Keypad On Differents Text Box

Nov 4, 2010

I need to write some values from a keypad.If I write on the keypad's code the specific textbox where the value has to be written, there is no problem, but as I have many differents text box, I'd like to have something more general.What I'd like the keypad to do is to modify a global variable, so when I press the OK button on the keypad (to validate the number) this variable is refreshed and written on the right text box (on the text box in the form which called the keypad).As the form which contains the text box is already open (the keypad is just a pop-up form) I can't managed to refresh the text box and it remains with the same value as when I opened that form.


Office Automation :: Textfile To Excel - Read Two Text Files And Write In Differents Tabs

Mar 26, 2011

I am trying to read two text files and write in differents tabs.

Dim xl As Object
xl = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
xl.Visible = False
Dim i As Integer


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Make A Crystal Report With Data Fetched From Two Differents Tables?

Mar 29, 2010

Im using and I need to fetch data from two different tables and display it in form of report. These are the schemas and data of my two tables:

CREATE TABLE personal_details (staff_ID integer PRIMARY KEY, title varchar(10), fn varchar(250), ln varchar(250), mn varchar(250), dob varchar(50), hometown varchar(250), securityno varchar(50), phone varchar(15), phone2 varchar(15), phone3 varchar(15), email varchar(250), address varchar(300), confirmation varchar(50), retirement varchar(50), designation varchar(250), region


My problem is that nothing displays on the report unless I take off either the training fields or the personal_details fields from the report.

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Numeric Keypad Not Working With Calculator

May 11, 2010

I am having trouble getting the numeric keypad on my keyboard to work with my calculator. btn0 - btn9 are working, but the numeric keys +,_,*,/ are not working. They input the sign into the text box instead of clicking the button associated with the function on the calculator. I would like to be able to use the calculator as a 10 key adding machine of sorts. [Code]

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Popup Numeric Keypad For Touchscreen App?

Aug 26, 2009

I am running a VB app that I developed in Visual Studio 2008. This app runs on an XP machine with a touch screen without a keyboard plugged in. I would like to add a popup numeric keypad for the user when a data field is touched. Can anyone tell me what is needed to create the keypad?

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Each Button To Represent Numbers Like On A Calulator Of Keypad

Aug 10, 2009

I am creating a Point of Sale software for a small company I work for. I am a beginner with Visual Studio and have just stumbled my way around. I have completed the GUI and would like to start assigning code. The problem I am having is assigning numbers to a keypad on the screen. I would like each button to represent numbers like on a calulator of keypad. When these are pressed they need to input into TextBox2.

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VB2010 - Input Values To Several Textboxes Using A Visual Created Keypad?

Apr 12, 2012

I have some problems with coding my visual keypad in order to input a value when the selected textbox has focus.With the code below makes the value I chose in all the textboxes.

Here the code:

'Number pad section------------------------------------------------
'Number 1
Private Sub Button5_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button5.Click


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Send The Keypad Number Not 7 But "NumPad7"

Dec 5, 2009

What i really want is to send the keypad number not 7 but "NumPad7". i dont know how to do that from sendkeys

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Sql :: Find A Specific Line Of Text In A Text Document And Insert The Next 37 Lines Of Text Into A Database?

Feb 5, 2011

I have an SQL database, and 50 text files, and Visual Basic 2010 Premimum,I need to find a specific line of text in the text files and then take the next 37 lines of text and save them in my database. I need advice as to point me in the right direction

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VS 2008 : LblTotal.Text = Val(Form2.label.Text) + Val(Form3.label2.Text) Not Working?

Feb 25, 2010

I am creating a Pizza Order program as part of my coursework college. why something isn't working.


lblTotal.Text = Val(Form2.lblPizzaTotal.Text) + Val(Form3.lblDrinksTotal.Text)

The code above is what I am using to add the Value of Label 1 (Pizza Total) and Label 2 (Drinks Total), however it seems that in the final total it doesn't appear to add the value of Label 2.

