How To Make An Msflexgrid

Feb 6, 2010

Ihave been looking for two days, and have not been able to place an msflexgrid or an mshflexgrid on my program. Any ideas what I must be missing? I am using vb in vs 2008 pro. Just building a simple windows form application


MsFlexGrid Error In .net?

Dec 21, 2011

I just used MsFlex grid In my project. Its working in XP, but shot showing error in windows 7. error message like dll not found. But msflexgrid dll file included correctly.Still the same problem.

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Using MSFlexGrid Or Datagrid?

Mar 17, 2010

im currently developing a system. it's a tracking system and an alpha currently im using datagrid to view thousands of records in foxpro free table in my vb form, how to export the datagrid into an excel for reporting but there is none..

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Looping Insert Through Msflexgrid?

Mar 3, 2012

i have a textbox,flexgrid and a button. this is my problem. when i input data in the textbox, the data will be added to the flexgrid using textmatrix. and if i click the command button. the data on the flexgrid will be registered to the sql table.however, if there's two or more data (different data) on the flexgrid. the data will be registered to the mysql but the data is same with each other.

the input is :

1st row: (3500)
2nd row: (2000)
3rd row: (1000)

but the output (in the sql table) is this.

1st row: (3500)
2nd row: (3500)
3rd row: (3500)

this is my code in the command button.conn.Execute "INSERT INTO tbl_purchaseDetails(Quantity) VALUES('" & gridpr.TextMatrix(gridpr.RowSel, 0) & "')"..BTW i am using navicat to connect my sql.

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Uprading MSFlexGrid To .net Datagridview?

Jul 22, 2011

I want to upgrade MSFlexGrid to .net datagridview,what is equivalent code for these code? With gridview

If .Row > .FixedRows Then
bDoNotEdit = True
.Row = .Row - 1[code]....

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Application Crashes When Use MSFlexgrid In 64 Mode?

May 21, 2010

In my application (VB2008),I am using MS flex grid and it was workingfine on 32bit mode. When I tried to compile the same code base in 64 bit ,it crashes the application.

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Datagridview - Porting A VB6 Application With Msflexgrid

Mar 17, 2009

I am porting a vb6 application to One of the key forms has a large msflexgrid on it - about a 1000 columns and 50 rows. It has 2 header rows - the first header row has merged cells to form a main header and the second row has sub headings. There is no requirement for any data entry and it's unbound. The code does the work in deciding what to display (if anything) in each cell. It is solely used to display data in the form of a character and a coloured background and to display a tooltip text with more information when you mouse over it. Works beautifully in vb6. I'm trying to decide whether to:

a) use the vb6 msflexgrid in the .net version
b) use the datagridview - which at a first glance seems to have a problem merging the cells on the header row
c) build my own custom control to do the job

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How To Get Image From Vb6 MSFlexGrid OLEDragDrop Event

Jan 28, 2010

I have a VB project that is converted from VB6 to VB.NET.In this, I have a MSFlexGrid that is used as an interop compatibiliy. That means it is somewhat converted to .NET, but internally, many of the mechanisms are still from VB6/COM.I need to drag an image from a PictureBox (which is .NET) and drop it on the flexgrid.

This is what I do to initialize the drag:

Private Sub picStartSymbol_MouseDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles picStartSymbol.MouseDown
picStartSymbol.DoDragDrop(picStartSymbol.Image, DragDropEffects.Copy)
End Sub


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Insert Data From MSFLEXGRID Into MS Word?

Mar 2, 2010

I am using the following code and I am able to create a new WORD Document and create a Table inside it and insert data into it sucessfully from a MSFLEXGRID (just like a datagrid) on my form. I would appreciate if anyone could tell me how to achieve the same but by inserting the data into a specific document saved as ("c:123.doc") with a table already created inside it.

I just don't want to create a new word file everytime and then create a table and then do the insert.I want to keep my 123.doc with a formatted table inside it and all i need is to insert data from the Grid into it.

Dim oWord As Object
Dim oDoc As Object
Dim oTable As Object
Dim oSelection As Object


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MSFlexGrid Design Time License?

Jul 29, 2002

When trying to edit an exisiting or trying to create a new dialog with a MSFlexGrid I get the following error
The ActiveX control "Microsoft FlexGrid Control, version 6.0" could not be instantiated because it requires a design-time license.

Any one know how to get a "design-time license" for the MSFlexGrid control.

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Restore Scrolling Position After A MSFlexGrid Reload?

