Exception Found - Cannot Access A Disposed Object. Object Name:'System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream'

Dec 31, 2009

Occasionally I encountered this exception message while trying to download file from a server using System.Net.FtpWebRequest and System.Net.FtpWebResponse Object.

Download a file.ftpRequest_DL.Method = WebRequestMethods.Ftp.DownloadFile get the response object
Dim ftpResponse_DL As FtpWebResponse = CType(ftpRequest_DL.GetResponse, FtpWebResponse)



VS 2008 Unhandled Exception - Cannot Access Disposed Object

Nov 19, 2009

I get this:
Cannot access a disposed object.
Object name: 'MainForm'.

Here is the code I'm running. It's after the MsgBox "Readme file cannot be found. Please put the original readme in the current working directory of this executable." (and it's dismissed) that I get the unhandled exception error.
Private Sub MainForm_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
Dim readme As String = My.Computer.FileSystem.CurrentDirectory + "
If My.Computer.FileSystem.FileExists(readme) = True Then
[Code] .....

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.net - System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot Access A Disposed Object

Feb 16, 2012

I got the error having the stack trace...

System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object.
Object name: 'Button'.
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateHandle()
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.get_Handle()


It doesn't give error when I just switch the order of the .show and .close method

Friend Sub GoHome(ByVal sender As Form)
InTransit = True
End Sub

why for the first case it gives error and why in second case it doesn't?

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Office Automation :: Method Not Found: Void Excel.Range.set_Value(System.Object,System.Object)

Mar 11, 2009

following error message:

Method not found: Void Excel.Range.set_Value(System.Object,System.Object)

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Hiding A Form Produces "Cannot Access Disposed Object" Exception

Apr 12, 2011

I am trying to write a program that takes the input of a CSV file, makes modifications, and prompts the user on how to handle certain modifications.

I have the parsing of the CSV file complete, the handling of most of the string manipulation down, and the user interface complete, except when it comes time to move onto the next record.

I had it display the form as a modal dialog, and used me.hide() once it was over to continue with the program. However, when it gets to the next ShowDialog(), it says that the object has been disposed! I've tried a modeless dialog, with a while loop that waits for a boolean to be flipped by a button on the dialog being clicked, but that, as predicted, did not turn out so well and just shot the processor load to 100%.

One thing I notice in looking around is that I have everything based on the "home" form, the initial one that comes up when the program is run. Is this incorrect coding? Does this require the prompt being on a child form?

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Cannot Access A Disposed Object. Object Name: 'NumericUpDown'?

May 29, 2010

i created a DatagridViewNumericUpDownColumn but i got error message Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'NumericUpDown' when i closed and reopen the form. what can i do to solve this problems? i checked from the web & i found the answer, but i I couldn't get authorized to view this thread.  When i clicked on the link[URL]..It shown You are not authorized to perform this action.

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Random Object Disposed Exception?

Dec 8, 2009

I seem to be getting a random abject disposed exception.Sometimes it occurs when I move from 1 form to another, sometimes it happens when a timer activates.It says the object name is "". How am I supposed to look for an object called nothing. I'm using vb express 2010 on windows 7.

System.ObjectDisposedException was unhandled
Message=Safe handle has been closed


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Asp.net - CA2000: Object Is Not Disposed Along All Exception Paths

Aug 23, 2011

I am having trouble trying to figure out why I'm getting this warning in following code.

CA2000 : Microsoft.Reliability : In method 'Encryption64.Decrypt(String, String)', object 'des' is not disposed along all exception paths. Call System.IDisposable.Dispose on object 'des' before all references to it are out of scope.


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Object Disposed Exception / Multiple Forms

Jan 21, 2010

I am using VB 2008 Express Edition.I have an app that has 2 forms (will be adding more). Button click on form1 opens form 2. The first time I run my app everything works fine, but when I click the close 'X' button on form 2 and try opening form 2 again by clicking the button on form 1, VB throws a Object Disposed Exception, Cannot access a disposed object.[code]

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Forms :: Object Disposed Exception In MyBase.Dispose()?

Aug 20, 2010

I am getting the following Exception when calling MyBase.Dispose ()ObjectDisposedException was unhandled.I tried adding a Try Catch around the call but it doesn't catch the exception.

Protected Overloads Overrides Sub Dispose(ByVal disposing As Boolean)
If disposing Then
If Not (components Is Nothing) Then


FYI: The value of disposing is False

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Opening Excel File,object Disposed Exception?

Mar 12, 2009

I am have an exception when I run the following code :

Private Sub MainMenuForm_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
'Save the Sum of the Existing "Excel" Processes:
For Each Proc As Process In Process.GetProcessesByName("excel")


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Error: System.NullReference Exception: Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object

Jan 5, 2010

I am getting this error when I try to print my report. Here is my print code.

