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How To Show Data Record In Textbox

Please any genius can help me about how to display record in text box.and my database is attached in my project not with sql [code]with this connection how i show data record in text box please every one Student

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DB/Reporting :: How To Show Every Record In A Field In A Textbox
I am using VB 2008 and SQL Server 2005. I have a texbox in which I need to show the field 'domain' from the table x. I am getting the field in the format needed from a stored procedure.Below is the Vb code that I am using in which I am getting an error message: Invalid attempt to read when no data is this line sDomain = sDomain & " " & v_DR!Search


Posted: 01-23-2009

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Record Aren't Showing - DataGridView1 Does Not Show The Data On My Testdb.mdb
My DataGridView1 does not show the data on my testdb.mdb i need to fix this first before i continue on adding records on my db.

Imports System.Data.OleDb

Public Class Customer

Dim con As OleDbConnection


Posted: Dec, 2011

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Searching Record Using A Combobox To Display The Data In A Textbox Or Lablelbox
I have a problem searching my record using a Combobox to display the data in a textbox or lablelbox

txtUsername.text = rs!username
lblAddress.text = rs!Address

Posted: 2011

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Task Pull Data From Datagrid To Textbox Then Navigate To Next Record?
i tried my level best to achieve my task i have succeeded to pull the current row from datagrid to textbox but can not move to the next or previous record

Public Class Form1
Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load


Posted: 07 April 2011

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Collect All Data From Db To Show In Textbox?
I have 4 textboxs in my new form. and each of them, i want the data from the db show in the txtbox.[code]...

Posted: 12 June 2010

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VS 2008 Using A Label To Show Textbox Data
Does anyone know how to make label1 show the data in textbox1? I simply can't figure it out.Value of type 'System.Windows.Forms.TextBox' cannot be converted to 'System.Windows.Forms.Label'.

Posted: Sep 6th, 2009

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[2008] Show Data From Sql Table To Textbox?
My sql database is :and on form1 objects is 5 X Textbox and 1X numericupdown I want with numericupdown value=1 then first 5 rows column name fill on the 5 textbox and so numericupdown value =2 then fill second 5 rows fill on the 5 textbox and so for all rows repeat.

Posted: Feb 8th, 2009

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Sql - Datareader To Read A Data From Database Filter And Show In Textbox?
i have a form with one combobox and textbox now on other hand i have a sql database named balance with two column one as customername and and another as obbalance now i had binded all the customer name to the combobox now what i have to do is wen user selects a customername from the combobox the textbox should show the obbalance of the selected?

Posted: Apr 27 11 at 11:27

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Display Record From Table To Gridview On Page Load And Also Search Record For Particular Fields Using Textbox.
My database : table1

1 Sumit 22
2 Sanjeev 23

i have gridview 1 and textbox1 and button1 i want when pages load the gridview displays the all records from table1 and also ...i i wanna search record for firstname by typing sumit in textbox1 and click on button1 then in gridview the record of sumit will be shown default gridview display alll records from table1 How to do this My Selct Query is below : but it doesnot display all record ...but it can display record if you search for a particular record .


Posted: Jan 23 11 at 7:48

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Show Data In Textbox When Mouse Click On Any Cell Grid In .net With Text File?
how to show data in textbox when mouse click on any cell grid in with text file?

Posted: June 30, 2010

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VS 2010 MsgBoxStyle - YesNo - Show The "record Has Been Added" And Save/insert Data Even If Chose "no" Button
My system still show the "record has been added" and save/insert the data even if i chose the "no" button. I think I miss something on our codes. Should I add something?

Here's the scenario: If "Yes" (button) will be clicked, it'll save the data and clear the fields. If "no" (button), it'll clear the fields and shouldn't save anything.

Here are the codes:

Private Sub btnsave_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnsave.Click
If newname.Text = "" Or newaddress.Text = "" Then
MsgBox("Please fill-up all the requirements.", vbExclamation, "*** System")


Posted: Jul 6th, 2011

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Save Data In Table First Delete Record Then Insert Record
I use This Code To Save Data in Table First I delete record Then Insert record

Posted: December 03, 2011

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Security - Textbox On Form - User Inputs Data ( During Runtime ) Data Remains In Textbox For Good And Textbox Becomes Read Only ?
Is it possible to have a Textbox on a form that when the user inputs data, ( during Runtime )that data remains in the Textbox for good and the Textbox then becomes read only ? Is it also possible to make it so that the CD with the programme on, is in the PC when the programme is being used. Perhaps writing the Textbox data back onto the CD ?

