Build Multiple Exes With One Exe?

Jan 19, 2009

I have one windows application in that i created multiple exes.Now I am trying to build my application and combine multiple exes to one exe.But i am unable to that can you tell me the procedure to combine multiple exes to one exe and build that exe. If I build each exe seperately the application is also running seperately for each exe.


Create EXEs At Dynamically At Runtime?

Dec 31, 2011

A while back I asked a question on how to create EXEs at dynamically at runtime. This time, I wanted to know how to add code to your program dynamically at runtime too.  Like if I had a textbox on a form, and I typed whatever code into it, then it would add the code to a subroutine and it would be executed. How can this be done?

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Creating Exes In VB 2008 Express Edition

Jun 21, 2010

I have newly installed VB 20008 Express. What extras do I need to have to allow me to create standalone exes? This for giving to fellow model railway club members and not for commercial use.

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Disassembly (Reflector Equivalent) For Non .NET Dlls And Exes

Apr 20, 2010

I don't know if this is the right place for this. I've used Red-Gate's Reflector to disassemble .NET dlls and applications. I was wondering if there's an equivalent for non .NET products.


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Determine What Exes - Dll's - Config Files Are Needed To Be Combined Together

Aug 4, 2011

I am working on an existing 2008 windows form application that has a large number of project files in one solution. This solution can be executed many ways depending upon what the startup project is. However there is one project file that is generally the main 'startup project'. This application also has no setup and deployment currently.

What I am trying to do is to determine what exes, dll's, config files are needed to be combined together so I can deploy them? Is there certain directory paths I can use to determine what files I need? Is there some kind of a way I can test the combined files to determine what files work together so I can deploy them?

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Jan 10, 2012

I have a solution that currently has about 20 class libraries, and a dozen different web apps. Each web app shares a site-wide master page, as well as share js and css files.

I need to be able to build & deploy one app at a time, or occasionally update the entire suite. How is this possible with TFS and MSDeploy?

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Vb 2008 Express - Allows The Creation Of EXEs - Convert Vb5 Game Using Edition

Apr 15, 2009

Since this version is free and allows the creation of EXEs, what are its limitations? I'm going to attempt to convert my vb5 game using this edition. Other than the standard labels & buttons, my game uses the winsock & tab control. Are these included in the express version? Is there an option to convert vb5 code to If not, how different is the language? Are the if/thens, loops, variable assignment still the same?

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Build A Menu From Multiple Xml Files In A Central Location?

Nov 1, 2011

I am wanting to build a menu from multiple xml files in a central location this will be to help with adding crystal reports after application has been deployed to an end user.I am able to get the list of all the xml files in a folder it is just the adding the ReportName to the different menu buttons i have set up.

Dim dirs As String() = Directory.GetFiles(Application.StartupPath & "Reports", "*.xml")
Dim dir As String For Each dir In dirs Dim xe As XElement = XElement.Load(dir)Next

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Build Error - Has Multiple Definitions With Identical Signatures?

Mar 4, 2010

i dont know what has happened to my project. it suddenly wont build and comes up with some errors regarding identical signatures. to the best of my knowledge i didnt do anything to it. i was testing some drawing stuff, but it now no longer builds on any of my back up copies either.the error list show errors at line 25 "public sub new() has multiple defs...." and line 34 "Protected overrides sub oncreatemainform() has multiple defs.

' <auto-generated>


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VS 2008 : Build An Application To Monitor A Site To Build Statistics From The Data Being Read?

Mar 3, 2010

I'm trying to build an application to monitor a site to build statistics from the data being read. This HTML looks like this.

<div id="history">
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">


Now I can read the html and put the text anywhere, I just don't how to read specific parts so I can separate the data out.

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Axinterop.wmpLib.dll Works OK In Debug Build - Not OK In Release Build

Feb 15, 2012

I have a Form with a Media Player in it. Which plays a Song.


