the user (employee) to the simulation part. The simulation part is a form that contains cars and parking lots as graphical components, when a user click such a button �Drive-in a car� a car will move to occupy an available empty parking lot.

When a car will exit the parking, and after an employee has implemented all the tasks associated by the exit gate such as entering the car plate number, the system will issue a receipt and automatically will lead the user (an employee) again to the simulation part. When a user clicks such a button �Drive-out a car�, the car will leave to parking lot was occupied.

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XML Comments In Class Diagram?

Jan 7, 2010

I am busy creating documentation for my application and want to implement xml comments in my class diagram. Is it possible to show xml comments of a class in the class designer/diagram?

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Add An Existing Class To A Class Diagram?

Jan 10, 2010

We can add class in class diagram and voila the code show up. What about the other way around. Say we already have a class. Can we add that to class diagrams?

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VS 2005 : Class Diagram For A Game?

Dec 12, 2009

I need to make a class diagram for a scrabble game. I know the classes are game, player, board, tile, square , tile bank?

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How To Draw These Arrows As In The Diagram

Mar 1, 2011

Imports System.Drawing.Drawing2D Imports System.Math


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Architecture Of My Application - Proceed With Thediagram?

Apr 14, 2010

I am beginner in programming and developed an application of mine. Although, I am finished with the coding part, but I have to present my software architecture diagram. I am not a software engineer and so familiar with basics of software engineering, layering etc.I have used 1) .NET GDI Graphics in my application, 2) Text to Speech, 3) RichTextBox which retireives pictures etc. How do I proceed with thearchitecturediagram now?

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Draw A Software Function Diagram?

Jan 8, 2009

I want to draw a software Function Diagram which show thecalling relationships between functions in my VB.Net project. Like which function calls which function and what the called function does... I have look through VISIO couple times and can't know find anything I like. What type of diagram should I use? Which template should I use in VISIO?

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VS 2008 Project Form Diagram?

Apr 26, 2012

this is more of a organizational question rather than a technical one. As your project grows and has more and more forms, objects and classes, how does one keep an overview?

Is there an application available which allows you to graphically organize the relationships between forms in a diagram? An "organigram" for your project?

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VS 2010 Circle Diagram Drawing?

May 13, 2012

I'm trying to draw some kind of circle diagram. Input data are only two integers: "a" (even or odd) and "b" (even). Here is the

HTML Imports System.Drawing.Drawing2D
Public Class Form1
Dim P As New Pen(Brushes.Red, 1)
Dim a As Integer = 24
Dim b As Integer = 2
Dim Angle As Single = b / a * Math.PI


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VS 2010 Make Bifurcation Diagram?

Jan 30, 2012

I am trying to write a program that allows user input information and plot a bifurcation diagram that looks like this:I haven't program in 2 years so I am all rusty and such. Here is what I have got so far and more information about what I am doing.

f(x) = kx(1-x)
and k = xL + i * (xR-xL) / 500


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Create Flowchart(diagram) Using Visio Or Other Tools?

Nov 21, 2010

i m trying to create logigrame or flowchart using,it s possible using visio,but visio must be installed in every computer that use my application,and we need to buy license of this tool.i have searched in google,i found metadraw but it s not free. so is there any activx or any dll that will replace visio and metadraw??

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IDE :: Cannot Access Database Diagram Designer Feature Of VB 2008?

Mar 7, 2010

I am trying to utilize the DATAbase Diagram designer feature of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and I get the following messages:

1) This database does not have a valid dbo user or you don not have permissions to impersonate the dbo user, so database diagramming is not available. Do you want to make yourself the dbo of this database in order to use the database diagramming?

2) When I select YES I get the following notification: Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user xxx/xxxxxx,
error code 0x54b

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Office Automation :: Show Visio Diagram On .net FORM

Apr 5, 2010

Need to show visio diagram on .net FORM, and need to be able to click on the shapes. Thats it. no creation, no stencils, no editing. Basicly just catch the click event from axDrawingControl.I'm having a "very" hard time to dig trough the visio DOM, disabling all of the functions, tool bars, menus..I basically will ever need a view-only diagram. So, to all the interop gurus out there, point me in the right direction please..I have the SDK, its (crap) not very useful in my case. Seems like a lot of resources wasted and lots of hustle for view only.

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VB2008 Much Slower Than VB6 - Drawing A Small Diagram On The Screen

May 17, 2010

I'm upgrading to VB2008 from VB6 and have noticed that when drawing a small diagram on the screen it is much slower. In VB6 is is drawn 'instantly' in VB2008, 34 lines, 5 arcs and 15 text items are taking 112000,000 ticks to draw- I can see it being drawn line by line. The codes contains the code to draw the diagram and some minor calculations to determine what to draw. If I just draw 4 lines directly it takes 80,000 ticks which looks 'instant'. It looks as if the calculations are slowing it down. Is there some reason for this, is there a box I have not ticked that makes it slow?

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Show Genealogy Diagram To User Based On Readily Available Data?

Mar 10, 2012

I have a requirement to show genealogy diagram to user based on readily available data. Our existing database is as follows

1- Every person has unique ID

2- Relation field's has id of respective persons based on relationship like Father, Mother, Spouse etc.

