Pass Multiple Values To Single Fields In Crystal Report?

Jun 10, 2011

I have tested my code in order to pass single value to single parameter field in crystal report from VB.NET Form, it is ok but the problem is that I want to pass multiple values to only one parameter field called "Product Name" and it displays only one last record.

I want to display like this

Receipt : 0001 Product Name


I already set parameter field "productname" for allowing to multiple values, but it is still the same.

ADVERTISEMENT - Pass Values From Dynamically Created Gridview Checkboxes To A Crystal Report?

Nov 1, 2010

Does anyone know how to pass values from adynamically created gridview checkboxes to a crystal report?Is it possible? I am using, and mssql. Here's my grid minus a few boundfields:

<asp:gridview id="grid" runat="server" autogeneratecolumns="False" cellpadding="4"
forecolor="#333333" gridlines="None" emptydatatext="No Products registered for this company...">
<RowStyle BackColor="#EFF3FB" />[code]............

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Passing Multiple Values In Crystal Report Parameter Field?

Jun 22, 2010

passing multiple values in a parameter field in crystal report viewer, I already set it to allow multiple values. When the code below executed it only displays the last record and not all of the records that appeared. here's my codereally need this one! Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As

System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
dt = New DataTable
sda = New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM KEMPMASTER", sqlcon)


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Close The Crystal Report Viewer And Pass The Parameter Again And Should Be Able To View Report Again?

Aug 15, 2011

When i pass the parameter and run the report it works fine as i close the form it closes the form is there any way so that i should be able to close the crystal report viewer and pass the parameter again and should be able to view report again.

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Crystal Report Cannot Display Fields

Mar 6, 2012

I want to ask how to display the fields in Crystal report from different tables. I have this line of code:


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How To Use SQL Expression Fields Of Crystal Report 11.5 From .NET 2008

Mar 15, 2010

I have the following SQL Expression Field in my Crystal Report 11.5


It works well in the Preview Mode. But when I use the report in my VB.NET 2008 Project it says the following:


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Programmatically Add Database Fields To A Crystal Report?

Jun 12, 2012

I want to be able to programmatically add or remove database fields in my crystal report.I am familiar with programmatically working to parameters but not with database fields, I just can figure out how to programmatically do what you do in the Database Expert.

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How To Get Data From Crystal Report Viewer Fields To Local Variables

Jan 23, 2010

I need to get data from reports fields to open others windows forms or other reports, How I can get the values of reports fields to pass to local C# o variables? After many time ... With this upgrade making click on any Textobject on the Report the ClickPage event fire and in that sub is possible to get the Textobject data. You have to upgrade to Crystal Report 2008 SP 3.6, Link below [URL]

Private Sub crViewer_ClickPage(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As CrystalDecisions.Windows.Forms.PageMouseEventArgs) Handles crViewer.ClickPage
If Not IsNothing(e.ObjectInfo.Text) Then
Me.CallBackForm(e.ObjectInfo.Name.ToUpper.Trim, e.ObjectInfo.Text)
End If
End Sub

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Pass Crystal Report Name As Parameter?

Dec 3, 2010

I am using a function which is calling a crystal report as [code]...

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Pass Sql Query To Crystal Report?

Apr 20, 2011

im using 3 tier architecture..

Public Function SelectVoucher() As DataSet
Squery = "select a.VoucherNo,convert(char(10),a.VoucherDate,120) as VoucherDate,
a.TotDebit,b.CustomerName as PartyName,c.Particulars


how to i pass the query to crystal report.

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Single Item To Be Displayed In Crystal Report?

Mar 15, 2012

I have 3 columns in my database (book title, book author, date added). for example Karen Harper has 5 books in my database and Lisa Jackson has 3. I will enter the date added in a textbox (for example 01-15-2011 since all was added on that date) and once I click "show book author's name" my crystal report will display Karen Harper 5 times and Lisa Jackson displays 3.

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Error In Pass Parameter To Crystal Report

Feb 28, 2012

am doing program in 2010 with sql serevr 2008 and i would like to pass a parameter to my crystal report to print a two related table and make an invoic print.[code]

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Pass Parameter To Crystal Report Viewer?

Jun 10, 2011

I want to pass parameter to a crystal report viewer. I added .rpt file to the report viewer, but I can't get the parameter field to bound the variable.

How can I pass parameter to that viewer?

I added crystal report file to the viewer, but in the report file contains 4 parameters. I tried to use CrystalReportViewer1 to get parameter function, but i can't find parameter function.

I also tried to find parameter field from properties there. How can i do it with VB.NET? I want to pass parameter from main page form to report viewer form.

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Pass Database Name Dynamically To Crystal Report In 2005?

