VS 2005 Datatable Vs Dataview - Apply A Filter To The Defaultview.rowfilter Property Of That Datatable

Mar 15, 2010

I have a datatable and I apply a filter to the defaultview.rowfilter property of that datatable. If I then loop through the rows collection of the datatable, will I only be able to see those rows that the filter applies to, or will it loop through all the rows?

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VS 2008 DataTable DefaultView Filter?

Mar 31, 2010

Is there anyway to filter a DefaultView with a LIKE-type operator as in MySQL?I want to be able to make it so that in my program, a person can type in a textbox and as they type, the list is refiltered based on what is typed, but I want it to match anything in the string of text, not just starting from the beginning or an exact match.

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VS 2010 Filter Data With DataTable And DataView?

Feb 15, 2012

I'm loading a DataGridView from a DataView which collects data from a DataTable. I use the DataView to filter, this is the

Dim dv As New DataView
dv = DataSet4.Tables("TABLA1").DefaultView
dv.RowFilter = "propietario='" + NombrePro + "'"


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2005 - Unable To Get Distinct Records From Datatable Using DefaultView.ToTable?

Mar 14, 2012

I am building a custom search control in VB.NET and came across a problem getting distinct records into my datagridview. I want to bring exact matches back first so I run 2 of the same query on the same table with a slight difference:

select ... like "code%"
select ... like "%code%"

I have a datatable that I need to get distinct records from; I am append records from a sql query to the end of the datatable so I cannot use a union in sql to return the dataset (I want to preserve the order which the rows are added) I have been using this which is working fine for 2 fields:

dt2 = dt.DefaultView.ToTable(True, "Code", "Name")

But when I have 3 (or more) fields I get duplicates ONLY for the row I am querying:

dt2 = dt.DefaultView.ToTable(True, "Code", "Name", "Initial")
select ... like "initial%"
select ... like "%intial%"

I am clearing the datagridview.source before rebuilding this. Is there a way to get the distinct rows this way or should I just build something myself to remove the duplicates from the second datatable before appending them to the new table?

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Use Dataview.Rowfilter To Filter Datagridview For Users?

Aug 12, 2011

I am trying to use dataview.Rowfilter to filter datagridview for users. The basic idea is that user enters a text in a textbox, and then the below function is called to filter the text in all columns, like Col1=value OR col2=value OR col3=value. But I got error message of the filter expression.


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C# - Enable The User To Apply A Custom Filter To A System.Data.DataTable?

Feb 16, 2012

I 'd like to enable the user to apply a custom filter to a System.Data.DataTable.At the moment I have a very simple function like this:

Dim result = dataTable.Select(txtUserInput.Text)

With the filtered results I'd like to do further operations(e.g. Database Update/Delete).Is an sql injection protection needed or is the "Select" function secure?

//Edit:Can the "select" function be abused to manipulate any data in the datatable, execute code, ...? If the only danger is that this function can return to much/to less data there is no problem. But if the data in the dataset gets corrupted it's a real problem.

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DataView Manager (Row Filter) Do Not Apply Change

Nov 9, 2009

viewManager.DataViewSettings(tableFoood).RowFilter =
""viewManager.DataViewSettings(tableFoood).RowStateFilter = DataViewRowState.OriginalRows
viewManager.DataViewSettings(tableFoood).RowFilter =
"ftype=" & type & ""
In table food, I have different type of food, according I want to display in datagridview but dataview on first time show content of food, not change content in grid.

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VS 2010 Sorting A DataTable DefaultView?

Mar 23, 2011

I am attemping to bubble sort a DataTable.DefaultView (column has hex Integers), problem is that my code isnt working. I think the way I am swapping the rows is not actually happening in the Devault View, but ony happening at the local variables drv1 & drv2.


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DataView.Sort - DataView.Find On A DataTable That Is Already 'ORDERED' By The Column

Nov 20, 2010

If want to do a DataView.Find on a DataTable that is already 'ORDERED' by the Column I am seaching, so a DataView.SORT should not be necessary, but it throws an Exception if I don't give a .sort command before the .find command. Is there any way to avoid this apparant duplication ? and speed up the search time. Its a very large table - 1 million rows. I am using VB 2010

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Datagridview Bound To A Datatable Setting Its Datasource Property To The Datatable

May 20, 2011

I have a datagridview bound to a datatable setting its datasource property to the datatable. I would like to have a child form that contains a list of columns associated with the datatable that contains a checkbox that will allow the user to hide and show the columns ( I do not know the best control to use here) (I assume this is the easy part as All i need to do is loop through each of the datatable's columns to get the column name)

now I would like save these visible columns on some event like form_closing so that the next time the user opens the form up it will remember the settings

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VS 2008 : DataTable Filter To Another DataTable?

