Searching MS Access Database Using Combobox ?

Mar 21, 2011

Im new to db access and Im not quite familiar to searching. How can I search all my field and will show the nearest match for the keyword and will be shown under the combobox the nearest results that it can find in my db. Like searching search engines like Google that you can find their suggestions under the combobox ?

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Searching An Access Database?

May 30, 2011

I tried looking up Threads that would search through an access database, but I keep running into this:


502 Bad Gateway

The server returned an invalid or incomplete response.Is there any threads that would help me? For example, in my program if I wanted to search for a certain customer I would enter their info in text box and it would search through my Access database. I have all ready added the data source and even added a section where they could add in somebody to the database. But I can't seem to get the search part down?

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Searching In An Access Database

Sep 14, 2010

I want to ask you a question about searching in access database I have an employee list and this list is consists of ID numbers and name. For ex:


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Searching Within An Access Database?

Jul 14, 2011

I haven't programmed in over a year and I am trying to get this to work. I have a sample database containing 4 columns (First_Name, Last_Name, Emp_Num, and Image). I wanting to type my search criteria in a textbox and search the access database by first and last names. nce the record is found I am wanting to display the name and image for that person. I have already linked my database to my project


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Linking To And Searching Through A MS Access Database Using VB?

Nov 22, 2009

I want to connect to a database Ive created using Microsoft Access 2007. Im using Visual Basic 2005. I also want to be able to perform basic tasks such as searching.

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Searching Data In An Access Database?

Apr 28, 2011

I know how to search for one specific number from a single line in an access database using a query, but now I have to search through a whole database and display each instance. Ex) I search the number "1" in column "1" of the database and it has "2" instances. So now I have to take the corresponding data in the rows next to it in order to display them in the label.

search: "1", both results are ID = "1"

dates amount
10/13/2009 $43.00
12/25/2009 $86.00

I know how to put the results for "1" line of a database into the .item field, but im confused on how to search multiple lines of a database and store multiple items. Heres what I have so far...

Private Sub btnShowPay_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnShowPay.Click
Dim targetid As String


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Searching For A Record From An Access Database?

Jun 11, 2011

Am working on a movie rental system in VB.NET, but there's a problem. I want a situation whereby the user will have the privilege to search for desired records by typing a search string, then hitting the search button. The results should be shown on a datagridview. Here's my code:

Private Sub btnSearch_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnSearch.Click
Dim MovieName As String


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DB/Reporting :: Searching Across Access Database Fields?

Mar 30, 2010

I use the following code in to search across several Access database fields, which works well, is there a way to find out WHICH field had the search data in?

Public Function Incomming_Number(ByVal strNum As String) As String
Dim oConnect As New OleDbConnection
Dim sql As OleDbCommand


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Access Database ComboBox & TextBox?

Oct 15, 2011

I have a form with multiple combo boxes and text boxes making an invoice.. I have the combo boxes linked to my database and I want each selection to fill a different textbox. The comboboxes fill on form load... How can I fill the textbox with the selected index from the combobox?

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ComboBox Event To Select From Access Database

Jun 5, 2011

I am using VB 2008 Express to connect to an Access 2007 database. I have a combo box called SelectYearMonth that is populated by the database. When I used the Access report VBA, I used the AfterUpdate() event to calculate a sum. I need to know how to do the same operation in VB 2008 Express using the SelectedIndexChanged event of the combo box.

When I made a report in Access using VBA I coded my calculation as:
Me.ExactReprintTextbox = DSum("Pages", "HBELP_FINAL_Q", "YEARMONTH = " & [SelectYearMonth] & " AND JOBTYPE = 'E'")
While this works great with Access VBA, this syntax does not work in VB 2008 Express. How do I code this in VB 2008 Express?

I need to calculate the sum of all "Pages" of a particular "JOBTYPE" in the Access database for the YEARMONTH selected in the combobox. I have a query in Access called "JobTypeExact_Query" that contains all the pages of that particular JOBTYPE that I need. What I need to do is limit the calculation results to the YEARMONTH selected in the combobox.

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Connect Combobox To Ms Access Database Item?

Feb 15, 2012

how to connect combobox to ms access database item ..............i need please say step by step and the database item are id name itemno

1 motherboard 5
2 keyboard 8

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Import Content Of MS Access Database Into Combobox In Vb

Feb 12, 2010

how is she can import content of MS Access database into combobox in vb..

but i don't have visual studio

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VS 2008 Data From An Access Database To A Combobox?

Dec 14, 2009

I know how to pull data from an access database and place it into a combobox, but I am trying to make certain that I dont have multiples of the same information.

Like one column is for countries of origin.

United States

In the combo box, it should only list the United States only once, not multiple times.

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Populate Form ComboBox With Access Database Using SQL SELECT In Code?

Dec 7, 2011

I use this code to populate info from Access DB to txtBox[code]...

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Updatable Label Text According To Combobox Filled With An Access Database?

Apr 16, 2012

I'm using Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition, so I have a combobox that gets filled with items from a data base made with Microsoft Acces, the combobox is filled with the values stored in a column from a table in de database so the user can select an "option" from it, I want to add labels that show the values for the corresponding row of that column. I used the Data Source panel to drag and drop the labels corresponding to the values that I want and it works it show the value that I want when I compile the application (at least I think it does, it could be that it's only selecting the first entry) the problem is that when I select a diferent entry on the combobox the labels don't refresh with the new values. How can I do that?


how does Visual Basic Populates de combobox and gets the value of the other Acces DB entrys to change the .text value of the labels? And I mean the actual code that does that.