Jun 10, 2011

dynamically passing image to crystal report from a disk in 2005

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Combining Multiple Table Data With Different Fields Into A Single Table With All The Fields?

Feb 13, 2012

how to execute this SQL Statement

Given Tables T_Data, T_AllDesc, T_System1, T_System2
Given Fields:
T_Data= f_id, f_Desc, f_CreationDate, f_CreationTime, f_System1, f_System2


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Pass Sort Field Parameter To Crystal Report Programmatically?

Mar 5, 2012

i have stored the sort field parameter value in the variable szYes_No.I have to pass this value to crystal report, i used the code given below but not work--

Dim FieldDef As FieldDefinition
FieldDef = frmReportDisplay.cryRpt.Database.Tables.Item(0).Fields.Item(szYes_No & "{REP_i_fORMAT.Mem_Name}")


how can i pass sort field parametr to crystal report.

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MaskedTextbox - How To Pass Values Of Fields To Database

Apr 24, 2010

I am new using Vb. I did create an app that accept general customers info, and save it into a database using the bindingsource component(I don't know how to do it with SQL from VB). Everything was fine, but adding a couple of maskedtextbox has become difficult. I don't know how to pass the value of this fields to the database. I used the following code:
phonetextbox.text = maskedtextbox.text
Leaving the original fields in the form, I see the values on them, but they never goes to the database. Is this just possible using sql command from VB?

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Forms :: Open Crystal Report And Pass Parameters From The Row When Datagridviewbutton Column?

Mar 4, 2010

I have a datagridview with below column and i have button for each row and when button is clicked i would like to take the LogId, start date, end date and log date and pass it as parameters to crystal report and run the report using these parameters and display the report.i have designed the report separately in crystal reports, can i use that or i need to design it in Visual do i pass parameters, run and display results of the report when button on datagridviewbutton column is clicked?

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Pass Multiple Parameters To Crystal?

Aug 15, 2011

The code i have is working fine to pass one parameter to crystal, can someone help me pass a second parameter called "line"?


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Add Multiple Datatable In Crystal Report

Jun 19, 2010

am new in crystal report, here wana to add 2 datatables in the crstal report' Private Sub btbPrint_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btbPrint.Click


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Create Multiple Reports In One Crystal Report?

Jan 6, 2009

I have 2 or more reports and I want to be able to open them in a single report. Let's call it the master report. In this report I want to open several reports, that are independent one to another. I'm using this code to generate the raports:

Dim crDocument As New CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument
Dim cmd As New OleDb.OleDbCommand
Dim da As New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter
Dim dt As New DataTable


With this code I rewrite the datasource of the raport, and I can filter the query by the 'param' variable in the query.After setting the datasource of the report i can save the raport:

crDocument.ExportToDisk(CrystalDecisions.[Shared].ExportFormatType.RichText, "C: emp.rtf")

into rtf, pdf, etc. I want to append more of these reports into a master empty report. Or load these reports as subreports into a master empty report.

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Multiple Data Source For A Single Report?

Jun 9, 2011

is it possible to have a single report from two different tables? Because I have been reading articles that are saying that it is not possible and a subreport should be implemented? Can anyone clarify this for me?

I've been retrieving the fields that I need for my report with inner join sql statement and setting it as the data source of the report that I had created but it doesn't show up when the crystal report viewer is loaded. I had the correct syntax based on testing on what is retrieved by the statement, the only problem is how should it be shown in a single report.

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Crystal Report & Temporary Tables - Print The Table Data Through Crystal Report?

Jun 21, 2010

I m using .net , I create some temporary tables at run time, how to print these table data thru crystal report

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Crystal Report - Values Repeating In Detail Section

Aug 5, 2011

Crystal Report is repeating values like this:
1 rar
1 rar
1 rar
1 rar
1 rar

I want the output to be like this:
1 rar

I wrote code like this:
Dim crParameterFieldDefinitions As ParameterFieldDefinitions
Dim crParameterFieldDefinition As ParameterFieldDefinition
Dim crParameterValues As New ParameterValues()
Dim crParameterDiscreteValue As New ParameterDiscreteValue()
crParameterDiscreteValue.Value = Label1.Text
[Code] ......

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Crystal Report Multiple Queries - Set Property (Setdatasource)

Dec 30, 2010

I Want to show result from multiple tables from database but how to set property (Setdatasource) for the same in Iam using visual studio 2008 back end sql compact 2005

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VS 2005 - Displaying Multiple Invoices In One Crystal Report

Oct 23, 2009

I am using a Crystal Report in my application to display an Invoice. For this, I take the 'Invoice No' as input from the user. I was wondering if I could display multiple invoices on different pages of the report by taking 'From Invoice No' & 'To Invoice No' as input form the user.