It's playing in the background since the Form is hidden. When I play itin Debug, everything works fine. When I run the app outside Debug, I get this error: [URL] The Music File is there, but strangely, there comes this weird error.

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IDE :: Inconsistent Build Response - Throwing 'Build Failed'

Nov 27, 2011

A particular VB.NET project is actually throwing 'Build Failed' But when I try rebuilding again it says 'Rebuild Succeeded'. It keeps alternating this behavior. Kind of random. Any vbc.exe issue of long locking the PDB or xml files?

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Maintain And Test Changes To Both The Pre Build And The Post Build Events?

Jul 30, 2011

I have a 2008 windows form application that I was just assigned to work on. how to maintain and test changes to both the pre build and the post build events? Can you tell me how to test these events? My postbuild event, I believe calls a project file in the solution file that wraps files together in a bundle in debug mode. Can you tell me how the posbuild event works and when it is called?

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VS 2008 Make A Release Build Instead Of A Debug Build?

May 3, 2010

I am using 2008 Express Edition. I am trying to make a Release build instead of a Debug build.Under Tools->Options, Projects and Solutions->General - I checked Show advanced build configurations. The option to switch configurations does not show up in the IDE.

After this, I went to the Project Properties->Compile and switched the Configuration from Active(Debug) to Release.After building, I looked in my project directory, however only in the Debug sub-directory was the .exe and nothing in the Release sub-directory.I have used Visual C++ Express Edition, where I noticed that if you do not change to Release in the IDE than after changing to Release in properties, resets the project to the last configuration setting which is usually to make the Debug/Release box available in the IDE, since Tools/Options does not make it show up?

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[2008] Application Deployment - Build->build Myapp

Mar 7, 2009

I just created a simple application. I Builded that using build->build myapp. I got .exe of that application. i runned. all went fine. but when i closed that app, even after closing it is in memory. it is still running. how to deploy it properly?

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Perform Release Build And Not Debug Build For Exe

Aug 4, 2010

I have some very simple questions about making a release build exe in using MS VB 2010 Express.

I realize that my project's executable is built in the bin/debug folder. However, when I copy this to any other location on my computer or someone else's, this executable does not function. I have read that I need to create a release build but in MS VB 2010 Express, when I use the Project-Properties menu and change the Compile tab configuration to Release and the path to binRelease, I still get the exe in the binDebug folder and not the binRelease folder.

1) Is it normal that exe's from the debug folder do not function outside of the debug folder?

2) Most importantly, if the release build produces a faster exe, could someone please explain step by step how to do this with MS VB 2010 Express ? I do not see any button on the compile tab in the project properties that actually builds the release.

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Can't Get The Build To Build A Release Version In Vb

Jun 17, 2009

I was able to build both debug and release versions of my VB code before now I no longer have the option to build a release version. How do I turn it back on

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Publish Build Errors (But No Errors In Debug Or Build) VB 2010

Jan 4, 2012

So when i build or click debug on my program. No errors come up and its smooth. So i decide to publish my programme. However. I come up with a bunch of errors during the publishing.

Here they are:Error 1 Cannot publish because a project failed to build. 1 1 Simple CALC

Error 2 Unable to copy file "binReleaseSimple CALC.exe.manifest" to "binReleaseapp.publishApplication FilesSimple CALC_1_0_0_0Simple CALC.exe.manifest". The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters.

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.net - One Dataset With Multiple Results Sets (multiple Select Statements) SQL Reporting Service?

Oct 15, 2011

I have a question regarding the dataset usage in Reporting Services. I have a stored procedure which returns multiple select statements (result tables), and I created a Dataset in Reporting Services 2005 with this stored procedure. The problem is that I can not reference the second or third result table, and I can only use the first select statement fields. Is this the limitation on Reporting Services Dataset or is there a way to use multiple table results in one dataset?

View 1 Replies View Related - Implement Security Trimming With A Website With Multiple Folders And Multiple Web.config Files?