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Build And Display A Simple Diagram That Is Built From Data Entered By The User?

Aug 22, 2011

I wish to build and display a simple diagram that is built from data entered by the user. Because I can't post a picture of the types of diagrams here I'll use the following example. Image a picture of a house as a child might draw it a large square, with a triangle for a roof, a rectangle for a door, and two smaller squares for windows. Now I want to build an application that lets the user enter data and change that drawing according. For example, by entering the length and height of the house the size changes, change the number of windows, size of the door or height of the roof.

Now this may seem like a useless application but keep in mind the house is just an example the real purpose is different but should be as simply drawn. I'm looking for suggestions on make this work. Should I use a paint? or is something like this better done with a tie into the Visio references?

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[02/03] Base Class Called PageBase And Then A Derived Class TestPage That Inherits From PageBase

Feb 4, 2009

I have a base class called PageBase and then a derived class TestPage that inherits from PageBase. In PageBase I have overridden the OnInit() and when it is called and I inspect the value of 'Me', it is of the type of the derived class and not the base class. My question is how does inheritance really work? For instance, when instantiating TestPage does an instance of PageBase get created too?

Here is my code;

Partial Public Class TestPage
Inherits PageBase

Public Sub New()


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Utilizing A Centralized Classobject That Needs To Call Another Class Object?

Jun 7, 2010

I am utilizing a centralized classobject that needs to call another class object.The program itself will do something like the following

sFieldValue = CentralObject.ObjectHandler(1, TestFunction, "FunctionVar,FunctionVar2,FunctionVar3")

In the central object I have a function

Function ObjectHandler(ByVal ObjectType


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Refactoring A Module Into A Class: Changing Shared Fields To Instance Fields

Nov 14, 2011

I'm currently refactoring an old Visual Basic DLL (VB.Net), which stores all of its data in one module called Globaldefinitions as public fields. There are about 200 fields, referenced thousands of times all around the code:

Public Module Globaldefinitons
Public a As Short
Public zz10 As Double


I need to change the module into a class with non-shared fields. This means, each and every of these thousands of references needs to reference the instance of that class:

globalDefinitionsInstance.a = 5

How do I go about this efficiently?

Regular expressions operating on the source fall flat. Refactoring tools like Re-Sharper or CodeRush don't seem to offer this functionality. Visual Studio 2010 cannot do it automatically either.

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Can The Initialization Order Of Class Fields In .NET Be Influenced By References To Other Fields

Jun 19, 2011

Class Foo
ReadOnly name As String
Public Sub New(name As String, dependentUpon As Foo) = name


The output of New Bar() is:

Dependent created. Dependent upon nothing.
Independent created. Dependent upon nothing.

It seems fields are initialized in the same order as they appear in the source code, which (a) leads to an unexpected result, and (b) seems a little puzzling, given that one is normally not permitted to read from uninitialized variables in .NET, yet that seems to be working fine above.I would've expected VB.NET to be smart enough to initialize referenced fields first, and only then those that reference it; i.e. I'd have liked to see this output instead:

Independent created. Dependent upon nothing.
Dependent created. Dependent upon Independent.

how to get VB.NET to behave like that instead, without simply having to swap the declaration order of dependent and independent inside class Bar?

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Access To Object Passed ByRef In The Constructor Of A Class Through Another Part Of The Class?

Aug 18, 2009

I have some classes, BsfciFile and StudyFlashCard. Bsfci is the extension to which I save my set of flashcards in an INI format. I am currently working to transform my code from using Windows API calls to access the INI to using a IniFile class that I found on the internet. I would like the BsfciFile to have a Array of StudyFlashCard objects, but I would like the StudyFlashCard class to use the IniFile class object contained in the BsfciFile class. I can pass the IniFile from the BsfciFile class to the constructor for the StudyFlashCard class, but I want it to modify the same IniFile as the BsfciFile class has later on.


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VS 2008 Adding Class Object To List Or Array In A Different Class

Jun 21, 2010

I am trying to create an list or an array of a class.Here is my "Ingredient" class that I am trying to create a list of:[code]In my "recipe" class, I am want to create a list (or array) and I am drawing a big blank on how to do it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Class With Class Properties: Object Reference Not Set To An Instance

Aug 19, 2009

I have a class in which some of the fields are also classes.

I can put values in the "normal" properties, but in the others when o try to assign values it gives the: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

But the code compiles fine.


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Get Base Class Object Reference Outside The Class's Definition?

Dec 10, 2010

If we are within the derived class then ofcource we can use MyBase keyword to access base class's object reference . That's fine , how can we take that base class's object reference outside that derived class's definition.My following code will explain what i want . Actually that is giving error right now, but it is explaining my requirement .

Public Class Base
Public x As String
End Class


Actually there is error in ReadOnly Property BaseReference's Getter . Error is "Error 1 'MyBase' must be followed by '.' and an identifier. " how can i get base class object reference in Main method ?

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IDE :: Class Files. Same As Namespace Or The Same As The Class Object Inside?

