Format Text - Rich Text Box - Where The User Will Be Entering Information - The Text Is Black

Aug 11, 2011

On the main form of my application, I have a Rich Text Box which is where the user will be entering information. The text is black. then, i have a button which calls the dialogue "Notes" A dialogue appears, with a rich text box. the user should then be able to enter text into the box, click "OK", and the text entered into the Notes dialogue be inserted to the rich text box on the main form -- with the font colour "Red". The rest of the text in the main rich text box on the main form should remain black.


VS 2010 - Rich Text Box - Getting User Text In The Text Changed Event

Jan 20, 2011

I'm Making a Simple syntax highlighter and I'm Doing the highlighting in the text Changed event of a RTB and for obvious reasons I can't re highlight the whole document each time someone presses a key so i highlight one line each time the text changes. But this creates a Problem. If someone pastes code into the RichTextBox It only highlights the last Line. So is there a way to get if the user typed the text in with his keyboard or pasted it from the clipboard in the text Changed event?

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VS 2008 : Stopping A User From Entering Text Or Changing Text In A Textbox Without Disabling It?

Apr 26, 2009

A] Is there any way of stopping a user from entering text or changing text in a textbox without disabling it or

B] Is there a way of changing the texboxes back and fore color whilst it is disabled?

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Rich Text Box - Load Specific Text In The Rich Text Box When The User Load The Form?

Apr 4, 2010

I have a rich text box which I use in order the user is able to add pictures, coloured writing, different font etc... however I need to load specific text in the rich text box when the user load the I can add (I guess) the HTML to load this every time the user load the form.

P.S the text will change depending on who loads the form so I can not do a simple

RichTextBox1.LoadFile("C:Documents and SettingsDesktopSigniture.rtf")

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Insert Text To Rich Text Field At Text Cursor?

Mar 28, 2010

I have a question, how would i have a button, then when you click it, it puts the text at the text cursor in the RTF?

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Rich Text Format In MySQL?

Dec 27, 2008

I am saving the text in a Rich Text Box( into the DB. It saves fine..(Datatype--long text). The text has modified appropriately in the DB. But, when I try to retrieve it, it says, invalid format or cannot convert to integer (If Date of Birth is in the Text) or some vague errors...Please help THE ERROR : The file format is invalidHERE IS THE ACTUAL TEXT in the RTB --Notice the Bold and the UnderlineVITAL SIGNS:

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VS 2005 Rich Text Format?

Aug 28, 2010

how to handle Rich Text Format in 2005

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Saving Information From Combo Textbx's & Rich Text?

Aug 1, 2010

I've been trying to get something done In a form i got 1 combobox and 7 textboxes and 1 ritch textbox. now the thing is trying to save it to a document like Mats.txt the thing is I want it to look something like this

Combobox Information on line 1
Texbox1 line 2
textbox2 line 3


It has to basically save to file all the text and numerical values. Then for the last line AUTO generate the text.

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Unable To Load Rich Text Files Into Rich Text Box?

Jan 12, 2009

I am unable to load rich text files into my rich text box. It worked fine yesterday, would there have been anything I could have changed by accident?

With OpenFileDialog
.Filter = "Text format (*.txt)|*.txt|Rich Text Format (*.rtf)|*.rtf|All files (*.*)|*.*"


but I am getting the error File format is not valid when i attempt to open any Rich Text file

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VS 2008 Gets Erased And User Is Able To Type With Black Text?

Feb 27, 2010

On my login form I have a username text box and a password text box...

The TxtUsername text box is preset with the following:
Text: Username
Colour: Gray

Here is the code for the TxtUsername (on click):

Private Sub TxtUsername_Click
TxtUsername.Text = ""
TxtUsername.ForeColor = Color.Black

(So it's like the facebook login if your familiar with it)When user clicks the text box, the gray text already inside gets erased and user is able to type with black text.The problem is that even when the user has typed in the box, every time you click the text box the text still gets erased....It's like the code should be something like If TxtUsername.Text = Anything but "Username" then dont change it to ""

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Entering Sections Of Text Into The Same Textbox Without The Other Section Of Text Disappearing?

