Converting Unix Time Stamp To Normal Format Time?

Dec 18, 2010

Is there a way of converting a unix time stamp to normal format time and date in .NET?


Converting Unix Time From Mssql String

Jan 17, 2011

I have recently started programming in (or trying to) I have made a application that gets some info from a mssql server. I can get the information perfectly, but one of the items called "date" i get in to my program is a date field in UNIX time. Is there a easy way to convert that into GMT time?[ code]

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Convert A UNIX TIMESPAN Into A "Normal" Date/time Forma?

Oct 13, 2010

How can I convert a UNIX TIMESPAN into a "Normal" date/time format... e.g. convert 1240812201 into a date/time format.

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.net - One Time Password And Time Stamp In VB?

Jan 17, 2012

How to do one time password for login with a timestamp of 60 sec? I am doing a security project and i am required to do a one time password for a more secure login.Anyone has any example?

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SQL Time Stamp To Millisecond?

Apr 25, 2012

How can I convert SQL time using a datetime stamp to milliseconds. I am doing a highstock chart using VB.Net

and this is my selection code so far

Dim mydatalist As New List(Of XyData)
Dim sqlReader As SqlDataReader
Dim strConn As New


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Compare Two Files By Time Stamp?

Mar 31, 2010

I need to compare 2 files one on a PC in country X and 1 on a PC in Y.Country X and Y could be any country in the world.

When I compare the last modified dates of the files, it returns the local modified time, so they are always different.

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File Time Stamp Changing?

Jun 14, 2009

I need to know how to change the last access, last write, and created time, of files and folders

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Autofill A Textbox With A Date/time Stamp?

Feb 11, 2011

How can I autofill a textbox with a date/time stamp?

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VB9 Build Date / Time Stamp Function?

Jul 13, 2009

Does VB9 provide a compile-time date/time stamp function? I know VB6 did not; I'm hoping VB9 does.

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.net - Saving A Date/Time Stamp From VB 2005 To MS Access?

Oct 12, 2009

I am coding ib Visual Basic. I need to store the current system time in MS Access timestamp field. How do I go about it.

Dim row As DataRow = ds.Tables("StudentTable").NewRow

row("SSMA_TimeStamp") = System.DateTime.Now.ToString()

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Record Of Values Changing Over Time With A Datetime Stamp?

Aug 22, 2010

I have been dabbling in VB before and i played around wiht linq to sql back then but im wondering what i should go with here.I need to have a list of people.. They should all have their own id nr.

The people in the list are supposed to keep a record of values changing over time with a datetime stamp. (In my case its numbers from a test outcome of blood)You have to be able to add people and delete people. All records will be deleted too.A Chart will read information from the records and display changes over time in chart.I was thinking of doing it with linq to sql and i was kinda aiming at Creating datatables with id names from the script

Havent found a way of creating datatables from a script though..I was hoping for a solution like that.. And i was hoping id be able to search databasetable names.

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Retrieve A Time Stamp And Then Find Out What The Fiscal Year Is

Aug 4, 2011

I am having a hard time finding some code to find a fiscal year. I want to be able to retrieve a Time stamp, and then find out what the Fiscal year is. July 1st thru the end of June So July 1,2011 thru Jun 31st, 2012 is all Fiscal Year "2012"

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Using A Text Box To Display The V_KEY Code And Time Stamp It?

Jan 15, 2012

I have a really interesting task I need to code and I'm stuck. The application I'm creating Takes the mute button on my laptop and triggers an even when the mute button is pressed.

The issue is I found when the mute button is  pressed, the computer sends the v_key code for volume down in a rapid rate. What I want to do is display the v_key code and a time stamp in a text box:

When I press the mute key, the v_key code  and time stamp are displayed for every instance that code is thrown. The same goes for un-mute.I'm having issues with my application not triggering the event when the mute is pressed because the computer is shooting out the v_key code so many times, so fast.

My plan is to create a kind of de-bounce logic- IF the v_key code is detected x amount of times in y timespan then.To do this I need to know how fast and how many times this code is occuring.

