Print The Current View For The DevExpress GridControl PrintingSystem?

Jan 6, 2012

I am currently using DevExpress 10.2 within Visual Studio 2010. I am printing the contents of the GridControl (with both one and two GridViews contained within). This shows all the current visible columns (and not the invisible columns) and all the data in a viewable manner.

My issue is the print preview always shows all the grouped rows and the master-detail rows fully expanded. I want to make it so that if the user has none of the groups or rows expanded then the print preview displays the grid with none of the groups or rows expanded. Also if the user expands the first group and rows fully then only the first group and rows will be expanded in the print preview and none other.



Using DevExpress XtraPrint To Print The Data In A GridControl With Two Associated GridViews?

Oct 13, 2011

I am currently programming within Visual Studio 2010 using VB.Net and DevExpress V10.2 Winforms. I currently have a DevExpress GridControl that contains two DevExpress GridViews.So there is the main view and the subgrid (similar to the DevExpress demo for Master-Detail Grids - example with WinForms and better view with ASPxGridView). Currently the data for the grid is fetched into a DataSet:

If myDataSet.Tables.Count > 0 Then
myDataSet.Relations.Add("Details", myDataSet.Tables(0).Columns("id"), myDataSet.Tables(1).Columns("id"))


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Override The DevExpress Filter Choices In GridControl?

Oct 5, 2011

I am currently programming in Visual Studio 2010 within VB.NET and am using DevExpress v10.2, specifically WinForms. In the DevExpress GridControl at runtime you can click on the right side of the column header and choose which values in the column you want to show. For example if your table contained:

Name1 Checked
Name2 Unchecked
Name3 Unchecked
Name4 Checked

Then if you click on the right side of the checkbox's header you can choose checked (or unchecked) and it would display only the data that is checked (or unchecked). In this case with checked you would have:

Name1 Checked
Name4 Checked

I was wondering if there was some way to override the names so instead of letting me choose checked or unchecked I could override it with 'owned' and 'rented' or 'active' and 'inactive' based on what the checkbox represents in that specific column.

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.net - Devexpress (10.2) GridControl Isn't Letting Null Value In Column

Jul 21, 2011

I am using within Visual Studio 2008. I currently have GridControl where one of the columns fetches a real number from the database. Whenever I try to remove the value I get a red 'X' saying that the input string is not the right format even though I know it can display null because the row underneath fetched a null value for that column.

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Devexpress (10.2) GridControl Isn't Letting Null Value In Column?

Oct 1, 2010

I am using VB2008 on Win XP SP3 and an relatively new using this language. I would like orientation or advice on how to proceed given the following:I execute an SQL statement, such as select * from MyTable where FieldX='aaa'An exception happens. Now I need to attempt to determine what went wrong:1. Cable was cut2. Syntax error in SQL3. PC where SQL Server is running crashed4. Timed outI need to attempt to recover from this issue. I have basically 2 options: It is a glitch that self corrects after a period of time, so I can just go ahead and retry the operation a few times. Option 2: It is something permanent, so no matter how many times I retry, the error will persist.

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Print Current Page From Print Preview?

Jan 11, 2010

Is there a way to print just the current page from the Print Preview?

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Print Current Record On Form?

Oct 5, 2010

How would I print the current record showing in a form. VS 2005, SQL server 2005.

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Print The Current Windows Form?

Mar 8, 2010

I have a form which contains labels and picture.i tried this code to print.

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
PrintPreviewDialog1.PrintPreviewControl.Document = PrintDocument1
If PrintPreviewDialog1.ShowDialog = DialogResult.OK Then
PrintForm1.Print(Me, PowerPacks.Printing.PrintForm.PrintOption.ClientAreaOnly)
End If

my problem is

1) i can tak print outi but its not clear (blurd)

2)how to preview the form before taking print

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VS 2005 - How To Print Current Record

Sep 15, 2010

How would I print the current record, ie the one that shows on the active form. App is VS 2005. DB is Sql 2005.

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Datagrid View Current Cell Value?

Jun 14, 2010

I have two data grid view (dg1 and dg2), datagrid dg2 contains three column value is

itemcode item Price
item1 car 10
item2 Jeep 20


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Crystal Report, How To Print Current Row In Gridview

Mar 15, 2012

how to print in a current row in Gridview? Am using Crystal report, ms access 2007 and 2008.