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Format Text - Rich Text Box - Where The User Will Be Entering Information - The Text Is Black

Aug 11, 2011

On the main form of my application, I have a Rich Text Box which is where the user will be entering information. The text is black. then, i have a button which calls the dialogue "Notes" A dialogue appears, with a rich text box. the user should then be able to enter text into the box, click "OK", and the text entered into the Notes dialogue be inserted to the rich text box on the main form -- with the font colour "Red". The rest of the text in the main rich text box on the main form should remain black.

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How To Make The Text In A Text Box Into A Text File That Auto-creates In A Specific

Jan 24, 2011

make the text in a text box into a text file that auto-creates in a specific?

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IDE :: Make Search Bar Take The Text In The Text Bar And Add It Into A Pre Defined Weblink And Replace A Bit Of Text?

May 25, 2010

Im trying to make a search bar that has a Go button now heres where it gets diffcuilt How do i make this search bar take the text in the the text bar and add it into a pre defined weblink and replace a bit of text with that word in the search bar so the user types into the text bar for example they type in NAME HERE so when you click go it taxt for instance [URL] now how could i make it so when you hit the GO button that it takes the text in the textbox and and replaced REPLACE TEXT in the pre defined address and put NAME HERE into the address and then load it up with a web browser and also how would i make it open up with the web browser that the person is useing (since lods of people use diffrent web browsers)

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Make The Text In A Text Box Into A Text File That Auto-creates In A Specific?

Aug 15, 2011

make the text in a text box into a text file that auto-creates in a specific?

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VbCrLf Keeps Replacing Text In A Text Box When It's Meant To Be Displaying The Next Block Of Text Below It?

Mar 14, 2011

I'm building a program in which it asks for your name and age and determines a ticket price based upon these details. I want it to show the person's name, then their age, (jump down a line) then their ticket price, and then it jumps down a line to show the next person's name, age and ticket price. Issue is, when it's meant to jump down to show the next person, it just completely deletes the last person's details.I'm using this line of code:

TxtFareShow.Text = (Name & Age & vbCrLf & Price) & vbCrLf

How do I fix this?

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VS 2010 - Rich Text Box - Getting User Text In The Text Changed Event

Jan 20, 2011

I'm Making a Simple syntax highlighter and I'm Doing the highlighting in the text Changed event of a RTB and for obvious reasons I can't re highlight the whole document each time someone presses a key so i highlight one line each time the text changes. But this creates a Problem. If someone pastes code into the RichTextBox It only highlights the last Line. So is there a way to get if the user typed the text in with his keyboard or pasted it from the clipboard in the text Changed event?

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Add Label.text, Datetimepicker.text And ComboBox1.Text Into Listview1?

Nov 13, 2010

I am having trouble adding label.text, datetimepicker.text and ComboBox1.Text into listview1 box.I have set up multiple columns, one for the label, one for the date and one for the combo box text. All i have done is: 


How do i add these in the different columns so that they are all in one single row.

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Insert Text To Rich Text Field At Text Cursor?

Mar 28, 2010

I have a question, how would i have a button, then when you click it, it puts the text at the text cursor in the RTF?

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Comparing Text Box Text With Listbox Items Text?

Dec 7, 2010

how to Compare text box text with listbox items text in vb.NE

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Listbox.Text Into Combobox.text / Textbox.text

Dec 22, 2011

I am making a webbrowser and it has a history listbox(so it is always changing). I would like it so that if you double click on a listbox item or click on button5, axwebbrowser1 will goto the selected item, then the history form will close. [code]

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When Click Button It Sends Text From First Text Box To Second Text Box

Oct 9, 2010

I just finished reading Hour 3 in Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic 2010 and I got a little stuck. url....Is the section I'm on, on exercise 1. I have the form set up with 1 button and 2 textboxes, but I'm not sure how I could make it so when you click the button it sends the text from the first text box to the second text box.

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VS 2008 - Read Text File - When Click Button Add Text From Combobox Is Added To Text File

Jan 4, 2010

I have one combobox, two buttons (Add and View) and listbox. When I click button Add text from combobox is added to text file. This is code for Add button:


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Text Box Control - Allow The User Of My Application, To Enter The Text "unemployed" Into A Text Box

Jan 27, 2010

A piece of code that will allow the user of my application, to enter the text "unemployed" into a text box and also allow them to enter numbers for how many years the person had been employed for.