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Pass Multiple Values And Return Multiple Values?

Jun 10, 2011

When I click on button1, employee_id and P values need to be transferred from button1_click to Cal_Category13() and go through all the calculation. After the calculation, udtnew.X and udtnew.MTD values need to be transferred back to button1_Click

I've no problem to return multiple values Cal_Category13().MTD and Cal_Category13().X from Cal_Category13() to button1_Click but i've no idea how to transfer employee_id and p values from button1_click to Cal_Category13().

Program Code
Public Structure PCB
Public Employee_ID As String
Public MTD As Decimal


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Displaying Multiple Reports In A Single Report Viewer?

Jun 7, 2010

i want to know is it possible to bind my all crystal reports to a single reportviewer, somewhat in tabbed view or treevie. If tabbed then visible through navigation button.

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Create A Crystal Report Dynamically Not By Using Crystal Report Wizard

Jun 23, 2009

Iam workin wid crystal reports have a problem i jus want to create a crystal report dynamically not by using crystal report wizard rather by using a blank crystal report and connecting to the database server and generating the report from the database manually....

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Pass Textbox Values Across Multiple Forms?

Nov 4, 2009

I have about 10 boxes on my form1 that the user will populate, I am looking for a "Best Practice solution to pass the values across to form2 and form3. Would like the user to be able to edit the value on either form and have the chnage carry over to the other forms.

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Sql - Pass Multiple Values From Same Column In A Query?

Aug 23, 2011

Hpw can I pass multiple values from same column in a query? I am using and sql server database.

With my query an exception is generated saying that @booking_date has already been declared try a different variable....

My query is:

Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter("select * from Bookings where booking_date Between (@booking_date AND @booking_date) AND booking_time Between (@booking_time AND @bookinbg_time) AND game = " & x, con)

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VS 2010 Debug.Print Multiple Values On Single Line?

Sep 25, 2010

In VB6 you can debug.print multiple values from a loop to a single line by simply adding the ";" or "," chars.


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Store Multiple Selected Values In Single Field From Listbox In Program?

Jul 6, 2010

This is my code which i used to try this but it inserts only the last value in the listbox but i need all the selected values seperated by comma [code]...

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Visual Studio 2008 Not Install With Crystal Report (only Crystal Report Install Its?

Jun 12, 2011

i am having a Visual Studio 2008 but it not install with crystal report when i open add new item-> its didnot contain Crystal Report how can i add crystal report and make crystal reports in visual studio 2008 how i install crystal report with visual studio 2008 only crystal reports 2008 install and its open with visual studio 2008 when we click Project->Add New Item-> and crystal reports shows in thiis file

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Crystal Reports- Export Report Causing "Missing Parameter Values"?

Feb 15, 2012

I am trying to export a report but everytime it runs the code to export the crystal report in the crystalreportviewer I get an error message saying "Missing Parameter Values". I've looked through many sources but havent found a solution. I do know that all parameters are filled in because without the export code, the site runs perfectly fine.

Export code
Dim CrExportOptions As CrystalDecisions.Shared.ExportOptions


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Will End-user Need A Crystal License In Order To Use Crystal Report Part Of Program?

Jul 16, 2009

I plan on designing a Crystal Report, and then calling it through VB.NET code. Will the end-user need a Crystal license in order to use the crystal report part of the program?

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Print A Report Which Is Receipt Having Size 3 X 4 Cm But Unable To Resize Crystal Report?

Dec 30, 2010

I got a problem I want to print a report which is receipt having size 3 x 4 cm. i am unable to resize crystal report. i am using crystal report coming with visual 2008.

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Crystal Report Not Loading - Get The Load Report Failed Notice

Jun 5, 2011

I have created an application using 2008 and for reports Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008 but the problem is, when I run the application in another machine away from developing box, I get the Load report failed notice. I don't have any idea on how I should approach this issue. I tried installing the CRRedist2008_x86 and CRRedist2005_x86 but still the problem won't go away.

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Display Data From Table In Report Footer Of Crystal Report?

Dec 2, 2010

I'm having a problem with my crystal report with regards to report footer. I want to display the data from the table, column name "Remarks" in report footer but when I try to call the data it doesn't show the remarks. I'm using VB 6 and mdb files as my back end. Is there any command or fundamental that I've missed?

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Crystal Report - Dosn't Shows Any Report Instead Of It Gives An Error

Jun 21, 2010

I had created 5-6 crystal report in my project with back end sql server 2005 and i had given my path for crystal report. after this i had creted setup and deployed at customer machine but there it dosn't shows any report instead of it gives an error. for viewing report so how to come up with this probelm.

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