This is for receipt matters. To be able to print a receipt after a transaction is made. To be able to print a selected row in a data grid for a back up or copy of receipt.

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VS 2008 Features - Print The Current Page Of The Web Browser?

May 5, 2011

I am currently working on a web browser in vs 2008 and I am making a menu with basic functions (close, print, etc.) How do I print the current page of the web browser?

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Datagridview - When User Switches Around Columns It Won't Print In Current Order

Oct 27, 2011

When user clicks on a button on my form, it sends the datagridview on that form to another class that [basically] does a bunch of stuff and shows a dialog with a print preview. Everything works perfectly fine, except that if a user switches around columns it won't print them in that current order. For example, if user moves the LastName column before FirstName column, then it should print in that order, but it prints in the column order that the datagridview was originally loaded. The dgv1, is the datagridview that was originally loaded, not the current one. [Code]

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Forms :: Best Way To View/print A Static Pdf?

Jan 29, 2010

Wondering what is the best method of viewing a pdf, and adding text to the pdf, then printing it out? Currently, I opened the pdf in Photoshop, saved it as a bitmap, made it the background image on a form, overlayed it with labels, and am using the form.print method. This isnt exactly the best way to do this. Does anyone else have any good suggestions (without spending more than say $40)?

Project Background:

I work for an aircraft manufacturer/maintainer, and every time we have a broken/removed part, I have to log into our part logistics website, then hand write a form with all the installed and broken parts info (a full page). My program parses all the necessary info from the website, then loads it into textboxes (to be modified if needed) which are then copied into the labels overlaying the image of the form I have to fill out.

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How To Get 2nd Form To Print With Datagrid View

Sep 12, 2011

I have a form with a datagridview on it. And whenever the user clicks a button on the bottom, a very small form pops up that has a set of checkboxes. After the user clicks print on that little form I want it to print the datagridview on the first form and whatever checkboxes the user checked off on the top right hand side of the datagridview. I've gotten it to print the datagridview itself. But how can I get the 2nd form to print with the datagrid view.

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Print View Buttons Codes

Dec 13, 2009

in My form I Have "data Grid View1" and two Buttons "1"print view" "2"print" I wanna when click Print "button2" print The "data Grid View"

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View And Print A Picture / Map For Our GIS Application

Apr 2, 2011

I was tasked to do a printing function/module that let's you view and print a picture/map for our GIS application. Problem is I got only a small idea on how to start this. Does anyone have tips on tackling this? It would be nice if there are illustrations, links or codes.

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View The New Print Preview The Last Is Also Shown

Jan 7, 2011

I have a project where the user can view the print preview after finish using it. But after the 1st print preview is closed, when the 2nd time the user want to view the new print preview, the last is also shown. I don't want to have it closed everytime I want to print preview the new one. I've tried ".Refresh" but it doesn't work. This is my code.


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Change 2 Textboxes So That They Show The Current List View Selection?

Dec 10, 2009

I am trying to change 2 textboxes so that they show the current list view selection. When I click to change the selection the program crashes. Here is my code:

Private Sub BookmarkListing_ItemSelectionchanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.ListViewItemSelectionchangedEventArgs) Handles BookmarkListing.ItemSelectionchanged
NameBox.Text = BookmarkListing.SelectedItems(0).Text
LocationBox.Text = BookmarkListing.SelectedItems(0).SubItems(1).Text
End Sub

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VS 2005 - View HTML Source Code For Current Web Pages?

Jun 6, 2009

I want to use one button and one textbox to view the HTML Source Code for current Web Pages,or use vbscript(but not use the method of xmlhttp)

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Display Entries In A Datagrid View And Print It?

Oct 7, 2009

i have a problem regarding printing entries from my database.... i can display entries in a datagrid view but i don't know how to print it..

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ComboBox Border In Black And With No View Of The Arrow In Print?

Apr 29, 2012

I want to set a combobox with black margins and without seeing the arrow. In orderto stay only a box with black outline.

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Generating Standard Letters For End User To View And Print

Aug 8, 2009

Im developing an app at the moment where standard letters need to be generated to be sent out to customers. With the customers details then filled in as you would expect... name, title, address, etc. This is an app ontop of a SQL db. The way i envisioned this working was to send the customer details to another form that had a crystal report in, and send the info via a SQL query, just as you might get a grid view to open with a query.