Any direction or ideas on how to go about this?
Dr.Bones- " If my application is too hard for a 5th grader to run, I've made too complicated"

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Mar 14, 2012

in my application, I am pulling in items from a microsoft project file using mpxj - one of the items I need is the predecessors. The way I am able to pull the predecessor is using a build in function of mpxj which returns a type of java.util.list - I can save this to variable as an object, but I need to find a way to bring the data to a format I can easily use so I can store it into a database. Listed below is the line of code I am using to pull the predecessors from the project file.

Dim predecessors = task.getPredecessors

and here is the result when putting a tracepoint in to get the value of predecessors

[[Relation [Task id=4 uniqueID=45577 name=Standards Training - Round 2] -> [Task id=3 uniqueID=45576 name=Process Excellence Training]]]

Even if I could get the above as a string, I could work with it enough to get the data I need. The above example is where there is 1 item in the predecessor list, but sometimes there are multiple items. Here is an example of the tracepoint when there are multiple items.

[[Relation [Task id=63 uniqueID=45873 name=Complete IP Binder] -> [Task id=47 uniqueID=45857 name=Organizational Assessment]], [Relation [Task id=63 uniqueID=45873 name=Complete IP Binder] -> [Task id=49 uniqueID=45859 name=Document Deliverables]], [Relation [Task id=63 uniqueID=45873 name=Complete IP Binder] -> [Task id=56 uniqueID=45866 name=Infrastructure Deliverables]], [Relation [Task id=63 uniqueID=45873 name=Complete IP Binder] -> [Task id=58 uniqueID=45868 name=IT Deliverables]], [Relation [Task id=63 uniqueID=45873 name=Complete IP Binder] -> [Task id=60 uniqueID=45870 name=Organizational Deliverables]]]

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VS 2010 Time/Date Stamp To Mysql Returns 0000-00-00?

Aug 10, 2011

Im having a problem passing a date and time stamp from vb to mysql. My code is as follows:ComboBox1.Text.ToUpper() & "', '" & TextBox1.Text & "', '" & Now() & "'"Where the comboBox populates the first field, the textbox populates the second and in the third I get 0000-00-00 00:00:00. I have formatted the field as date and time - which is what I am after

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Apr 19, 2012

There is a varchar column in the database table in this format of military time 1230 or 1750 or 1320 and that field get populated into a gridview in asp. I need to convert that string to standard time. I have tried the DateFormatString and nothing seems to work.

the asp is

<asp:BoundColumn DataField="ScanTime" SortExpression="ScanTime" ReadOnly="True"
HeaderText="Scan Time" DataFormatString="{0:hh}:{0:mm} {tt}">
<ItemStyle Width="80px"></ItemStyle>

that DateFormatString causes Input string was not in a correct format. error.

I have tried combinations of hh:mm and things like that but since its a varchar I think its failing

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Converting A String Representing 24H Time To 12H Time

Mar 26, 2009

[code]I am reading a database that holds time information in a string format, hh:mm. For some reason I am remembering a built-in function I used a long time ago to accomplish, but for the life of me I cannot remember how to do it. [code]

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Microsoft Access Database From VB6 - Vista - Run As Administrator - Different Date / Time Stamp?

Mar 27, 2010

I have a VB6 application which has been running succesfully for years under XP, however under Vista data loss has been observed.It appears that if the app is run 'as administrator' then it connects to the correct database file, however if the app. is not run as administrator then vista creates a copy of the database (no idea where) - hence I end up with 2 versions of the database.

In fact I can delete the database file entirely and the app. still works fine because vista is using it's own copy - the problem is how do I back up this 'vista copy' when I can't find it (search doesn't find it).

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Converting The Number Of Frames (in A Video) To A Number/time Format?

May 28, 2011

converting the number of frames (in a video) to a number/time format. For instance, say a video has 110,212 frames at 23.976 fps, it works out to 01:16:36 (hh:mm:ss) with 18 frames remaining. I would like to format the result in a Textbox like the following:


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Converting Time To Different Time Zones?

Feb 20, 2011

I have trying to complete an assignment where I have to convert a string from user input to all different US time zones and then display them. At first I tried doing this just by using math but it seemed extremely inefficient and messy so I was told to use the DateTime function which seems easier with the exception of one thing - I have found absolutely no examples of converting time to different time zones. I was able to take the string and convert it to UTC time thinking it would make it easier but now I don't know how to convert them to PST, EST, MST, or CST. I included the function below:

Private Sub timeDifference()
Dim meridiem As String
Dim ante As String = " AM"[code].....

