VS 2008 Msgbox On Webpage Load In Webbrowser Control

Sep 7, 2009

How would I make it so that a messagebox loads after a page loads in a webbrowser control? Let's just make it WebBrowser1.


Determine If Webpage Did Not Load Correctly In Webbrowser?

Jul 9, 2010

I know you can determine when the page is completed, but even when not connected to the internet the page complete event will rise when the error page is done loading to the we bbrowser. Is there a way to check if the internet is connected and loading webpages?

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Load A Webpage Into A Web Browser Control?

Sep 11, 2009

I am trying to load a webpage into a web browser control that has a login form on it. What I am wondering is how I would go about changing the username/password input values on that page thru program code. The html element ids are "username" and "password" respectively. I am using vb 2008. I have tried searching but am getting mixed results with asp.net which is not what I want.

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Rendering A Webpage Without Using The Webbrowser Control In .net?

Feb 19, 2012

I've pulled down a webpage using a WebRequest object, and need to parse it, but first I need to render it since there is scripting on the page. I don't want to use the WebBrowser control because that forces me to jump out of my current function to the DocumentCompleted event, and "lose my place" (so to speak). Is there any way for me to pull down a URL using a WebRequest object and have the page rendered but still stay in my function?

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Select Box On A Webpage Via The Webbrowser Control?

Jan 29, 2009

I'm wanting to randomize the selection of a select box on a webpage via the webbrowser control.

What I can do.

Dim testRandom As String = curElement.InnerText
Dim RandomSplit() As String = Split(testRandom, " ")
Dim intRandom As Integer = RandomSplit.Length
Dim curRandom As String = curElement.GetAttribute("Value")
Dim rnd As Integer, randomNum As New Random


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Using WebBrowser Control To Get The Results From A Php Webpage?

Dec 17, 2010

Using WebBrowser control to get the results from a php webpage

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VS 2010 Got To Webpage Without Using Webbrowser Control?

Nov 29, 2010

Got To Webpage without using webbrowser control?If so, how would i read / get the html of this page? I can do this now with a webbrowser control, but just looking for a quicker way.I've seen this online below.

Imports System
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Net


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Scrolling Webpage Automatically Using WebBrowser Control

Jun 18, 2010

I am navigating to a website using a webbrowers control and I wish to automatically scroll the page after it is loaded. I have used scrolltop , scrollleft commands as set out below but nothing seems to happen.
WebBrowser1.Document.Body.ScrollTop = 100
WebBrowser1.Document.Body.ScrollLeft = 200

I have placed the above commands in a command button and wait until the page has loaded before I press it and also in the
WebBrowser1_DocumentCompleted sub

Other commands such as
Seem to work ok.

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Use WebBrowser Control To Click A Button On A Webpage?

Jun 25, 2009

I have a VB program that uses a web browser control to navigate some websites for me but I need to click a button.

The button is in a frame and in a form with 4 buttons. I have already figured out how to navigate the individual frames and forms but I can't figure out how to click the button I need.[code]...

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Windows - How To Tell If A Webpage Has Loaded Within A WebBrowser Control

Jul 11, 2011

I am trying to write a program that will tell my grandmother whether the internet is live or not. I know, I know, She just doesn't get it. So I want to create a program to load google.com or something and all I want the program to do is tell her whether the site was found or not. Is there a way to do this with the WebBrowser control?

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Auto Filling Webpage In WebBrowser Control That Contains Frames

Feb 9, 2010

I have been working on this one for a couple of days now. The company I work for wants me to automate a login (coupled with a phone dialer) to a national Satellite retailer. When the call center individual gets a call the ACD system forwards them to a URL and is supposed to log them in. Unfortunately one of the sites heavily uses frames and I cannot programmatically autofill the userid and password and programmatically press the "OK" button on thee website. The website is: [URL]. I have been able to drill down and fill in the userid and password fields, but this has stopped working but I have never been able to Invoke the OK button event.

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Change Selecteditem In From Webpage Combobox In A Webbrowser Control?

Feb 27, 2010

How can i get or change the selecteditem in from a webpage combobox in a webbrowser control?