Jul 18, 2011

I am having a problem with a entering sections of text into the same textbox without the other section of text disapearing.  In other words, I have several buttons with strings attached to them.  When the user presses one of the buttons the string does enter into the textbox.  However, when the users presses another button the string from the first button disapears while the second string enters the textbox.

For example: The following code is what I have:

button nine_click
tbxResultSource.Text = CStr(9)
'button plus_click
tbxResultSource.Text = CStr("+")

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Copying Word Document Content To A Rich Text Box Without Losing Format?

Nov 5, 2009

I am trying to copy the contents of a word document which is basically in a letter format.I am trying to copy it onto a rich text box editor...but when i copy it..i am losing all the formatting of the word document.This is the code i was using

 Dim aDoc As Word.Document = WordApp.Documents.Open(outfile, missing, [readOnly], missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, isVisible)

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Allows The User To Define Text In A Rich Textbox?

Sep 14, 2010

I have an application that allows the user to define text in a rich textbox. I would like to give the user the ability to define text for one or more languages. I don't think this will be a problem using the rich textbox as it allows for unicode characters and DBCS (please let me know if this is incorrect). My question is, I display this text throughout the app in other controls as well, such as a listbox, label, etc. by acquiring the RTF's Text property (plain text). Are there problems with other controls displaying unicode/DBCS characters? I realize that I may have to toggle the font of the control in question depending on the language (I will allow the user to specify a default font per language).

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VB In Visual Studio 2008 - RichTextBox / Rich Text Format - Refer The Header And Footer

Apr 24, 2010

How do I reference the Header and Footer in a RichTextBox? And if I can't how do I access it in a file in RTF?

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One Sub Procedure / Change Text Color In Rich Text Box / Without Button Handler?

Oct 8, 2010

everyone! I've been at this for a while, and I'm not sure how this issue can be resolved:I'm working on a project in VB.Net, and I have a form with a rich text box. I have a groupbox with 4 radio buttons inside that are intended to change the font color of the text. Coincidentally, I have to repeat this same functionality for a 2nd set of radio buttons that would change the text font family.

At any rate what I've only been able to do is the following to successfully change the font color of whatever text I highlight in the rich text box:

Private Sub rbtnBlack_CheckedChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles rbtnBlack.CheckedChanged
rtbxTextEditor.SelectionColor = Color.Black
End Sub
Private Sub rbtnRed_CheckedChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles rbtnRed.CheckedChanged


Is there a way that I could write a sub (I'm assuming I would use a sub, since I don't think I need to return anything, thus eliminating the use of a function) that would handle the action of changing the selected text color in the rich text box without having to use a separate sub for each radio button? Mind you, per my teacher's specs, she doesn't use a button handler for any of this.

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Make First 60 Characters In A Rich Text Box A Different Color Than The Remaining Text?

Feb 7, 2009

is it possible to make first 60 characters in a rich text box a different color than the remaining text?

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Forms :: Show Text In Column In Rich Text Box?

Oct 15, 2009

I will show 3 columns of text in rich text box. i want show the column border with color.i can separate the texts with tabs or spaces but showing data in columns and cells will improve the visual of my program .

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Output Formatted RTF Text To A Rich Text Box Control?

Feb 24, 2012

Okay, so what I want to do is directly output formatted RTF text to a Rich Text Box control in VB.NET. I don't want to find the text, select it and color it as it is not practical for what I'm doing. I've tried outputting RTF code but that isn't working either. Can I actually do this or will I have to write a dll?

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System Root And Printing Text To A Rich Text Box?