Private Sub PrintToolStripMenuItem_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles PrintToolStripMenuItem.Click
Dim Print_Dialog As New PrintDialog


Here is my error: System.NullReference Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

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C# - Cannot Access A Disposed Object

Feb 10, 2011

i am facing a huge problem with the "Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'TreeView'." error.

On a windows forms of mine i use a custom windows explorer object.

And here come the code parts...

On the selected node event, i load the images found within the selected directory to the FlowLayoutPanel.

Private Sub ExpTree1_ExpTreeNodeSelected(ByVal SelPath As String, ByVal Item As ExplorerControls.CShItem) Handles ExpTree1.ExpTreeNodeSelected
'Loop until all images are loaded.


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Cannot Access A Disposed Object

Apr 18, 2007

I found an error - cannot access a disposed object in my project.

i using vs2005.

but before this, i using vs2003 and this error doesn't occur.

but when i convert to vs2005 and debug, this error occured.

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Cannot Access Disposed Object.NET

Mar 26, 2009

I have a windows form in .NET that will serve as a wizard to achieve something. This contains 3 steps: Step1, Step2, Step3.

Each step is again actually a user control. Main form contains a panel that display the current Step. When I change among steps then:

1) Dispose the current user control by calling its Dispose() method.

2) Clears the main form panel

3) Initialize the user control of next step and add it into the main panel

Now, the issue is, User control of step one contains one more user control. When I change to another step and come back to step 1, I get following error:

"Cannot access disposed object."

Because I have to first dispose the user control before actually displaying the another step. And when I come back to step 1 and tries to open the user control on step 1, it gives the aforementioned error.

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Cannot Access Disposed Object - MarshalingWindowFrame

Jan 5, 2010

I just installed VS 2010 Ultimate Beta2. installation was successful. When I perform the scenario of (File --> Open -- > New), I get that error message.
Error message "Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'MarshalingWindowFrame'."

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VS 2008 Cannot Access A Disposed Object?

Mar 4, 2010

I'm getting this error over and over again when I click the cross button on the main form which is a MDI parent form. How can I fix this error?

error:Cannot access a disposed object.Object name: 'frmmain'.

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Forms - Error: Cannot Access Disposed Object

Mar 20, 2010

I got the "infamous" 'Cannot Access Disposed Object.' error when I was attempting to open a form again after I had closed it. The fix (even though it's annoying), is easy enough; but again it's managed code problems and weirdness I still haven't changed my opinion that I won't be using MS .NET after this when I get my development box back to normal. BUT anyway the solution is self explanatory and very easy (and somewhat obvious) [Code]

the Application hiccups with a very nice message, after you close the form down and try to reopen it, that says: Cannot access Disposed object. So, my thought is that the "IsDisposed" property runs some sort of function to determine the Garbage Collection state and does a collection, or updates the request for the collection to be done.

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Error - LINQ To Entities Does Not Recognize The Method 'System.Object IIf(Boolean, System.Object, System.Object)'

Jul 29, 2011

I am getting following error whenever I want to use IIf function inside entity framework query.

LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method 'System.Object IIf(Boolean, System.Object, System.Object)' method, and this method cannot be translated into a store expression.

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Close Form = Cannot Access A Disposed Object Error?

Jul 17, 2010

By default my app loads the activation form. On the form load it checks if the license is valid and if so i want it to close/hide the registration form and open the form that starts my app.

When i try to do this it crashes my app with the following error


Cannot access a disposed object

Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
'check if a valid license is available


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.net - Cannot Access A Disposed Object When Opening External Exe File From Application

Jun 8, 2012

I've a problem with an application i have to use at work. That application is in .net (created by my company). The application call some object that are .exe file. When i try to open it i received the following error:

cannot access a disposed object

I know that it's not really revelant but i've got that problem on my pc and my collegue that use the same application doesn't received that error.I've already check their configuration and i've the same than us. I supposed there are some problems of compatibilty with the framework or thing like that.

************** Exception Text **************
System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object named "Form".
Object name: "Form".


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Opening Form In Design Mode - Cannot Access Disposed Object

Feb 22, 2012

When try to open in design mode a form (VB.NET), in which I have a custom UserControl, I see the message from Visual Studio:

Microsoft Visual Studio
The control MyNamespace.MyUserControl has thrown an unhandled exception in the designer and has been disabled.

Cannot access a disposed object.
Object name: 'SplitterPanel'.

Stack trace:

And the form is not displayed in designer. What to do?