Mar 11, 2010

i have a datatable with some data, i need to select some of the data, and put that data in a new datatable.

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Copy Filtered DataView To DataTable?

Jun 1, 2009

I start by looping through a string array, parsing out the strings I want and saving them to a temp table (I believe this part is working).Then, I take a DataView of the tale to get only the unique values from the rows.Then, things get messy, I need to get these unique values into my dataset. I been trying to do so using the DataView and also by passing the View to a new temp table then looping the values into the DataSet

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Create A DataView From The Dataset / Datatable?

Jan 2, 2010

How to create a dataview from a datatable?

What is the basic use of the created dataview?

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Find The Original Position In A DataTable From A Filtered DataView?

Aug 5, 2011

I want to find a particular ID in a DataTable, I am using a DataView to filter the results, but how do I know which row in the original table the filter view corresponds to? Any ideas? In know I could use LINQ but I don't think this would help either?


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Synchronize Datatable And DataView For Read / Write Operations?

May 5, 2010

I have application in .net 2.0 in which I have a DataTable object globally in my application and have different dataviews in whole application.

When an action performed i have create many threads lets say 5 in which data is read from different dataview, meanwhile while 2/3 threads are reading data(not all 2 more left to read data) a thread write data in datatable. So we get exceptions like "Enumeration update" or "parameter not null" type.

I have use ReadWriteLock for this but do not find any luck it gets stop on ReaderWriterLock.AcquireWriterLock().

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Dataview RowFilter Like This Condition = > 0?

Feb 17, 2011

How Can I Row Filter with a condtion on colam where Coloum1 = > 0

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Use 2 Parameters With Dataview.rowfilter?

May 24, 2011

It works with 1 parameter (i_index) but if I also use i_datum, I get an error like: "Conversion from string "park_id = 100" to type 'Long' is not valid." Public Function detail_kalender(ByVal i_index As Int16, ByVal i_datum As Date) As DataRowView

Dim dv As DataView
Dim anyrow As DataRowView
dv = New DataView
With dv
.Table = myds.Tables("kalender")


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Dataview Generates Reset Event After Dataadapter.fill On Datatable?

Jan 9, 2011

VB2010, MySql I have a dataview generated from a datatable using a rowfilter.I have event handlers listening to the dataview.listchanged event. To keep the datatable (in memory) in sync with the mysql database (on a remote server), i issue datadapter.fill commands every now and then, the objective being that only the changed rows in the datatable (as a result of the fill) would generate a listchanged event on the dataview.To my surprise the dataview_listchanged event fires after refresh by the dataadapter.fill method, however the ListChangedType it gives is: ListChangedType = reset. I would have expected a ListChangedType.ItemChanged for every changed datarow.Since the dataview is used to populate a large storage yard, i am now forced to repopulate the whole storage yard, which is a time consuming business.Is there a way to only generate DataView.ListChanged events for rows in the datatable that are actually changed by the datadapter.fill method?

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SQL SELECT With Multiple Tables To Datatable/DataView Get Table Names

Feb 21, 2011

For my app users can enter a SELECT statement themselves. This can be any select statement at all, it will be mainly used for creating a quick view e.g. SELECT * from table1 LEFT OUTER JOIN table2 on table1.id = table2.id.

Whatever this select statement maybe I load it into a datatable (after checking for no nasty stuff of course) in vb.net. I want to know the table names so I can query the database again for validation purposes on things like datatypes etc.

da.SelectCommand = New SqlCommand(sqlStatement, tempDB.Connection)
da.MissingSchemaAction = MissingSchemaAction.AddWithKey
dt = New DataTable

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SQL SELECT With Multiple Tables To Datatable/DataView Get Table Names?