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Forms :: Populating An <input> On A Webpage In A Webbrowser Control?

May 17, 2010

I know the code to find the input boxes in question.. basically the html is like so HTML <input type="text" name="username" class="inputbox"> i know enough to use WebBrowser1.Document.Forms.GetElementsByName("username") to find the text box...but I need to know how to send the contents of say TextBox1.text to the form on the web page...i can't figure it out for crap...I just assume give up and use sendkeys to tab to the textbox even thought its 80% unreliable....

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Unable To Find Controls Of A Jsp Webpage In Webbrowser Control?

Nov 18, 2010

This time I am stucked with a JSP page which is loaded in my webbrowser control. I have checked that it has been loaded. But I am unable to locate any of the controls of that page. Even in the count of any html controls it displays me 0. The page contains two frames and there is no "iFrames". Has Javascript got do anything with this?

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VS 2005 Pushing Data Onto A Webpage (WebBrowser Control)

Feb 4, 2010

I'm attempting to populate fields in a processing webpage [URL] and having a small problem.

I can add the email and antenna heights easily but how do I manipulate a file browser (file upload) and option input boxes (Antenna Type) from within my vb app?

It might be the long way around but i'm doing it via searching each of the html elements to find the named fields I'm looking for:

Dim intWork As Integer
For intWork = 0 To WebBrowser1.Document.All.Count - 1
strWork = WebBrowser1.Document.All.Item(intWork).Name


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Call Windows Form Functions From Webpage (which Is Displayed Through Webbrowser Control In Win App)?

Mar 25, 2009

I have implemented webbrowser control in my windows application. I have some functions inthe class file. i want to use those functions from the webpage which is displayed in my windows app through webbrowser control..For example say... I have an standalone windows software. Which has a webbrowser control in the some form. Now i would like to create a webpage that can be displayed in the webbrowser control in win app which has some buttons and textboxes. When i click on button in the webpage it should get the version number of that software. I have some other functions that are in the class file aswell.. but dont no how to call those functions from that webpage when a button is clicked or something like that.

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How To Wait For Webbrowser Control Load Page

Jan 10, 2009

I have a web browser control, what I use is:
Ret = (MainBrowser.ReadyState <> WebBrowserReadyState.Complete Or MainBrowser.IsBusy)
If ret is true, not loaded, otherwise, loaded. It works fine on winxp, however, on vista, most times, it works, sometimes, not. Do I have to use documentcomplete for this? The page is loaded from another thread, does it matter?

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VS 2005 Want To Load Some HTML Into A WebBrowser Control

May 18, 2011

I want to load some HTML into a webBrowser control, then operate a particular bit of code when it has finished loading.The code operates fine as long as I pause to wait for it to finish loading. If I just run the code without pausing, it sometimes messes up the display. webBrowser.Document Completed doesn't run after Document.write.I don't want to use webBrowser.DocumentText = "..." because that makes an annoying click sound every time it refreshes. A lot of people are annoyed by this. There are countless threads asking how to turn off the click, and using .write seems to be the only solution that doesn't require hacking the registry.

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Using A Loop To Load These Files Onto A Webbrowser Control And Then Print Them?

Jul 15, 2010

I have a text file that has a list of image files. I am trying using a loop to load these files onto a webbrowser control and then print them. The code is as following:

Public Function printimages()
Dim webby As New WebBrowser
Dim sr2 As StreamReader = New StreamReader("\fileshareapplicationsattaches.txt")


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VS 2008 - Saving Webpage To Image In WebBrowser?

Aug 7, 2010

I found this code on another site for saving the webpage in the webbrowser to an image. I browse to a website and call this and works great. Then when I do it again, I get an empty image but the size of the webpage. It always works the first time but no more after that.

Here is the
Private Sub GetImage()
If WebBrowser1.Document Is Nothing Then
End If
Dim W1 As Integer
[Code] .....

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Webbrowser Control Documentcomplete Event Not Firing When Iframe Does Not Load?

May 23, 2008

First off I hope I'm in the right forum.I have an application I built with the WebBrowser control in Visual Basic 2005.  I am using the DocumentComplete event to track when a page has fully finished loading as some of the webpages I need to work with have frames.