Posted: 08 January 2010

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Other Way To Show Top 100 Record In Dataset
Syntax error: Missing operand after 'top' operator.on line below dg.DataSource = dsResult.Tables("aTable").Select("RowID in (select top (100) [RowID] from aTable)")

Does anyone other way to do this.

BTW the rowID is just a unique id.

Posted: April 16, 2012

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Show The Name Of Record In Database In Combobox
i have form that save data in sql database use linq ince of column is related to othere table ID i need some how show the name of record in database in combobox but when i select it combobox return the id of it

Posted: March 14, 2011

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UI Controls Show Much Less Record Than DataTable?
I have very strange problem, here it is: I have a quite large MS Access Database (2003) containing exactly 68020 records (rows). The problem is, when i read the entire database directly toa data representation control like DataGridView or Listbox,only 66710 records are returned. The weird thing is: If i load the entire database to a in-memory datatable object, rows.count gives "correct" amount of records as expected, that is 68020What is the reason of that? Why DataGridView or other controls cannot have records more than 66710 items? Is there an internal limitation? (That's dread if there is).

Posted: February 22, 2011

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Added Record Always Show On Search Results?
I have written a code which adds some information to a database. No problem with that since the records get inside the database. My problem is that the record I added always shows up on my Search. I tried changing the variables so that none will have the same names between the two forms but it still shows.Example:

1. I added a record of a book which has an id of 1, name of Cisco, and total of 50. I added it thru the debug function.

2. I added a record of a book which has an id of 2, name of Link, and total of 30. This time, I added it directly on the database file itself.

2. I created a search button which will show records depending on the input of the user.If I type "1" for the ID, the first record will appear on the datagrid. If I type "2" for the ID, both records will appear. If I type "3" which I doesn't have any record with, the FIRST record will still appear. To summarize it, the record that I added through the program itself will always show up on the query results, no matter what I type into.

Dim command As New OleDb.OleDbCommand
Dim adapter2 As New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter
Dim bkId, bkTtl As Integer


Posted: 18 March 2011

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Count Child Record And Show Zero If Empty
I'm fine with both C# and VB.NET..I have two tables. Authors and Books. It's a one to many relationship, Authors to Books. I'm writing a query to show how many books that each author has.[code]But in the Authors table, there are some authors without any books yet. For example, there two authors, Author D and Author E that have no books yet. I want to write query that includes all authors and number of ther books, even though they don't have any book yet, no record in the Books table yet.

Posted: Jul 4 11 at 9:30

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DataGridView Doesn't Show ShortTime Record
I'm using a DataGridView that gets its data from table in Microsoft Access, one of the fields is a Short Time type record (e.g 16:00) but when the DataGridView is loaded it shows the record as "16:00 12/31/1899" and never shows only the ShortTime.

Posted: Jun 16 at 20:22

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Forms :: Show A Picture For The Actual Record?
I have a access database connected to a project in Visual Basic Express 2008.This is a database for items I have.I my database, when I change reccord from one item to another, I try to have a picturebox to display acutal picture for the item.

Dim NKnr As ????
If NKnr = txtNKnr Then
picFrimerke.Image = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile("C:Program FilesFrimBas

the value in "txtNKnr" referer to a picture with the same name in given folder.

Posted: 01-19-2010

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How To Show And Save Latest Record On Form With Label
How to Show and Savelatest record on 2008 form with Label? I have a form to insert database to file *.mdb (Ms Access). But after I inserted database I want it save and show record that I just added on form. It's mean that current save without database...Show and Save Direct on Form's Label.

Posted: December 05, 2010

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Show Specific Dates Record There In Crystal Report
I can show information by specific ID there in crystal report by following code.


Posted: 2010

View 1 Replies!   View Related - Show Error Message In Literal If No Record Found In Database?
how to show error msg in literal if no record found in database according to the text entered in textbox1 and textbox2 else if show record in gridview if the text entered in textbox1 and textbox2 will be found in database ...

Posted: Jan 14 11 at 18:13

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DB/Reporting :: Adding New Record On Form Load - Show Correct Row ID
In an attempt to learn VB I'm trying to build a database project for a friend's business. This db will be used to track customer information, predominantly for targeted marketing purposes. So far, the development has been slow (I'm still trying to adapt from VBA to VB), but its all starting to make sense now. I'm using two different forms for adding new customers and reviewing the information of existing customers, mainly because the database will grow by about 2,500 customers per year and we wanted to be able to search the records without returning every record when the forms load. Most of this works so far, but I'm having trouble with two issues.