May 18, 2011

For my app users can enter a SELECT statement themselves. This can be any select statement at all, it will be mainly used for creating a quick view e.g. SELECT * from table1 LEFT OUTER JOIN table2 on table1.id = table2.id.Whatever this select statement maybe I load it into a datatable (after checking for no nasty stuff of course) in vb.net. I want to know the table names so I can query the database again for validation purposes on things like datatypes etc.

da.SelectCommand = New SqlCommand(sqlStatement, tempDB.Connection)
da.MissingSchemaAction = MissingSchemaAction.AddWithKey
dt = New DataTable

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System.Data.DataTable - Create A Dataview And Then Loop Through View

Jun 25, 2010

im trying to select some rows based on a criteria, i was wondering is it faster if i create a dataview (based on the criteria) and then loop through the view? or should i loop through the entire datatable and check the criteria manually.

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DataView RowFilter - How To Select Distinct

May 29, 2003

Is it possible to select distinct in the rowfilter method?

I have something like:

'Create a data view so we can get each items name
Dim dvwItemNames As New DataView(dtlItems)
dvwItemNames.RowFilter() = "SELECT DISTINCT Name"

This gives me a syntax error exception. I tried just "Distinct Name" but this had the same result. "Name" is the column name. I would rather do it this way then looping through the entire table and putting the name in an array list or something.

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Padding A Column When Using DataView.RowFilter

Aug 5, 2011

Does anyone know if it's possible to pad a column to the left using the RowFilter property in a DataView? My data comes from a third party via XML which I've converted to a DataSet. I'm inferring the XML schema to set the column datatype. I've converted the column in question to string in order to properly compare any text entered by the user. At the time I populate the data grid I format the column by padding it with zeros on the left side so that it is always 11 characters (Ex: 123456789 becomes 00123456789). This is for legal reasons and not optional. However when using the RowFilter property the zeros in front are obviously not accounted for because they don't exist in the DataSet.

This is what I'm doing currently:


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VS 2008 Dataview.RowFilter From Other Table?

Mar 25, 2009

I have a dataset that holds a few tables; Songs, Artists and SongArtists (relations between songs and artists). I want to bind a grid to a view of the songs so they are filtered by artist. A combo will provides the artistID. Is there a way to use a dataview.RowFilter to filter based on a table that the dataview is not "viewing"? Or is there a better way to do this type of thing?

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.net - Sort Datatable / Dataview / Gridview Of Files Based On File Modified Date

Aug 2, 2010

I have a page which lists all the files in a particular folder (all PDFs), using a data-table and gridview. I'm currently sorting this table by the filename (by using a dataview), which isn't that helpful, and I want the gridview of files sorted by the file created or file modified date (as recorded in Windows). If that's not possible, a second option would be to extract the date from the file name string (no problem doing that), and sort the dataview/datatable or gridview based on that.


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Asp.net - DataTable Filter Mystery?

Apr 12, 2010

In the below code, I create a DataTable and filter it. When I use filter1, everything works as expected.When I use filter2, everything works as expected only if the SubsectionAmount variable is less than 10. As soon as I set SubsectionAmount=10, the dr2 array returns Nothing.I can't find what is wrong. Here is the code:

Imports System.Data
Partial Class FilterTest
Inherits System.Web.UI.Page[code]..

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Filter Datatable Through Combobox?

Jun 22, 2010

I want to filter the data that's being displayed to my datagrid once I click the combobox and select a specific value,the selected value will be the item to filter the data that I needed to be displayed in the datagrid.. I'm using a datatable,a combobox and a datagrid..here's my code

Private Sub cboView_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cboView.Click
dt = New DataTable


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How To Correctly Filter A Datatable

Jun 17, 2010

[code]When I call da.fill I am inserting all records from my query. I was then hoping to filter them to display only those where the GroupingID is equal to 0. When I run the above code. I am presented with all the data, the filter did not work. Please can you tell me how to get this working correctly.

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Sql - DataTable.Select Filter?

Dec 28, 2010

I need filter for multiple values on one column using the DataTable.Select method.

Dim totalFatal As Integer =
m_DataSet.Tables("tblAccidentNonMotorist").Select(String.Format("[AccidentNumber] = '{0}' AND CONTAINS([InjuryClass], '"01" OR "02" OR "03"'", accidentNumber)).Length


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VS 2008 Using LIKE In DataTable Filter?

Nov 9, 2011

I am writing part of a function that tries to search for a username in a list in a rather broad way (last resort). It seems that LIKE does not like trying to match only the first and last characters.

strCriteria = "somename"
drFilter = tblUsers.Select("User LIKE '" & Strings.Left(strCriteria, 1) & "%" & Strings.Right(strCriteria, 1) & "'")


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