The problem I am having is that when some iframes time out or don't load,  the documentcomplete events stop firing. So if my webpage has 2 frames on it, we'd expect 3 documentcomplete events.  One for each frame and one for the parent document once the frames have loaded.  If say frame 2 does not load properly,  the documentcomplete event for the overall document never fires.

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VS 2008 Auto-submit Button From Webpage In WebBrowser

May 9, 2009

I've spent hours trying to get this figured out and I keep getting the same F'ing error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.". I need to be able to automatically click a button on a web page through my webBrowser (webBrowser1) but the problem is the button on the page is setup a little funny. The button looks like...


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Load Local HTML File Into A WebBrowser Control From Resources In The Project - .net?

Feb 10, 2012

atm i have this If TreeView1.SelectedNode.Name = 2 Then WebBrowser1.Url = My.Resources.Welcome End If

and it doesn't work so if you could please provide an example that world be grate.Also i don't really know how the treeview control works, i know with the combo box or listbox you just have an index of 0, 1, 2, 3 etc. but with the treeview you don't any just one of the things i want to do is whenever the root node is selected i want it to deselect that and select the node that i specify like node.name = 2.

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[2008] Send POST Data To Current Webpage In Webbrowser

Mar 1, 2009

I wanna send POST data to the current web page viewed in my webbrowser. It's for logging into a page so the fields are "Username" and "Password". And then I might have to make it press the "Log in" button?

EDIT: It was easier than I thought when you don't need to do it silent in the background.

WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("username").SetAttribute("Value", txtPassword.Text)WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("password").SetAttribute("Value", txtPassword.Text)

Now I just need to figure out how to press the submit button

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VS 2008 WebBrowser Doesn't Load / Gets Stuck

Jun 28, 2011

I have a Webbrowser in my application, it loads the same page after it has finished loading every few seconds really. After a while it will either freeze halfway through loading (show only top half of page) or just not reload at all and stay on loaded page.

I originally tryed the .refresh method but didn't work good, then I tryed just the simple .navigate to the same page, works better but still same problem.

If I manually refresh it with F5 it will work as normal again for a period of time.

Also if I run it outside of the IDE it can crash and give me "flash.ocx not found, it's not included with this version of windows" or something, very strange.

Main prob is webbrowser gets stuck / wont refresh even tho the code is in the DocumentCompleted event.

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MsgBox To Show At Form.Load?

Apr 21, 2009

I want a MsgBox to popup right after Form.Load. I can't seem to get my program to accomplish this with the program code I have tried so far.How do I tell my program to load a MsgBox right after it loads the Form??? Here is the code I have after several attempts:[code]....

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Show A Msgbox White Motherboard Id When Form 1 Load

Aug 14, 2010

i made a project in vb , i want to make serial protect for my project..i want to get the mother board id then make serial for it.i want to show a msgbox whit the motherboard id when the form 1 load then the user send the id to me and i gave him a serial..i find a thread to do this thing , but it is not VB code (i think it is c++) url....

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VS 2008 Possible To Shrink Text Size On A Webpage Through Browser Control

Dec 7, 2010

1.Firstly i am using a web browser control and i wish to get the URL of the current page and write it to a text box and to a text file.

2.I would also like to read the text file back and make some sort of bookmarking menu but dont really know where to start.

3.Is it possible to shrink the text size on a webpage through the browser control some sites the text looks huge.

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WebBrowser Load - How To Get Form1.Load To Do Both Operations

Jun 18, 2010

I Want A Web-Browser (WebBrowser1.Navigate [url]) to navigate to a direct site witha .txt file so the text appears in the browser. ok that works.

When Form1 Loads I want To Use This But It Wont Work  WebBrowser1.Navigate[url] but it will only work if form1 contains WebBrowser1.Navigate[url] and button1 = TextBox1.Text = WebBrowser1.Document.Body.InnerText.

Final Question How Can I Get Form1.Load To Do Both Operations

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VS 2008 Webbrowser Control?