May 12, 2012

I have a fixed-size pane for displaying MSFlexGrid rows, and, when the number of rows exceeds the pane capacity, a vertical scroll bar is displayed. If the user scolls downward, and selects a lower row for action, I want the display to be restored (approximately) after the grid is reloaded.row selection is maintained explicitly by code: If the action is a change in row data, the successor row will be selected (by code); if the action is row deletion, the preceeding row will be selected (by code). Since the grid must be reloaded following the change, MSFlexGrid will present the first n rows by default. (The grid must be reloaded because the actions may have affected the presentation order.)How can I force a scrolling repositioning after a grid reload? In my imagination I see a sequence somewhat like make-non-visible, reload-grid, set-scroll-position, make-visible, set-new-row-selection. Is something like this easily done?

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Set Column Width In MSFlexGrid (Studio 20008)?

Mar 10, 2012

I'm at the Studio 2008 stage in migrating from VB6 to Studio 2010. My application appears to run OK for the most part, but my MSFlexGrid display's single column is just 8 or 10 characters wide -- it should span the entire grid display (i.e., have the same width as the grid).The Studio 2008-Upgraded code sets several grid properties correctly, but the statement ".ColWidth(0) = .Width" (in the scope of a With block) causes an error. So does the statement ".TextMatrix(0, 0) = string".

Not only are these properties not included in the upgraded control (now identified as AxMSFlexGrid), but some column-related properties are greyed out in the properties list. My grid size was set originally by cursor drag, and the present .Size sub-properties of .Width and .Height are set to the numbers 593 and 329, respectively. (My form has a fixed size and is user-moveable but not user resizable.)

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Cannot Find A Way To Make A Program That Write Make A Shortcut In Start Menu For All Users

Jun 6, 2009

I cannot find a way to make a program that I write make a shortcut in the start menu for all users.My final goal is to make an MSI and deploy it in group policy to all users on a computers OU. Is this possible?

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Make Code Which Can Make Copying A File In A Particular Drive Invalid/access Denied?

Aug 29, 2009

can we make code which can make copying a file in a particular drive invalid/access denied?

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Make Loop To Make Certain Thing Happen About 10-30 Times Without Taking In Too Much Memory / CPU?

Oct 16, 2011

A few years ago I have been busy creating this application but it didn't succeed, now Im coming back to it and similar problems occur. Basically I use SetPixel on a given window to draw a line, work fine, but the line goes away as the window redraws itself.The problem: I have been putting timers and threads on it to make sure the line is being drawn. Is there any way to make a loop to make a certain thing happen about 10-30 times without taking in too much memory/CPU?

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Make Trig/pre-calc Class A Little Easier And Make A 'app' That Solves Triangles?

Jan 13, 2010

Public Class form1
Private Sub btnAnswer_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnAnswer.Click[code]........

how can i make vb realize that the side that is opposite of the given angle, has to be less than the other sides. Also im not sure what Acamar meant by If txtAngleA.Text <> "" AndAlso txtAngleB.Text <> "" AndAlso txtSideA.Text <> "" Then 'two angles and a side Because im not sure what <> does.

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VS 2008 Make Button Open A Program And Make It Windows Size?

Aug 23, 2009

How do i make my button open a program and make it windows size?

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VS 2008 Make Some Kind Of Loop Inside A Timer To Make Them Change?

Dec 14, 2010

Basically I have 10 .png images.They contain a walk cycle I need to make some kind of loop inside a timer to make them change.

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Make A Certian Function That Will Fade Out [make A Black Screen That Fades Out For 2 Seconds] Then Come Back?

Oct 12, 2010

Can I make a certian function that will fade out [make a black screen that fades out for 2 seconds], then come back? Is that possible? ON A FORM.

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Make Make Syntax Highlighting And Keyboard Behavior Identical For C# In Visual Studio 2008?

Aug 25, 2010

Types have their own color (cyan by default).Enter completes the auto-complete suggestion.

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VS 2008 - Make A Loop From 1 To 100 And Make It Everytime It Loops Display Incrementing Numbers To The Screen?

Aug 23, 2009

How do I make a loop from 1 to 100 and make it everytime it loops display incrementing numbers to the screen?

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Make A Translator - Translateevery Single Letter And Make It 1 Word

Sep 7, 2009

I want to make a translator like this: [URL]...I have already made two textboxes and a button. If I type in textbox 1 abc then textbox 2 must say nop. I already know the If textbox1.text = "abc" then textbox2.text = nop. I don't want that i want to translate the a to a n and the b to a o and the c to p. So i want to translate every single letter and make it 1 word. Its like a secret code. My language looks like that a=nb=oc=pd=qe=rf=sg=th=ui=vj=wk=xl=ym=z n=ao=bp=cq=dr=es=ft=gu=hv=iw=jx=ky=l z=m

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Add Music - Make A Button Make A Sound Out When Pressed?