May 22, 2009

If my namespace is Company.Application.EDI.Acknowledgement and if I stick with theprogramming practice of one class per file then should my class be saved asacknowledgement.vb? Are there any gotchas that will come up?

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Reference A Parent Class Object From A Child Class?

Jan 2, 2010

I have a Parent Class Called Fuselage that containsfour child classes called Forebody, CenterBody, AftBody, and CrossSection. CrossSection classcontains objects common to Forebody, CenterBody, and Aftbody (example: width). How do I access thewidth property in CrossSection from within the classForebody?

Public Class Fuselage
Dim Forebody As ClsSection
Dim Centerbody As ClsSection


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Create A "tree Diagram" For Use With A Combobox

Jun 24, 2011

Is there an easy way to create a "tree diagram" for use with a combobox, much in the same way as the pull-down menustrip?

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.NET Multithreading / Calling Invoke On A UI Control From A Class In A Separate Class File?

May 13, 2011


Two files - TestClass.vb, myForm.vb

TestClass.vb looks as follows:

Imports System.Threading
Public Class TestClass
Private myClassThread As New Thread(AddressOf StartMyClassThread)


The result:Application runs, no errors or exceptions.Displayed is the listbox and the Start button.I press the start button and a msgbox says "Not Invoked" as expected and upon clicking OK to that msgbox "Start Button Pressed" is added to the Output listbox control.Immediately following that the msgbox pops up again and says "Not Invoked". I was expecting "Invoked" as a separate thread is trying to use the Output listbox control.Of course this results in the Output.Items.Add being attempted which results in no visible result as the thread is not allowed to directly update the UI control.

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VS 2008 Component Class - Drag And Drop Control Onto New Class

Nov 21, 2009

I am searching for the Component Class. When I go to "Add New Item" ,in my project their is no Component Class Item in VS 2008. I would like to Drag and Drop control onto my new class and I can't see how to do this ?

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Deep Clone Of Object With Base Class System.Windows.Forms.Control

Apr 18, 2012

I have an object (a third component gridview) which is serializable, and I need a deep clone of this object. I have the following code which throws the exception."The type System.Windows.Forms.Control in assembly System.Windows.Forms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKey Token=b77a5c5 61934e089 is not serializable".So the gridview's base class is System.Windows.Forms.Control, which is not serializable. How can I get a deep clone from the gridview? [code]

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Combo - Sql Table Called Stock With Two Fields Called StockID And StockCode

Jun 5, 2011

I have an sql table called Stock with two fields called StockID and StockCode. I want the user to select the stockcode from a combo which in turn populates the stockid for that item into a lable on my form. I have already populated the stockcode into the combo but dont know how to compelte the rest.

Imports System.Data.SqlClient

Public Class cbo2
Private Sub cbo2_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load


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"upgrade" An Object To An Inherited Class, And Keep All The Base Class's Property Values?

Jul 5, 2010

bare with me during this silly example. :-)Let's say I have a class like this:

Public Class Animal
Public iLegs as int32 ' Number of legs
Public bWings as Boolean ' Wings? Yes/No
End Class

And another class that inherits the "Animal" class and adds one more property:

Public Class ScaryAnimal
Inherits Animal
Public iScariness as int32 ' 0-100, how scary is it?
End Class

Now, if I have an instance of "Animal" with some values in it, and I decide I want to cast it to a ScaryAnimal for some reason, how do I do that without having to create a new instance of "ScaryAnimal" and copy each property value?Basically I'm looking for a way to do this, without having to write the lines marked with '*** below:


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Could Instance Also Be Called As State Of Class?

Aug 22, 2010

When we create an instance of a class we also provide its state so are these both same and if not same what's the difference? And also what's the difference when we use equals method for instance or for state?

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Pass A Function To A Class To Be Called Later?

Dec 11, 2010

Okay so what im trying to do is make a simple particle system in VB (Yes i know this isnt a ideal setup). Im going to have particles dieing and spawning new ones tho, To do this i need to be able to pass a function to the particle when its created then call that function when it dies. Is there a way to do this by passing function pointers?

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Use A DLL That Has A Public Class Called FileCleanUp

Mar 8, 2011

I am trying to use a DLL that has a public class called FileCleanUp..Inside this class is a procedure called ProcessFiles as shown [code] In VB.Net how do I access the ProcessFiles events so I can inform the user on progress etc from my application that calls this DLL.By using Reflector have found that the DLL uses the Background Worker if this is of help.

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Class C Inherits Class D Is Class D A Superclass Or Parent Of Class C?

Dec 16, 2009

If Class X is within the scope of Class Y, is X a subclass of Y?If Class A is a sub Class of B, then is Class B considered a super class of A?if Class C inherits Class D is Class D a superclass or parent of Class C?if Class E extends Class F then we can consider Class E a child of F?if Class G inherits Class H and is within the scope of Class I then who is the parent of Class G? Classes that inherits Class J and classes that are within Class J are all sub classes of Class J?

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Fields From A Class?

Nov 24, 2010

I have a class being populated from comma separated rows in a text file.I am trying to have the name property of each object appear in a listbox, then have the rest of the properties of a selected object show up in text boxes. How do I load the properties of the selected object to the correct textbox?

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