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Converting Date And Time Format To Date?

May 3, 2010

I have a problem. I'm making a alarm clock and I need a way of converting a "dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss" format into a date time format. This means I'll be able to compare the dates in a listbox using the for each function, to the current date and see whever it has passed and therfore the alarm should be deleted. It is currently in a string form so I can't use < and > to compare it to the current date as that is in a date form. I've tried using CDate but it doesn't work as it only will convert these formats:

"August 12, 2004", "2:07:30 PM" and "August 12, 2004 2:07:30 PM"

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C# - Convert A Date And Time To UTC Time Based On The Time Zone Of The User?

Sep 6, 2009

I have an ASP.NET application with a SQL Server back end. I am storing all my dates in UTC format and doing the appropriate conversions to the local time zone of the browser viewing it. One of the pages asks for a start date and end date (no times).

I am taking the start date and setting the time to 00:00:00 hours (midnight) and I'm taking the End time and adding a time of 23:59:59, so that the date range covers the whole day. Now what I'm trying to do is do a SQL query to do a search for records in this date range. The problem is, the data in SQL is in UTC time and the user is typing their dates and times in their local date and times. My quickest solution was to convert the date and time to UTC, then search the records. However, by doing this, I am to believe ASP.NET converts the given time and date to UTC based on the server time zone. How can I convert a date and time to UTC time based on the time zone of the user?

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Format Function Date / When Region New Zealand And Time Format A.m

May 17, 2012

When retrieving rows from an SQL Server table I use the following code select mydate, Customer, Details from sales where mydatetime >= '" & format (somedate, "MMM d, yyyy h:mm:ss tt") & "'"This works fine unless the clients computers windows Region setting is 'English (New Zealand)'The default time format in windows Region and Language for New Zealand is [code]On computers with this region setting I get an SQL Error 'Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string'..If I manually select the other option for AM symbol, PM symbol in Region and Language i.e AM PM the all works fine again..What format string can I use so that above code always works, even if the Region time format is a.m. / p.m.

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Format Gridview Unbound Column In 12hr Time Format

Jan 31, 2011

format Gridview's unbound column in 12hr format? i tried the following code, it didnt work.


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VS 2005 Remove The Box (0x0A) Unix End Line Code; Then Replace It With CR+LF Normal ASCII Code?

Dec 13, 2009

I have this string just down loaded of a Unix server. I would like to remove the box (0x0A) Unix end line code; then replace it with CR+LF normal ASCII code. Also, I would like to do the replace before I save the data, while it in memory.

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Converting From Hex To Time?

Jan 21, 2012

I have a variable called xTemp as string.  Its value is B837C.  How do I convert it to time?

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Converting Integer To Time?

Dec 27, 2010

What would be the best method of converting an integer to time?

253 would be 00:02:53 123456 would be 12:34:56 1 would be 00:00:01 etc

Can I use convert.todatetime?

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Converting Time So It Can Used In A Integer?

Mar 2, 2012

I'm working on some code in VB that can get the average time from the speed of button press. I've got the maths done however I'm having a problem converting a TimeSpan declaration into a Integer where it can be divided and made into a average.

Maths for code:

2nd click
click count = 2
average= current time / 1
so current = time click count - 1


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Converting Seconds To Date / Time

Apr 3, 2010

I have a masked textbox (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss) and a textbox (hh:mm:ss). I want to calculate the difference of them both and put the result in an other masked textbox (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss).e.g.13/11/1979 10:00:00 - 15:00:00 = 12/11/1979 19:00:00..I already tried Date.FromOADate(CDbl(dec_time) , where dec_time stands for the difference between first and second part of the equation.

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VS 2005 Converting String Into Time?

Aug 5, 2009

I have a form which accepts the time ( start time and end time)in a text box. What i want to do is to convert it into time and get the difference of it. I googled it and found lot of question regarding converting to date and time. but i only need "time" and dont want date.

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Conversion Failed When Converting A Date/time From A String?