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Method 'System.Object CompareObjectEqual(System.Object, System.Object, Boolean)' Has No Supported Translation To SQL.?

Apr 16, 2010

What do I need to convert?

Dim CEESearchByAppNo = From CEEsearch In dbCEE.tblScanneds _
Where CEEsearch.AppNo = iAppNo


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Catch' Cannot Catch Type 'Object' Because It Is Not 'System.Exception' Or A Class That Inherits From 'System.Exception'

Aug 10, 2010

I'm getting 'Catch' cannot catch type 'Object' because it is not 'System.Exception' or a class that inherits from 'System.Exception'. and 'Expression detected' Code underlined in blue: Catch obj1 As Object When (?)

Private Sub OpenJAMem()
Dim num3 As Integer


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Looping Through A Text File Using StreamReader Causes A "Cannot Access A Disposed Object."

Feb 15, 2012

I have the following basic code to read a text file from a StreamReader:

Using sr As New StreamReader(FileData)
Dim line As String = String.Empty
'Error occurs on the next line after looping
'past the *last* line in the file...sometimes
line = sr.ReadLine()
'Some code here to parse and process the line
Loop Until (line Is Nothing) OrElse (line = String.Empty)
End Using

I tried changing the Do Loop to Do While Not sr.EndOfStream I tried checking If sr.ReadLine IsNot Nothing and a few other things but I keep getting the Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'SslStream' error after all 105 lines have successfully been read and processed. This code has been working for a couple of years, but there seems to be some issue with certain files (recently) that is causing this problem.

I opened the file and I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. No extra blank lines, funny characters or anything of the like. Just a normal file with 105 properly formatted lines. So even know there is something about this file causing the error, I need to obviosly handle this programatically.

What can I do to prevent the sr.ReadLine() line of code from throwing that exception that I have not yet tried?UPDATE Upon reading the last line of the file, the 'EndOfStream' property on the StreamReader goes immdeatly to: EndOfStream: {"Cannot access a disposed object.Object name: 'SslStream'."} It never toggles to 'True'. This makes checking for this condition problematic.

I think I have figured out why this issue only occurs sometimes: if I add in a blank line to the file at the end, none of this ever occurs. It is only when the last line of the file contains data. Still, I should be able to handle this programatically. Telling the vendor supplying the file to always add a blank line at the end should not be the solution.

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Object Library Invalid Or Contains References To Object Definitions That Could Not Be Found

May 24, 2009

I get an error while trying to install a third party Excel add-in [Thomson One Analytics]. Error: "Compile error in hidden module: Main" Microsoft Excel 2003..But when I had the Addin unlocked.I noticed that it was getting stuck at a specific line in the MAIN module of the Addin package and the debugger throws a compile error message saying that: "Object library Invalid or contains references to object definitions that could not be found". Earlier when I had this issue,I made another user login to the PC and we were able to use the add-in successfully. But this time even a different user with Admin Rights was not able to use it. [code]

Tried to install and run the Addin on the same computer by a different user having admin rights, no go.Made sure that he references for the add-in in the VBA editor are correct, by comparing them with a working computer, no go Re-installed "Service Pack 6 for Visual Basic 6.0: Run-Time Redistribution Pack (vbrun60sp6.exe)", no go. Ran repairs on Excel, no go Re-installed Excel, no go

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Cannot Access A Disposed Object Named "MainForm"

Mar 28, 2011

I want to dynamically call form, but after the form is closed and reopen i got the error "Cannot access a disposed object named "MainForm"". I've been searching about this error and found out that basically i'm trying to access invalid control.

My question is how i can use the object again? I mean closing and opening form is very common thing to do, so it should be able to be accessible trough the run time. To give you better perspective [code]...

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Event Type Clr20r3 P3 4a5c12c0 System.net.sockets.socket Exception And Application Crash On Some System While Running Well On Others

Aug 3, 2009

Event type clr20r3 p3 4a5c12c0 system.net.sockets.socket Exception and Application crash on some system. while running well on others. i go thorugh many forms and search a lot on google but not able to resolve the issue.


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Get The Error 'NullReference Exception' - Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object?

Feb 7, 2011

When the following executes, I get the error 'NullReference Exception' - Object reference not set to an instance of an object. TestClass has Get and Set methods for the integer property TestWord.How should the following be changed to let me set TestWord in six elements of TArr?