Jun 18, 2012

I have a website that has highly granulised access and hence requires many web.config files. The problem is I would like to trim the menu so that only certain users will have access to certain folders. I have enabled trimming and setup roles in the sitemap, however when I access the page the menu is not show, as I am authorized to view the default page which is not in a subfolder. When I type the url of a page in sub folder's I have access.

How should I handle this:

A site map for each web.config file - don't know how this will work Removing the sub web.config file to only use a single one

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Communicate From Client To Server From Multiple Clients On Multiple Requests In Socket Programming?

Jan 8, 2010

I have been struggling to find a solution for this problem. What I need to do is build a server application that accepts tcp client requests from different clients running on same port say:1003. I experimented by using asynchronous mode call backs etc. but it disconnects once connection is established and does not respond for further requests from the same client.

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Call Sendinput In .net For Multiple Mouse Down Events For Multiple Emulated Mice?

Sep 13, 2011

Iam wanting touse sendinput in a dos or background type app (can be a regular app thats hidden) that emulates mouse clicks and sends mouse moves to another multimouse application. an project that im working on for my school i work at and i need to send the input to it. The overview of the project is i need to have this code be in a service that runs in the background that when a person does a gesture with my kinect code then it clicks the left mouse or sythesis it with sendinput (need mouse up and down sent for this to work). The end programs that receive input are: a program written in the multipoint sdk and mouse mischief. I though about using the default usb mouse driver as an emulated mouse driver to handle the part about creating a usb mouse device that works
since most newer computers are using usb. 

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SQL Performance Timeouts - Adding Multiple Rows In Multiple Tables In The Database

Sep 12, 2011

I have a web application and when a particular function runs , i get data timeouts in the rest of the application..(ie..row not found errors or column does not belong to table but it does) The function is adding multiple rows in multiple tables in the database and is running in a for loop. It seems to be all SQL related but I am not seeing anything in the error logs in SQL or in the application Right now I am assuming it is memory related where to start note..the for loop will be replaced with a bulk insert but right now I jest need to resolve the issue of the timeouts

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VS 2008 Return Multiple Table Rows To Multiple Text Boxes

Feb 27, 2011

visual basic 2008 express
access 2007 db

I am attempting to fill a form with multiple rows from an access table based off of a parameterized query. My query works fine but I don't want to return one row at a time, I want to return all rows that match my query in multiple text boxes. I know that I can use a datagrid view to accomplish this, but I would prefer the look of a textboxes on a form. I have read through many books and searched the internet forums but think I may just not know what to search for as nothing has worked yet. Can anyone point me in the right direction. So far I have tried setting the text box value to the row().item(), creating a different dataset for each row, and even setting variables for the results of the query to then be passed to the text boxes. Since none of this work, I don't really have any starting code to post. If I could just get a starting point I could work from there, so don't feel the need to code anything for me, just set me in the right direction.

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File I/O And Registry :: Listing Multiple Regkeys Under Multiple Keys?

Jun 13, 2012

I am trying to list all printers (PrintersConnections) under all users (HKEY_USERS)

problem is I dont know the user name keys in advance and need to exclude .DEFAULT and *_CLASSES so first I need to list all key names (%usernamekey%) directly under HKEY_USERS then for all keys that lists lsit all keys under HKEY_USERS\%usernamekey%PrintersConnections

Here is the code I have so far but I get errors about object variable not set, I suspect because of the way I doing the for each and listing the key names and then doing it again

Private Sub DetectPrntrs()
Dim RemReg As Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey


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Making An Application That Uses Multiple WebBrowser Controls And Multiple Proxies?

Dec 17, 2009

I am making an application that uses multiple WebBrowser controls, and multiple proxies.The code for changing the proxy settings are as such:

#Region "Proxy"
Public Structure Struct_INTERNET_PROXY_INFO
Public dwAccessType As Integer
Public proxy As IntPtr


Note: getRandomProxy gets a random proxy from a list.Problem is that whenever RefreshIESettings(getRandomProxy()) is applied, the proxy will be applied to all of the WebBrowsers, while i would need to have a unique proxy for each WebBrowser. Not having this would just error out the page in the other browsers and so on.