When I open the new customer entry form, I want the form to automatically begin entering data without clicking the "Add New" button. The second problem involves the row ID from the database. It keep showing up as "-1", "-2" etc. The row ID records properly in the table, so no big deal. I have read that this problem is a bug in VB and that its nothing to worry about. However, down the road I will need to access the correct row ID from this same form in order to print out a report for the customer (as needed).

For what its worth here is the code I have so far:
'Update current record when the form closes
Private Sub frmNewCustomer_FormClosing(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.FormClosingEventArgs) Handles Me.FormClosing
[Code] .....

Posted: 05-05-2008

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Handling RowDataBound Causes Dynamically-bound GridView To Show Only First Record
I have a GridView control which I am dynamically binding to a DataTable which is populated by a query built based on a set of selected options.What I am trying to do is simply handle the RowDataBound event in order to format specific rows based on the value of a database field. The code in this event handler works fine. My problem is, calling this event causes the GridView to only display the first record in the DataTable, almost as if the Gridview stops after binding to the DataTable after the first row is bound. I have attempted adding the handler dynamically, but I get the same results.I know for a fact that there is sufficient data being returned (the DataTable fills with all of the records, and the GridView shows all the records fine when not touching the RowDataBound event).

I'm adding the handler immediately after generating the query, filling the DataTable, and binding the GridView: [code]I have also determined that, when handling RowDataBound, the GridView's DATABOUND event never gets fired; it seems to stop binding right after binding the first row.

Posted: Jun 28 11 at 14:20

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Refresh A Datagridview In Code To Show To Show New Data In DB?
How do you refresh a datagridview in code to show to show new data in the DB?

Posted: Nov 7th, 2010

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Show Right Click Options On The Selected List View Record Only - Winforms C#.NET?
The ContextMenuStrip tied to the ListView control. However, the right click option (edit)appear where ever i click on the ListView area, this gives me exceptional error because the implementation of edit can only cope with a selected row. I only want it to appear when on a selected row (blue highlighted row). How can i do it?

Posted: May 25 10 at 10:14

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Forms :: VbLF - Use The Rich Text Box Control And Show A Given Record In Rows Of 100 Characters Each
I am trying to create a viewer for files with large (sometimes over 2,000 characters) records. I want to use the rich text box control and show a given record in rows of 100 characters each. I have set the font to Courier New and sized the RTB appropriately to show the records correctly. However, if there is a record with 80 consecutive alpha characters followed by a space, then 120 consecutive alpha characters, the RTB separates the line at the space, as if there were a vbLF there. This happens in other cases, but I haven�t been able to figure out how the RTB decides when to break the line.


Posted: 03-23-2011

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Retrieve The Record And Display The Record In A Listbox Displaying The Time Field As The Text For That Record?
I hav a web service which pull records from a database and I am hosting these services in IIS which works fine but I am trying to retrieve the record and display the record in a listbox displaying the time field as the text for that record.I have created the following function

public sub get_data()
dim dt as new data.dataTable
dim service as ws webservice.webservice


Posted: Apr 18 09

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More Than One Record In Textbox
[code] the user can input a 'receipt id' into a textfile press the button search and it will input the details of that particular receiptid into 6 different textbox's;What I want to do is move away from this and instead show every saved receipt that's in the database in the textbox's.(I am using MySQL)I've heared that using loops may achieve what I aim to do but havn't found any code online that uses mysql.

Posted: 29 June 2011

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More Than One Record In Textbox?
Okay so this is the code I am using at the moment

cmd.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM receipt where idreceipt= '" & Text_search.Text & "'"
cmd.Connection = connect


Posted: March 14, 2012

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Print And Delete All Data/record In Data Grid View?
i have a form which search data in specific date and show result in the datagridview, what i want is that when delete button is clicked all datas that in the datagridview will be deleted sameway in the database

Posted: Feb, 2012

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Updating A Record From A Textbox
i try to create a windows form that act something smilar to a cash machine i managed to enter a mount with my first button then my second button is for withdrawing money it checks the amount in the text amount if it is higher than the amount the small dat hold in the amount it will throw an error message if it is less or equal it write the amount in the text box my goal is to deduct that amount in the textbox amount from the amount already at the database.[code]

Posted: Aug 20th, 2010

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