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Add A Condition When Textbox1.text Changes , The Added Text To Textbox1.text Is Showed In Another Textbox?

Feb 23, 2012

I want to add a condition when textbox1.text changes , the added text to textbox1.text is showed in another textbox.

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FCL For A Method That Will Allow To Erase A Line Of Text From A Text File And Replace It With Another Line Of Text

Dec 19, 2008

I've been looking through the FCL for a method that will allow me to erase a line of text from a text file and replace it with another line of text. Neither the StreamReader nor StreamWriter have a method for replacing or removing Text from a text file, as does the string object. Are there any available methods for erasing just certain lines of text from a file, and then replacing them with others?

In my code, I'd like to locate a certain line in the text file, and then at that point in the text file, use a For...Next Loop to replace each successive line of the text file with new text:

Dim user_data_file As String = "user_data.txt"
edit_input = New StreamReader(user_data_file)
Dim edit_line As String = edit_input.ReadLine


However, I can't find any methods that will allow me to do this.

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Label.Text = Val(Textbox.Text) / (Textbox.Text) - How To Obtain The Info

Dec 7, 2010

LblPPG.Text = Val(TextBoxPP.Text) / (TextBoxQTY.Text)

This is the only way I know how to obtain the info I need for this equation but if generated again with no input from the textboxes I get an error. Is there anyway to bypass this if its generated a second time with no inputs?

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Find Shortest ,average And Longest Text Length In Text Box In Visual Basic?

Apr 25, 2011

what is the code for finding the shortest,average and longest sentence form the text box

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How Will Change The Label's Text To The Random String Of The Text File On Startup Of The Application

Apr 23, 2011

I have a label that reads a random line from a text file and that string becomes the text for the label.

Now the problem; the label will only work if it is clicked because the event handler is click.What I need is this to work automatically at startup. In other words, it should change the label's text to the random string of the text file on startup of the application.

Here is my code.[code..]

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Make A Program That Sends Text In The Text Box To A Form On A Website And Print The Page As .xps

Aug 30, 2010

I want to make a program that sends text in the text box to a form on a website and print the page as .xps

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Reading A Specific Line From A Text File And Displaying It In Individual Text Boxes?

Feb 16, 2010

I've been writing a weight program for flooded pressure vessels and I'm having trouble retrieving the data from the text files I've been saving. I know how to write the data to the text file, but retrieving it with OpenFileDialog is not so easy for me.The user has individual text boxes that they input strings or numbers into and when they save the file, each text box input is written to one line in the text file. For example, the first text box is for the username, therefore the first line of text that is saved is the person's name, the second text box is the customer, thus the second line in the text file is the customer name, and so on.

(Actually, the first line of text in the saved file designates whether English units were used or Metric units because when the user retrieves the saved file, English units will open one form and Metric units will open a separate form, so some If...Then statement will need to occur).I need to be able to read the first line, have either my "EnglishForm"form open or my "MetricForm" form open, and then have each subsequent line of text be displayed in their corresponding text boxes. I know I need to use ReadLine or LineInput, but I don't have a clue what to do.Assuming the syntax I've displayed below would just magically work (if only life were that easy), it would look something like this

If FirstLineOfTextInFile = "English" Then
ElseIf FirstLineOfTextInFile = "Metric" Then[code]....

And so on...I read a lot of articles from the MSDN library and exhausted each link that I've looked through from Google and Bing, but most only retrieve data from the file to a single text box through some loop or streamreader and don't take into account multiple forms.

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Visual Studio 2010 - TextBox1.text On Form Run Will Focus On The Text Want To Unfocus?

Jun 27, 2011

Just a quick question my textbox1.text seems to get focus when I run the do I cancel any focus to any textbox?I just don't want to select it or anything when I work with it only when the user select or uses it.

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VS 2005 Live Text As In If A User Types An Incorrect Phrase / Letter In A Text Box

Nov 14, 2009

I'm trying to find a way to have text that would be "Live" as in if a user types an incorrect phrase/letter in a text box, a message will appear prior to a "save" button being pressed. It's pretty much the same as when you're registering on these forums, it checks the availabilty of the username as you type it.