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Build Add-in For VBA IDE

Dec 21, 2009

I have asked this elsewhere, but have never found anyone knows how to build an add-in for VBA IDE using VB.NET. Is it even possible? Could someone point me to an example?

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Insert Multiple Data With Multiple ComboBox In 1 Click?

Jun 9, 2011

i have a big problem here when i want to insert 6 data into 6 different row in 1 click.
in field @ form it have name, staff no.,items, quantity and date. We can select 6 items to insert which i use ComboBox for save the data in form. In this case, each name can choose 6 items in one time and i want to save it in database just in 1 click. that mean it will put a same name in 6 rows in a table. the look like this but it not complete...


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Multithreading - Multiple SyncLocks If Want To Lock Multiple Things?

Jan 26, 2011

My question is, imagine I have two List(Of T) objects and a subroutine in a multithreaded environment that modifies both of these objects. I don't understand locks very well, so I'm unsure whether I can just do:

SyncLock CType(List1, IList).SyncRoot


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Open Multiple Socket Connects To Multiple Servers

Apr 4, 2012

i have a form where i wanted to open multiple socket connects to multiple servers. i defined "clientsocket" as a socket array


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Select Multiple Objects Like Checking Multiple Checkboxes?

Nov 24, 2010

Is there a tool in the toolbox that i can use that replaces checkboxes. i have limited amount of space and checkboxes just keep taking up room. I need the user to select multiple objects like checking multiple checkboxes.

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Build & Compile 2 Exe's In VB?

May 1, 2011

Let me explain a bit.... let's say I already have MARIO.EXE and I want to create another (let's call it) SETUP.EXE that must have 2 buttons 'Yes' & 'No' How can I build the setup.exe and bundle these two apps together and when the newly exe (mario.exe + setup.exe) is created and launched : -if the 'yes' button is pressed it should continue with the mario.exe installation process -if the 'no' button is pressed then quit. What i don't know is the code and and how can I compile these 2 exe in a single one.

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Build A Better Progress Bar?

Jul 29, 2009

I've coded a working progress bar for my web browser and I was wondering if anyone can improve on it.These names refer to the objects on my form[code]...

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Build A Data Row?

Nov 1, 2010

Im trying to construct a datarow from a dataset table rows collection and gets an error. [code]...

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Build A Sql String?

Jul 18, 2012

i am having real issues trying to build a sql string

Dim SelectQry = "SELECT * FROM TblSupplierQuotes where TenderNo='" & Me.txtTenderRef.Text & "' AND KMBPartNo=" & " " & Me.lbKMBPartNo.Text & " "
in SQL the TenderNo is varchar(50) = L003141T75-2012JANTEN
KMBPartNO is text = 442 019 115 1

when i run this command i get the error Incorrect syntax near '019'.

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Build A Web Service Using .net?

Jun 17, 2010

im want to learn how to build a web service using

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Build Algoritms AES 256 Bit Key 256 With .net?

Oct 7, 2009

how to build algoritms AES 256 bit key 256 with

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Build An Application In VS 05?

Mar 10, 2012

i want to build an application in VS 05, and I want to include a "Settings Menu" in it.I want to know how to make it work, I mean if you check a checkbox to dissable/enable something from that application.

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Build App From A Form

Jun 3, 2011

I'm trying to make a form in which you would fill in information and then press a "Build" button and it would build another with the information in it so when you open it, it has all the info.

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Build DLL In Program?

Sep 16, 2010

I want to develop a DLL in VB.

How do I "expose" the Functions and Subs contained in the DLL such that they are accessible from another application ?

For example, in Fortran the "DLLEXPORT :: MyFunctionToBeAccessed"  attribute is given after the declaration of the Function; it adds the name of the Function to a table at the beginning of the DLL, name which can be referenced after to access the functionnalities of the function in the DLL.

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