Dim TArr(5) As TestClass
For i As Integer = 0 To 5
TArr(i).TestWord = i * 10

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Unable To Cast Object Of Type 'System.String' To Type 'System.IFormatProvider' Exception

Aug 7, 2011

When testing the followng code from Mastering VB2010, I get an Unable to cast object of type 'System.String' to type 'System.IFormatProvider' exception.In the Button1_Click event code Dim strmOut As New System.IO.StringWriter(SaveFileDialog1.FileName)the 'SaveFileDialog1. FileName' is underlined with a green squiggle and displays the following tool tip:Runtime errors might occur when converting 'String' to'System. Iformat Provider'.This is apparrently the problem but what does it mean and how do I fix it to get the code to work? 'Code being tested that runs the exception:Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click.[code]

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Are Object SqlConnection And SQLCommand Disposed

May 20, 2010

[code]in this code, do the objects con and cmd get disposed because the return statement is placed before the end using statement.

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Cannot Acces A Disposed Object - Error?

Feb 26, 2012

My program involves accessing a print preview dialog.

It works just fine the first time. However, when I close the printpreviewdialog and then try to open it again (through the button) in the same run

then I get a "cannot access a disposed object" runtime error. Hence, it can only work once during a program run.

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Invalid Usage Of Disposed Object?

Mar 1, 2011

Invalid usage of Disposed Object - find which object is open or I am trying to access

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VS 2010 Code Bug (Disposed Object?)

Oct 4, 2010

I am using the following codes:This code triggers my transport sequence. I am not having any variable sequences.


What is going wrong? I reach the error at the first instance of "transport.Show()"

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Exception - .NET - Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object

Jun 10, 2010

I get this error when I run my VB.NET program with a custom DayView control.

***** Exception Text *******
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at SeaCow.Main.DayView1_ResolveAppointments(Object sender, ResolveAppointmentsEventArgs args) in C:UsersDanielMy ProgramsVisual BasicSeaCowSeaCowSeaCowMain.vb:line 120


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List Of T Find Date Or Other Property In A Object In The List - Then Return Found Object?

Sep 3, 2009

After reading all the examples for list of T exists and Find and find first, none show how to handle multi-property objects. Below is bare bones example maybe someone could flesh out to show how this should be done.

Public Class Form1
Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Dim DatePriceList As New List(Of DateAndPrice)
DatePriceList.Add(New DateAndPrice(Date.Parse("1/1/2000"), 10.12))
DatePriceList.Add(New DateAndPrice(Date.Parse("1/2/2000"), 11.12))


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.net - Process.start System.nullreferenceexception: Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object

Oct 16, 2011

I am trying to start the process with the following parameters When I try to start it though I get an System.nullreferenceexception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Dim exepath As String = Application.StartupPath + "inffmpeg.exe"
Dim sr As StreamReader
Dim cmd As String = " -i """ + input + """ -ar 22050 -y """ + output + """"
Dim ffmpegOutput As String


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Error System.NullReferenceException Occurred - Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object

Jan 12, 2010

i am using VB.net 2003 and i am trying to get the number of rows of a dataset from form1 into form2 in order to use it for something else and i am getting the error"System.NullReferenceException occured...Additional information: object reference not set to an instance of an object"...my code is like this:in form1:Public x as integer= me.dataset.table.rows.count here it gives me the error

in form2:
dim frm as new form1

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VS 2008 Error - System.NullReferenceException: Object Reference Not Sent To An Instance Of An Object

Oct 23, 2009

I have recently gotten my hands on a free, open-source IMAP connection API.So far, I have been successful in creating a connection to one of my accounts.Where I'm getting stuck is retrieving folders and/or emails from those folders.Does there happen to be anyone here that is familiar with this API, or even Gmail (particularly the folder structure for IMAP)?

If not, here is a link to the DLL that is listed on sourceforge and the company's website that created it (if you feel like testing):

Sourceforge - Koolwired API

I have created a test account so feel free to use the code below without worrying about username/password issues; I'll just delete it when I'm done with it.Here is the code I have made so far for making a connection:

Dim gSession As New Koolwired.Imap.ImapConnect("imap.gmail.com", 993, True)
Dim gAuthenticate As New Koolwired.Imap.ImapAuthenticate(gSession, "imap_test@serysoft.com", "imap_test")


When I run that code, I get an error that states:System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not sent to an instance of an object. (The bold line in the above code).

Now, I'm not sure exactly what that means. Does that mean it tried to access the server and "INBOX" doesn't exist so it gets returned a NULL value? Or is it possibly the coding itself?Maybe the Gmail folder system is weird due to the fact they use labels (even though from what I have read online, the labels act as the folders in the IMAP system).

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Fill_Text Code Throws An Error : System.NullReferenceException:Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object

Apr 18, 2010

I got the following code from the demo code samples and just changed the textbox names. But it throws an error:

Private Sub Fill_TextBox()
Dim Num As Integer
Dim DSet As DataSet


The error is:

System.NullReferenceException:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

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