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VS 2008 : Stopping A User From Entering Text Or Changing Text In A Textbox Without Disabling It?

Apr 26, 2009

A] Is there any way of stopping a user from entering text or changing text in a textbox without disabling it or

B] Is there a way of changing the texboxes back and fore color whilst it is disabled?

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VS 2010 - Extracting Text - Convert The English Text Shown In Screen To Malayalam

Sep 6, 2010

I'm trying to create a small program, which I think will be helpful to others(in here). My aim is to convert the English text shown in screen to Malayalam. English-to-Malayalam conversion is not a problem. But the problem is, how to extract the text from the screen. In most of the converter/translator, the text needs to be copied or written down in the translator tool. But my program will cut off that part. That is, simply move the program window (having a rectangle hollow portion) to the English word that needs to be converted. And upon pressing a button (or autodetect), the English word is converted to Malayalam.

So, my question is how to extract the English text(or words) from the screen (which is seen through the hollow portion of the window.

Here's a screenshot of what I'm trying to do.

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Webpage Interaction - Read The Text Of The Site And Display A Certain Part Of That Text In Form

Oct 14, 2009

I'm trying to make an application which will log me into a site and read the text of the site and display a certain part of that text in my form. I'm stuck at the login, its a .php page with 2 text boxes, 1 check box and 1 button.Is there any way to manipulate those objects by using controls in my form?

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Automatic Internal Padding Is Pushing My Text 60 Pixels From The Top Of The Control To The Top Of The Text?

May 18, 2012

I am writing a kiosk type application, in winforms (I know WPF would be better, this is just to be a rough and ready solution until I've learnt WPF), using VB.Net (VS2008).I have a label on my form with the font set to Segoe UI, and at 120pt size (yes it's large, it's designed to be read from a distance on a 42" screen).The problem I have is that the automatic internal padding is pushing my text 60 pixels from the top of the control to the top of the text and 40 pixels from the left of the control to the left of the text - the label1.padding property is all at 0, so this is the default spacing of the control - it seems to be particularly bad with this font (but it's the font I want to use) and if I increase the font size, this issue gets even worse.

I want my text to fit tightly into the boundaries of my control top, bottom and left (I want the right to expand depending on the length of the string in it, though). How can I achieve this (so that I can control all of the paddding myself using the label.padding property) and get rid of this automatic padding?

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Can Retrieve VS2005 Sln Files And To Get 'convert' Button To Display Text In 2nd Text Box.

Jan 6, 2011

I am building a application with VS2010. The aim of the application is to change sln. files from VS2005/2008 versions into VS2010.I am using a Form with 2 text boxes and 2 buttons. When I click the 1st button it reveals the sln file in the text box. Then i have a 'convert' button that I want to use to 'convert' the file that appears in the first text box. I have come quite far with the source code but am just a bit puzzled as to how i can retrieve the VS2005 sln files and to get the 'convert' button to display the text in the 2nd text box.[code]

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Create The Basic Functionality Of A Text Box Like Drawing The Text Box And Handling Input?

Feb 19, 2011

I'm making a custom control that needs to look like a Text Box but I can't Inherit Directly from text box since I need to add, Change and Override so many things that it would be more practical to just inherit Control and start new.

But now my question is: Is there an easy way to create the basic functionality of a Text Box like drawing the Text Box and handling input ?

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DB/Reporting :: Text To Access - Read From Left And Split Text To Columns

Feb 20, 2009

how can i import text from text file to access so that:

Text sample:

Would be in access

Col1|Col2|Col3|Col4|Col5 and so on.

So the point is, how can i put vb to read from left as many characters i want and put the selected range in to access?

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Forms :: Generate Text Boxes Programmatically Using Generated Text Box Names

Jun 22, 2011

i am trying to automatically generate multiple text boxes on a form with the following code

Private Sub CreateTB(ByVal x As Integer)
Dim y As Integer = 1
Do Until y = x


i need it to generate as many text boxes as the variable x states, so i used the do until loop thing. But i am stuck when it comes to naming the text boxes because obviously all the text boxes cannot share the same name. so i would like to know how to programmatically name each textbox uniquely.

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