Thing is im struggling with it, getting the query to work especially. Ive built the report and put the relevant field place holders in there, but i cant get it to open with just the one customers info in there, it gets every customer and builds a report several thousand pages long! This is because of the "command" thats on the report that i stuck in there on a temp basis while i designed the thing.

However i want the the report to open via a button on another form, and then fill the report with the customers details (using the customer ID number on the form the button was clicked) Since im struggling with this so much, im actually wondering if im going the best way about this? Are there better ways of generating a standard letter that the end user can then view, check it, and hit print?

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Print / View A Report Stored In Access Via Program?

Dec 17, 2009

I have a Access DB and for simplistic terms, it has a table and a stored report.

The application will be a distributed application using Access Runtime.

What is the best method to print/view the report from the VB2008 application?

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.net Checkbox In Every Row Of Gridcontrol?

Nov 2, 2010

I want to be able to create the checkbox control object in a gridcontrol and place it in every cell in a column because it has the functionality

I need with optional text built into the control. Does anyone know how to do this using, not C#.

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GridControl Doesn't Display The Data It Contains?

May 27, 2010

I am using DevExpress GridControl to display information from my database through a stored procedure (ie. SELECT * FROM aTable). Unfortunately when I run the program it doesn't display any of the information, columns, etc. It displays an empty table. I know that there is information contained by the GridView though as I have print statements that return the row count. Specifically:Console.WriteLine(GridView2.RowCount) ' returns the number of rows that should be displayedConsole.WriteLine(myTable.Rows.Count) ' returns the number of rows that should be displayedWhat should I do so that the actual data within the table (DataTable) and the DataView is displayed to the user. I know the row count is correct as when I add/remove a record the row count correlates by incrementing/decrementing.

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Two Gridviews Within A Gridcontrol - Cannot Get Focused Row Handle For The Inner Grid

May 5, 2011

Using DevExpress 10.2 within Visual Studio 2008 with VB.Net I have created a single gridcontrol that contains two different gridviews. The gridviews are related using an id column. Basically if there are related details about a row in the first gridview then the user can click on the plus sign to see all the related details. When I have any row on the first gridview I am able to get the focused row. Yet when I have the focus on any of the rows in the second gridview I am unable to get the focused row or the content of the row.


Is there any way to get the value in id from the focused inner gridview? Or at least figure out the parent row and grab the id value from there?

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GridControl - How To Get Total Number Of Master And Grouped Rows

Jan 25, 2012

I found out how to keep track of the currently expanded grouped rows by using 2 events:
- gridview.GroupRowExpanded
- gridview.GroupRowCollapsed

Where I increase or decrement an integer that keeps track of how many group rows are currently expanded. I am now tackling the problem of what to do if the user expands or collapses all of the group rows. I currently know when this is done by checking the e.RowHandle. Any way to find the total number of groups rows currently in the GridView (something like rowcount for normal rows) so I know how many to set the tracking integer to.

For Example: If my current count is 2 and the total number of groups are 15 then when the Expand All is fired the current count is set to 15 rather than 3.

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Print The Current Page, The Page That Has The Focus, Contains Text & Graphics

Jul 4, 2009

I know how to print a document from a file and a picture(Graphic)  from a file but how do I print a current page of a Windows form I have developed. I.E. from my bank I get my statment by printing the page from a Print Page button. I tried codes I know but in my program it prints a blank Page.

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Print And Delete All Data/record In Data Grid View?

Feb 15, 2012

i have a form which search data in specific date and show result in the datagridview, what i want is that when delete button is clicked all datas that in the datagridview will be deleted sameway in the database

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Focus A Particular Row In Devexpress?

Dec 17, 2009

how to focus a particular Row in devexpress

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Add CheckBox At DevExpress XtraGrid?

Feb 12, 2010

I want to add CheckBox at DevExpress's xtraGrid columm so for this what should i do

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Can't Un-select DevExpress LookUpEdit?