Jun 21, 2010

I wanna ask how to code to make a button make a sound out when pressed? Can you add sound files to it, like a mp3 file?

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Make VB Code To Take Apart A Word To Make Sure It Has Required Letters?

Sep 10, 2010

I've been looking through the book I own and I've been looking online but I just don't understand what code would I write to have it check the text box or input box for the right letters in a word?

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VS 2008 Make From Image To Make It Loading Screen

May 19, 2010

Can i make from this image to make it Loading Screen I mean i put this in Form1 [URL] And i want when the program start the progressbar (the white line to load)

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Do= Make A Program That Will Make Multiple Accounts?

Dec 30, 2010

what im trying to do= make a program that will make multiple accounts


ok what i type in textbox(es) "1" i want it typed on a "3"{a} when i hit the "2"[button1]i really dont have any idea what im doing i know ill need to have a webrowser to load the but i have no clue what the name of the boxes are called on the webpage

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Make A Program In VB Make A Sound When It Starts?

Jun 9, 2011

Me and a friend are making an app which we need to play a sound when Form1 is started. How do we do this? I don't mind code.

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Make Textboxes Dynamically And Make A Controll?

Sep 15, 2011

I make textboxes dynamically and make a controll (see code)

Only last textbox is visible How to create controll for all textboxes


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Make A Butten Make A Noise?

Oct 2, 2009

when i click a butten how would i get it to make a noise, and how would i do this in stepsI like.....

Understandable Answers
1 2 3 4 5
- - - - - Rate yourself And Have A Kitkat


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Make A New Class But Not Let The IDE Make The Designer

Jan 30, 2010

ok so i've  got a Form class that inherits from System.Windows.Forms

the problem is that once i put that line in, the IDE automatically converts it into a class that has Designer enabled. how do i stop this behavior?

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Make A Html File With "tags" To Make A Music Database?

Nov 11, 2010

heey guys, befoure I explain the problem. I know some vb coding so you can just give me some codes and I can add it to the program. ok,

I want to make a html file with "tags" to make a music database,

<Song Number="1" Name="Memories" Artist="David guetta" Category="Pop">

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Make A 'like' Statement Or Use Some Kind Of Wildcard To Make The Statement Not Case Sensitive?

Jul 11, 2010

I'm building a listview search feature in my app. (See the code below). It works really well, except if you search "T" then the code removes all items, if you search "t" then it removes every item except for those starting with "t". Is there any way to make a 'like' statement, or use some kind of wildcard to make the statement not case sensitive?

For Each itm As ListViewItem In ListView2.Items
If itm.Text Like TextBox1.Text & "*" Or itm.SubItems.Item(1).Text Like TextBox1.Text & "*" Then


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Make App Added To "open With Menu" Sub Menu Which Appears When User Make Right Click On Any File?

Jun 21, 2011

I have made an app and I want to add it to " open with menu" sub menu which appears when user make right click on any file ie I made photo viewer app and I want to add it to "open with menu" so user when make right click on any photo and go to  "open with menu" sub menu will find my app name to chose it to open the photo with it  

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Make The Invoice Number Increase As Make Each New Invoice?

Jan 31, 2012

how do i make the invoice number increase as i make each new invoice. i want to save each invoice then as i make the next one i want the number to increase,then be able to save that one and so on...

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Make Application Working Better And Never Freeze / Make Application Working With Any Count For Loop Without Freeze

Jan 19, 2012

I'm using loop to read data from sql and then make some calculations then save it again to another table but when application loop for 3 or 4 times it's freeze but the job is done but if loop = 10 or more then it is freeze and hangup for long time .i need to learn how to make my application working better and never freeze and make application working with any count for loop without freeze .

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Cannot Make Changes To DB

Mar 25, 2009

I'm having trouble getting my changes to post back into the DB. I am using Access 2000 for the time being (switching over to SQL 2005 in a few 3 or 4 months). I'm having a lot of trouble converting some of the old code from VB6 to .Net 2008, mainly where database interaction is concerned.


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How To Make Exe

Jul 21, 2011

I make a simple form but use some icons and Third party activeX control.during designing its working well. Now i want to make exe and install to another computer. How i will make exe with activex and what we need to run the project on another comuoter if it have not vb2008?

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How To Make Log In For FTP.

Jun 8, 2011

I currently have been coding this.[CODE...]

But, I want to have the UsernameBox.text and PasswordBox.text on another form, so if the login fails, then it exits the application.If login is successful, then form2 loads and they can press the upload button.

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Make A OS In .net?

Aug 20, 2010

Make a OS in .net?

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Make A Pop Up Box?

Jun 22, 2010

if it is possible to make a pop up box, that is actually used for a little note holder instead of a premade message box? and if so..can you tell me how to accomplish this?

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