Dec 31, 2011

I am working on an applictation to scan windows files to check for missing files, i have a couple questions on how to do this.I would like to use the %systemroot%system32 that way that it doesn't matter what drive letter it is, i'm not sure how to do this because when i tried it, it told me the file i was looking for didn't exist (in this case C:windowssystem32 undll32.exe) which does exist.  Is there some way to use the %systemroot%?

Also, i am trying to print the resaults to a rich text box such as if rundll32.exe is missing put in the box "rundll32.exe is missing".  How do I allow it to write it in the box, I tried the print command, but it didn't work.

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VS 2010 Transparent/Background On Rich Text Box Or Text Box?

Mar 17, 2012

I've been wanting to create a look like the attached jpeg Ive been looking around for a few hours for a solution to make text boxes transparent or have a background image. I've found a few projects on this form and elsewhere which include transparent text boxes, but every time I try to use it the way I need to--with the text box over a picture box--there are always various rendering errors. Most of the time, the text box is transparent if its just placed on the form (not over any other controls). But when I place them over other controls (like picture boxes), the 'transparent background' always take on the color of the form background.

This is one that I was trying to use. I found a few others around, but they all had the same render errors more or less.[URL]...I figured transparency or background images would have been supported natively. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe I missed something in my searches. I didn't really see anything which adds background images in text boxes (rich or otherwise). At this point, I'd just like anything that works, so it doesn't really need to have transparency--just a simple background image would be great.

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Stop Updating The User Display Of A Control (rich Text Box) Temporarily?

Nov 15, 2011

Can I stop updating the user display of a control (rich text box) temporarily? I want it to process what I tell but not change how it looks for just a small piece of code.

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Change Text's Color In Rich Text Box?

Oct 20, 2010

How can I change certain text's color (like Visual Studio does with "Public Class" or "Public Sub") is inside of a Rich Text Box?

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Fully Justify Text In Rich Text Box?

Jun 27, 2009

How can I fully justify text in rich text box?

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Image And Text Transfering From 1 Rich Text Box To Another

Dec 25, 2009

I want to transfer data from one rich text box to another but when i use RichTextbox2.text = RichTextbox1.text it transfer just text not images.if there is any way to do so?

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Large Chunks Of Text In A Rich Text Box?

Apr 22, 2010

I have ~ 1 page how to that is currently in a text file which I want to add to a richtext box.I am just wondering if there is some way I can just copy/paste it so it keeps its formatting etc.

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Multiple Text Colors In Rich Text Box?

Jun 20, 2010

have more than one text color in the Rich Text Box, because when I highlight one word and use the color changer, it changes ALL of the words in the text box, and I want to know how to be able to have a specific word, or words, be a different color.

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Protect Specific Text In Rich Text Box

May 2, 2010

I want to protect specific text in rich text box , I tried with

RichTextBox1.Select(1, 100)
RichTextBox1.SelectionProtected = True

above code is working fine but when i retreive data from database in .rtf format & I try to protect some text then its not working in first time it works second time

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Rich Text Box - Colouring Specific Text

Sep 2, 2011

what I am trying to do is create an effect in a richtextbox so when the user types any text surrounded by Brackets { } is coloured a different colour to the rest of the text say blue for example. How would I go about doing this?

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Rich Text Box Get One Word From Line Of Text

Nov 12, 2010

In my program, I have retrieved several lines of text in RichTextBox1.text. I need to get a

name(without the colon) using a keyword that is on the same line.[code...]

Lets say I set a keyword "vacation" and I need the code to get the name Sara that is in the same

line.I have seen some tutorials that retrieve left, middle, right that gets maybe the last two

letters in the string etc but I need it to get the Name without the colon.

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Search For Text BackColor In A Rich Text Box?

Nov 23, 2009

I'm trying to make a program that can do some statistics on text in a rich text box. I'd like to count the number of instances where text appears with a certain back color, for example where text is "highlighted" with yellow.