Oct 28, 2010

I have a DevExpress LookUpEdit that I am using withing Visual Studio 2008 in VB.Net. I have the LookUpEdit bound to my datasource and the value that it is displaying may be null or one of the rows in the datasource. My program displays a treelist and when a node is select the LookUpEdit is supposed to display the assigned value (could be null) and let the user reassign the value. I do have the LookUpEdit.Properties.AllowNullInput set to True. Right now when the program first starts if the first node in the treelist I choose has a null value the LookUpEdit displays nothing, if I change the value of the LookUpEdit the value changes in the database, if I change to a node that has a value for the LookUpEdit the value does display.

The problem is that if I switch from a node with a value to one without the LookUpEdit displays the previous value. I have gone through the debugger and it is still going through the fetch properly.

I have tried to reset the LookUpEdit.Text, LookUpEdit.EditValue and LookUpEdit.SelectedText but nothing works. I even replicated the conditions that the LookUpEdit has when it first displays nothing (LookUpEdit.Text = "" and LookUpEdit.EditValue = " ") but it still displays the last value.


The values are set. The problem is that in the act of setting the value the dropdown menu opens. So I get it to close with lueLocation.ClosePopup(). For some reason when it gets called it changes the .Text and .EditValue back to the previous values and thus calls the TextChanged Event.

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Get Devexpress LookupEdit Value Member Value?

Feb 15, 2012

I want to know how to get the value member value in lookupEdit.I set the DisplayMember as prior to SupplierNameAnd ValueMember to SupplierIDThe code below displays both and SupplierName as the text in lookupedit..what I want is to keep the SupplierName as the Display but I want to get the supplierID when saving it to databaseScenario: want the value of the Supplier ID for example 001 - Supplier1 Thedisplay text in the look up is Supplier1 what I want is the 001

Private Function LoadSupplierData()
Dim bResult As Boolean
Dim SQLcmd As New System.Text.StringBuilder


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How To Tell When DevExpress FindPanel Is Closed

Oct 4, 2011

I am currently programming in Visual Studio 2010 within VB.NET and am using DevExpress v10.2. I just started programming with the WinForms XtraGrid FindPanel and so far it works wonders. However I was wondering if there is any way to know when the user closes the FindPanel. Right now if gridview.OptionsFind.AllowFindPanel is True and gridview.OptionsFind.AlwaysVisible is False then the user is able to click on the x and close the FindPanel. Is there anyway to catch this closing? I don't want to stop it just do a couple of things once it is hidden or closed.

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What Version Of Devexpress Is More Suitable

Jun 16, 2011

what version of devexpress is more subtable for 2008?

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.net - Devexpress LookupEdit Is Not Displaying The Selected Row For The Last Row?

Jul 23, 2010

I am using DevExpress.XtraEditors.LookUpEdit to display the information about the classes available. Currently it has 3 columns. The lookupedit is working perfectly except when I set the editValue to the last row. When the editvalue is set to any row other than the last one it shows the selected row when the lookupedit isn't opened yet when the lookupedit is set to the last row nothing is displayed.


Right now the lookupedit displays the selected text unless I select the last row, row number tableData.Rows.Count which then displays nothing. Yet when I print the values they are correct and when I remove the +1 when setting the lookupedit it sets it to the previous line I want an the first row can't be displayed.

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.net - Trigger Button Through Code In Devexpress?

Jan 16, 2012

This Code Work fine with ordinary button but the button in devexpress provided me some error. It says that sender and e are not declared..

Protected Overrides Function ProcessCmdKey(ByRef msg As System.Windows.Forms.Message, ByVal keyData As System.Windows.Forms.Keys) As Boolean


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Fill A Devexpress.LookUpEdit With Set Values?

Feb 22, 2011

I have a Devexpress LookUpEdit that I want to fill with 2-3 values. For example "Value 1" (1) and "Value 2" (2). I want this name to be displayMember of the LookUpEdit and the number in brackets be the valueMember so that if I was given the number 1 I know to set the selected value of the LookUpEdit to "Value 1".

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Hid The Column Header For A Devexpress GridLookUpEdit?

Nov 26, 2010

I currently have a DevExpress GridControl where one of the columns have a GridLookUpEdit assigned under ColumnEdit. Yet when I run there is a column name (the display member) that shows up.I know with a LookUpEdit you can set the column headers to invisible with lookupedit.Properties.ShowHeader = False but I have no clue how to make it invisible for the GridLookUpEdit.

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