Aug 10, 2009

when running my program I get the following error:Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string. After playing a round with breakpoints I discovered the error to appear during:

sqlText = "INSERT INTO dbo.OrderDetails (OrderID, ProductID, Qty) VALUES  ('" & _
orderID & "','" & prodID & "','" & prodqty & "')"


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Converting Time Formats Displaying In Label On Screen

Sep 24, 2009

I have a variable which I called ElapsedTime. I press a button and it displays the time in seconds since clicking the button, into a label . I did it with HTML
Private Sub Timer2_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer2.Tick
LblElapsedTime1.Text = ElapsedTime
ElapsedTime = ElapsedTime + 1
End Sub
Private Sub BtnStart_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles BtnStart.Click
Timer2.Enabled = True
End Sub
This updates every second a bit like a simple stop watch. Great so far, because I do need the elapsed time (in seconds) for later use in my app. However, whilst elapsed time is being displayed in this label on the screen I want it to be shown in HH:MM:SS format. How can I convert it into a new variable " ElapsedTime2 " so that I can show it in the desired format yet still retain my original " ElapsedTime " variable for later.

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How To Change Time Format From 24 To 12

Apr 27, 2011

I am using these codes for displaying time in VB.NET it shows up in 24 hours format besides i need it in 12 hours format [code]

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Time Format For Textbox?

Mar 23, 2009

This is in Visual Basic Express 2008

I'm trying to create a textbox that'll only accept a value in the 24 hour format (i.e. "18:00" or "1800"). I've been reading up on the FormatDateTime Function but I don't know whether thats appropiate...

Also, how do I set a textbox to be fixed with two decimal places? On VB6 I could do this in properties, but I can't find an option ni Visual Basic Express 2008.

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Conversion Failed When Converting Data And/or Time From Character String?

Jan 20, 2010

am using visual basics to develop a search on my project using the date picker but any time i try to search for a date on my SQL database i received the following error message from my programme. "Conversion failed when converting data and/or time from character string "

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Conversion Failed When Converting Date And / Or Time Character String?

Sep 28, 2011

When using INSERT INTO statement to SQL 2008 R2 to a column with data type  as date and the data I am taking from a DateTimePicker control with date format as short. When my system date format short set to dd/MMM/yyyy the INSERT INTO statement is working perfectly but when the system date format short set to dd/MM/yyyy I am getting the above error.I tried by changing the control format to custom and dd/MMM/yyyy but still the same error is coming.I am using VB2010 and SQLExpress 2008 R2 SP1?

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Conversion Failed When Converting Date And/or Time From Character String?

Jan 1, 2011

cmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO Dropping (form_num, filing_date, approval_date, status) VALUES ('" + fnum + "', '" + deyt + "', '" + nulll + "', '" + stat + "')"

here is an sql query statement i run in i keep getting the error of "Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string." whenever i try to execute this. the datatype of filing_date and approvale_date is "text" but the deyt variable is originally Date, converted to string: (Date.Today).ToString, like so. nulll is simply a variable with vbNullChar as its value.

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Conversion Failed When Converting Date Time From Character String?

Jun 30, 2011

I used to query:

Dim a As String
a = "INSERT INTO tblVisitor(Name, Sex, TimeIn, EnterDate)
VALUES('"& txtName.Text &"', '"& cboSex.Text &"', '"& Now() &"', '"& DateTime.Parse(cboEnterDate.Text) &"')"


Which cboEnterDate is my DateTime Picker. Then I got the message:Conversion failed when converting date time from character string.

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Countdown Timer - Converting User Entered Time Into Seconds

Jun 5, 2011

I am trying to make a program in visual basic 2010 where the user enters hours minutes and seconds into text boxes and then the program will count down from that until its equal to 0 when a msgbox appears and says its finished. I was converting hour entered, minutes entered, and seconds entered all into seconds and then having a timer subtract 1 from that until its equal to 0. But the problem I'm having is that I want to display the hours, minutes and seconds left in a label to the user in a format of: "hours: 0 minutes: 23 seconds :42" but how to display it in this format.

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.NET Regular Expression For Time 24 Hr Format?

Sep 1, 2009

have a regular expression in .NET, which will allow only 24 hr time format in the textbox.

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