There seems to be no function to get the backcolor of text at a specific index, you can only get the backcolor of text which is selected, like this:

Dim backColor As Color
backColor = RichTextBox.SelectionBackColor

This means, by applying this nasty trick, I would have to manually select every character in the rich text box before I can find the backcolor:

For i = 0 To RichTextBox.Text.Length
RichTextBox.Select(i, 1)
If RichTextBox.SelectionBackColor = Color.Yellow Then
yellows = yellows + 1
End If

However, this takes a very long time, because the program has to select and deselect every character.

What options are there to speed up the process? Disabling the paint event?

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Set A Line Of Text Link In Rich Text Box?

Jul 21, 2009

I want set a line of text link in rich text box of Like for example: I want to know you

The word want, I want to set a link word.

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Tabbed Rich Text Box Text Color?

Apr 9, 2011

So I've tried a few different things I though may work, and none of them do. I can't figure out how to change the color of the text within the selected rich text box inside a tab control.

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Take Certain Text From A Webpage And Paste It Into A Rich Text Box In VB?

Feb 5, 2011

Is it possible to take certain text from a web page and paste it into a Rich Text Box in Visual Basic? I'm going to use this to generate a bunch of keywords and I want to highlight just the keyword paste it into the Rich Text Box. How can I do this? Also a better way to describe this is almost scraping the keywords through all that code and putting them into the richtextbox.

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VS 2008 - Rich Text Box - Cannot Change Only Text

Aug 5, 2009

I have a rich text box and a fontDialog control. I am using it for the obvious purpose of changing the font of the text in the rtb, which I can do. What I would like to know is how, if there is no text selected inside the rtb, to make it only change the text that is typed after the change. I have already made it so that a selection can be changed independently but cannot make it change only text that is going to be typed if there is nothing selected.

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Forms :: Use The Clipboard To Take Information From A Rich Text Box And Send It To The Clipboard

Oct 7, 2010

I'd like to ask if anyone knows how to properly use the clipboard to take information from a rich text box and send it to the clipboard. You see, if I try the following, which is pulling text from a rich text box, named RichTextBox2:


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Send Information To Website Text Area, Click Submit Then Parse Results To Get Text

Jun 11, 2011

Ok so here is the HTML of the page:

<!-- Generated by F12 developer tools. This might not be an accurate representation of the original source file -->
<html lang="en" xml:lang="en" xmlns=""><head>
<meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="content-type">


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Importing Information From Comma Delimited Text File To Text Box?

Jun 16, 2012

I need to be able to select a title from a listbox (lstBooks) and I need the data from a comma delimited text file (books.txt) to flow into a form (frmDetails)when I click the UpdateToolStripMenu button. Program is attached.

Attached File(s) (100.45K)
Number of downloads: 7

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Read Information From Text File And Put It In Text Boxes On A Form

Jan 2, 2010

I have a text file containing 10 pieces of information. I want to read the information from the text file and put it in text boxes on a form, so that the user can view the information and edit if required. What is the best way of approaching this?

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Build A Text File Of The User Information?

Jun 27, 2011

I am using VB and would like to build a text file that contains the user's computer specification, software, hardware and specifically the USB data.

How would I go about doing this?

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[2008] Use The Treeview To Display The Text Of A Rtf (rich Text File) File When An Specific Node If Clicked?

Aug 30, 2009

Hi, i'm trying to use the treeview to display the text of a rtf (rich text file) file when an specific node if clicked.HomeOMGWOOTFor example, if i pick OMG, i want the text of lol.rtf to be displayed on a richtextbox. But somehow i just can't manage to get it... I know to import the text of a .txt file to a textbox, but using the treeview makes it more complicated.This is the code im using right now:

Private Sub TreeView1_NodeMouseClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.TreeNodeMouseClickEventArgs) Handles TreeView1.NodeMouseClick
Select Case e.Node.Index
Case 0


Another thing is, that i can't import the *.rtf text into a richtextbox and i don't know why.

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