Jun 17, 2009

I'm attempting to load a website, look through the HTML, and then put it into a control.When I do this, the site redirects to another page. I know how to pull the info, so I need to figure out how to get to my destination page. I'll break it down in steps:

1. Attempt to load www.site.com/1
2. If cookie is not on machine, site redirects to www.site.com/zip code.
2b. Enter Zip code
3. Attempt to load destination site again.
4. Page redirects to www.site.com/default.aspx
5. Attempt to load www.site.com/1
6. Success

If the cookie is already on the machine, it skips to step 3. No matter what, it always loads the default.aspx page first. This isn't a webbrowser control issue, it's a site issue. This happens when on a normal browser.I'd hate to say it's bad coding standards just because it's not working because I want it to, but it sure seems like bad coding standards.

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Load Webpage In VB?

Feb 28, 2011

how to load webpage in VB ? for example[URL]as in some window or something.

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VS 2008 Function With Webbrowser Control?

Nov 23, 2009

Function GetHtml(ByVal URLString As String, ByVal web As WebBrowser) As String
Dim NewString As String
NewString = web.Document.Body.InnerHtml
Return NewString
End Function

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

RichTextBox1.Text = GetHtml("http://www.yahoo.com.hk", WebBrowser1)

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VS 2008 Paint On A Webbrowser Control?

Mar 27, 2010

I've looked everywhere, but I havn't found anything on how to paint on a webbrowser control. I tried to do it with a transparant panel over it, but that didn't work.

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VS 2008 TextArea Using WebBrowser Control?

Sep 23, 2009

I know this sounds like a simple thing but I have searched and all examples have not helped. I have been unable to update the textarea at I have gotten the code to work at other sites though.So specifically I want to update the "post a new thread" textarea. If you go toand then signup (you need an account to post a new thread). Then go to any forum and click "NewThread".I then can update the subject field but the textarea (name="message") does not update with the value. I am not sure why it doesn't work when I have got this working on a lot of other sites.

Private Sub WebBrowser1_DocumentCompleted(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventArgs) Handles WebBrowser1.DocumentCompleted


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VS 2008 WebBrowser Control - Button ID?

May 20, 2010

How can I find an ID of this button? I am trying to do this: WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("NAME").RaiseEvent("onClick")This is the button

<button type="button" class="watch-comments-post yt-uix-button" onclick="yt.www.comments.watch5.post(this);;return false;"><span class="yt-uix-button-content">Post</span></button> It is not possible to do it with this button. How can I call it on some other way?

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VS 2008 Webbrowser Control Not Working Right?

Mar 31, 2010

1) i have a WB control that is scraping a page... it worked fine for weeks. now today. it stopped? its not "seeing" things the same!?? makes NO sense?My wife has the same program running on her machine and hers still works... so I know the page did not change (i looked at the code)fyi.. lol... this is a facebook page scraper for farmville itemsso anyway...example its looping through the links..find the right links, checks this.. checks that...then gets to thisDim hClass As String = link.GetAttribute("classname").ToLower.ToStringnow it was gettting the class... now it just returns "passiveName" which is NOT the class?

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Copy Webpage To Another WebBrowser?

Mar 22, 2009

Can I copy webpage from webbrowser1 currently displayed to another webbrowser2? Without navigating. I tried copy document stream but it doesn't work very well.
Dim s As Stream
s = WebBrowser1.DocumentStream
Webbrowser2.documentStream = s

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Save Webpage From A Webbrowser?

Jul 19, 2009

I want to programatically save the current webbrowser document in my browser, along with all the images, CSS and whatever else is needed for the page to display properly.[code]...

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Wait For Webpage To Load?

Feb 10, 2012

I need my webbrowser to go to the page and wait for it to load so the bot can continue for example:

'wait for page to load if it loads to the next coding
WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("Email").SetAttribute("value", (0))

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Waiting For Webpage To Load?

May 18, 2009

I'm trying to find out how to wait for the page in my WebBrowser control to finish loading before it runs the rest of the code?When a button is clicked, i want to navigate to a website, then wait for that page to load fully before then processing the other processes.[code]Can i use the DocumentCompelete event, if so how would i use that?

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