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VS 2010 Populate ComboBox With Access Database Using SQL Codinging SQL SELECT In V?

Dec 8, 2011

this code links to the access database but but I just get only the first row in each combobox...

and I want also cboBox3 depend from cboBox2 depends from cboBox1, how can I do it?

Imports System.Data
Imports System.Data.OleDb
Public Class frm
Dim objConnection As New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source = DBSOURCEDB.mdb;Jet OLEDB:Database Password=pass;")


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.net - Delete From Access Database Based On Selected Item In Databound Combobox

Feb 2, 2012

i have a databound combobox using VB2010 and MS access as the DB.. When i click on a button, the selected item in the combobox will be deleted from the database and no longer display in the combobox...

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Forms :: .NET - Combobox Searching Functionality?

Sep 29, 2009

I have a combo box having multiple items and I want by typing the item should select automatically and combo box style should be "DropdownList" type.Let�s say I am typing "I" then country like "India", "Indonesia�,� Italy" should sort automatically. It is happening by default in VB.NET for one character.But I want If I type "India" this should select "India" instead of "a...." because my last character is a. in VB.Net it is selecting country like starts with "a�. But I want the full typing option should be present for the combo box.

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Searching Record Using A Combobox To Display The Data In A Textbox Or Lablelbox

Jun 11, 2011

I have a problem searching my record using a Combobox to display the data in a textbox or lablelbox

txtUsername.text = rs!username
lblAddress.text = rs!Address

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Searching Data In MS Access Using VB?

Oct 5, 2010

my search function is functional however, it does not behave as what i intended it to be. I have a Text box call Text1 and I have a button called cmdSearch. when i click the cmdSearch, the text in Text will search it in my MS access file here is my code:

Private Sub cmdSearch_Click()
RS.Open "SELECT * FROM productTB where Pname like '%" & Text1 & "%'", Con


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VS 2008 - Searching All Files (Access Denied)

Jun 6, 2009

Here is my
Module FileCheck
Public BW_AntiCorrupt As New Threading.Thread(AddressOf AntiCorrupt)
Dim THardDrive As String = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.Desktop)
Dim HardDrive As String = THardDrive.Substring(0, THardDrive.IndexOf("") + 1) 'C:
Public ContinueSearch As Boolean = True
[Code] .....

I am having a problem. The IO.Directory.GetFiles code is resulting in error do to the fact that it is trying to access the Temp folder in the Windows folder on drive C:. Apparently that folder is restricted... When the code encounters that folder the code stops retrieving files. Is there a way around this? Is there somewhere i can give my program administrator access? If not then am i able to skip the files in that location?

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Access ComboBox Properties And Events When The ComboBox Is In A DataGridView?

May 2, 2012

DataGridView TIPs has TextBoxes and ComboBoxes in it and the data comes from an SQL table. I see how to get or set the cell values that come from the ComboBoxes using Item, but how do I access the actual ComboBox events and properties?


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Handling Unauthorized-access Exceptions When Searching Folders

May 18, 2010

If any directory within a set being searched by the [URL] or [URL] methods contains a junction point, the entire method fails and returns zero results on my tests under VB 2008. I would like to make the call more robust: to return the folders or files not blocked by access restrictions and to note the folders which were blocked. Do those methods offer a means to do this, or is a recursive folder-by-folder call necessary?

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Program Searcher / Access Is Denied Searching Some Folders

Oct 3, 2010

My current project is to search the computer for exe files, I managed to do that easily with a for...each statement. It ran well, but it came to a adminstrator folder, then it said "Access Denied".I understand that you cant access these folders, but i was wondering how to exclude certain directories that the user can't access, like UAC or something.[code]

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Searching And Displaying Data From A Sequential Access File?

May 27, 2009

Im working on a program that will display a price when an item number is entered in the search box. I have the information in a text file for the program to find it but am unable. I have successfully made it so the items show up in a list box and will show the price when clicked on, but cant get the other one to work.

Here is my code for searching from a search box:

Option Explicit On
Option Strict On
Public Class TryonServices


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Searching For Data In Access Then Showing Output With VB 2008

Jul 1, 2009

Searching for data in Access then showing output with VB 2008

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Searching A Row From A Database

May 1, 2009

is there anyway i can search for a particular row in all columns in a database and display them accordingly? like in a customer table, i have CustomerID, Name, Address is it possible to search for all the details of a customer?

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Searching A Row From A Database?

May 1, 2009

is there anyway i can search for a particular row in all columns in a database and display them accordingly?

like in a customer table, i have CustomerID, Name, Address is it possible to search for all the details of a customer?

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Searching A SQL Database?

Oct 28, 2009

I am doing an assignment for class and it is searching an SQL Database file. On the GUI I have a text box and a button to search this database. It is presented on the form in DataGridView connecting to the file, and the file connection test succeeded, I am kinda so so on understanding what is going on with the connection between the file and VB 2008 but I am getting 4 errors: Warning1The designer cannot process the code at line 119: Me.PlayersBindingSource.DataSource = Me.BaseballDataSet


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Searching In A Database?

Mar 11, 2010

Im trying to input a search box in my forms so that when I type in a customers name it will show there record. I've managed to do it in my transaction form, but not in any other standard forms. In my transaction form I've got this code:

Private Sub TextBox1_KeyPress(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyPressEventArgs) Handles txtSearchSalesID.KeyPress
Dim dv As DataView = New DataView()


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